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Love To Mark Ravenheart


Staff member
Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
I am posting this up today, so that @Mark Ravenheart will be able to see everything anyone cares to post.

I have known @Mark for many years, long before @Mama Bear came into both our lives. I first met you on another website almost 15 years ago on a completely different kind of forum. The we reconnected here, but only realised after a random comment by one of us, though i cannot remember if it was you or me who made the comment. Not that it matters, it was just amazing to cross paths again.

So please leave a message for @Mark Ravenheart here for him to see. Hopefully it will then be a lasting reminder of the Compassionate, Loving and Caring guy we have all come to know and love.

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I am glad our paths crossed Mark Ravenheart. I wish you peace and I hope we connect again.
Thank you mawbbb, I am happy that our paths have crossed too. I wish you peace, Joy, and love always. You are a good person and I think of you as a good friend. Wishing you lots of love and hope our paths cross again as well! 😁💙💙💙 Happy New Year!!!

Sadly @Mark Ravenheart lost his fight last Sunday 28th January. We were all told on another forum that Mark and i were on together since 2009.

He passed peacefully with friends and family around him.

This was the final message from one of his friends B, who was with him from Friday 26th, until his final walk across to the summerlands.

"" This is B, as Lion referred to me on here. He gave me instructions on how to post on his account when the time came. The time is here. He passed from this life yesterday evening. He was at home, surrounded by and saturated with love. He was given a cleansing bath and anointed with oils by my daughters. Indigenous flutes were playing softly. He was not in pain but, at peace. We stood vigil with and over him from Friday at noon. He was never alone. You all were such an important part of his life. You were his personal family and support system. He loved you. He was always discreet and never discussed anything from conversations that took place here. But countless times he mentioned his forum family. He alchemized his life and changed the trauma into love, acceptance and kindness. He, was a warrior.
After I post this I will log him out the last time. I send healing, to you all. B ""

I would have posted this up sooner, but for some reason this forum went down for a few days and this is the first time i have had chance to sit and post this for you.

@Mama Bear and i were devastated at the thought of him being alone in his last day. The above message erased that thought completely and we are both now at a more peaceful level, knowing Mark passed peacefully surrounded by love.

Please feel free to leave any comments in memory of a beautiful soul who left us way too early.