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New Things


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Apr 5, 2021
Tomorrow I enjoy Thanksgiving for the very first time with my brother and sister.
Well, with this brother and sister, at least.
I recently found out my father was not the same father as my older brother and sisters.

After a bit of DNA registering on Ancestry and "23 and me" - I was contacted by people curious to know more about me.
They turned out to be my "unknown" brother and sister.
Seems I'm like that one Stark son on the Game of Thrones.

I've met them once a month ago for a short visit.
My new sister has invited me to spend Thanksgiving with them - which I've decided sounded nice. (Scary as hell - but nice).
Last visit I found I had two other sisters who have been lost to illness. (I felt awkward seeing the pain in their eyes over girls I never knew - girls who were my sisters).

However, I gathered up pictures of my real DNA donor and several members of a family I'd never known.
Overnight, I went from being 98 percent scotch - to being over 50 percent French. (Selah gear!!!).
My brother and sisters, who I was raised with, are very encouraging and supportive of my reaching out to my new family.
I would not normally spend a holiday in a room filled with strangers (mostly unknown relatives), but saying "no" simply seemed wrong.
My new siblings are thoroughly elated to have me as a brother.
I've had this goofy feeling of cheating on my other brother and sisters. Lol. No joke - It's a weird thing to suddenly know your last name is no longer the same as the family you've always known. (no - I'm not changing my name - but - biologically it is different now).
I just returned from Texas seeing my sister Pat (first family) who's in the hospital. (Cancer - but hopefully, treatable). She is excited knowing my new family is so happy to have me.
Most of my life has been lived alone. I began moving prior to my first birthday, and have continued moving since.
I've had many girlfriends and been married - but an itchy foot never allowed me to settle. I'm older now and enjoy a comfortable life in one place. (still have girlfriends - but no itchy foot). lol.
And that's my blurb to ease some major anxiety prior to getting ready for tomorrow's meeting with more unknown relatives and friends of a family I never knew.
No one's called me that Stark Guy yet - but I've seen the inner knowing smirk. Hahaha. y

You all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the people in your life. Even those who don't act like it love you. They just have too much crap in their mind to see it.
Love you all. don (Yoda-don).