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Bee's were very prominent in my life when i was younger. My dad kept bees to pollinate the flowers he grew where he worked. As well as all the flowers and trees out in the grounds he was a gardener for. I remember the abundance of honey we had all the time and spinning it out of the combs. So much more i could say about all of this.
Only a few days ago i re-noticed a small lump i have on my head, that was caused by a bee sting when i was around 10 years old. My dads bee's were swarming and one got me LOL. We were well away from them, but they were angry at being dampened down, until my dad could set up a new hive, for the new queen to settle in.

It will be 24 years ago tomorrow that my dad passed. He was an honest man all his life, though very quiet.

I have a manifestation in progress, now i will adjust my inner thoughts to ensure the desired outcome. Part of it arrived today in the post, which can be now processed to post on.