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Yes the visible word does scare me and I do often go invisible and Mia. I had a body shut down this past weekend. I guess I need to look more into this and opossum. I am also looking into Shamanism again and I have been telling a different story! I am moving next week to a house and out of the apartment that had been affecting my health, my roommates and the pets. I am both excited and exhausted
The past 3 days I have drawn the same card. I understand the meaning of the card (9 of fire or exhaustion in my deck.) I am so grateful for the move, my roommate/best friend, my entourage of helpers in all dimensions including y'all. I am consciously telling and living a different story. I am much healthier, serene and free to be me! Blessed be in hope, joy, love, serenity and interconnectedness Gayle
Thank you for this message! On my morning walk this morning I saw 2 cardinals and knew it was a sign. As I walked I began calling back my power and asking for help cutting away that which no longer serves me. Just as I do this, I hear some beautiful chirping. Another cardinal was just above me! After the insight I received yesterday, I release a victimhood mentality. This message from opossum is exactly what I needed to hear! No more fear, freezing or flight! I'm wild and free, no one can condition me!
Thank you Bernadette! Sending love to yourself and all of the wild pack on our journeys today!
Hi Mama Bear do now know why this was said to me just now. Your Spirit Totem is the Bear and Bears love sweet things, especially Honey. So your sweet tooth is you feeding your Totem Animal. You are coming out of the Bear. That being now revealed to you by Katherine is why you have now received the clear message about your health for your physical body.
GREAT reading and message today..........Last weeks New Moon and Eclipse was so POWERFUL to me, I have risen UP to speak my TRUTH! NO more disrespect to me especially from "family"...I have taken the HIGH ROAD way to long, it is FREEING to speak my TRUTH! Enough is Enough, BYE BYE! Self Love and honoring me is my B-day Gift to me! I wont take disrespect from a stranger I sure as hel! wont take it from family! I send them LOVE & LIGHT and move on to FREEDOM!!!
Oh yes Here i am at almost 7am on Thursday morning UK time and this just hit me hard.

Something was going on yesterday and i just LET IT go on instead of putting a stop to it. {{ Nothing bad as such Just damn annoying yet again}} I kinda froze in the situation all day due to fear of what reaction might come about if i spoke up, because of being away from home. {{ Hubby and his PTSD can be bbbbllllaaaahhh }}

No more of it today i am going to STOP IT DEAD if it starts again. Hell he knows better, so why did i let it going on all damn day. Fear thats why. Not from him causing me harm, just him getting shitty and disappearing.

I do put up with way more than i should when I KNOW BETTER. I was taught BETTER. Fear can be shit crazy when it should not be.
Reflecting, Introspecting around Opossum [Possum] messages, with live sightings and deep connections in moments ...
what messages I need now that lovingly support me ???
Remembering I was a "protector" + of a baby Opossum ...
Surely more insights, messages, etc. ~ Flowing with all, pausing, +++