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When the Evidential Evidence Comes In Bucket Loads.


Staff member
Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
Yesterday i posted up in 2 FB groups the following. What followed from 1 of the groups had me and Stu gob smacked. It totally blew my mins when S told me all of this. Oh and she has given me permission to share this.

He said after. "" You always hit it spot on. How TF do you do that "" To be honest i have no idea. I get something in my head and i just have to run with it. So many times i have it the mark, just not in ways i expect.
So grab a tea or coffee, sit back and read how it all went down in less than an hour.

For a few days now, the number 6 has been bugging me. I have no idea why or what it's connected to.
It could relate to days, weeks, months, years. Money coming in within that time frame. Even something good or bad. I honestly have no clue. OR who it's connected to, yet i know a few who are facing major live changes in many various ways.
So instead of just keep trying to work it out and letting it flow instead, i pulled out the number 6 card in the tarot deck.
In the traditional Ryder Waite deck its the Lovers and in the Ark deck it's the Hoatzin Bird.

So now i am looking at something someone loves to do or go to, possibly coming up in the 6 time span. Again, it could be days, weeks, or months. I really have no clue.
What i do know is that when i get something strong like this, IT WILL occur in that time span. I do know we are waiting for a call to go back dog sitting again, but i doubt it's that.
Something will come together for someone in perfect harmony and with perfect timing. A great love of some kind will happen, could actually be a long lasting love of something or someone, that has been in the manifestation stage for quite a while now.
So whoever this is for, just let it happen, do not force it as that will only mess the alignment for it up and it may not be the right thing, one or time for it to pop up in your life.
So remember the date and if something comes into your life of any kind of love with a 6 connection, you will know that it's the right time from for what ever it is to drop into your life.
The following is all that came about after i posted it up, from a friend who i have only met twice before, but did not know most of what she told me about the number 6.

From S " Oh Arik is a very clever boy! I think this is for me. Arik ran out of Trap 6 when he raced. Out of 48 races, he only won .... 6. My next Greyhound walk is on 14th January so the date adds up to 6 ... 1+4+1. My race trainer friend who comes on the walk with her retirees usually brings 6 dogs to choose from. She's sent me a video of the dogs she has available for rehoming and the one I am drawn to retired through injury, and, like Arik, he only won 6 races. My friend will be bringing this dog to the walk to see if he chooses me. If he does he'll be coming home with me the same day, and Arik will have found me a new companion ... 6 weeks after he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you so much for posting this up Pearl Carter. More confirmation for me that my next furbaby is on the way."

Me. " Stu is looking at me with his mouth open. I honestly had no clue that Arik and the number 6 had a connection. Stu has just asked me when it was the strongest in my mind. It was yesterday and i WAS going to post this up yesterday THE SIXTH. Stu also said. Your next one will see you BEFORE you see him and not to be surprised if he pulls towards you. Now i am going to add in the colour red. Could be a coat, a collar or a lead. But something red will be what you see before the dog himself. "

From S " Colour Red. Yep. That fits too. Here in the UK, the vest the dogs wear that run out of Trap 6 is black and white stripes with a big red 6 in the middle. "


From S " just remembered something else! I adopted Arik in 2013 .. 2+0+1+3=6. And at the time I lived with the boyfriend and our address was 6a Ternal Mead. "

From S " oh and yesterday 6th Jan, I ordered a new tag collar for my new furbaby. I bought this one because of the Rainbow
colours, but it has a red backing and is made by the Red Dingo dog accessory brand. "


Me " Oh this is getting way too spooky now. But its how i roll. I get something and have no choice but to go with it. Oh and Stu has told me to stop telling him, as its blowing his mind. ""

If you have a gut feeling about something, then its always worth running with it. You never know how it will pan out.

This has happened to me quite a few times over the past few years. Still happening, still running with it.
My Friend S was chosen by a beautiful raven black Greyhound and took home her yesterday. A FEMALE which i actually predicted weeks ago, yet S said that it wore than likely be a Male.

She is not sure if there is any connection to the number 6 just yet BUT the colour red has come up. When she tried to order some winter coats for her last night, they had all sold out, so she chose RED ones instead. I said red had a connection, which she confirmed before.

She has given me permission to share a photo of her new forever friend.

Meet Chloe. A 3 year old who was retired from racing due to an injury.