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🎂🎁🥳 Haaaaaaaappy Birthday to Pearlized!

Mama Bear

Dec 28, 2020
Wishing you a wild birthday, @Pearlized! Here's to many more wonderful years for you! ARRROOOOOOO!

happy birthday GIF by CBC

Mama Bear
Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

We came home yesterday a day later than planned, but wow there turned out to be an amazing reason for this happening. We have been asked to go back in 10 days to stay and look after there 2 dogs while they are away for 8 days to go to a wedding. They were let down by there local dog sitter the morning we were SUPPOSED to come home.

I had gone back around 4pm on Friday afternoon, to drop some things off and give her a bottle of essential oil i had picked up for her that day. She had been struggling with all sort of issues for a while now, so i gave her the essential oil blend we had taken with us, just in case Stu needed it, {{ He never does if i take it, but has done when i have forgotten to pack it }} She was in a better place after just 3 nights. She told me what had happened and it just went from there. They have known us for about 12 years because of us always staying with them when we go there.
So a quick turn around to wash, re pack and off we go again, for a working holiday, at the coast, over Easter. Basically feed and walk the 2 Westies twice a day, dont leave them on their own too long at a time, them both being 12 and 13, plus used to having someone around most of the time, but very happy little dogs.
So wow, just WOW talk about feeling honoured and trusted to do that for them.
An added addition to our time away dog sitting.

We are going to the motorbike racing at Olivers mount in Scarborough, just a few miles away. So staying an extra few days with them. Possibly rubbing shoulders with the big Isle of Mann TT racers too. Whooo Hooo what more can i ask for.