Just like you, I love animals. Their care, rescue, and conservation has always been my heart’s passion.

Ocala, Florida (Horse Capital of the World™) is where I roamed as a kid. My mom, grandma, sister, and I lived on 15 acres filled with magical and majestic 100+ year old oak trees.

And because stray animals of all kinds seemed to “mysteriously” show up on our doorstep we always had quite the menagerie.

I’ve worked closely with every farm and domestic animal you can think of as well as the wild animals who inhabit the forests and rivers of Marion County.

Over the years, I’ve also volunteered at a number of exotic and big animal sanctuaries.

Currently, I live in my beloved Florida 6 rescue cats and a rescue Chihuahua/Terrier mix.

Why I built What Is My Spirit Animal.com

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I built What Is My Spirit Animal.com as a labor of love and as an answer to one of the strongest callings I’ve ever had.

It’s my way of honoring the spiritual connection we all have with the animal kingdom.

During times when I’ve been down, animals have always been there to lift up and heal my spirit.

Their innate capacity for unconditional love and complete forgiveness have been my greatest inspiration.

The life lessons they’ve taught me have been and continue to be among the most profound.

To that end, my sincere wish is that folks find the information on these pages helps them to;

  • Better understand their own relationship with animals
  • Become more conscious of and comfortable with their own animalistic nature (including their shadow side)
  • Discover and connect to their Animal Spirit Guides
  • Develop their animal communication skills
  • Recognize and interpret the symbolic meanings of Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals
  • Utilize the ancient, natural, and divine wisdom of the animal kingdom to enrich their lives
  • Learn about the folklore, myths, traditions, and rituals from around the world which include animals as part of the culture’s sacred experience

Animal Communication

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For as long as I can remember, animals have gravitated to me.

Once, I walked into the pet department of a big box store and a group of employees had an aisle blocked off.

They were searching for something so I asked the worker nearest to me what was going on.

“A stray cat got in a couple days ago and nobody can catch him. Now it’s up under that pallet of food and we don’t want to move it for fear it will kill the darned thing or he’ll just run somewhere else in the store.”, he said.

I asked to speak to the manager.

I told him, “If you’ll get these folks to leave and just give me a few minutes, I likely can get the cat.”

He laughed and said, “OK, lady. Give it your best shot!”.

5 minutes later I had the (now) calm, cool, and collected kitty in my arms and waved to the stunned manager as I walked out the door.

Today, pet moms and dads from all over the world contact me for animal communication readings.


In many articles here on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com you’ll see references to Chakras, Zodiac Signs, Dreams, and many different Symbols & Meanings. I write about all these metaphysical subjects on my sister-site, BuildingBeautifulSouls.com. Come visit me there!

Shamanic, Spirit Animal, Psychic, Tarot, and Mediumship Readings

For many years, I’ve been a professional psychic medium, Shamanic practitioner, animal communicator, and Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal practitioner.

Additionally, I love the art of tarot reading and will flip cards at every opportunity.

My deep soul connection with animals naturally developed into the work I do now as an animal communicator.

Click to book a reading.

Please feel free to see my Google Reviews.

Please feel free to contact me!

Stay wild,
Bernadette King

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Roxie says:

    What is your spirit animal?

  2. Paris says:

    Hello Bernadette!
    This is Paris Wixon ~ we met at the John Holland event in St. Petersburg Florida!
    I just wanted to touch base with you and give you my email address. Hopefully, we can find time to connect!

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hi, Paris!

      How wonderful to hear from you! I’ll email you now!

      Stay wild,

  3. Laura Gray says:


    I have come to this sight before, and I just had a magical experience. I went to my father’s grave and saw a fox-white in color, or blonde. He was on a hill in front of the entrance, and the day of the eclipse, I also saw a pack of coyotes, nine, running on the hill beside my car. I have no idea about your medicine, but am wondering if there is a connection with all in those group-or my spirit guides have shown themselves? Also in January I was on an island, and a fox appeared in front of my car, he was red and right in front of me. Feel free to contact me if you like. The site is fascinating-I have it saved on my favorites on my computer.


  4. Stella Lopez says:

    So, I was at a Catholic Women Retreat up in the mountains of Colorado and we were sitting around praying for our families and gratitude and especially for my bro Leo who has stage 4 colon cancer. When what comes strolling up to the sliding glass doors but a beautiful black lab wearing a red scarf with a long dog tag on. One of the ladies said, his name is LEO, I think I went into some kind of trance, because Leo is my brother’s name and what are the chances of a black beautiful dog with a red scarf with the dog tag name LEO to step onto the patio and look in to the house wagging his tail happy to see us and we are in the middle of one our praying session. I got up and went over to the sliding glass door and made the sign of the cross on LEO and we literally gave each other the stare down. First his eyes turned silver then they turned normal. It was a sign from Our Lord. My brother has since started his chemo therapy and not one side affect. Such Blessings from Above.

  5. Renesme Cullen says:

    Hi Bernadette( sorry if I didn’t spell your name right) I recently took the test and got a butterfly so I wanted to make sure it’s completely right and I got a wolf so I wanted to make sure it was correct so I took the test again and got wolf once more, making it for sure that way spirit animal is a wolf. Thank you very much for making what’smyspiritanimal.com. I’ve been trying to figure out what my spirit animal is and I am so happy to be at least a little bit close to finding out with my spirit animal is.

    Thank you so much,
    Renesme Cullen

    • Nova says:

      Renesme Cullen who’s spirit animal is a wolf……… are you gonna name it Jacob too?

  6. Frank says:

    I’m interested in the goldstone ROOSTER Spirit Animal Carving. Will you be getting it back in ?

  7. Alyson says:

    Hi Bernadette, I love your website and your art work, but I wonde Ed whether anyone else has ever pointed out that the koala is not a ‘bear’ . It is however a “bugbear” of mine and many Aussies when we hear people refer to the koala, as a koala bear. I’d love to see you update your koala card and web content to reflect that. Thank you for your wonderful work! Alyson

  8. AShlin says:

    Hey, I have a Power Animal that’s a Pallas Cat named Typhee, But I don’t see anything for Pallas Cats.

  9. jeffrey alton harrison says:

    Good morning, in August 2 days after the full moon ,I went outside to watch the moon rise, I was sitting on the ground with my knees up and had shorts on ,I was looking up at the stars and felt something tickling my knee and lowered my eyes to see what was there thinking it was probably a neighbors dog and soon realized that the head was too big to be a dog and realized it was a mountain lion !!! What I felt tickling my knee was it’s whiskers ,it was sniffing my knee .I was not frightened but felt a gentleness of curiosity and felt a feminine spirit . She stood there in full profile right in front of me about a foot away facing north . Seconds feel like hours and she vanished . Then I heard something and said to myself please come back and visit and less than 5 seconds later there she was again right in front of me now facing south and again seconds feel like hours and she was gone .

  10. Lynsmagic says:

    Hello Bernadette,

    Thank you for your wisdom, I have been reading nature for many years and live pretty much in the interconnected realm of intuition and nature speak. I would love some feedback of the curious happens of late (many months actually) it started with a noisy minor tapping daily on our window which some months ago replace by 2 mud larks – peewees. The upper windows, front and back door and the windows of our toilets. They gather as if nesting and splat it on the windows. Everyday from sun up till sun down.

    I am dreaming of my own nest (in a rental – thus limited of my expansion) though I have truly enjoyed and nested where I am.

    Would you have anything to add I sometimes think that the greatness of my dreams are selfish and yet I dream of only a home in nature and to ‘bare witness’ the magic of All of All Life.

    Thank you


  11. Pamela Gress says:

    how will we be able to connect to your new forum?

    Pam Gress

  12. M says:

    Love and gratitude!!!! Beautiful website and work!!!! 🙂

  13. mary mombourquette says:

    Mary Mombourquette, Ontario Canada
    January 12.2021

    Just purchased the Ark Animal & Oracle Deck today. I was drawn to the deck. When I opened the 300 page book for the first time, it opened to the Crab page. I am a Cancer Zodiac sign. I knew this deck was meant for me after that happened. I look forward to viewing your videos and incorperating your Ark deck into my clients reads and other areas I do readings for.

    Thank you for creating this spectacular deck.

    Mary Mombourquette
    Kingston, Canada

  14. Trina says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful information on your site. How do I read about the rest of the days of the week? It will only show Monday.
    Thank you for posting your work!
    Trina Santiago
    Ranger, Texas

  15. Jesse Gilbert says:

    Can you add Wowls Wolf-Owls to your website please?

    Wowls are from the depths of Siberia (underground ice caves) and have been hiding out for their end times battles with the unicorns.

    Wowls have anti-unicorn magic and are known to grant their devotees the powers of spaceflight in next-gen AI, IOT and Robotics space travel vehicles.

    I appreciate a link to Wowls.com – I am the founder of the website and have created the most Wowls artworks out there.

    You can use any Wowls images from my site you like

    Jesse Gilbert

  16. Alvin says:

    Thank you for this page it was quite informative but limited. Because it wasnt a pig, I had in my vision, but a boar or wild hog. And it was huge aabout 3-5 feet in height from top of back to the bottom of the belly. And this boar/hog was stocky/pure muscle with a fat body. And it had its heckles up with its mouth wide open tongue sticking out. Like a call to war facing towards east direction from my location.


    Hi, I’m new. I am interested in the metaphysics. I know I have a gift but do not know how to develop it. I’m interested in purchasing your Oracle Deck, but don’t know which one to purchase. Should I get the newer version? Your advice will be appreciated

  18. Sal says:

    I have had dreams of being an animal – the first I remember was being a swan and being able to fly. When I was swimming on the water, I could put my head under and see my webbed feet paddling and was aware of the bump over my bill – so funny! I once dreamed I had awakened in the morning and had gone to comb my hair – the whole apartment had a strange bluish glow. As I looked in the mirror, dark lines dropped down my face from the inner corners of my eyes and my ears became round and moved to the top of my head. I realised I had become a cheetah and when I looked back at my bed, I was still there! I jumped outside through my window and ran around the park in front of my apartment. I was aware how my tail helped balance me when I ran around corners. The alarm rang and snapped back into myself. Once for an entire week I dreamed of being a tiger and was taking “tiger lessons” from a female tiger. She said to me “Tiger you were, Tiger you are and tiger you will be”. I have experienced being a horse several times and once being an imperial eagle flying and clasping talons with a male eagle and spiralling downward through the sky. As a blue marlin, I swam in the Pacific and felt the pressure of the water on my lateral line and how my aquadynamic shape helped to propel me through the ocean – I couldn’t see directly in front of myself – of course not! Fish have eyes on the sides of their heads! Twice I have been a mythic beast; once a kirin and most recently I visited a dear friend who moved away in the form of a thunderbird. As a thunderbird, I wore a hood that resembles those cute hoodies that little kids wear at Halloween that have animal features above their faces and a feathered shawl that let me fly . I found out later that the Hopi thunderbird katsina was often depicted that way. I just had to pull the hood down and arrange my shawl and I was a thunderbird again. I feel very blessed that I have been allowed to experience the world as an animal.

  19. Madeleine Defoe says:

    Your site is really uplifting and informative. Earlier today I did a couple of Shamanic journeys with a group. First time and it was very powerful imagery wise. My first journey I went to the top of a Pyramid shaped Mountain, and Pegasus flew up to me and literally planted an apple that turned Gold into my mouth. The second one for a Power Animal, a silver coloured Wolf manifested in front of me…I asked “how can you help me/or what do I need?” Suddenly it licked all around my Neck, bit half my face away, chewed it up the gave me back my face? Apologies if it reads gruesome, but I felt the Wolf was a feminine energy and was giving me healing. If you have the time what do you think. I appreciated your insights into Pegasus and the Wolf…but mine was more silver than grey. Keep up the good work…Madeleine

  20. Erica says:

    Do you think it is possible to have multiple Spirit Animals?

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