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For some, a Spirit Animal is an otherworldly guide who appears to offer love, healing, and support during difficult times. To others, a Spirit Animal is the same as a Totem Animal – it’s who you really are. This spirit animal quiz is designed for the latter – to help you discover your truest nature, the animal who lives inside.

Are you ready to meet your Spirit Animal – your ‘self’? Scroll down and let’s play! Also, click to learn how you can integrate the teachings and energy of your Spirit Animal into your life!

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After the Spirit Animal Quiz:
Integrating Spirit Animal Teachings Into Your Life

After taking the Spirit Animal Quiz your awareness of Spirit Animals, Totems and Power Animals grows. The discovery of any of these Beings brings excitement and natural curiosity. The Spirit Animal Test opened a door, but you probably have lingering questions. How exactly do you go about integrating the energy and medicine of the animal guides into your daily life?

First, understand the way Spirit Animals, Totems and Power Animals interact with you is distinctly personal. Spirit animals come for a time to teach a lesson or help with particularly difficult situations. A Totem is an animal that you are born with – you have a soul contract with that creature and it will influence your life from giving you counsel to healing and support. A Power Animal is one whose medicine and magic you call upon for assistance. Be aware that a Power Animal may say “no” for any variety of reasons, but the key to all three of these scenarios is respect and acceptance. You are entering into a relationship with a Spiritual Being and that relationship is truly sacred.

At the outset once you’ve taken the Spirit Animal Quiz and have a feel for the right direction, there is no need to rush it. Think about when you meet someone for the first time. That same cautious, gentle approach works well for Animal Totems and Guides too. Pay attention. Listen more than you talk. And remain watchful. All of these allies can come in any number of forms from advertising to a song, product names and bumper stickers. The key is what Animal provides a repeat performance that you cannot help but notice. If this is the same animal that came out of the Spirit Animal Test – you have a BINGO!

One of the most common methods of integrating your Animal companion into your life is by daily meditation. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply and visualize the animal in as much detail as possible. Breathing is particularly important because animals recognize stress and nervousness, which can hinder your encounter. In your mind’s eye offer a sign of welcome and hospitality. The image you’ve devised may begin moving or making noise or simply sit there and asses you. This is your first letter of introduction. Be patient. The more often you give time to mindful meditation (with intent) the better your communication and understanding becomes.

Another vital element for integrating your Spirit Animal and Guide is educating yourself about this creature in nature. What are its behaviors? How does it communicate? How does it move and recognize others of its kind? Is it solitary or communal? Knowing these elements about your Spirit companion improves your ability to understand its messages and apply them as applicable to your circumstances. When you are uncertain about a message’s meaning, go back to your resources and see if you find the information that has you saying, “ah ha!” afterward.

We also recommend that, when practicable, you go somewhere that you can see your Spirit Totem or Power Animal in person. Many times you will find these physical creatures respond to you because they recognize your Animal Aura and energies. Spiritual Seekers often tell stories of the lion that kept rubbing its head in front of them at the zoo and wouldn’t leave, for example. Or being out for a walk where your bird totem lands near your feet and sings you a song. These are very special moments. Treasure them.

Around your home and other spaces where you spend a lot of time, find ways to honor your Spirit Animal. Be it through color, images, sacred stones and crystals that vibrate with the Animal’s energy, etc. There are so many housewares now that depict animals – including plates, spoons, cups and glasses just to name a few. When you use these items or look at them, take a moment to breath in your Power Animal’s vibrations. Harmonize your aura to that energy and enjoy your day all the more!

While it’s great that you can take the Animal Spirit Test online in privacy, not all of us have environments in which we can blatantly display or passion for a particular creature. If you are in this situation one simple resolution is getting an animal carving that you carry, or a piece of jewelry that depicts the Animal (so it literally stays in contact with your body). There are numerous outlets that provide a variety of images and media so look with a sensitive eye until you find the one that really resonates with you. Then whenever your Animal Spirit comes to mind, touch the carving or jewelry and reconnect.

Music and nature sounds may also prove to be a good ally in your quest to integrate your Spirit Animal more completely. Music is a powerful language that crosses barriers including spiritual ones. There are all manner of CDs that have nature sounds, at least one of which could be your Animal Guide’s natural environment! Think of going to sleep with that sound, and visiting your Animal in the dream realm feeling as they do in their space.
Another technique used by Shamans is mimicking their Animal. After studying the creature’s movements (perhaps on a Nature channel) try moving as your Animal does. Breath deeply of your primal nature. Make sounds, scratch – whatever feels right. This method can be used in ritual as a means of calling your Animal friend too!

It is extremely important that throughout your adventures in getting to know your Animal Spirit and applying its lessons that you keep intention and awareness in your heart. Be specific. Be thankful. Remember that this relationship is a two way street. You should call on your Animal companion sometimes just to hang out rather than “get” something. This appreciation improves your relationship and the results.

Last but not least keep a journal and go back and read it periodically. You will be able to see with your own eyes how your relationship with your Animal Spirit, Totem or Power Animal grew each time you opened your awareness in a new way.

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