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Spirit Animal Quiz

For some, a Spirit Animal is an otherworldly guide who appears to offer love, healing, and support during difficult times. To others, a Spirit Animal is the same as a Totem Animal – it’s who you really are. This spirit animal quiz is designed for the latter – to help you discover your truest nature, the animal who lives inside.

Are you ready to meet your Spirit Animal – your ‘self’? Scroll down and let’s play! Also, click to learn how you can integrate the teachings and energy of your Spirit Animal into your life!

Spirit Animal Quiz Lion Personality 900x400
Spirit Animal Quiz Adventure Humpback Whale 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Laughing Funny Alligator Crocodile 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Dreamer Polar Bear 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Leader White Wolf 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Best Friends Elephant Rhinoceros 500x500
Loyal Friend
Spirit Animal Quiz Optimist Rooster Rise and Shine 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Peacemaker Alpaca Llama 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Protector Grizzly Bear 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Psychic Bird 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Smart Geek Jaguar 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Shaman Healer Frog 500x500
Shaman Healer



Spirit Animal Quiz Elephant Chakra 900x400
Animal Chakras Red, Root, or Base Chakra- Sanskrit Muladhara 300x300
Root - Survival
Animal Chakras Orange or Sacral Chakra Sanskrit Syadisthana 300x300
Sacral - Emotions
Animal Chakras Yellow or Solar Plexus Chakra Sanskrit Manipura 300x300
Solar Plexus - Personal Power
Animal Chakras Green or Heart Chakra Sanskrit Anahata 300x300
Heart - Love & Compassion
Animal Chakras Blue or Throat Chakra Sanskrit Vishuddha 300x300
Throat - Communication
Animal Chakras Indigo or Third Eye Chakra Sanskrit Anja 300x300
Third Eye - Psychic Power
Animal Chakras Purple or Crown Chakra Sanskrit Sahasrara 300x300
Crown - Enlightenment



Spirit Animal Quiz Owl Psychic 900x400
Spirit Animal Quiz Psychic Dragonfly 500x500
I'm Nostradamus reincarnated
Spirit Animal Quiz Spidey Senses 500x500
I gotz some Spidey Senses!
Spirit Animal Quiz Illogical Frog 500x500
I find it highly illogical.
Spirit Animal Quiz Laughing Lizards 500x500
Psychic schmycic!



Spirit Animal Quiz Bear Success 900x400
Spirit Animal Quiz Dog Success 500x500
Do. Or do not. There is no try.
Spirit Animal Quiz Dog Try 500x500
Never give up, never surrender!
Spirit Animal Quiz Dog Rest 500x500
I need a nap!



Spirit Animal Quiz Scorpion Danger 900x400
Spirit Animal Quiz Angry Hyenia 500x500
Ragnar Lothbrok
Spirit Animal Quiz Help Hyena 500x500
Screaming for help!
Spirit Animal Quiz Sheep 500x500
Not getting involved!



Spirit Animal Quiz Turtle Transportation 900x400
Spirit Animal Quiz Eagle Flying Air Sky 500x500
By Air
Spirit Animal Quiz Deer Buck Land Mountain 500x500
By Land
Spirit Animal Quiz Dolphin Ocean Water 500x500
By Water
Spirit Animal Quiz Fox Daydream 500x500
With My Mind



Spirit Animal Quiz Horse Natural Born 900x400
Spirit Animal Quiz Leader Horse 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz Follower Zebra 500x500
Spirit Animal Quiz White Horses Friends 500x500
Walk beside me and be my friend.



Spirit Animal Quiz Butterfly Love 900x400
Spirit Animal Quiz Infinity Love 500x500
To infinity and beyond!
Spirit Animal Quiz Rooster Chickens 500x500
So many choices, so little time!
Spirit Animal Quiz Colorful Birds Love Hate 500x500
It's a love/hate thing.
Spirit Animal Quiz Colorful Birds Question 500x500
If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?



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Spirit Animal Quiz

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After the Spirit Animal Quiz:
Integrating Spirit Animal Teachings Into Your Life

After taking the Spirit Animal Quiz your awareness of Spirit Animals, Totems and Power Animals grows. The discovery of any of these Beings brings excitement and natural curiosity. The Spirit Animal Test opened a door, but you probably have lingering questions. How exactly do you go about integrating the energy and medicine of the animal guides into your daily life?

First, understand the way Spirit Animals, Totems and Power Animals interact with you is distinctly personal. Spirit animals come for a time to teach a lesson or help with particularly difficult situations. A Totem is an animal that you are born with – you have a soul contract with that creature and it will influence your life from giving you counsel to healing and support. A Power Animal is one whose medicine and magic you call upon for assistance. Be aware that a Power Animal may say “no” for any variety of reasons, but the key to all three of these scenarios is respect and acceptance. You are entering into a relationship with a Spiritual Being and that relationship is truly sacred.

At the outset once you’ve taken the Spirit Animal Quiz and have a feel for the right direction, there is no need to rush it. Think about when you meet someone for the first time. That same cautious, gentle approach works well for Animal Totems and Guides too. Pay attention. Listen more than you talk. And remain watchful. All of these allies can come in any number of forms from advertising to a song, product names and bumper stickers. The key is what Animal provides a repeat performance that you cannot help but notice. If this is the same animal that came out of the Spirit Animal Test – you have a BINGO!

One of the most common methods of integrating your Animal companion into your life is by daily meditation. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply and visualize the animal in as much detail as possible. Breathing is particularly important because animals recognize stress and nervousness, which can hinder your encounter. In your mind’s eye offer a sign of welcome and hospitality. The image you’ve devised may begin moving or making noise or simply sit there and asses you. This is your first letter of introduction. Be patient. The more often you give time to mindful meditation (with intent) the better your communication and understanding becomes.

Another vital element for integrating your Spirit Animal and Guide is educating yourself about this creature in nature. What are its behaviors? How does it communicate? How does it move and recognize others of its kind? Is it solitary or communal? Knowing these elements about your Spirit companion improves your ability to understand its messages and apply them as applicable to your circumstances. When you are uncertain about a message’s meaning, go back to your resources and see if you find the information that has you saying, “ah ha!” afterward.

We also recommend that, when practicable, you go somewhere that you can see your Spirit Totem or Power Animal in person. Many times you will find these physical creatures respond to you because they recognize your Animal Aura and energies. Spiritual Seekers often tell stories of the lion that kept rubbing its head in front of them at the zoo and wouldn’t leave, for example. Or being out for a walk where your bird totem lands near your feet and sings you a song. These are very special moments. Treasure them.

Around your home and other spaces where you spend a lot of time, find ways to honor your Spirit Animal. Be it through color, images, sacred stones and crystals that vibrate with the Animal’s energy, etc. There are so many housewares now that depict animals – including plates, spoons, cups and glasses just to name a few. When you use these items or look at them, take a moment to breath in your Power Animal’s vibrations. Harmonize your aura to that energy and enjoy your day all the more!

While it’s great that you can take the Animal Spirit Test online in privacy, not all of us have environments in which we can blatantly display or passion for a particular creature. If you are in this situation one simple resolution is getting an animal carving that you carry, or a piece of jewelry that depicts the Animal (so it literally stays in contact with your body). There are numerous outlets that provide a variety of images and media so look with a sensitive eye until you find the one that really resonates with you. Then whenever your Animal Spirit comes to mind, touch the carving or jewelry and reconnect.

Music and nature sounds may also prove to be a good ally in your quest to integrate your Spirit Animal more completely. Music is a powerful language that crosses barriers including spiritual ones. There are all manner of CDs that have nature sounds, at least one of which could be your Animal Guide’s natural environment! Think of going to sleep with that sound, and visiting your Animal in the dream realm feeling as they do in their space.
Another technique used by Shamans is mimicking their Animal. After studying the creature’s movements (perhaps on a Nature channel) try moving as your Animal does. Breath deeply of your primal nature. Make sounds, scratch – whatever feels right. This method can be used in ritual as a means of calling your Animal friend too!

It is extremely important that throughout your adventures in getting to know your Animal Spirit and applying its lessons that you keep intention and awareness in your heart. Be specific. Be thankful. Remember that this relationship is a two way street. You should call on your Animal companion sometimes just to hang out rather than “get” something. This appreciation improves your relationship and the results.

Last but not least keep a journal and go back and read it periodically. You will be able to see with your own eyes how your relationship with your Animal Spirit, Totem or Power Animal grew each time you opened your awareness in a new way.

512 thoughts on “Spirit Animal Quiz

  1. Valerie says:

    I dreamed of travelling to Tibet, the beach, the mountains, I couldn’t find my way back I called my husband name and told him I was lost he touched me and I returned. That was last weekend. Last night I dreamed of tipping across sleeping yellow pythons a whole lot of them. One raised his head as if to yarn but went back to sleep I made it out, I was not afraid but I was at the same time, i needed to get out without waking them. What does this all mean. for record I dream on a regular basis only they are vivid.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Valerie!

      Wow. Your dream is certainly vivid!

      Though I’m not a dream interpretation “expert” I can offer the following guesses:

      1. Traveling to Tibet

      Tibet is an ancient civilization and considered by many to be among the very most spiritual places on earth. So, perhaps you astral traveled there on a an “enlightenment” journey. This can be a very overwhelming experience so maybe that’s why you felt “lost”. When you called out to your husband for help, his touching you might have been your way of “coming back down to earth” – of getting more grounded in this reality.

      2. Yellow Pythons

      Oooohhhh this is a POWERFUL dream! Snakes in any dream is about healing, journeying, mysticism, profound spirituality, and sexuality. Though snakes are the first clue in this dream, the color is a BIG indicator. Yellow (the color of the Sacral Chakra) is about desire and personal power. On my other website, you can read all about the Sacral or Yellow Chakra.

      Now, since there were “a whole lot of them” – wow. That could mean so many things! It could be a big sign that it’s time to step into your personal power and get moving with your dreams – your “desires”. Since the snakes were sleeping and one raised his head to yawn (LOL) I think this is likely the case. Meaning – your inner self has been asleep for too long. It’s time to wake up and get going!

      However, because the snakes were pythons – are you feeling constricted or restricted in your life? Is someone or some situation “choking the life out of you”? You say you were not afraid in the dream yet you wanted to get out without waking the snakes. Why is that? Why did you not want to communicate with the snakes or “face them”?

      All in all, dreams of Tibet and yellow snakes says you are a very deep person who is open to psychic messages while in the dream state.

      Sure hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Kaydence says:

        Hello I had a dream one night there were glowing wolves with all the elements and I was a normal wolf in the dream and I’m just wondering what it all means

        • Fred Skagen says:

          Kaydence….Likely you as the dreamer may best come to an understanding of this dream (in time) if you pursue an ongoing cultivation of your spiritual nature/being. In the Indian Medicine Card deck (see Jamie Sams & David Carson…
          co-authors of an extremely helpful book….including 52 animal totem cards) the Wolf is the “teacher” card. This means that you (nature akin to wolf) are someone who knows your forest well, because you are familiar with the many paths along which you’ve traveled (in your forest), and therefore are able (whether you recognize this or not) to be/become a teacher for others less familiar with the forest. Likely you appear as a “normal” wolf because you, as yet (to reiterate the last sentence) are not aware of the potential you possess. Question: In this dream, is it nighttime or day…..or possibly twilight?? From a Jungian (Carl Jung….psychology) perspective, dreams that occur in woods, and dreams that occur at night mean that you are operating in the subconscious/unconscious part of yourself….the place where answers are hidden, and require initiative to gain meaning……for example, aiming to become conscious in your dream while actually experiencing the dream can make you more aware of the meaning you seek.
          This dream is pregnant with alchemical meaning. The presence of the four elements indicates a balance within you that is a “sine qua non,” or that which is necessary to be balanced (4 is an archetypal # indicating balance….4 elements, 4 directions, 4 psychological functions….thinking, feeling, instinctual, and intuitive, etc….). The sine qua non means…..
          that without which something can not occur. This is a very spiritual dream, but to approach a spiritual understanding of it you must first of all BE BALANCED. And having the 4 elements present provides the needed balance. And the fact that the wolves are glowing underscores the spiritual /numinous nature of this dream. You are ready, whether you know it or not, to pursue some higher calling. But to do so requires initiative on your part, and (very importantly) a natural enthusiasm to interact with the dream state.
          One way to begin here (your option) is to employ the mantra “HU” in a 20 minute contemplation exercise daily. HU is an ancient name for god….and the numinosity you experience in this dream is the “essence of god.” HU is a mantra that is very akin to water. Water is universally required by all living things. Existence requires it. And HU is a mantra that can be used by anyone, regardless of personal beliefs. You may also think of HU as a tuning fork. The more you employ HU the more you begin to resonate to Holy Spirit. God reaches down when we (make the effort to) reach up.
          Best wishes….Fred

          • Tamsin says:

            When I was 5, I had a dream about being chased by wolves! But that’s not the point, when I woke up (in reality) and passed glance in the mirror I was horrified to see not me but the face of a wolf like in the dream. It was sort of growling and grey, terrifying really. My brother says I must have been half asleep and still half in the dream to see that. So I put the mirror on top of the highest wardrobe and didn’t touch it for years, letting it dust away because I was afraid I would see the wolf again. Bit odd that now the wolf is my favourite animal, but I don’t know. 🙂

      • ikechukwu Iloh says:

        I like this quiz.

      • Demytry Demarcus Alfonse Lemuir the 15th says:

        I got elephant twice when I did totally different answers. Then I took it a third time and got dog. My spirit animal may be dog, but my spirit guide is a wolf, which is my favorite animal, along with a horse. Multiple times I’ve had dreams where I’m in a field and I’m with a chestnut arabian horse that I named Tornado (idk why). Sometimes I’m riding her, sometimes I’m walking with her or resting, but I dream about her a lot. I love horses and I want to be a professional horse show jumper one day, and I was hoping you could tell me what this dream means, although I doubt you’ll reply to this. I’ve also dreamt about spiders, mostly with them crawling all over me, or having them in every corner of my house and accidentally walking into webs and then hopping up and down to avoid them. I have a major phobia of spiders but I also have no idea what this means either. One of my grandmothers was highly superstitious, and said that the dreams symbolized the animals representing emotions or whatever. I have dreams of wolves when I feel safe and happy, I have dreams of horses when I feel really free, dreams of spiders when I’m scared or guilty, snakes when I’m really busy or concentrated, gorillas when I’m distracted, and sometimes I’ve even had dreams about hyenas when I feel threatened or unsafe. I doubt this means anything and I’m not really the superstitious type, but I wanted to ask anyway in hopes of getting an answer from someone who knows about this stuff.

    • Kaelee says:

      I had a dream about a gorilla stroking my face and I was on a long journey and he was helping me go threw the journey. Does that mean any thing?

    • jada says:

      I had a dream that I was stranded in the woods and I was surrounded by wolves and they were staring at me all of them were growling at me except for one, who was staring into my eyes, for some reason I knew it was a girl, her white coat was shining, then as everything turned black she howled then all the other wolves ran away whimpering just as I woke up. What did that dream mean?

      • jada says:

        Also do you think this might be a clue in the puzzle of what my spirit animal is?

      • WolfBird says:

        Well, for starters, wolves aren’t white, is there a possibility that the wolf was a ghost or spirit? Wolves represent family, society, and teamwork. The color white represents a clean slate, a fresh start, something new. Fading to black means completion, black itself means darkness, despair, dark times, and even death. If you put all this together, then it could possibly mean that you might be going through tough times socially, maybe you need a clean slate… and the fading to black could show that something bad is coming your way. Another interpretation is that you feel trapped and surrounded by society, but maybe there’s one person or one group of people (the white wolf) who will lead you out of the darkness, and provide you with a new start… I’m not a professional psychic or dream person, but that’s what I got out of it. 🙂 Have a nice day!

  2. Travis says:

    Hello my brother for a while I’ve been looking for my spirit animal and last night I did I woke up in a large woods I saw animals in the distance sat in a group they were almost deciding who was going to be my guide then all but one vanished it was a coyote it was asleep or had its eyes closed I tried to wake it up but it didn’t move then when it finally opened its eyes I woke up in my room I found your site test I took it and it told me I was also a coyote can you tell me what this means

    • Cala says:

      Travis hi im not realy a pofesanol dream interpeter but i think your dream means that you are in very deep connection with your spirt animal the cyote

      • Executor says:

        By the looks of things, it is what Cala said, but with a deeper meaning. Connect your spirit animal (your coyote) with your natural spirit to find your meaning between the two.

    • addali says:

      omg I am a coyote but is that a good one to have ?!?!?!?!?!?!/!

  3. doy says:

    i have a question
    can a person have only one spirit guide
    what if he believes that he is not alone is his body?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Doy;

      Yes. I person can definitely have just one Spirit Guide – and, that guide can be an animal, angel, ancestors, ascended master, and more. Metaphysicians believe we are not alone in our body because we are all connected. So, even though we think of ourselves as individuals we are actually all made up of each other and all that is. As many species share the same DNA pairings (plants and humans being some of the ‘farthest’ away from each other), it makes very good sense (to me anyway) that we are not alone in our own bodies.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Glenn Schurer says:

        So I’m a Christian so I don’t like fully believe in spirit animals I just think they are cool and really want to see what my spirit animal is. I have been doing lots of research and quizzes. In quizzes I got Turtle and Panda the most I would remember what animals I dream about a lot which is usually Polar bears I would say. what animals I had a huge connection to in the past which were just Hippos, Rhinos and Penguins mostly. even asked people close to me what animal they think I am I got Mostly bear and ram or moose. I also looked up a lot of spirit animals traits and found out that I have most traits with the armidllio it seems like. I took into account animals I would always draw because when I was researching on how to find your spirit animal that was one of the things they suggested I should do which was just drawing sharks mostly and dinosaurs. so I have a few spirit animals I could be idk how to like find the exact one I’m looking for do you know what this means. I tried my best to explain and if you don’t know then I understand I could have multiple but I’m just trying to find the one that fits me the most. I would appreciate help if you could and if not I thank you for taking time out of your day to read this and wish you a wonderful life full of nothing but goodness and happiness and have a beautiful day/night my friend.

  4. N1N5 says:

    I am amaxed I got bee. I’ve been terrified of them my whole life and they’ve always been attracted to me. They will hover over my head for 15 min for no reason while I hyperventilate and try not to cry…or I will be walking and it will follow me everywhere and doesn’t do that to anyone else….now I kinda feel bad because my fear is irrational and I’ve never been stung once in my entire life. Maybe they are looking out for me….(I know it’s silly but the bzzz noise freaks me out)

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, N1N5;

      Fears are not silly at all! We can be fearful of animals, persons, places, and situations that seemingly make no sense at the time but we might later find out that we are carrying scars from a past life – or something that happened to us as children but, as adults, we’ve waived away as ‘nothing or not important’.

      In the next few weeks, I’m launching the new WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com. There are tons of new articles and one is about Shadow Animals. These are Animal Spirit Guides which help us face our fears and own ‘darkness’. So, for instance, let’s say someone really wanted to be an artist but were afraid they would never be good enough to be taken seriously or make a living through their art. Bee is a solar symbol – this is all about creativity! So, Bee might come to a person who is afraid of their own creative calling. Bee as a Spirit Animal is letting the artist know it will help him/her face fears and have the courage to answer their soul calling to be an artist. I’ll post the Shadow Animal article here once it’s published.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • cro says:

        I’ve had turtle,horse and deer. I don’t know what to think…

  5. William says:

    I answered 1-loyal friend 2- solar plexus- personal powers 3- psychic schmycic 4- never give up never surrender 5- not getting involved 6- by air 7-leader 8- to infinity and beyond.

  6. Delia says:

    I took your test and was a little bit amazed at the answer. For years I’ve known that I have several Animal Totems: Wolf, Hawk, Eagle, Buffalo, and Dolphin; not necessarily in that order. Do i now add Elephant to the “menagerie”?
    Would love to see your reply!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Delia;

      We can have more than one Spirit Animal, for sure! Perhaps you could gain further insights into your ‘menagerie’ if you journal. So, what’s going on in your life when you feel or see Wolf, Hawk, Eagle, Buffalo, Dolphin, and, now, Elephant? And, for you, is there a difference between an Animal Totem and a Spirit Animal? Here at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com, an Animal Totem is ‘who you are’ whereas a Spirit Animal is the animal spirit guide who shows up in your life when you most need its energy and medicine. Either way, it’s so wonderful to see another Wild One so connected to the animal kingdom!

      Stay wild,

      • James says:

        I got the owl! Is that good?
        I would love to hear from you, Bernadette King!

      • Alaina says:

        Hi I got the tiger and the tortoise is it true that when we die `we will turn into it.

  7. Sakara wood says:

    I don’t feel like my spirit animal really fits me.What should i do?

      • Nick says:

        I did the the meditation guide first. And It found my spirit guide to be a tiger. So I went and looked at the meaning after, instead of reading animal symbolism first. And I get a lot of that, it does seem to click.
        So I took the quiz after for fun and it said my animal spirit guide is a horse. Which I thought I might get a horse or a wolf over the years based on which animals have been popping out at me. I’ve had a natural affinity for Dragons too, except Dragons are mythological and it would appear your animal spirit companion is a real creature of earth. I looked up the other animals and I agree with the meditation. My true self seems to resonate with the tiger that revealed itself to me. I will say though I was totally surprised. And not expecting a tiger.

  8. Madyson says:

    So I had this dream of what I believe was an angel, but she was crying blood and her eyes where wrapped in cloth. She was later spotted by some kids that brought her home to their little cottage but people pushed the kids out of the house and burnt it with the angel inside the house. Please explain this dream to me because it freaks me the hell out.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Madison;

      I’m sorry you had such a scary dream. On this site, we only work with Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal subject matter. I can direct you to my sister-site – BuildingBeautifulSouls.com for information on your dream. Click to read about Angel Dream Meanings.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

    • Riley says:

      That sounds almost exactly like the music video for Nightwish’s song, Amaranth….

  9. Mooshorange says:

    Hi. I have been searching for my spirit animal for a while now and I need some help. I had a dream last night and the only bit that I can remember is my pet cat (who is also my best friend) continuosly biting my hand. She is a black and white Domestic Shorthair and she is normally very friendly. She rarely bites anyone. I think it was my right hand (my strongest hand) that she was biting. Her name is Chloe is when she does bite it’s normally just a nip. In the dream she was chewing the right side of my hand. Also my search for my spirit animal began when I got my pet snake Joey. He is a baby brown and gold royal python, three months old at most. The dream occurred on the night after I found out that he had had his first feed and I had properly connected with my spiritual side for the first time. Please can you tell me what my dream meant and/or what my spirit animal is from this information. I know that no online quiz can tell me exactly what it is but maybe you can.

    • Mooshorange says:

      Also when I needed something to do I looked at Joey and knew something to do. As an extra note, I believe in the Lucky Bull. It has granted my wishes that I ask it to grant several days or weeks after I ask it ever since I got it’s little talisman thingy off of my mum’s wine bottle ages ago. I just thought this might be important. Oh, and I did your quiz and got dog but on every site I get something different like cat or eagle or just bird. I even got a whale once! Please help me find out my spirit animal or animal totem or what that dream means.

      • Mooshorange says:

        Never mind. I know now that my spirit animal is a cat and I think that my best friend is a pied wagtail. I figured out the pied wagtail 1 because they seem to follow her around, this give us messages (translated by me) to help us in everyday life and I didn’t see any when she was off school even though they always seem to be around normally. I still haven’t found out the meaning of that dream though.

        • Mooshorange says:

          I meant THEY give us messages not this give us messages. Oops!

          • Bernadette King says:

            Got it! 😉

            Stay wild,

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Mooshorange;

          I asked a dream interpreter friend of mine about your dream. She asked how you felt after you found out about your Snake’s first feeding. If you were OK with it the dream could mean one thing. If it brought up negative feelings the dream could mean something else. Let me know so I can help further, OK?

          See previous replies to have a better understanding of how you can find your Spirit Animal.

          Hope that helps.

          Stay wild,

      • Bernadette King says:

        Hello, Mooshorange;

        OK, first thing is – relax. The next thing is, you are so bright and creative I bet you have many different Spirit Animals. Now, if your heart really wants to have just one special Spirit Animal to relate to – like a best friend – then as the animal allies to present ‘the’ animal that will be by your side when you need/want it most.

        For instance, mine is Bear. My name Bernadette actually means “Brave Bear” and I’ve been in love with Bears since I was a kid – way before I knew about Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals! During my life, when I’ve been hurting or lost, Bears always show up and in the some of the most amazing ways! I’ve had other Spirit Animals come when I needed them but Bear is by bestie.

        Hope that helps.

        Stay wild,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Mooshorange;

      First, let me say that the detail with which you describe dreams, animals, events, etc, is beautiful! You have a gift for story telling and it makes perfect sense why you are looking into connecting with your Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals. You see the tiniest details in all things and people such as this are the ‘sign watchers’. Meaning, your ‘eyes’ see beyond the obvious. Your spirit is called to ponder the mysteries of life. In this, it also makes perfect sense why you would be called to Snake energy. Maybe take a few minutes and read about Snake as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal. Snakes are all about psychic energy – about people who ‘see the mysteries’.

      Now, as for your Cat and the dream…that could be many things. I’m really drawn to the color of your Cat – black and white. This is the Yin/Yang and signifies balance. Intuitively, I feel like you’re the peacemaker among friends and family and, if I’m correct, it also makes sense why a black and white Cat found it’s way into your life.

      As for kitty chomping on your hand, that could easily be linked to the Snake’s first feeding so I don’t really have too much to say about that part of the dream.

      In a later comment you say that you believe your Spirit Animal to be the Cat. If this is correct, then kitty will likely show up in many dreams and travel the astral planes with you! How fun!

      BTW, it’s awesome you know that no online quiz can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt what your Spirit Animal is. Mine is definitely a real quiz based on personality archetypes and thousands have found my Spirit Animal Quiz to be eerily accurate. But, those who work with the exercises in my complete guide “How To Find Your Spirit Animal” discover a much deeper soul connection. Did you try this?

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Mooshorange says:

        Thanks so much for your help! I’ve read the guide but I wasn’t sure about trying the meditation.

  10. Babalwa says:

    I often dream stuff that comes true and have always been drawn mysticism, I never feel like I fit in which is always evident in my not ever being a part of a clique. What can I make of this?

    • Majestic Coyote says:

      I would say that you are that kind of person that is far away from other people, so it’s (in your unconscious) a way that you can use your “psychic powers” to depict things that will happen in the future. I know others who dream things that come true, and not one of them are part of a clique. Don’t feel bad! This is probably a way that your “powers” can really “activate” themselves.

      Dream on,
      Majestic Coyote

    • Amelia Scalzo says:

      So I don’t know I’ve been looking for a sport animal and waiting for one for almost a year now when I needed a little push so I can to the quiz and I took it several times but each time was different… I’m a dog,coyote,and an elephant! Please help me

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Babalwa;

      My humble apology for the delayed reply. I’m working hard to personally reply to all comments on both my sites – WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com and BuildingBeautifulSouls.com. Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day so I can’t get to them all as quickly as I would like. 🙂

      There are many paths that might be calling to you. Perhaps it might help if you took some classes in psychic development, Shamanism, mediumship, energy healing (Reiki, Theta Healing, Shamanic Techniques), tarot card reading, and more.

      In those classes you might find that your energetic pull toward mysticism is a calling for you to work in the field of metaphysics.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  11. Susanna kritzler says:

    I got a horse,and I do want to be free.it’a funny because my parents own a horse farm,and I went to the world championship horse show for American Saddlebreds this year,and I want to own a horse breeding farm.i am free willed and high spirited,and I feel like I will be reincarnated and will remember my past life,I feel like I can remember my last life too

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, ;

      My humble apology for the delayed reply. I’m working hard to personally reply to all comments on both my sites – WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com and BuildingBeautifulSouls.com. Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day so I can’t get to them all as quickly as I would like. 🙂

      Wow! That is a tremendous amount of Horse energy and medicine in your life! How wonderful that you are so seated in your Spirit Animal connection!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  12. Loo says:

    What is my spirit animal? I answer 1)Scientist.2)Third Eye – Physic Power.3)I find it highly illogical.4)I need a nap.5)Not getting involved!.6)With my mind.7)Follower.8) To infinity and beyond!

      • Mooshorange says:

        Why do you never help me with my questions? Did I do something wrong?

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Mooshorange;

          Please accept my apology. No, you did not do anything wrong. I try as hard as I can to answer every person who comments on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com and my sister-site BuildingBeautifulSouls.com. As my sites are growing, I’m finding it much harder to keep up as I’m now getting dozens of comments every day – plus emails.

          I am grateful and honored that you choose to spend your time on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com and truly feel awful that you’re disappointed. I’ve responded to your previous comments and I hope you find the information useful.

          Stay wild,

  13. Karen says:

    With what it says about the bee being my spirit guide might be right. With everything I’ve just seen here and with my reading I had on Friday nearly tallys up together.


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Karen;

      When the Great Spirit wants us to ‘get’ a message, it makes sure the synchronicity really shows up in our lives. When we honor those messages life just gets better and better!

      Stay wild,

  14. Elvin says:

    Hello, Im new and i just need something curious and weird explained. I once medetated to find my spirit animal, and amazingly it worked. I was in a dark room sitting in my favorite chair vating for an elevator(it appeared as if though i have been standing on water in the black room sort of like Stranger Things). Then that elevator took me to a land where it was designed by my mind, soul and personality. It was a great and full forest that ended at a paradise(beach).There it was night time and there was a bonfire on the beach. There sat a glowing light representing my spirit animal and 10 minutes later it turned into a big bison, buffalo or ox, I couldnt be very sure, and i made physical contact. I said to me some dialogue that I cant quite remember but it was as if they were my words and that we were in sync. Then he disappeared at my fingertips and along with the my own personal whole world and I woke up. I was tremendously happy that I found him that night! However, today I took your quiz and it told me that my spirit animal guide was a horse which I dont really undersgand since I was certain that the one that i mentally and ohysically met was the one. If there is any way for an explanation, it would be highly appreciated on my part!

    Thank you,

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Elvin;

      My humble apology for the delayed reply. I’m working hard to personally reply to all comments on both my sites – WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com and BuildingBeautifulSouls.com. Right now I only have 2 hands but I am working on getting surgery to become an Octopus – then I’ll have eight! 😉

      This is a great question and one that comes up often. From the Spirit Animal Quiz here on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com, one is finding who they are – what their true nature is. Now, this is really a Totem Animal but most folks think a Spirit Animal is the animal you are inside. And, that definition can be completely ‘right’ depending on which culture one is reading about or following. To others and for the purposes of this website, a Spirit Animal is the animal who shows up to offer messages of love, support, and healing. It’s the animal you ‘need’ at a particular time in your life.

      When you meditated, the animals who showed up were there because you asked the animal spirit guide world to be there for you. You’ll be able to figure out why the animals showed up by remembering what intention you set before you went into the meditation. Did you want clarity on your soul’s purpose, love life, finances, health, career, etc? Go back to the questions you had and, then, you’ll understand why Bison, Buffalo, or Ox showed up for you. Also, I’m posting Buffalo and Ox articles soon so keep checking back to learn more about these animal’s symbolism and meaning.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  15. Brynn says:

    It gives me different ones each time I take the test and I don’t feel like my results are my spirit animal. I think mine is a wolf.

  16. Raygan says:

    My cousin is a goose and does NOT seam like him… He doesnt have the traits of a goose I’m starting to think its a mess up *~*

  17. Justice says:

    Hey, every time I take this test I get something different and I don’t really believe that a test could tell me what my true spirit animal is. I think mine is either a wolf or a monkey, I know it just has to be one of those two. Even though a test cannot tell me my true spirit animal, I was wondering if you can? It would help me so much!

  18. RJ says:

    Howdy! I’ve had a dream about a white wolf with a gold and blue mask on its face. I was in a cave and the walls started to shake a lot. The white wolf with the mask that I mentioned before came and dragged me out by the foot. There was also people in the dream, one of them mentioned shape-shifting. However, the wolf only pulled me out of the cave. I’m wondering if this is a sign about my animal, a message, or something else. Could you please help me?

  19. RJ says:

    Also, an old friend of mine talked about shifting into a wolf, and that I was in her “pack” or something. However, I’ve taken different quizzes, and I’ve either gotten a wolf, a tiger, a panther, or a bear. I really need some help with which is mine.

  20. Hana says:

    i finished this quiz, but it doesnt seem to be giving me the result. a little help? <3

    • Hana says:

      what is my spirit animal? my answers were shamanic healer(i hear things from beyond the veil, and am able to heal ones soul mind & body) my favourite chakra is the root chakra (i can feel it the strongest) ive got some pretty great spidey senses, if i fail, i need a nap. when danger is afoot, i tend to either stand back or stick myself right in the middle of it with teeth bared, prefered transportation is via the mind- though its not often i do so, i am a natural born “walk beside me and be my friend, but in that i am a guide to others, my love style is so many choices, so little time! thanks 🙂

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hi, Hana;

      I’ve tested the quiz on several different computers, browsers and phones and it’s worked perfectly each time. Also, I have no idea what device you were using when you didn’t see the results so I can’t troubleshoot for you. Hopefully, it’s all worked out by now.

      Stay wild,

  21. Michael Fennern says:

    What is my Totem?

  22. Christina J Fecht says:

    My great uncle had a coyote as a pet growing up. I adored her (Susie). I also had one sit on a snow drift in a corn field near my home and we just stared at each other and I calmly talked to her.

  23. Eryangelie says:

    I have a question
    My spirit animal is the dog, how do i really know that is my true spirit animal?

  24. Jori says:


    I just want to thank for this quiz. I got “Snake” as my spirit animal. I HATE snakes! But I’m not fond of myself either. After exploring this site, I think this quiz is spot on. Thank you for the effort you obviously put in to making this quiz as accurate as possible – I’m learning so many things about myself from learning about Snake.


  25. Liviyah Grace says:

    Hi. I have always thought I would be either a cat, wolf, coyote,fox etc…. Those were always the animals I was drawn to and connected with. After taking the quiz I got a bee, and I am curious as to whether my spirit animal is a bee or if my personal preference and thoughts for animals is right.

  26. Marwan says:

    Hello there, I’ve been searching for my spirit animal for about a year now. Once I was dreaming about myself in an ice cold tundra. I saw a polar bear battling an Arctic Wolf, the wolf seemed to be losing. I was quick to react as I grabbed a long stick and started hitting the bear with it. The bear then pounced on me and tried to bite my face but I kept dodging. It wasn’t long until the wolf charged at the bear making the bear fall off me. The bear wasn’t scared but he ran away and I don’t know what but a voice in my head told me that the bear was gonna come back but more fearsome. The wolf approached me…..I put my hand forward, trying to put it on the wolf’s forehead…..The wolf allowed me to put my hand…..then a strange mix of colours appeared in front of me. It looked like as if iwas passing through a portal then….. I woke up in my room. What does this all Mean?

  27. Sister Grace says:

    I took your quiz for finding my spirit animal but there were many possible answers for me on some of the questions. I really need to find a spirit animal to connect with to help me with my stress. Are there any other questions that you could ask me personally to find it? Thx! Email me

  28. Abygail says:

    I wonder what my spirit animal is going to be.

  29. Abygail says:

    I hope it is an elephant because I love them

  30. Alexis says:

    I am glad that I got the wolf, because that’s my favorite animal. Wolves are: Strong, protective, a leader and much more!

    • alex says:

      I know it is a good animal.

  31. sam says:

    I’ve taken the test 2 time and i don’t think that my spirit animal is the elephant i feel that i am a wolf because i am a leader and iv love the wolf for 13 long years

  32. sam says:

    i did it a third time and it still says that it’s an elephant and i love wolves

  33. Patricia says:

    My Animal is a Elephant! Needless to say past five Days I have a Raven in my yard ! When I go outside and ask where are you it showed up in the Sky ! What does all that means?

  34. lillie says:

    HI i need help i cant figure out my spirit animal but when i try i don’t think i’m doing it right. I do see a lot of bunnies,chickadees and crows.

  35. Lace says:

    I just took the spirit animal test and got the dog. This makes a lot of sense considering I have natural tendencies to protect, be aware, and love unconditionally. You mentioned crystals that have your spirit animals energy and I was wonder what kinds of crystals I could get to keep with me that have a dog energy. Thank you.

  36. alex says:

    I never loved the deer until this day.

  37. MARIBETH DORN says:

    Who am I. anxiously waiting reply

  38. Krista says:

    Crazy!! I have always been drawn to Deer. The very first cursive word my i learned to write was when i was about 6 and my grandmother taught me to write the word “Dear” so that i could write her letters from Ontario to Nova Scotia. I just did the quiz and got Deer as my spirit animal!! I am always looking for Deer while driving and once had a dream about hundreds of beautiful very graceful horses flying down on the road in front of my house and galloping along the road toward a forest where at the edge of the forest indigenous men were waiting to welcome the horses and protect them while they rested ….it was once of the most beautiful dreams i have ever had!!

  39. Crystal says:

    Hi Hon,
    I came across your site because moving up north here I’ve had a huge raven or crow not sure but it was huge, fly swooping down towards me then took off and circled above a spot on top the mine and located my wandering boys for me just as I first began to panic because I didn’t hear them. Well then later that year my oldest son came across an owl the beautiful creature looked deep into my eyes as I approached it on all fours slowly never took my eyes off it’s. This beauty acted so loving as I scratched behind his head his eyes closing I could feel he knew he was safe it allowed me to pick him up looked at me as to say good bye and flew off. There was nothing wrong with him. It just came to stay awhile. Sooo here I’m expecting one of them and got an elephant and I’ve got to say I never thought as I see human figures and sometimes cats in spiritual from time to time. But, just yesterday in the E.R. I’m sitting behind the curtain with my 13 year old daughter, whom I’m a little frustrated by her hyper too much energy loudness from time to time and this time she’s ill with this bad cough being sweet and loving. I’m wishing she was more calm like this ALL the time! And all of a sudden this long extended trunk of an elephant comes out of the wall because her to her back as she’s laying on her side on the bed. Then it’s trunk acts as a hand and I then saw my daughter’s aura for the first time a florescent green yellow inner layer with a bright florescent red over top, it grabbed a handful of this and ate it. I waited and it’s full majestic head and trunk appeared directly behind her. I said Vanessa, are you okay and explained to her what I saw. So to find out my spirit animal was an elephant now I’m wondering what happened there. Any ideas??
    Thanx for taking the time to read. I know I can be long winded. XD

  40. ritika says:

    I usually dream about horses
    When i found out that my spirit guide is a horse I was amazed

    • Executor says:

      Can you describe one of your dreams about the horse?

    • doggylover says:

      wow so cool my fav animal is a dog

  41. Demi says:

    Hi, I have never have thought that my animal would have been an owl was thinking more a wolf or a dingo since I seem to have a strong connection with them when we are in zoos. However, I have always had a passion for birds and flight, mainly owls, so I am confused.

  42. Nicole says:

    I cant figure out my spirrit animal it wont tell me

    • Executor says:

      i am like you nicole every time i do the quiz over and over again, I am always getting a different one.

  43. Tina says:

    I’ve always known my spirit animal to be several. Eagle is the number one, wolf and then others. We have different in all stages of our lives. And we can have more than one.

  44. Abram says:

    I thought my spirit animal was a fox, but its a coyote, then i tried all over again with the same answer and it turned into a bee

    • Executor says:

      Thank you for summing up what is going on with my perspective. I am having the same problem.

  45. Abram says:

    yeah, i’m not going with this, i’ve always drawn to fox since i was little and i got was, bee and a dog

  46. Chantal says:

    Really interested in this type of stuff and found the quiz really enjoyable. I want to discover more of who I truly am.

    • Executor says:

      same here. Problem is that I can’t find out what my spirit animal is.

  47. Patrick says:

    I received the lion and the wolf. The first time I did a spirit animal meditation was in 2014 and was done in a group led by a meditation leader. I saw a Chimp. Within the past year my wife and I had our house burn down and we lost our husky in the process, whom I was very close to due to getting him right after I had gotten sober in 2014. In December of 2016, 5 months after the fire, I started drinking again which led to a terrible relapse on dope and other things.

    Why have my spirit animals changed? What should I expect moving forward? How do I connect with them on a deeper level?

  48. Rainey says:

    I got an elephant but I’m not sure thats right. I think I’m a wolf… help?

  49. Karen says:

    I have always Been one with a horse, but I had never realized how much they rely on you as a person and how much we rely on them as a horse.

  50. Petra says:

    I mediated and first animal that appeared was a wolf, it was watching me and came closer to be with me, he allowed me to touch his head and he closed his eyes and stayed, opened them again and was with me.
    Then a raven appeared and landed on the big wolfs back and stayed too…
    Is that good or bad? I have no idea why this means…

  51. Gage says:

    Last night I had a dream that I was being chased by a white wolf through a forest densely shrouded in mist. Whenever I managed to outrun the wolf, I’d stop to catch my breath, and then the wolf would come out of the mist and start chasing me again

  52. Gage says:

    Last night I had the same dream but this time, I’m running from a black wolf. When I outrun the wolf, it howls and more black wolves appear and join the original wolf, who then continues to chase me. I run as fast as I can and trip over a root, the wolves surround me, and then they stop. Their ears twitch, then they start to back away, almost as if they’re afraid of something. The wolves run away as a white wolf appears, who starts to approach me. The white wolf stops, inches from my face, looks me in the eye, then sits down and offers me his paw, almost as if he wants me to take it. I do, and then the mist starts obscuring my vision, but I don’t let go of the wolf’s paw. The mist fades away, and I realize, I’m home. I look at the wolf and to my surprise, it’s gone.

  53. Chirp says:

    Ok so I recently discovered that my spirit animal is a falcon, and that is pretty cool, I mean I LIKE birds, but I had a rather questionable dream after discovering that.
    Basically I was on a flaming road surrounded by snowy mountains. After walking across the road for a while, I discovered a skeleton and, as I approached it, A FALCON flew from the tallest mountain and opened its beak REALLY WIDE and it consumed the entire skeleton and then its entire body grew massive and took me to the mountain it came from and I then walked into a cave full of King Brown snakes.

  54. afshana begum says:

    Hello, every night I have a dream about several big cats all prowling around one which I couldn’t see, then they all walk away and what was in the centre was a black panther, it walked up to me and licked my palm. I’ve had the same dream every night but when I tried the spirit animal test it told me my spirit animal is a deer.i am very confused about it, can you please explain it to me.

  55. neonwolf3389 says:

    I took this quiz and I was actually very surprised by my results; I got snake. I used to be mortally terrified of these slippery serpents, and slowly my fear has caused me to have a special eye for snakes. Whenever I’m out camping, if there is a snake nearby and in some angle that I can see it, then I do. I would always be the one to find even the most hidden snakes, then I’d point them out to others and after a few minutes of staring through narrowed eyes, they would finally the snake. I eventually earned the nickname “Hawk-Eyes” after one too many well-hidden snakes were noticed by me. Slowly as I got older I became less afraid of them, and actually in a strange, kind of eerie way snakes are comforting to me. I guess it’s because the fear is so familiar to me, its become a constant, concrete thing in my mind. Its my calm in the chaos. I actually have a golden snake ring that I wear quite often and I’m often comforted by looking at it. It sounds cheesy, but I’m just saying. I’ve also had several nightmares/dreams about snakes ever since I was little. I guess I’m just really curious as to what that all could mean.

  56. allyson says:

    Your book made me cry you have inspired me and you always have you are the best ever and thankyou very much

  57. Gigi says:

    Hi, I learned my spirit animal is a elephant and whenever I touch any elephant things now i’m calmer? Also I have been around elephants my whole life. Is that a good thing? Is there any other good ways of connecting with your spirit then mediating? (i’m kinda bad at that xD) I’ve tried talking to my spirit animal but it doesn’t work, why?

    I have sooooo many more questions, thanks for answering if you do!

  58. john niehaus says:

    So last night i somehow was drawn to finding my spirit animal and in doing so, the most amazing things happened. I sat on my couch and fallowed every step. i realized that after 2 hours of meditation i still had not came to an animal that satisfied me. after opening my eyes i began to feel a huge sense of happiness. Dreams that i had when i was a little boy all started flowing back to me. The first dream, i was a white owl. perched on a dying tree in the middle of the winter. i remember sitting still until a red figure on the ground started to appear for a second and then scurry away. i waited a little longer for it to appear again and dove straight to the ground to attack. but to my surprise, i missed. and ended up getting covered in snow! now for the dream that has had me thinking all day. i very vividly remember i was a young native american boy. i was surrounded by what appeared to be my family. i was on my knees right on the edge of a drop off of at-least 50-75 feet to the bottom. the chief Indian was over me holding a warclub. i remember feeling extremely sad and disappointing began to apologize. the next thing i know i am hit right in the temple with the club with such tremendous power that i am flown clear passed the edge of the cliff and fell down to what clearly should’ve been a terrible death. To my suprise when i hit the ground, i was a newborn baby. the tribe was all taking turns holding me and celebrating my birth??? I am 20years old and i have had an unexplainable connection with the universe. almost like i am seeing the world from a birds eye view and have a deeper understanding and appreciation. i appologize for all of the grammatical errors. but i am being rushed to hurry up and get off the computer and cannot fix my mistakes. i really hope hear back from you soon.

  59. Meriel Burden says:

    According to the quiz my spirit animal is the dog….I’m a bit taken aback because I suspect this is accurate. Dogs are a huge part of my life- I live with 3 of them, I constantly think about them. I dream about them (and not just mine) and as an artist I make my living painting them. Perhaps it’s time I listened to them more.

    • Executor says:

      The dog? This creature is cool and has an evolution from changing from the wolf spirit. Find the dog’s ancestors spirit animals to help listen to them more.

      May your spirit animal shield you from the dangers within.

    • Alexa says:

      every thing you say I love I have horse I love this stuff Thank you

  60. Executor says:

    I’ve been searching on multiple sites for spirit animals, but I cannot find out what is my spirit animal. I’ve gotten a bee, a whale, a bear, a eagle, a dog, a horse, and several others. Is there any tips for finding your spirit animal?

  61. Confuzzeled says:

    I’ve taken the quiz many times, getting different answers nearly every time! I have always felt a connection to orcas (killer whales) and all kinds of birds. So many answers could apply to me, but not once have i gotten nor a bird, or an orca! The connections I feel are strong, and they keep appearing in my life, how am I not getting those as my answers?

    • Confuzzeled says:

      specificaly owls, falcons, and birds like that. My connections are dreams,songs, and things like that. I can never seem to leave the thought of these amazing animals! Sorry about the grammatical errors though, I’m bad at these kind of things

    • Confuzzeled says:

      I took tests on several other websites, always getting birds, specifically hawks, why not here?

  62. Schrae says:

    I am terrified of snakes how could one be my animal spirit guide. I’ve always been told a wolf or hawk?

    • Schrae says:

      Why does everyone say they are a wolf or a hawk on my shoulder? I’m confused. But I have had pet wolves maybe they are their spirit with me.

    • Schrae says:

      10/12/81 libra but what does that have to do with spirit animal guides?

  63. Ryan says:

    Hello. I ended up getting Bee as my spirit animal, which is a great shock that gave me good chills all over. Ive always had interactions with bees and, before teen years, found them to be immensely wonderful beings. Alot of solo psychic work and meditation as a teen. I am trying to open those dusty bridges again.

  64. Lecora C Willis says:

    I keep having recurring dreams in where I’m trying to get up out of my bed and either get get the bathroom (mainly that’s what it is) and whenever I get out o the bed the whole room warps into my old house where I grew up in. I also have dreams where I’ll fall asleep in the new house and then wake wake in the old house. I know it’s not dealing with animals but the only thing I can think of that my subconscious wants to find a way to get back to my old self.. Who I was when I lived in that house. What is your opinion?

    • Lecora C Willis says:

      By the way my spirit ani turned out to be a lion and its so crazy because I have can following follow EVERYWHERE. I can normally befriend most animals but cats really seem to love me to the point it freaks me out. I’ve had friends that told me their pets are nasty and mean but when I’m over they’re sweet as pudding lol

  65. Scott says:

    I keep getting animals I don’t think are mine. I feel like a hawk person. Whenever I’m out and about and not feeling to good about life, a hawk seems to appear, soaring across the sky. When this happens I feel better and ready to take on a challenge, refreshed and energized. So, do you think the hawk is my spirit animal?

  66. Missy says:

    Hey i just tried this out today and for some reasons every time i close my eyes or meditate my spirit animal(lion) always shows up and walks towards me or he goes at my back and rests his head in my shoulders.What does that mean?

  67. Marie says:

    Hi – We’d like to plug this fun website on our tv show on one episode discussing spirit animals.

    Please give me a ring this evening or this weekend to see if this is agreeable to you. Thanks so much!

  68. rylee says:

    i got the dolphin i took it twice then i got panda im confused

  69. dyjaunzy says:

    as many test i have taken i realized i have multiple spirit animals ive even took three other websites and they gave me wolf even though its not my one by birthday.

    • Nicole says:

      hi how is everyone and my spirit animal is an elephant

  70. Leilani says:

    I had a dream that I was at a zoo and there was a dolphin in a tank, and red fox in a forest habitat, and a wild horse in a more grassy habitat. When i went to the dolphin tank put it swam away. Then i went to the red foxes habitat and it rubbed against the glass, Next, i went to the wild horses glass and it reared up. What does this mean? I really want to know.

  71. Aida says:

    I’m really confused. I first took the test an got a dog 2 x’s. Second I got a horse 3 x’s. A while back I took another test and it gave me an owl!!! I really would love to know which one is the correct one. Please…

  72. Avatar Wolfy says:

    I had many dreams about me being a wolf and me folloing wolves does that mean my sprit wolf.

    • Zoe says:

      one night i had a dream and it took place in the woods at i was surrounded by a red fox’s and they were protecting me from something i wasn’t able to see and i looked around to see who or what was there and i didn’t see anything. When i called out to see who was there all i could hear was a low growl and i couldn’t tell what it was between a lion or a bear. That’s when i lied down to close my eyes then the growl stopped and went away. That’s when all of the foxes went to sleep so a opened my eyes and i sat down to see a snake slithering towards me it looked like a black snake though i do not know a snake that is black the foxes got up and took the snake to kill it then they left and i followed them to a whole pack of the foxes. What does this mean?

  73. Savannah says:

    It’s funny how my favorite dog is a retriever, and that’s what I got. It’s also funny how I’m a big dog person!

  74. Really confused says:

    I am confused when I take the quiz it says that I am a tiger, lion, and an elephant. I feel that I had a special connection with wolves all my life. I had a dream that they were once my family and I was part of their pack running with them. A really white alpha wolf with green eyes and a Dark black male wolf with green eyes were my mother and father. But sometimes in real life, I feel that there is a tiger or lion spirit inside of me whenever I get upset or angry. It kind of just takes over me and I get really aggressive. I am confused.

  75. Literacy Ladder says:

    I have had a lot of visions about deer. Especially near a school I used to work at. At one point a deer came near me, looked me in the eyes and ran towards a school. Can you believe that? Following this vision, I also had a vision about walking down the street with someone until we got to a large empty book with no writing. In the book we could reverse engineer the school system and fix it for my two most important students who now live in a chalet up North.

  76. Umed Maru says:

    I’m a Heron. My Grandfather told me. He is a swan. My brother is an eagle. my grandma is a rooster. My other grandma is a butterfly.

  77. Literacy Ladder says:

    I recently came into contact with swans in Mississauga, Ontario. It reminded me of Swan Lake, the ballet. So nice! There are also swans in Collingwood, Ontario but only in the summer.

  78. Solluna Lykos says:

    Here, it says my animal is an Elephant, yet I always felt a connection to cats. However, cats have been avoiding me and I hear howls at night. I love wolves and hear them often in the evening. I connect to Earth and True North, and whenever I am stargazing can always pick out the North Star and Orion. I also am wondering- What crystals should I use to mark my special place? Should I align them with color, or element, or what? I feel a connection to the night and the moon. Please help me, and thank you.

    May the Earth guide you and the Moon cast light on your way,

    Solluna Lykos

    • Celestia Sunnings says:

      I have found that wolves come in many ways, as my spirit animal is a wolf. As for crystal, use ones that align with color and name, like Air-Clear Quartz, Fire-Ruby, Water-Aquamarine, and Earth-Peridot or Emerald. I also am a Earth lover, so we connect!

  79. jake says:

    so when you do the first step which is meditating you see your spirit animal?

  80. jake says:

    Does everyone has a spirit animal?

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hi, Jake;

      Yes. I believe everyone has at least one Spirit Animal during their lifetime. Most have two or more and those animal allies can change throughout our lifetime.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  81. Zan_triKX says:

    My spirit animal aint a bee i was scared of them as a kid, how can i have been scared of my own kind.

  82. HAMMAD CHAMP says:


  83. #lovelove dogs says:

    #soooooooooooooooooo cool. im a dog. my fav animal.

  84. Well Vin says:

    What is my spirit animal?

    • Sky says:

      i am a mans best friend!! (Dog) and on i have you spirit animal chosses you you choose it

  85. Anonymous says:

    I am a coyote!!! This is my second/third time getting this result, so I guess I really am!(?)

  86. Sicily Klevemann says:

    Is a dog spirt animimal like a wolf

  87. Nova says:

    So, I’m not shure if this is still active, and sorry in advance for the spelling mistakes this might have. This dream probably means nothing, but I still want to share it. I don’t remember it all, but all I know was that I was a silver dragon, and there was a giant white building in front of me. I remember there being a conveyer belt like thing, that was carrying the ribcages attached to the spine (only the bones) that where far to big and ancient looking to be any known animal. I then remember someone shouting, and I instinctively ran into the building. There where people, I think they wanted to capture me, So I breathed fire that sparkled like the cosmos, and ran down the white halls. There where cages, but I don’t remember what was in them. After that, I cant remember anything.

    Does this mean anything, or am I just being paranoid?

  88. Angela Bethune says:

    Well, so far, depending on what quizzes I have taken, I am Mother Nature!! I have the sea turtle, crow, deer, wolf and several cats as my spirit animals. So I am multi facetted with my own world and mother nature. Depending on the situation I am in, that particular animal shows its particular personality. That may sound kooky to some but it has saved or blessed me so far. Just don’t piss off my dragon…that’s my Chinese spirit animal…and I’m not kidding!!!

  89. Diane H Holycross says:

    I am a very well-known ceramic tile artist, and I must say, your art is beautiful.

    I had a psychic “dream” last night with a massive snake that was attacking people and animals. Everyone was freaking out. After getting everyone to safety, I decided to approach this giant snake from my heart; not my head. I told him that I loved him. He was so touched by my compassion, as that is what he desired; to only be loved. Sadly, he was judged unfairly by so many.

    I searched this morning via Google images and saw your beautiful art and read about the snake. Then I saw your free spirit animal test and took it. Guess what my spirit animal is? You got it; the Snake.

    This actually doesn’t surprise me. Last December, I went through several sacred rituals; through channelings that are in the Book of Revelation and was revealed my “true name.” I’m a very well known Goddess, and “snakes” are my game. However, most people believe it is the owl, but an owl is my mode of morphing. I morph from a “humanoid” looking being into a tiny owl.

    Thank you again for the beautiful art.

  90. hayley says:

    i am an extreme adventurer i am the leader of the pack i loved this website

  91. Bernard says:

    Keeps same spirit animal

  92. Unknown says:

    I got horse like 80 times!! must be true!

  93. Bee says:

    Yay! I got the bee! Bees are really interesting and have a very important part in nature! I’m so happy to share a soul with a buzzy boi!

  94. John Romer says:

    I Got the Horse which is interesting because I love Horses and a gilrfriend from past loved them too

  95. JK says:

    I AM A DOG! YAY PUPPERS! PUP PUP! :333 Dogs are cute. I’m a cat person but wtv lol dogs are cute all the same.

  96. CMoore says:

    I’m the Owl. Curious, an earlier reading from years ago said Bear. I definitely fit better with the owl, though. I’ve been needing to redirect my life for a little while and silence and being alone have definitely been needed.

  97. Cheri says:

    I got the lion which is actually perfect considering im a water sign on cusp of air lol but I have always been drawn to cats and my husband is a leo. I’m very happy with this thank you

  98. Evan says:

    The bear fits ABSOLUTELY perfect. Got it several times on several different websites.

  99. Cheyenne says:

    I got coyote. People at my school actually call me Little Coyote.

  100. Lili says:

    I am extremely glad to be the panda. I think it suits me! It’s so cute

  101. Jaiden says:

    I am a lion yeah bitches

  102. Katelyn says:

    I’m a lion! I got cat once, butterfly twice, and lion once. Four different quizzes. Once I get three of something… there isn’t my spirit animal. Yay! Ima loyal, emotional bitch!

  103. Caroline says:

    I don’t believe my spirit guide is a horse, I believe it’s a wolf, I guess I won’t know unless my guide reveales it’s self

  104. I am a wolf says:

    I do not believe my spirit animal is a elephant. I don’t do the things that an elephant does. I am a wolf, I already found out by going to a place with wolves and bears. I was next to the wolf habitat and a wolf came and laid down right next to me. There are other reasons, but yea.

    • Jasmine Moon-howl Thompson says:

      same here but in different ways, 1. i can howl for a ling period of minutes 2. i can snarl, growl, twitch the top left of my lip, and bite 3. i know how to punch(HARD) 4. i use all of my senses 5. i don’t wear make-up at ALL (i think make-up just covers the face i was born with (i call it being two-faced)). That’s about all of the reasons i can think of right now but i’ll be checking for new things on this website during school ours though.

  105. Márta says:

    Since bees keep appearing inside my house, I got curious: They are offering me help in difficult times, as it turns out. I must be needing them often, for they have been around for years somewhere under the awning and I never had any intention of getting read of them. Now I am enlightened.

  106. Carmella says:

    I too am a Coyote ….

  107. Cassandra says:

    I am a Panda Spirit and my goodness I believe I really am.

  108. Terrie says:

    I am a regal ELEPHANT!

  109. Madame Graf says:

    I have had some interactions recently with deer on the roads…they are running out of the way and look healthy! They are up North now, and moving away from Mississauga, Ontario! Hope there are doing well 🙂 The deer are so friendly at Marine Land. I am going to work there as a Marine Biologist. I look forward to this. Also, the seagulls and squirrels up North are starving. It is ok to feed them a little.

  110. Alta says:

    what animal is January month

  111. Jackie says:

    I found out im the lion Wow!!!!!
    and my friend is an elephant.

  112. Brittney Nicole Baptiste says:

    I love this I’m a lion

  113. Jacqueline says:

    I have done the quiz to find out my spirit animal and it is a snake, I am scared of snakes but now will not be,

  114. Hannah says:

    I am an owl. I did three quizes and in two I was an owl (yay!) and in one I was a cat (WHA).

  115. Billy says:

    Hey I’m not too sure but I know my zodiac sign is earth and planet ruler is mercury but every time I take one of these test I get the same one every time awnsering truthfully and I get lion so would that make me of an perfectionist lion

  116. Tolie says:

    I am a cat i took two different quizzes and i was a cat! I already new i was a cat before i took the quiz! 😉

  117. Caitlyn says:

    I’m a elephant wow but I tried another website and I got a bear their probably all fake

    • Kiki says:

      The truth is you can have more than one spirit animal but a test can’t be 100% accurate.

  118. Eve says:

    I’m a dog, just like my chinese zodiac sign!

  119. Tonya says:

    What is my spirit animal?

  120. Tabatha says:

    I’m a bee! Although I Love Sharks. Are sharks a choice?

  121. weewoo says:

    i am a lion i am strong,brave,and a good strong helpful friend

  122. Barbie says:

    I got dog. Since my early teens ive known wolf as my spirit animal so makes sense

  123. Poop says:

    I’m a wolf I love wolfs too 🙂 I’m giving this app a 10-10 but can you not put too many words please

    • car299 says:

      how u get wolf? because i love wolves

  124. car299 says:

    I got elephant. How did u get wolf?

  125. banana says:

    im a lion and thats my fav animal i have loved lions sence i was 4

  126. ish says:

    I got Snake.. and I have been curious about them from quiet long.

  127. Quincy says:

    I’m excited I am a coyote

  128. trista says:

    thank you so much!!!!! i am glad that i am a dog

  129. trista says:


  130. trista says:

    you don’t submit it, just scroll down

  131. trista says:

    my best friend is an owl and that makes her really happy.

  132. Cheryl Jones says:

    I am thrilled that the horse is my spirit animal and a totem animal. I have always loved horses and what you wrote about the characteristics of those whose spirit animals are horses. Thank you!
    How do I get a copy of the results?

    • horseylover123 says:

      I’ve got a horse
      its really really cool
      good day to you sir

  133. Catlyn says:

    My spirit animal is an elephant I’ve never seen on in real life but i always thought they were majestic

  134. poof says:

    i wanted to be a horse but you gave me an elephant

  135. Connie Foster says:

    always felt mine was Owl and dove. Now need to reconsider with the bee coming up. Could I have 3? I deffinately get messages from my Spirit Guides, but not so much from my animal guides. Maybe because I was expecting from wrong animal.

  136. Scott says:

    Make a list of all animals you’ve touched or have touched you

    • Robert Hernandez says:


      – Horse (female)
      – Cow (female)
      – Human (male and female)
      – Dog (duck)
      – Goat (sad)

      Touched by:

      – Bear (in the night)
      – Deer (I live with him)
      – Squirrel (rabies)
      – My brother (stupid)
      – Cat (on tuesday)

  137. Pat Poulin says:

    Thank you…..I somehow new already my Spirit animal was a dog, and before taking your test, I wrote down dog and told my 2 sons. I was not surprised when the test revealed a dog spirit totem. Thank you.

  138. yo mama says:

    I’m a coyote! Even though I really love dogs.

  139. Cali says:

    This quiz told me my spirit animal is a horse. Which was really not surprising. As a young girl, horses would show up everywhere, both in life and in my dreams. At night, I would dream of horses everyday, especially when I was feeling sad or scared. I was sure that I was somehow connected to them.

    Then, a few years of these dreams and seeing horses everywhere in real life, it all suddenly stopped. I stopped having dreams at night, and whenever I met horses in the physical world, instead of feeling that spark of joy and spending hours talking to the animal, I stopped feeling a connection to them. Do spirit animals leave?

    It’s been a long time since horses left me, but my house is still filled with horses. From framed photos of me horseback riding to a painting of a black stallion I did years ago to a toy horse from when I was eight that still sits on my bookshelf. Is the horse spirit still with me? Or has it left?

  140. Robert Hernandez says:

    Sorry Cali. I think this horse is gone. He’s with me now

  141. Justin White says:

    you guys are all sweaty

    • Robert Hernandez says:

      Ouch Justin that hurts

  142. Carol says:

    i just helped a dog that was lost and found his owner, but his owner is my dad’s old friend so would this dog be my dads spirit animal or mine

    • Hannah Murray says:

      Hi carol,
      I think it’s neither yours nor your fathers spirit animal. I think yours may be the flurrly fox for its abilitality to sniffle out misjif like you did with this pup you’re talking about. Love, Hannah(I’m a girl!)

  143. Prasad says:

    Why does ninetails fox keeps coming in my dreams and in my mind when i meditate? Does this mean my spirit animal is a fox or the imaginary ninetailed fox?

    • Dorothy says:

      Hi Prasad, i think that spirit animals are true creatures that you are connected to, but maybe there is a certain type of fox calling you. Try meditating some more, and it may be an artic, desert or other!

  144. Melissa says:

    Oh my god. I got Bee? I’ll admit I’m a bit perplexed. After all, my name means Bee in Greek! Then again, there was always a bee bashing
    against our living room window whenever I was in there, so I suppose it makes sense. I am terrified of them though, so I’ll need to start getting more used to them before I start trying to form a relationship with them. Its just so weird! I never thought it would be Bee, and I even took the test 6 more times! Its never changed! I do love wolves though, and I have pictures of them all over my walls, I draw them, and I watch documentaries of them every chance I have… Does that mean that Wolf is also connected somehow? I feel like both of them are really significant, but I’m sure where they fit in…

  145. Bee says:

    Either got bee, deer or panda and I don’t relate. In fact I’m allergic to bee stings and read about them in a spirit animal book and it doesn’t match my personality…closest to deer but still doesn’t sit with me,

  146. Dorothy says:

    Hi, I am Dorothy Weaver. When i took this test i got a dog, and dogs are probably my favorite animal, but i’m not sure if it suits my personality. Can somebody help? I am athletic, loyal, smart, love to hang with my friends, and things like that. Thanks!

  147. Dorothy says:

    Another question, no animals that i remember show up in my dreams or when i meditate. Can somebody help again? Thanks!

  148. Olive Murray says:

    Not at all! Hope it didn’t come off as low brow, often times people with Dog/Wolf spirit animals will be draw to things like lollipops or ice creams because of their active tongues.

  149. chickenchicken5456 says:

    hi everyone I am new can alreadly see some people how are nice

  150. CHERYL BRIM says:

    Dorothy I would say to be patient. I’ve been working with Animal Spirits for about 10 years now, and they do come but in there own time and in there own way. And when they do you really do say and feel an “ah ha” Keep meditating and stay alert.

    • Dorothy says:

      Thank you so much, and Olive Murray, I am so sorry

  151. David Gilbert says:

    Greetings fellow travelers on this dimensional plain! Saluations in your journeys and I pray the blessings of the 7 vortexs upon you. May your spirit animals guide you into Valhalla!

  152. Kaitlynn says:

    My spirit anmal is a fox!

  153. Kaitlynn says:

    I LOVE FOXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. mike says:

    my spirit animal is a panther

  155. Katie says:

    My spirit animal is a HORSE! Because I’m very kind and I love to adventure around and have lots of fun!!, I’m also a natural born friend; if I see someone in need for a good friend, i’ll be there to be that needed friend. My first ever spirit animal was a ELEPHANT, than my second spirit animal was a Coyote, I don’t know how I got those but hey at least i got them. I got panda as one of spirit animals as well then my most spirit animal was a Horse so yay! I love horses anyways!!

  156. Nikki says:

    MY spirit animal is a horse!! I’m an avid horse lover. Every spirit animal quiz I take I always get a horse. kinda weird when you think about it.

  157. Katryna says:

    My spirit animal is a horse! I also love horses! <3

  158. Trinity says:

    My spirit animal is a elephant! Why an elephant. They do look funny and cute though

  159. Hannah says:

    I am an Elephant! Interesting…

  160. Anna says:

    I’m an elephant aswell

  161. emily says:

    my spirit animal is an elephant i thought i was going to be a wolf because i’m more playful but no i’m an elephant.

  162. harley says:

    I mean i am happy bc i my spirit animal is a lion thats pretty cool

  163. Emma says:

    Me too!
    I also think I’m relatable.

  164. Joseph says:

    Thank you. Very helpful. Although i do not believe in simply having one spirit animal. I feel as if they are all with me and I with them.

  165. Phoenix says:

    I got A dog! I really do believe dogs are my spirit animal! Plus i really really really love dogs!

  166. ShadowNinja1 says:

    Wow that seems fun, but I’d rather play Fortnite, Overwatch, PubG, Brawl Stars, and listen to music.

  167. ShadowNinja2 says:

    Yes, me too! I love you Shadow Ninja! See you in Game world!

  168. Delta says:

    I’ve been crazy about horses for about as long as far back as I can remember. Yet, I still haven’t gotten to even interact with them after living 14 years. When I got “horse” as my spirit animal and read the description it made give a real smile for the first time in a long time.

  169. Hibuddy15015 says:

    Lion 2 times in a row I can relate + it is my second favorite animal (after tiger)

  170. Fox says:

    On the quiz I got an elephant then a horse but I have loved foxes for five years and they came to me once in a dream and twice in real life. I have believe that they are my spirit animal because I have always felt a connection between them. What do you guys think?

  171. Tiger says:

    I walked out the American furniture warehouse one day when me and my family were stopped by an employee and said “hey go pick out a tiger”. It was a plushies but as I grasped it I started to feel more confident. Ever since ( even before) the image of stripes has always caught my eye. What do you think?

  172. Leslie Johnson says:

    I’m afraid of snakes

  173. Luke says:

    I think in my past life i was a elephant. I have always thought that and today when the quiz told that was my spirit animal i was not one bit surprised. This website has confirmed it. I once was a elephant and I am still one at heart.

  174. Horse says:

    I’m a….. horse…….. Hm

  175. Reiana says:

    I always loved wolves..! And I keep believing that they are my true spirit animal. Even people said I don’t deserve it but I know who I am. I am not afraid anymore and I’ll also do what it takes. I am not like them or anybody else. They don’t have the right to choose my fate and my destiny is mine! I have a spirit of a Warrior and a Leader like a wolf. So that’s why nobody can stop me for trusting myself. I believe my heart won’t betray me..

  176. Ruxing says:

    I am an Elephant I believe one day I will be a leader of some sort, my friends say I am already their leader they call me queen because I was popular at my school. I know I have a purpose I don’t know what it is yet but I will one day, I stand up for my fiends and myself if they are in any trouble or if I am but they end up standing up for me anyway! I want to be a leader one day soon!

  177. Ruxing says:

    Dear Reiana,
    I want to start off by saying my real spirit animal is an owl no wonder why I love owls, if you know you are a good person deep down inside don’t listen to what people say about you. If people say stuff like that to your face they don’t know who you really are unless they are your true friends , I learned this the hard way I have a hard time knowing who is my real friend or who is just faking it to hurt my feelings on purpose. I have been bullied most of my life at many different schools, I am trying to make better choices on who I pick as my friend or it all falls apart somehow. I know how you feel trust me I didn’t have it the easy way at school most of the time, some of my friends turned their backs on me and never came back.

  178. layla says:

    I got a dog and no wonder why my dog marly wants to be with me or mum

  179. Nolan says:

    I got a dog as my spirit animal and I love dogs, so I guess it works out!

  180. Kevin says:

    Mine is an owl… interesting. I’ll take it.

  181. Lisette Mandeville says:

    Mines is a Lion ! I always there to protect the ones I love!!

  182. Traycen says:

    I got horse, whenever i’m around horses or any other animal I feel like I am on with the animal but mainly with horses and wolves I also feel a connection with bears and eagles.

  183. Leslie REGNIER says:

    I have a problem with the quiz there is a couple of areas that I have more than one answer and reasoning for each.

  184. Iraeanna says:

    My spirit animal is a fox and I believe that because I am very sly and smart!

  185. zara says:

    I got lion and I get lion as my spirt animal a lot on these things and my birth stone is leo which means lion, lion really must be my spirt animal then, that’s cool.

  186. ashley says:

    I love this! My spirit animal, the dolphin, l s also my favorite animal!!!

  187. Russell says:

    My SA is a bee…well then, at least i can now sting people.

  188. mandy says:

    My SA is an elephant… but I am still quite confused on how to contact the elephant if someone could help me that be great. Thank you

  189. Sarah Ngakaari says:

    I’m the Dog and it suits me since I am quite protective about my loved ones.

  190. Sula says:

    My SA is a lion, guess it kinda explains why I’ve always loved them

  191. FireFox says:

    Mine is also a bee, I hate bees. But it explains why I like my space so much! My most favorite animal EVER is a fennec fox.

  192. FireFox says:

    Mine is a fox. My most favorite animal EVER is a fennec fox.

  193. Jemima says:

    My Spirit animal is the Panda bear. I have never liked conflict or how much bandess there is in the world and have always wanted to change the world for the better in some way. It’s a shame you can’t fix everything though..!
    I have always felt that quieter/early time periods would be better for than those of today. know I know why!line

  194. Hailey says:

    I got a lion, I think it represents me a little, loyal, brave, fierce, and a natural leader.

  195. jakob says:

    My SA is a cyote i get why I never give up and I laugh in dangers face thier no need to get scard and MY SISTERS say I am REALLY ANOYING

  196. Julian Tomlin says:

    I always thought that my spirit animal is a wolf or a shark or something. But I noticed that my mind has been blind to notice that I mimic none of these traits of the animals I think I might be. But when I had taken this quiz I found a perfect match for who I am on the inside. I am a leader, a confident man…..
    A lion.

  197. jeff says:

    I took the test twice and it said i was a elefent

  198. Jemima Pennington says:

    I got the panda , as my spirit animal! How interesting.

  199. sofia says:

    I got a horse!!! My favorite animal!!

  200. untiled says:

    i got a house and a bee?

  201. Brenna says:

    I love horses to but I cant figure out how to get one

  202. Frencesca says:

    I got a snake :O isn’t that a bad thing?

  203. Frostpaw says:

    No, Snakes are actually a good thing. Look them up.

  204. Catgirl says:

    Got a bee don’t really like bees though

  205. Coyotewild says:

    Sooooo I go the elephant…… Haha no wonder I’m always the elephant in the room. I’ve also been told the hawk horse coyote and wolf

  206. Ashlee says:

    I like to have fun with my friends

  207. Charlie says:

    I got a lion a couple years back and now I came back and got a bee. Maybe I need to be making bee puns :p

  208. Amberclaw says:

    I am stuck. I have taken this quiz before and I have gotten both the be and/or the dog every time. I have a connection to both animals, and I am willing to receive guidance from either one. I just don’t know which one is the one that truly calls to me. Please help me solve this.

  209. Little Flame says:

    I got dolphin

    The first question was really hard

  210. happygirl says:

    I got a dog I’m so happy I LOVE DOGS

  211. angrygirl says:

    i feel thees tests are not reel every time i take the quiz it gets further and further away from who i am and the frist on was an elephant 2 dog 3 bird 4 lizard 5 hawk am not any of those things a am a hippoggriff strong and free.

  212. Dragon says:

    I am not a lion. I am a Dragon, and i could never be a lion.

  213. KGMK (Specialist) says:

    I get OWL every time! Spirit animals are not WHO you are, they don’t define you, they shed light on what you’re about how you act. Stop looking at this as an answer, I believe there are spirit animals but come on a test won’t get you there. Look around and find your calling and your animal spirit will find you!

  214. Ayva says:

    I’m not a bee, I’m a butterfly

  215. Jemima Pennington says:

    I got: Panda Bear (black and white, not red one!)

  216. Jemima Pennington says:

    It very much suites my personality too. Jemima.p

  217. xKittyKraze11x says:

    I couldn’t find my spirit animal, but I know that my true spirit animal is a seahorse known for there gentle yet strong personalities. But also, I love the sea or really any body of water and I also love horses, I know that might sound silly but it’s true just like my heart<3

  218. Navi_not_a_bee says:

    Not a bee. I like to travel on land.

  219. Brayden McDaniel says:

    I am a full born EAGLE all day SON. I get it every time i take the quiz

  220. DeerLOver says:

    I am a full born DEAR all day. I get it every time i take the quiz

  221. Bayley says:

    This is not fake! It is telling you what your spirit is like! Mine is like a snake. I can
    (for some reason) hiss like a snake. I can also see snakes in my dreams. The snake spoke to me. It helped me understand a problem that actually happened for real.
    I am happy to have a snake as my spirit animal!!!! BE GREATFUL FOR YOUR SPIRIT ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Wolfpak says:

    Many years, people tried to find who they are or tried to fit somewhere in the universe. For sure my path, there are multiple of animal spirits in my life. wasn’t easy, but time was essential key. My changes are within the snakes, unexpected are within dragonfly, wolf are with leader, etc. Everyone are different. I am happy my friend Bernadette to share and helped me this far.

  223. TigerEye2005 says:

    im 100% a monkey but it gave me coyote which isn’t bad though

  224. Carter says:

    I have gotten turtle almost every time, even when I take different quizes

  225. Amber Bland says:

    People don’t seem to realize, your spirit animal can change. I used to have dog, now it is bee. All I can suggest is : research!

  226. emily Henville says:

    I got a coyote witch is not that bad

  227. Susan says:

    I am a Lion for my spirit animal this is very cool because I would have never thought I would be a lion I love tigers and wolves those are also my favorite animals.

  228. Rebecca says:

    Cool quiz. I got an elephant which is my favorite animal so yay

  229. Kathy Kuhn says:

    I have taken this more than once and I always get the Dolphin. This validated the information that I received from a Shaman years ago, also telling me that my Spirit Animal was a Dolphin. I love that years later I am the same. Now it’s time to bring it into my life. 🙂

  230. Visitor says:

    This actually works! I saw a video on horse spirit animals and this is so me! I am so glad the horse is my totem.

  231. luke woods says:

    it is amazing!!! it works too. the other tests that i took just told me i was a crab. i hate crabs and i do not want to be a crab. this one gave me elephant tho, so yea. cool!

  232. Valeria says:

    Hi wow I am a dog and I love dogs! I always wanted to be a wolf but a dog is similar to a wolf so I was excited. YAY!

  233. Skylar says:

    I got wolf. I’ve taken it again and again but I always get the same answer. I guess I’m a forever wolf.

  234. safwath says:

    i have the spirit of lion!!

  235. kayden says:

    oh yeah i’m a dolphin wow i did not know that was even possible.

  236. Janeth says:

    Hi, janna i got shake too cool!!

  237. Janna says:

    Hey, Janeth/bestie cool!!

  238. Dawnnet Keffer says:

    Love this sight and am learning a lot

  239. a.m says:

    omg I Luv this Im a panda bear and didn’t even know I thought I
    was a cat (11/18/2020)

  240. Cookie says:

    I am a snake! I really am scared of snakes but they are cool. Right?

  241. Pearl Carter says:

    Wow just done the quiz with hubby. He got the horse. Yet he was told years ago his was the rabbit Which does fit him perfectly. I did this again and today the elephant came out. Oh my another sign from my dad maybe But yes i see where this would be me especially right now to stand strong yet stay compassionate.

  242. Lil_bunny says:

    I’m a polar bear! But I personally think that I would be a bunny

  243. YdoItllu? says:

    Owl whooooop! Yay!

  244. Abbilli says:

    Wait. I got owl too. But i really feel like a wolf. They always look at me intently when we are at the zoo. What are your thoughts, and is a wolf my real spirit animal? Because that has happened every time I see wolves anywhere.

    • Wolfy says:

      Same. and wolfs are my spirit animal. they probably are yours to

      • Abbilli says:

        Okay. Phew. I checked, and I am wolf in the Native American Zodiac. Now I know. This is gr8!

    • your mother says:

      no i think they just want to eat you, you fat ass

      • Abilli says:

        Your mother, you must be having a bad day! Thank you for saying such a nice thing, but I’m good thanks!

    • Confuse says:

      I’m either a dog or an owl I think I might be an owl as I like silence a lot and people usually say that I’m quite smart,well the spirit’s decision •-•

    • Mari says:

      I am a wolf. I got it. I absolutely love them. They’ve been my favorite animal since I first found out what they are. Welcome to the wolf club

      #Wolf Squad

      • Abbilli says:

        Yeah! Woop! #Wolfsquad!

  245. Li says:

    Did a morning meditation of Steven Farmer’s for Power Animal, got owl 5 times, leopard twice, first one stag, then a frog. Clearly at this time owl so checked your info on the owl. Totally resonates with what is happening now. Interesting, usually get a sea animal or two in some kind in the mix. Nothing this morning.This morning owlx5. Aha . Thank you, your info is lovely and insightful

  246. Doggo says:

    My spirit animal is a dog!!!! I love Dogs!!!! They can be the sweetest things!!!!

  247. Bee my guest says:

    My spirit animal is a bee. to bee honest I felt a bit connected to cats but bees are cool

  248. Elizabeth says:

    My spirit animal is a bee. It’s a bit hard to move like a bee but I do love honey ❤️

  249. ruby says:

    yayyyyyy ima lion , ooh i love lions so much

  250. Oli says:

    How am I a bee- I can’t get sqaut done-

  251. Jessica says:

    I got DEER and it does speak to my current needs. However, when I went on an actual spiritual journey I found that both the Raven and the Black Panther are my spirit animals, guides, guardians, etc.

  252. Jessi says:

    I got dolphin it is the perfect fit to my life right now

  253. Heather says:

    I got dolphin TOO !!!

    Fits me !!!

    I’m crying !!

    My life has done a 180 in the last 5 months.

    I had never imagined this life.

    I knew me. But… now, I FLY!!!

    Soooo cool !!!

    • Andrea says:

      Lol, me too! Bees scare the Dickens out of me!

  254. Rando says:

    I got a lion! my last spirit animal quiz i got a lion too, cool!

    • A.R says:

      I’m a fricking coyote! SCORE!!!!!

  255. Miak Hunte says:

    I got the panda bear. This makes me kinda dissipointed cuz I wanted somthing cool like a wolf

    • Madi says:

      Hey I guess sometimes you don’t have a cool thing BUT you can be cool! 🙂

  256. yanko says:

    Got a Bee and i feel soo connected to its meaning.

    • Gayle says:

      I have to laugh because it is so me and although I am extremely allergic. I learned that if I sit perfectly still the bee will smell and investigate but not sting. I also have a picture of me dressed up as a bee for a community ritual where Bees were the theme.

  257. leelah says:

    I got a horse. I love horses because some are wild. I can do what I want to.

  258. ana says:

    i also got bee and my best friend also

  259. ? says:

    I got a elephant which fits me because there my favorite animals

  260. Katharyne R. says:

    I got a horse on this one (I agree b/c that is my favorite animal), but when I went on other websites to look for my spirit animal, I got a bear. Which one am I?

  261. alice123 says:

    wow all my friends and family got the same thing

  262. E says:

    I got a lion and I love lions

  263. Random person browsing internet says:

    Eh? I not sure if this is accurate… I got elephant and tried agin with different answers and it still says elephant. I’m pretty sure I’m a wolf or a cat

    • Random person browsing the internet says:

      Oop NVM got a coyote this time

    • Summer R. says:

      same i tried again and again but i got an elephant every time but what i really wanted was a wolf bc i really really love wolves.

  264. Random person browsing the internet says:

    God I’m jinxing myself… yay it’s a dog