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37 Responses

  1. Derek

    What is my spirit animal?

    • Hi, Derek;

      There are many ways to determine what your Spirit Animal is at this time in your life. Something that could really help is if you will read my in-depth tutorial How to Find Your Spirit Animal. Try some of the exercises described there and let me know how it goes!

      Stay wild,

    • Angel

      What is my spirit animal? My birthday is in October and I love being free.

  2. Heather

    HI I have a question and I was wondering if you want something will that hint at your spirit animal this might not make no sense, but I love to go out to the beach see the hills. Being away from people. I feel free but when I get home I feel caged and I can’t move away.

    • Hi, Heather!

      Being from Florida and being a water sign (Scorpio), I totally identify with feeling free at the beach but caged when inland.

      Your question makes total sense. If you feel a pull to a certain area, color, food, etc. that can be the beginnings of your Spirit Animal trying to get through to you. It might help to read my How To Find Your Spirit Animal tutorial.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  3. Lorraine Long

    I would like to get a newsletter by email

    • Hello, Lorraine!

      Of course! This week I’ll be launching the “new” and it will have a newsletter signup! I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available!

      Stay wild,

  4. Tita

    Hi I took the animal spirit test and got bee. I was confused and read what it had to say. Then I realized I’ve been seeing slot of bees lately. They usually come fly in my backyard but they land on the cement and die. I see them crawling trying to get somewhere and then they die. I got a bit scared and wondered why they kept dying. Do you know what this means?

    • Hi, Tita;

      There are so many Bees dying in the US right now it’s very hard to say why this could be happening in your area. There is no reason to be afraid. Sometimes, Bees get dehydrated and die if they can’t find water. So, in the area where the Bees keep showing up maybe keep a very, very shallow dies of water so they can get a drink when they buzz by.

      If you let me know what confused you about the Bee description I’ll do my best to help you sort it out!

      Stay wild,

  5. Samantha

    hey,I think my spirit animal is a wolf but i don’t know.I mean it pops up in everyday life and I have dreams about me as a wolf running through the woods.I really don’t know though,mind commenting.

    • Hi, Samantha;

      Sounds more like Wolf is your Totem Animal – the ‘animal’ you really are inside. You can click to read about the difference between Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  6. Eva

    😀I love all different kinds of animals but for some reason I feel most connected with the wolf. I have seen wolves only in captive though. No wild wolves. I have had animal related dreams but all are about all different kinds. I took your spirit animal quiz and got a dog but I feel that I am more than a dog, like a wolf (no offense). Maybe I am a wolf as my totem animal?🐺 And a dog as my spirit animal?🐶 Do I need to get out in nature more? Do I have to be more active? I have only seen a rabbit and a deer out in the wild or in my town that are not in captive. I taken plenty of other spirit animal quizes on other websites and gotten results like a deer, and I like that result. But I have also gotten results that I don’t like a snake. Could you help me a little please? I feel lost. 🤔😕 I also love to draw if that helps. I am really good at wolves and dogs. I love playing the online game animal jam as well.😛 Animals Forever!

    • Hello, Eva;

      Your love of the animal kingdom is an inspiration to the world!

      It’s not unusual at all to have multiple Spirit and Power Animals. However, your Totem Animal is ‘who you are’. Maybe it will help to read “How To Find Your Spirit Animal” because I explain the difference between Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals.

      That said, Wolves are not so very different than Dogs – just more ‘wild’ (less domesticated). If you’re drawn to Wolves and Dogs then that’s your animal soul family and don’t let any online test (mine included) change your mind or confuse you. Deep inside, just like all animals, you know who you are. Based on what you wrote, I believe your Totem Animal is Wolf/Dog.

      Also, depending on other Spirit Animal Quizzes, you might have encountered one that asked for your birthday. Those tests only give results based on birthday – which is one way to find your Spirit Animal but not the only way. In about a week, I have a brand new version of launching and there’s a really in-depth article about finding your Spirit Animal by birthday so I’ll post here when the new site is up.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  7. Eva

    Same as Samantha’s comment as well.

  8. Eva

    Can you have a mythical spirit animal as well like a unicorn? (Cuz I feel connected to a unicorn as well)

    • Hi again, Eva!

      Absolutely! A person’s Spirit Animal can easily be a mythical creature. After all, their myths and legends came directly from observation and storytelling about ‘real’ animals. I actually am publishing some mythical creatures articles in the next few weeks so I’ll post them here when the articles are up.

      Stay wild,

  9. Eden

    I wanted to ask for your help to connect with my spirit animal. I feel like my spirt animal is a deer, beause I have had many dreams about deer. One dream that is really dominate in my mind is where I was hiking on a gravel trail, with my grandmother or maybe it was my brother. As we walked more on the path, we stopped because I saw a bunch of deer show up on both sides of the path. I don’t remember much, but then one of the deer comes up behind me and puts its head on my right shoulder. I think I then touched the deer head.

    I also have seen recently many deer. One time they came really close to me. They were not scared of me at all. The only problem I wanted to ask you is that part of me is feeling like the deer is not my spirit animal. I think it’s dout, because I always have doubt in myself and axienty. I have read a lot about deer too. We relate alot.

    Anything you can tell me will be a big help. I have tried meditations and everything, but I feel like my mind forces things to happens. Maybe its just what i am meant to feel. But, yay. Anything can be helpful. Thanks so much.

    • Hello, Eden;

      Since Deer keeps appearing in dreams – especially dreams about being on a “path” – perhaps Deer is your Totem Animal. Maybe read my in-depth guide on How To Find Your Spirit Animal. Hopefully, that will help you connect with the animal spirit guide needed in your present moment.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  10. Maxine

    Really interesting site with a lot of wisdom shared.
    I seem to attract Jackdaws……for some reason they follow me around the local area, and pop up when I am three or four counties away.
    Do you have any insights about them? I know they are related to crows, but anything specifically Jackdaw would be appreciated.
    As I type there are three sitting in the garden fence laughing at my cat who is too old and lazy to be bothered to chase them!

    • Hi, Maxine;

      So happy you are enjoying! Thank you for visiting and commenting!

      Jackdaws are the smallest members of the Crow family. I’ll have the Crow Symbolism & Meaning article up in the next week or so and will post it here. However, because Ravens and Crows are family, maybe reading about Raven Symbolism and Meaning might help.

      One observation – Jackdaws are lightening fast and extremely intelligent. Perhaps Jackdaw is letting you know it’s time to make that decision you’ve been holding off on. You’ll make the right decision so stop second guessing yourself.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Maxine

        Hi Bernadette Thanks for the reply. I’ve totally reinvented my career over the past few months….I just need my new venture to start paying enough! I look forward to following the Raven Family posts, your work really struck a cord with me and is really approachable.
        Bright blessings of autumn Maxine

        • Hello, Maxine;

          Congratulations on your new career! If I may, just trust that the Universe helped you move toward doing more of what your soul ‘signed up’ to do in this world and the money will take care of itself.

          And, thank you so much! Reading that you feel the environment here at is approachable is a tremendous honor.

          Autumn blessings to you!

          Stay wild,

  11. Sherri Landrum

    Im native American Indian my birthday is 09/27/56/ can u tell me my zodiac animal sign is please ty

  12. raymond f.w. pearce

    how can i be absolutely sure what my spirit animal is? i took the quiz and it said coyote which seems like me. but again, how can i be absolutely sure

    • Hi, Raymond;

      The very best way to be sure of your Spirit Animal is to go through a Spirit Animal Meditation. Take some time and go through my tutorial, “How To Find Your Spirit Animal”. There’s a great meditation in it that can help you.

      Stay wild,

  13. Connie Murray

    What a beautiful website you have created. I’m so happy to learn all you have to share. Thank you. You are a blessing. ~ Connie Murray

    • Hello, Connie;

      Thank you so much! Your generous words of praise are appreciated. And, thank you for visiting!

      Stay wild,

  14. Retta Davis

    Hi! I have always been drawn to wolves. Several years ago I was living outside of town & there was the most beautiful black wolf that I ever seen that came up to me. I don’t know where he came from, but he would come up to & sit next to me when I was out on the porch by myself. If I was the only one home he would lay on the porch until my roommates were coming down the road. My roomates thought I was crazy, until one night my roomates were looking out my window & seen him laying under my window. Would my animal spirit be a wolf? Also trying to figure out my animal zodiac. I was born 03/13/1968 @1:30pm in Oklahoma. Thanks!!

  15. Leddie

    Hi I was wanting to k ow how to take the spirit animal test?

    • Hi, Leddie;

      To take my Spirit Animal Quiz, read the questions and click on the answers that ‘feel’ the best. At the end of the test, the system will let you know what your spirit animal is!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  16. Karolyn

    Hi Bernadette,
    There is a very special little boy in my life who suffers from terrible nightmares. I have been researching spirit animals in hopes of finding something that I could give to him to put beside his bed at night to help him feel safe. His spirit animal is the Bear which totally fits his personality! Do you have any insights as to what spirit animals protect us in the dream state? Or is it unique to each individual?

    • Hello, Karolyn;

      Ohhh…I am especially sensitive to nightmares as I experienced them as a child (and still do as a premonition when there’s a catastrophic world event looming). Actually, Bears are the BEST protectors of the dream state because of their hibernation cycle. Bears know better than any animal how to stay safe and warm while traveling in the etheric. Bears also bring a sense of humor to almost everything they do and a good belly laugh can cut through fear like little else. However, that said, Bears are fierce protectors – they will stand tall and strong when the need be.

      However, all that said, to best help your special little guy, it’s really important to know what the nightmares are about. It’s entirely possible that he is having prophetic dreams, or he might be an empath who has absorbed negative energy around him (or from the world). Depending on what the dreams are about, Snake or Frog energy can also help protect during disturbing dreams.

      Finally, teaching children how energy works and how they can begin using it to more easily navigate the dreamstime as well as their life, can be really give them a huge head-start in this world.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  17. Gavin

    I got Lion but I am native American and do not think that is right for me what’s next

    • Bernadette King

      Hi, Gavin;

      Animal spirit guides are universal. So, for instance, I come from a Jewish family but my Spirit, Totem, AND Power Animal is Bear. Remember, Spirit Animals show up when we need them, Power Animal energy is invoked, and Totem Animals are ‘who we are’. So, Totem Animals can be found with our Zodiac Signs (Western, Chinese, Native American, Celtic, and Shamanic Zodiac). So, don’t think that Lion isn’t right for you just because you’re Native American.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  18. Patty

    Hello!♡♡♡. I just wanted to thank you so very much for all of the beautiful information you have put on this site. I am a fellow Scorpio, and a Numeroligist. . .I actually do all my own research and handwrite my findings for the folks who find me. I don’t charge, but, if they wish to give me a gift I will accept it. Anyway, I know how dedicated you must be to all of Earth’S 2 leggeds, smile, but also how knowledgable you are. Also, the word GIFTED comes to mind, as am I. I am ever mindful of my gift, and try to respect it in every way, as I also see this in your writings. May the wind always be at your back. . .

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