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How to Find Your Spirit Animal
The Complete Guide

How to Find Your Spirit Animal – The Complete Guide, is intended only for those who are truly ready to take the journey. It’s a powerful path to walk and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

There are many different ways to find your spirit animal. My complete guide offers tons in-depth information on this process. As I learn more, I’ll share more so bookmark and keep checking back for updates!

Are you ready to meet your guide?

I’ll bet you are. Or your spirit animal would not have guided you to my website! 🙂

Table of Contents

Why Find Your Spirit Animal

Finding your spirit animal can radically change your life in countless, positive ways. Working with your animal spirit guide’s ‘energy’ or ‘medicine’ can help enhance your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual abilities.


When you find your spirit animal you’ll have a choice to make – either accept its messages and act on them or walk away. Should you accept your animal spirit guide’s messages and act on them you might find your whole life transforming.


Because finding your spirit animal and truly integrating its energy, medicine, and lessons into your existence is a spiritual awakening. Relationships, careers, thought patterns, tastes (food, drink, clothing, music, and more) – anything which no longer serves your highest and best interest will fall away.

When you find your spirit animal, you begin to understand there are worlds beyond the material one in which we live. Your 6 senses can become sharper as you start using natural instincts to “think”.

This can seem a little overwhelming but if you weren’t ready for transmutation, if you weren’t ready to live a better life, you wouldn’t be searching for your spirit animal and you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Finding your spirit animal can help you discover the…

  • Courage to leave a toxic relationship, ask for a raise, go to college.
  • Ability to communicate more effectively or speak your truth.
  • Path to tune into your psychic or intuitive self.
  • Strength to kick depression or addiction and find your joy.
  • Wisdom to make tough decisions.

Everyone has times in their lives when they need help. Spirit animals can help us when we are;

  • Fearful– It can be much easier to find courage if we come to know the Tiger spirit animal and trust that it has joined our posse.
  • Sad – The playful Otter spirit animal can have us giggling in no time!
  • Angry – Peaceful Panda spirit animal can help talk us down off the proverbial ledge.

How do Spirit Animals ‘Work’

First, and most importantly, your spirit animal is not separate from you. Its energy and spirit is now and has always been part of you – of your basic nature. After all, humans are animals.

So, in some ways, you are your own spirit animal.

Wait a minute. Spirit animals are entities that are supposed to mysteriously show up and deliver messages when we need them, right?

Oh, if that were only true. If only outside forces would show up throughout our lifetime and save the day! We could just sit back and enjoy the ride.

But, in the many years I’ve been researching spirit animal guides, energy, and medicine, I’ve come to know it doesn’t work like that.

Though we have animal spirit guides who do appear in our hour of need, it’s our own soul who cries out to the animal kingdom for help. Animal spirits hear those pleas and rally around us to offer protection, hope, healing, and wisdom.

Technically speaking, our spirit animal chooses us. However, because we subconsciously ‘ask for help’ we are why they show up.

How Does My Spirit Animal Find Me?

Science gives us evidence that DNA matches can be found between humans and many other animals – even plants. This means living things are infinitely intertwined.

The Native Americans call this relation ‘Wakan’ and ‘Wakan Tanka’.

To the Native Americans, everything has its own spirit (Wakan) but all share the same spiritual essence (Wakan Tanka). This is why Native Americans refer to animals as ‘peoples’.

Because of this intricate connection, when your soul sends out an S.O.S. all other living things hear the signal. The name for this is the Non-Local Universal Mind.

At, you can check out the awesome (and extensive) article about the non-local mind.

This concept is easy to understand if you think of the famous Star Wars quote, “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror…” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

So, when you need help or guidance all animals hear your heart and the appropriate creatures appear.

Why am I Trying to Find My Spirit Animal

When one is called to connect with their spirit animal it’s a sign they’re ready to evolve into their ‘true or authentic self’.


What does our “true or authentic self” have to do with spirit animals?

Earlier, I pointed out that your spirit animal is a living part of you because all animals are related.

Just like a child will have the same traits as its mom and dad (red hair, brown eyes, or like/dislike broccoli, etc.) we are, literally, related to all other living things.

What this really boils down to is that part of you is a tiger, a snake, an eagle, a cricket, etc. Even if only in a minute sense, you have cellular memory of what if feels like to be any and all animals.

When you are called to find your spirit animal, you’re really searching for the part of your own animal spirit which has been fragmented, injured, or lost. This is why some Shaman specialize in a thing called “soul retrieval”.

The idea of ‘soul retrieval’ is that as our spirit suffers trauma, little parts of it break off and are left along the soul’s path through each lifetime in which it incarnated.

Your true or authentic self is not angry, depressed, or weak. The real you is whole, strong, and happy!

A true Shaman (of which there are very few) will enter an altered state of consciousness and travel back down your path, gathering those broken parts of you to ‘bring back’ – helping you to return to strength and wholeness.

By finding your spirit animal, you can act as your own Shaman and rekindle your personal power.

Now, on to how to find your spirit animal!

Methods for Finding Your Spirit Animal

There are any number of ways to find your spirit animal.

  • Pay attention to what animal or animals keep showing up in songs, pictures, movies, books, conversations, etc. Trust that if Red Cardinals, Horses, Crickets, etc, keep appearing to you, they are trying to help you in some way.

  • Meditation & journeying involves attaining an altered state of consciousness and the use of deep imagery or visualization with the specific intention of meeting your spirit animal guide(s).

    These methods can be guided (spoken, drumming, music with vocals) or it can be non-guided (silence, nature sounds, instrumental-only music). Below in the meditation directions you’ll find one of my favorite instrumental meditation tracks.


  • Dreams about animals. Humans often do not believe they are receiving messages from their spirit animal guides so they will come to us in the dreamstate. Often, it is much easier for folks to trust their dreams rather than their own intuition during waking times or meditations.

Spirit Animal Meditation

If you are committed to finding your true spirit animal, mediation may provide some surprises. Try your best to be open and trust that the “right” animal spirit guide(s) will present themselves to you.

Do not be afraid if a sick or injured animal appears to you. Remember, your spirit animal is the guide who shows up when you need him/her most.

Perhaps you are feeling lonely and don’t know how to make or keep friends. An injured Dolphin may appear to you. Dolphins are social creatures who represent community. Dolphins are well known for befriending many different species – often times saving their lives.

In this case, maybe the Dolphin appears to let you know that to have good friends, you must first be a good friend. Maybe Dolphin has come to remind you that laughter is healing and it’s time to lighten up.

One spirit animal meditation technique is to focus on one chakra at a time and take note of the animal(s) which show up for each chakra. This method is a bit advanced so I have a complete guide coming out soon.

If you find yourself confused about why a particular animal came to you, look up it in my Spirit Animal Meanings database.

Spirit Animal Meditation Step-by-Step

  1. Turn off all electronic devices and make sure you can’t be disturbed.

  3. Create & protect your sacred space. You can use prayer, crystals, ask the 4 directions (east, south, west, & north) and Mother Earth and Father Sky to join you. Full directions on this are below

  5. Sit or lie in a position which keeps your back straight. This helps the energy or Chi flow uninterrupted.

  7. If you are using sound, turn on the water fountain, nature sounds CD, music, etc.
  8. Many thanks to YogaYak for creating such amazing music for the world to enjoy.


  9. Relax and breathe. Allow your body to release all tension, beginning right above the top of your head – then slowly moving down until all negativity and stress flow out through your feet and into Mother Earth.

  11. When you feel ready, invite your spirit animal to come forward. Don’t panic if an animal doesn’t immediately appear. Trust is needed at this time.

  13. When an animal appears, welcome it and thank it for coming.

  15. Ask the animal if it is your animal spirit guide. If it replies with a yes, ask what messages it has for you. Let your animal helper know you want honest messages – even if they are a little hard to know.

  17. When your spirit animal is finished delivering its messages, ask if there is anything you can do for it in return.

  19. You’ll sense when the session is nearing its conclusion. Thank your spirit animal for showing up and tell him/her, honestly, if you will integrate its messages into your life.

  21. As you are comfortable, return to the physical world.

  23. Thank the 4 directions, Mother Earth, and Father Sky and release their energies.

  25. Take time to journal the experience. Include all details that you can remember. This is a vital step. It’s not enough to meet your spirit animal and, then, forget him/her/them. It’s helpful to revisit your guide’s lessons until you no longer need its medicine.

How to Protect Your Sacred Space

It’s important to create a protected sacred space before you start the spirit animal meditation. Remember, when you meditate you are in an altered state and you want only peaceful and loving spirits to contact you.

One of the best ways to create a protective field of energy around yourself is to call in the 4 cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west.

Below is an example of a prayer/affirmation/spell (they are all the same thing) you can use to call in the four directions as well as Mother Earth and Father Sky. When the meditation is over, thank the four directions/Mother Earth/Father Sky and bid them farewell.


Spirit of the East, direction of new beginnings and home of the winds. I bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with me today. Please join and protect me, Spirit of the East.


Spirit of the South, direction of passion, creation, and inspiration and home of the fire. I bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with me today. Please join and protect me, Spirit of the South.


Spirit of the West, direction of the harvest and home of water. I bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with me today. Please join and protect me, Spirit of the West.


Spirit of the North, direction of stillness and introspection and home of the deep earth. I bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with me today. Please join and protect me, Spirit of the North.


Spirit of Mother Earth, thank you for holding us all in your fertile womb. I am grateful for the life you provide to all. I bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with me today. Please join and protect me, Spirit of Mother Earth.


Spirit of Father Sky, thank you for shining your daylight so that all living things can thrive. Thank you for the glowing moon and stars. These light our way so we can always be reminded of angelic realms, even in times of darkness. I bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with me today. Please join and protect me, Father Sky.

It is begun.

What to do After You Find Your Spirit Animal

Once you find your spirit animal, learning to integrate its teachings into your world can be exciting and sometimes a little confusing or scary. Understanding Biomimicry can help.

Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. –

That’s a fancy way of saying that we should look to nature and mimic its systems because doing so will help us live a happier and more sustainable life.

Scientists! They are so…scientific sometimes, right? 😉

Are you a police person, fire fighter, or in the military? Do you need to move stealthily through a potentially harmful situation? Learning to mimic the cautious, then decisive, and lightening fast movements of a Cheetah might help.

Are you on a sports team and need to learn how to aim more accurately? Learning about the incredible eyesight of a Hawk may help.

Do you work at a child care center and need help learning how to corral all the kids in after recess? Maybe taking a look at how herds of horses move as a single unit can help.

Though the video below focuses on plants (they can be spirit guides, too!), take a minute and watch it so you can better understand how finding your spirit animal does little good unless you put its spiritual messages to use.

Learning all you can about your spirit animal guide’s habitat and behavior can really make the difference in being able to learn and grow from the guidance it gives you. As you learn more about your animal spirit guide, lessons you hadn’t originally known or realized will present themselves.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think or how else I can help! Also, feel free to contact me!

***Special Note***
Sacred artwork for the the featured image was graciously supplied by visionary artist Autumn Skye-Morrison.

459 thoughts on “How to Find Your Spirit Animal – The Complete Guide

  1. Kellie Brown says:

    What is the significance of finding an owl in the middle of an on ram to the highway? It was breathing and was scared with his head tucked in. I stopped and got out of the car I wasn’t sure what it was yet. Another car stopped, Anthony was his name and he got out too. It was Friday night so we were trying to figure out who to call. So I guided traffic around the owl as another car stopped and called animal control. They said for everyone to get away from it, that it is dangerous could have rabbis, yada yada yada, whatever. They left we ran out of ideas on who to call. The owl sat up and looked straight into my eyes. I could not leave that owl in the middle of the road. I connect with the owl on a psychic level I r something I can’t explain it. So we decide one of us is going to wrap something around it and move it ourselves, Anthony said he’d do it because I had my daughter with me in case it did freak out. Well I seen he was real nervous and I said wait let me do it you are nervous animals can sense that let me do it…. I know he isn’t going g to freak out or hurt me. So I borred his jacket so I could use my leather coat to pick him up, so I gently put my coat over him and scooped him up in my arms and walked him across the roads and sat him down far enough he wouldn’t get hit by a drunk driver that hit the curb or something. Pulled my jacket slowely off his it caught his wing and he calmly let it down and tucked his head back under. On my way home I made it so I exited on that side of the exit Ramp so I could see if it was still there…. He was…. But I got out he was still breathing and acted as if he was sleeping, or resting. I came home thought about taking him a blanket and water… I couldn’t find any info on if that would help… Also my boyfriend wouldn’t let me leave with the car to do this. So I went back in the morning and he was gone, so I think he rested and was able to fly off. There was no blood he didn’t seem to be real hurt I got pictures. So this is what led me to this. If he was still there in the morning I was going to take him with me. Why was this naturally aggressive creature so tranquil to let me pick it up without even a sound? Why was in in the road I doubt it flew into a car…

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Kellie;

      First, thank you for being such a wonderful person and stopping to help that poor Owl! Undoubtedly you saved its life!

      I’ve been working with animals for all my life and you are absolutely correct – they do know when we are trying to help them. From a symbolic point of view, seeing an Owl with its head tucked under his wing could be a call that you are “hiding” from things that you need to “see”. Owls’ eyes can instantly go from telescopic to microscopic so their symbolism is very much about ‘true seeing’ or ‘psychic sight’.

      Here’s my article about Owl Symbolism & Meaning – as well as Owl as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal. Hope it helps you understand your connection to Owls. They are such powerful animal guides and allies!

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Stay wild!

      • michelle says:

        Haii.. im not sure how to do this.. I feel connected to animals all kinds and the 4 elements of nature.. wind water earth fire.. more wind but how do I know what my animal is.. I have dreams of all kinds of animals not just one specific.. also I feel connected to rocks.. can you please help me..

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Michelle;

          Because you’re so deeply connected to earth and its energies, what is sounds like to me is that you’re being called to study Shamanism and follow a Shamanic path. It will be up to you if that path turns out to be personal, professional, or both.

          Hope that helps!

          Stay wild,

          • Micah says:

            The interesting thing about me is that I have always had a “connection” with a certain type of animal, that animal be a fox(A red woodland fox to be specific) my friend named Britney has had an affinity with wolves. we have come to the conclusion that this must be our spirit animals… due to this we have had a different outlook on life and actually look forward to going to the afterlife 🙂 (for anybody that believe in that) I wanted to know if you could confirm this because I have always loved Foxes, and sometimes I will stay up at night just to stare at the forest behind my house, the majesticness of the forest at night has always had an alluring call… I don’t generally have very sensitive hearing, but yesterday at lunch I was chatting with Britney in class about spirit animals and I thought it would be fun to hit my little plastic container,(I had a salad) That turned out to be a HORRIBLE Idea… 🙁 My fox hearing decided it would be great to be super sensitive at that exact moment… Also I have been listening to subliminal(s) (you know, when a voice is read affirmations aloud to you to induce change)to hopefully be able to transform into my fox form without having to wait another like 80 years to go to the afterlife… I could go on and on about this topic but humans have lives they have to live and I’m a fox stuck in human form(For the time being.) so I will leave all in the metaphysical world to do whatever you were doing before reading this… 🙂 (also if you have any ideas how to break my seal let me know!

          • Micah says:

            Britney and I also sometime race around the school to see who is faster… it gets intense sometimes XD
            (Also if the site owner is reading this a way to edit comments after posting would be nice 😉 )

      • Jess says:

        I had my eyes closed and felt very relaxed
        Then I said ” I call apon Mother Earth, father sky, the spirits of the north, east, south, and west,” then a heavy kind of intimidating feeling came over me. There was a sort of buzzing noise. Then nothing. Then I said ” thank you for being” here and asked if I could meet my spirit animal. The place I was in was black and calm but felt intimidating and made my heart beat faster. There was a sponge bob looking type thing there and I think that’s what scared me a little. Then it went black again and I saw two blue eyes. Cat eyes. Then a little pink nose. Then the black fur separated from the darkness around it. I asked if it was my spirit animal and that’s when it pounced at me. I wasn’t scared at that point. Then it went all black again and I asked if it had a message for me but then I woke up. My bed was perfectly made but I was still in it and I was scrolling through Facebook. That’s when I got tired again and I felt the same feeling as I did before but I wanted to stay awake so I fought it a little and I opened my eyes. I was still scrolling on face book then the second time the thing happens I let I take thinking maybe my spirit animal will give me a message. But I fell asleep again. I had another dream(it had nothing to do with this) and I woke up. But in the same position I fell asleep in the first time. When I woke up I realized I wasn’t awake when I was scrolling through Facebook that was I dream. And the first thing I thought when I woke up was “my spirit animal is a cat” then I wrote this down.

    • Bernadett says:

      Hello 🙂

      I had an interesting theme of dreams, actually two in a same night.
      , The first dream I seen a bear chasing a dog and killing it. The second dream was about an elderly lady coming in a gym type of place where it seems i was working. She said” I’m looking for Poo bear” lol
      I don’t know what that means but I can definitely sense the message is ” Bear” My name is also Bernadett which means” Brave as a Bear” so go figure. I been going though some changes within myself and feeling like I’m getting ready for some major transformation. Could this be the confirmation of just that ?
      Thank you 🙂

    • Ella says:

      Hello! So I tried the meditation practice that was shown here, and all that came up was two eyes that were unmistakably a raccoon. I was wondering if these had any relation to my spirit animal as it never came up again. I have never had a connection with these animals before but I do share quite a few traits in common. Do you know if this is a sign or just a false warning? Thank you!

    • Abdulrahman Dahbour says:

      Hello I want to ask what do you mean by inviting your spirit animal and how I can do that??

      • Róisín says:

        I’m pretty sure you meditate or journey, then mentally call or invite your spirit animal to join you.

    • Andrea says:

      there’s one animal that always pops up every where I go. and I don’t mean by a live animal I mean radio, photos etc…
      i always see the fox. Im wondering if its my spirit animal. I also have a question, where should your sacred space be (indoors or outdoors?). well, hope someone awnsers my questions, bye!

      • Andrea says:

        I have strange experinences with coyotes. heres what happens: I go outside and feel like howling, i start to howl and then several coyotes howl back and the coyotes end up coming to me and then i can see them clearly after they make eye contact with me for a while they run away. Its strange.

        • rose says:

          idk how to find my spirit animal

    • Andrea says:

      I haven’t found or received anything from a sprit animal and I’m wondering how the spirit animal appears to you. does it appear to you in a dream, real life etc or do you have to find it.

    • Angie Bowser says:

      Oh wow Kellie !! I love your story, thank you for sharing it!! That is absolutely amazing!!

  2. Christiana Jaramillo says:

    Hi last Saturday me n my nephew went out to drink but made a few pitstops as we turned the corner on the 1st pitstop at his acquaintance’s house I felt uneasy the i was startled it was pitch dark but the house lights u could see a owl crossed our paths but at the same time like tried to catch his self as he bounced off the car and flew off. I have never seen a owl that close up but I haven’t been feeling right since. I cant stop wondering what happened to it is it ok and his buddy said that was a bad omen and I know but in native culture I am born on Dec 16 th that also means good I dont know but I feel that something was supposed to go wrong but its not yet or meant for me because it crossed both our paths but his 1st. Holy cow ! ????

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Christiana;

      That is certainly a big omen! But, it’s all good!

      Over the years, I find that when animals really “crash” into our awareness it’s so that we will pay extra special attention to their messages.

      This could be a literal message from Owl spirit. You and your nephew went out to “drink”. If you were drinking alcohol and an Owl crashed into your car, it could be the animal spirit guides trying to tell you not to drink and drive.

      Also, Owls are very psychic animals. If you felt uneasy but didn’t act on moving away from whatever made you feel uneasy, maybe the Owl showed up to help remind you to follow your instincts.

      It might help you to read about Owl Symbolism & Meaning.

      Sure hope that helps!

      Stay wild!

  3. Christiana Jaramillo says:

    His buddy offered me a drink but their is something about this guy his energy is bad or just off but I know better. I dont trust this individual at all. I brarely trust anyone after all Im born under owl and I know better.

    • Taco says:

      The Owl must have blessed you with it’s wisdom 🙂

  4. Kelly says:

    What does this megalodon dream mean ? I’m in a very still very calm ocean. Its so clear. I’m underwater facing an standing upright megalodon. Were just staring at each other. I’m watching a couple hundred feet away the two of us just being still and staring. I look so small. I wasn’t scared. There were no other fish or sea creatures around. We just were very still and staring at each other. I don’t mean to repeat myself but it was just weird.
    Thank you,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Kelly!

      Wow. That’s a big dream! A Megalodon? And you weren’t afraid? You’re a braver person than I am! LOL

      OK, so any dream involving water symbolizes our deeeeepeessttt emotions. ESPECIALLY when we are in the water. Since the water was clear and calm, that tells me you are feeling balanced, strong and clear on all things in your life.

      Megalodons are an ancient ancestor of Sharks. It’s very interesting you were staring at each other. In Shamanism, it’s said that other humans/animals in dreams are really a reflection of our ‘self’. Sharks know what they want and take it. They have no fear and make no apologies. So, are you trying to face fears within?

      Maybe take a few minutes and read my article about Shark Symbolism & Meaning. Spirit Animals can come to us in dreams. It is possible the Megalodon is your Spirit Animal at this time.

      Sure hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  5. Victoria says:

    I don’t know if anyone would see this and know what to say… I’m a little nervous about talking about this on a public website, but I need answers and am going through a hard time in my life right now… Okay, so I am very “superstitious” and have seen ghosts all my life. They just come to me. I know it sounds weird, but its true and sometimes its just hard to cope with. First, I was saved by a guardian angel when I was around two, I fell into a ten foot deep koi pond and almost drowned when he pulled me out and sat with me as I calmed down. I just felt so safe with him and when I calmed down he walked away and disappeared, and I went in to my house and my parents said I described him so perfectly. That was my earliest memory of ever seeing a ghost and it just got more and more frequent from there (I’ve grown up with lots of animals and they have always stayed with me). Just recently though, a couple weeks ago, I met another animal spirit and it really got to me. We had a stray kitten wander onto our property and wipe out our bad rat problem, so I named her and fed her with my mother. She just had kittens in our garage (all are safe and are looking for good homes) and so we started feeding them too. One day, she just stopped entering the garage (we left a window open for her to come and go in the colder days) and the kits started eating the food more and more. We hadn’t seen the mother in a week and were starting to get worried. Then suddenly one day, I just felt as if I had to go sit in the front yard, so I did. When I sat down, I saw movement at the end of the yard. She was sitting there, looking sad and tired, just looking at me, so I ran inside and got some food for her since we hadn’t seen her eat at all. When I came back, she was closer and when she saw me, she didn’t run at all. It was strange for her not to run as soon as she saw me, so I sat down and showed her the food. She didn’t even look at it, just at me, straight in the eyes. She gingerly turned and walked so slowly away and around the house toward the side yard, so I followed so I could put the food closer to her where she could smell it, but she had just disappeared, I now know that she was trying to show me something. Fast forward to another week later, and I hadn’t seen her since then. I was with my dog in the front yard, when she suddenly stopped what she was doing, looked up, and started behind a giant pine tree in the side yard. She wouldn’t come when I called her, so I followed. Once I rounded the side of the tree, my heart dropped. There was her pure black fur scattered around with nothing but a hip bone and her ribs in the center. They looked to be a week old (the black fur was turning grey and the slight pieces of muscle still on the bones were dry). I know enough anatomy to know it was a cats and they were her size. I saw her in a dream that night and she was saying goodbye and thank you to me and her kits, telling me to take care of them. The next night, I saw her walking from the kits (they’re on the front porch since my dad doesn’t really like cats) and back into the darkness. That was the first night the kits weren’t crying. That was the last I saw of her, but I know she’s still around near the kits, who all look like her, especially the one little female that has her exact, beautiful, almost red eyes. I don’t know why spirits come to me, and I’m not trying to look cool or brag or anything. We also live in a house inhabited by three human spirits (that we know of). I’ve noticed that they warn me when something’s about to die, down to the smallest thing like my fish. They appear in my room at night as shadows just looking at me and I can feel their presence whenever I come home and It only gets stronger the closer we get to their day. For example, I lost my mare last year and I had seen them for a full two weeks, and when we went to her on that horrible night, (we board them and she coliced) I smelled death on the way there and it wasn’t there when we went back home. I have been fighting an unknown illness for the past eight months so this is all I can think about while on bad days and I happened across this. I am thinking of finding my spirit animal to hopefully receive hope and strength to get through whatever I am going through right now and to heal my fragmenting life. I’m posting this because you seem to know a lot about spirits and I hope to maybe get some answers to why they come to me. And one final thing, I am, for the most part, fine with seeing them and don’t really want them to stop. It can just be hard when they are things and loved ones that I really do care about coming to me once they’re gone. I hope to hear back from you!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Victoria;

      Please know you are at home here and this is a safe environment to express your feelings. Conversations about all things spiritual/metaphysical/paranormal/supernatural are most welcome and encouraged here.

      I am sorry you are going through a rough time. Hopefully, I can be helpful in some way.

      Before answering your question of “why spirits come to you”, it’s important that you know I’ve been a professional psychic medium for many years. My story can be found on’s sister website –

      It’s very clear spirits come to you because you make them feel loved and protected. Additionally, you have created an open channel for them to “get through” on. As long as you are making sure not to allow negative energies in and are routinely cleansing your energy field all should go well.

      When folks are so sensitive that they can “smell death”, this particular psychic ability is called “Clairolfactance”. Maybe spirits are coming to you because you are being called to do some kind of psychic or energy healing work. Only you will know if that’s what is happening.

      It can be very emotionally draining to see and hear from spirits on the other side. Knowing those we love are someplace else where we can’t hug or touch them can be heartbreaking. It doesn’t take a psychic to see you are a sweet, gentle soul and, so, it’s easy to understand why this is extra tough on you.

      With your permission, I’ll send good energy your way.

      Stay wild,

      • Patrick Thayer says:

        hi i really want to find my spirit animal but i do not know what i am doing wrong i meditated then a few minutes in i felt the ground move a little whenever I moved a little i then said i am ready to meet my spirit animal and i chanted it but nothing happend i do not know if i am missing a step here please help me i really feel more connected with spirit of mother earth then spirit of father sky

    • Veronica Dart says:

      I would love you to be my friend . I have similar things going on here too. I think you have a kind soul!

      • Erica says:

        I think you have great perception. I think Victoria would make a good friend, too. It’s wonderful to find others like ourselves. It brings a little clarity to what’s going on and that we’re not alone. Peace to you.

    • Erica says:

      You are special. Your kindness and beautiful energy shine through your words. I pray you find what is causing you to feel unwell. Maybe ask one of your visitor spirits or the permanent house spirits what may be ailing you and if you can help them in return. Blessings, peace, love and light to you my dear.

    • Andrea says:

      my friend’s father had a similar experience (paranormal stuff) heres what happened: my friends dad was leaving the super market and there was an eldery woman walking home so he asked her if she needed a ride. she said yes. so he drove her house and went home. next day, on the news paper it said that the same woman that he met died 4 weeks ago…

    • Daniel says:

      Just slow your awareness down to 3

  6. sandy says:

    Ok so 3 days ago we were working on my car in our backyard. All of a sudden this raven lands on the roof of my car. He did this 3 or 4 times. I had my son get a piece of bread and feed it to him. He did the raven took one bite then flew away. I had a similar encounter with a raven at a small zoo. On a fieldtrip with my eldest daughters class about over 20 years ago. There was a large raven whom locked eyes with mine and would not look away. He turned his head 180′ to look at me. I thought this was weird but i was more curious than frightened. Are ravens a bad symbol? My boyfriend seems to think I neeed to go to church. We are in the midst of a bad break up and I am not taking it well. Should I accept that its negative? Am I evil carrying an omen? I dont see myself as negative or evil but he also says that the aura in the house has changed now that my youngest daughter and I are gone.
    Thank you, Sandy

    • Victoria says:

      Hey Sandy! Don’t worry, Ravens and crows are not bad omens. It’s just the fact that they are black in color, which man used to think was inpure and the fact that they scavenge for food and eat anything, including dead things, that people thought they were omens of death and other things. They are actually very wise creatures that pass knowledge down to their offspring. I’ll let Bernadette tell you about the spirituality of them. I just wanted to reassure you that they are not bad creatures or omens at all. That’s just man’s ignorance

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Sandy!

      Victoria is absolutely correct! Ravens and Crows are not bad omens. In fact, they are some of the most powerful positive Spirit Animal Guides!

      If you read my article about the Raven Spirit Animal, you’ll find that Ravens come to us during our most troubling times. Raven energy and medicine is about helping us transform and fly through the fray unharmed.

      Black is the color of death. But death is not literal, it is a metaphor for change. Given that your breakup is not going smoothly it could feel like a “death” and Raven has come to help you find laughter again.

      Maybe your Aura is muddy right now. When we go through hard times EVERYONE’S Auras can get murky. But it’s only temporary so don’t let anyone bring you down! And certainly don’t let anyone convince you that you are evil!

      With your permission, I’ll send you good energy!

      Hope this helps!

      Stay wild,

  7. Cami says:

    I had this strange dream, where i was falling and landed in this snowy pine forest. A bear came and sniffed me, and strangely enough i wasn’t panicking. The brown bear picked me up and ‘passed’ me to this gigantic eagle, who flew me to a pack of wolves. (this isnt making much sense). And the wolves looked at me and led me to this opening in the sky (it was a long, twisting walk) which was my home. Does this dream mean anything?


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Cami;

      Your dream is incredible! Soooooo much symbolism and so, so powerful!

      Symbolically, Pine Trees are a direct line to heaven and the gods. Pinecones have always represented human enlightenment and our psychic senses as they are tied to the Third Eye and Pineal Gland.

      Bears represent the time when our soul is still (hibernation). But, Bear “sniffed you” and decided you were ready to fly toward the heavens so handed you over to the Eagle.

      Eagle energy tells you it’s time to see the big picture. And, Eagle symbolism is SO much about “talking to spirit” because they are the animal who can get “closest” to the heavens.

      Finally, Eagle delivers you to the Wolves and they lead you “home” – and home is high up in the sky. Wow! Amazing! See, Wolves are highly intuitive animals. Their psychic senses are uncanny. And, they have incredible communication skills.

      What it all sounds like to me is you are being called in a BIG way to develop your intuition and, perhaps, use it in service to others.

      For more clarity on each animal’s symbolic meaning check out the following links:

      Bear Symbolism and Meaning
      Eagle Symbolism and Meaning
      Wolf Symbolism and Meaning

      Hope this helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Emily says:

        I know this might sound weird but I usually dream of people getting hurt. It happens in dark places with no way out, but than an animal comes and helps save them and than light appears and there is a way out and they go to safety. Every time it is the same animal. It is always the Tiger. Does this mean anything?

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hi, Emily;

          Apologies for delayed reply. The first of the year is always an incredibly busy time for me.

          There could be many reasons for the symbolism in your dream. It might help to read all about Tiger Symbolism & Meaning. Also, you can visit my sister-site ( and read my in-depth guide on learning how to interpret dreams.

          All that said, recurring dreams are a sign that there’s a lesson, situation, or emotion we haven’t ‘dealt’ with yet. The dream will keep coming to you until your soul understands and integrates the message. The good news is that light and Tiger always pierces the darkness and saves the day! I LOVE that!

          Hope that helps.

          Stay wild,

  8. Josh says:

    okay so 3 days ago i had the weirdest dream of my life.
    I was on this tall hill at night, with an aurora borealis lighting up the sky. the lights were really close to me, and i touched it. miliseconds later, this gigantic raven spirit turned me into a bear ( i only realized that later) and threw me into this river, which carried me to this forest. when i woke up, (i was knocked out in the river) i saw this shaman lady staring at me and when i saw her i kinda freaked out (you would be too) . she calmed me down by throwing her shoe at my face and i said like ow! seriously, what was that for, lady? she was like: sorry Josh, but i dont speak bear. (that was the moment i realized i was a bear) she said my guide would lead me home, and she disappeared. so i tried to walk, first on my hind legs as i wasnt used to being a bear, fell flat on my face, and used my front paws instead. (imagine walking with arms longer than legs). turns out my guide was a shrew. a very talkative shrew. but he knew the way, and led me home.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Josh!

      Wow! There is so much going on in your dream! Without knowing you and more details of the dream this is a challenging one to interpret but some of my first observations are:

      1. Shoes symbolize travel. Bears are notorious for hibernating. So, that could be a duality. Meaning, it’s time for you to get moving but maybe you don’t want to come out of your cave.

      2. It is a woman show throws the shoe at you. And, she’s a shaman – this means she’s a powerful woman. Whether platonic, familial or romantic, is it time for you get going on your relationships with women? Do you “hide in your cave” from them?

      3. The Shrew you mention I assume is a Mouse because you used the gender qualifier of “he”. And, even though Shrews do not hibernate they do enter Torpor (a state of decreased physiological activity in an animal). Is this a sign that you need motivation in your life?

      4. Your being taken to a place where you do not know the way home is a big deal. Do you need some direction in your life at this time? Plus, the lady talked to you and you understood her but she did not understand you. Is communication difficult for you at this time?

      I’m unclear what the Raven and the aurora borealis have to do with all this but I’ll keep thinking about it and if I come up with anything, I’ll let you know. If anyone else has thoughts on this part of Josh’s dream, please chime in!

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

    • Victoria says:

      Maybe the Raven is a sign of loss/death/relationship with someone that isn’t right for you and it’s telling you that you need to let go or you’re too stressed and need to relax and have fun. The arora might be a sign that you’re not alone and are being watched over by the spirits in the sky in a dark time that’s symbolized as the night that will always dawn (I always believed that they are the souls of the lost dancing in the sky and watching over us). These were just my gut instincts that sounded right and I thought I’d continue where Bernadette left off. Hope this helps!

      • Bernadette King says:

        That all makes total sense! I LOVE your thoughts on the aurora borealis symbolism and what it might mean for Josh! Beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to help out!

        Stay wild,

    • Donald says:

      The Raven represents Change. Being on a hill … I have to think he was in a moving vehicle as a passenger … otherwise he would not have the freedom of movement to try to touch the aurora borealis … This turns out to be the headlights of the oncoming traffic.

      The vehicle was in the passing lane an met another vehicle … The RAVEN (TransferTruck) … is when the change begins … the moment of impact … he turned into a BEAR … (perhaps he is athletic an really strong in body … just get the impression that his physical ability concerning endurance is strong.

      The impact pushed his vehicle into a canal/river and knocked him out.
      Good samaritan who saw the accident … pulled him out of the water …

      When he woke up … the rescue team was there and was rendering assistance … he was dying … the shoe is the oxygen mask … as he was being stablized …but conscious … from there he was told of being transported to the hospital …

      Injuries severe … doctors saved his legs … but the injuries would leave him paralyzed and he would be wheel-chair bound … using his hands to move around with now.

      His Therapy Specialist would help and encourage on his long road to recovery … show him life is worth fighting for … and left an everlasting impression that would guide him in accepting the change.

  9. Victoria says:

    Hello again. I know I already commented, but I noticed how everyone was posting their dreams too so I thought I’d post my own. I’ve been having dreams lately where I kind of live out someone else’s life, kinda like I’m reading a book and not in control of the story, and I almost always have a black panther as a friend in them. I follow them and vice versa and the dream ends when the person I’m ‘following’ finishes their quest or dies. I’ve been writing them down like a book lately and it just feels like I need to. I don’t know why panthers would be in my dreams at all, but I get horses and dogs since I have three of each. I don’t know if it’s spiritual or not either

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Victoria;

      I’m working on getting the Panther Spirit Guide article up today. I’ll post it here and, hopefully, it can help give you some insight. I’m still thinking about your dream and will post some thoughts later.

      Stay wild,

  10. Lee Ann says:

    For the past few days there has been a butterfly ‘haunting’ my home. It all started 4 days ago.
    I just had a feeling I should go out, so I did. As I was on my doorstep, two butterflies showed up. They were flying circles around each other and seemed happy but then they flought into a water sprinkler and one of them fell down. The other one escaped as he flew higher, but didn’t fly far away.
    A few moments later I went to save the one that was staying on the ground and was about to get washed by another round of the sprinkler. I put her on the grass a few meters away from the sprinkler hoping the sun would dry her and left.
    About ten minutes later I came back to my home and noticed that the wet butterfly was still there and the other butterfly was flying around her. The butterfly on the ground wasn’t moving so at first I feared she was dead but as I went to check I noticed it was still moving, very slightly. I now moved her next to a puddle. I was thinking that maybe it needed some water to drink and left her there. I saw the other butterfly flying around her as I went inside my house. Later that day it started raining.
    Next day I went to check on the butterfly, but she wasn’t there. The other butterfly had also disappeared. I was a little worried, but hoped for the best. As I was reading inside my home, I heard a weird noise near the window. There was a butterfly trying to get outside. He had probably flown in through an open door, so I guided him back out. I believe he was the same butterfly I had seen the day before. During the day this happened again twice and my sister told me she had seen two butterflies at once so I thought that maybe both of them were the ones I saw the day before.
    I have seen the male butterfly inside my home again about four times. Once I tried to follow him but he flew to the next garden so I couldn’t get farther.
    Are the butterflyes trying to tell me something?
    Was it some kind of a test?
    Was he thanking me for saving the other butterfly?
    I have also noticed that other bugs have started to appear in my room. It feels like they are thinking of me as their friend.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Lee Ann!

      What a lovely encounter with Butterflies! And, thank you for being such a gentle soul that you took the time to rescue an “insect” – plus worry about their safety and feelings.

      As you likely know, Butterflies symbolize transformation. So, I wonder if you are going through major changes right now. Also, the loyalty of the Butterfly who was unharmed really strikes an emotional chord so maybe it’s time for you to pay special attention to who stands by your side through thick and thin – and who doesn’t.

      All that said, I get a healing vibe from you. Maybe you work in or around the healing arts/medical profession – or maybe you would like to do healing work. I don’t think the Butterflies came to test you as much as to let you know you’re on the right track.

      Take a look at my in-depth article on Butterfly Spirit Animal Totem and perhaps you can get more insights into your lovely Butterfly visit!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Samara;

      So happy you enjoyed it! In the next couple weeks my article on how to find your Spirit Animal by birthday will be ready. I’ll post it here for you when it’s published!

      Stay wild,

  11. Kimberly says:


    I just started a new job and also got a new puppy a chocolate lab with so much energy. I didn’t know what to do with her while I worked since, I received the job out the the blue after a scary time unemployed. Once I started the job come to find out one of my co-workers brought her dog to a doggie daycare on a horse farm right on my way to work. I started bringing my Willow Moon to the doggie daycare and all I saw was horses, when I dropped her off and picked her up and thought how beautiful they were and how powerful. I then watched Lord of the Rings again and saw Shadow Flax the white wizards horse and I felt such freedom and peace. All these instances one following the other. Then last month during the Kentucky derby I felt myself in such an emotional state, not bad but I was more sensitive, I found my self watching the derby, tons of horse movies and then the movie Secretariat came on and I found my self crying as he was running his race and he just kept running as his heart felt free and fulfilled and his journey coming full circle and I felt such a release of pride and freedom. To go, go chase that dream and when the movie was over I felt so silly but wondered by I am so attracted to the free spirited horse. Even now when I type, I am emotional as water fills my eyes and I don’t have a clue why but I know it connects to me some how as I am still finding my way. Thank you for listening and for sharing information I know truly helps me on my journey.


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Kimberly;

      Thank you for your heartfelt post. And congratulations on your new job!

      Having grown up in Ocala, Florida I completely understand your emotional connection to horses. And, since I’ve seen LOT about a zillion times I totttallllyyy know how you feel when you see Shadow Flax! LOL

      As for why you get so emotional when you see Horses running wild and free, well, I think most people’s souls respond to true freedom. No matter how conditioned humans are, we are still animals – and animals were never meant to be caged.

      My theory is that our soul, our consciousness doesn’t live inside our human body. So, in essence, “we” are “trapped” inside our bodies while we live this human life.

      Seeing Horses may remind you of the time before you incarnated into this life – a time when the real or whole “you” was a free spirited roamer of the universe. The tears may be because your soul remembers what it’s like in that place – the place of pure love.

      Life on Earth isn’t easy, no matter how good a person has it. We are all living the hero’s journey. Movies like Secretariat inspire and motivate us to keep chasing our own dreams even when we think all is lost and we can’t go on – exactly like how you went through a scary time of being unemployed but now have your own victory because you got a job.

      Finally, never E.V.E.R. feel silly because your heart is gentle and you cry at movies (or writing emails). 🙂 If the rest of us were honest, we would admit that we bawl like babies at the very same things!

      Stay wild,

  12. Melanie says:

    Hi there,
    Today at my job 3 people came in that had just gotten bee stings. They were panicked and I offered them some advice on what to use to help ease the discomfort. A coworker pointed out how strange it is that in one day that many people came to me with bee stings and suggested I look up bee totem when I get home.
    I got home and sort of forgot about it, now this is where it gets a little crazy. I go upstairs to use the washroom and in the toilet is a beautiful bumblebee struggling to stay a float. I was scared but still quickly rushed to grab a cup and scoop it up, letting it free outside. When I came back in I googled bee totem and came across your site. Im still blown away at how this bumblebee ended up in an upstairs washroom…

    p.s I am enjoying the website and appreciate the effort you have put into responding to really creates a sense of community and connection.

    – Melanie 🙂

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Melanie!

      Wowwwwww! That is some seriously big Bee energy surrounding you at this time! What really jumps out to me is that the 3 co-workers came to you for help and then there was a beautiful Bumblebee who also needed your help! Are you a medical professional? Are you being called to be a healer whether body, mind or spirit? Maybe you are being called to “save” – like work with a charity or as a paramedic, etc?

      Especially during this time in history Bee as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal is, well, powerful stuff. Bees are dying by the zillions. It’s such a huge call for us to wake up and heal this earth. In this, we heal ourselves. Make sense?

      Or, maybe you’re being called to be a Beekeeper! 😉

      Thank you so much for the kinds words about This site and all the Wild One’s who visit are my heart!

      Stay wild,

  13. Melanie says:

    Thank you Bernadette!
    I felt as though your message spoke directly to my heart. I never write in comment sections but something about your website and your genuine care in responses drove me to share this on the site and I am incredibly grateful that I did. I am not in a medical profession but I suppose it is something I have dreamt of. This year I applied to Midwifery (a competitive field to get into) and despite my efforts I did not get accepted into the program…it left me crushed and discouraged. The day before my bee experiences I had been reconsidering my path towards Midwifery and felt that spark again..feeling as though I should try again. A very scary and uncertain path..but perhaps the bee came at the right time in combination with your words to show me what I’m bee-ing called to do and if I adapt I can make what seems to be impossible…possible.


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Melan-bee!

      Right this very second I am sending you a big hug!

      Midwifery is such a sacred calling. In Gainesville, Florida (where I live) we have an incredible mid-wifery school and most of the students would come to the metaphysical store I owned here so I know what amazzzinnnggggg women they are – YOU are!

      Melan-bee, my mother wanted to be a hairdresser but she failed the final written exam and had to take the whole course again. But she did and turned out to be a great cosmetologist. Making herself double down and try harder once she “failed” the first time, led to her having the courage and confidence to go to POLICE ACADEMY at 50 years of age! She couldn’t scale walls but turned out to be an expert markswoman!

      My niece who already had a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University AND who already had 4 years of experience working in ER at our big teaching hospital – Shands – got turned down for nursing school FOUR TIMES! It was insane! But, guess what? She kept trying, got in, was #1 in her class and got tons of job offers at more than top pay!

      Honey, when you have a calling like being a mid-wife – that is not a coincidence. For some reason the universe wanted you to get turned down the first time so you would HAVE to go through the process again. But, there’s no way the universe dangled a carrot in front of you only to snatch it away like, “Haha, just kidding.”

      Shake it off! Do some energy clearing! And you go bee the best darned bab-bee deliverer there ever has been or ever will bee!

      Oh, and make sure to call on your Spirit, Totem and Power Animal energies! 😉

      Stay wild,
      ps Thank you so much for your sweet sentiments about This site is my heart and it’s so wonderful to know it’s helping folks just like you!

      • Melanie says:

        Thank you so much Bernadette!
        I am feeling inspired in so many ways and am finding much comfort in knowing bee energy is surrounding me right now! To honour my spirit animal I decided to put together a “seed bomb” workshop for this fall where we will make wildflower seed balls to distribute around the neighbourhood. I hope to encourage people in my area to take steps to help save the bees and other pollinators and learn what plants are most beneficial.

  14. Grace says:

    About 4 years ago, I was having an attunement done by a Reiki Master (her name is Lynn) as I just finished my level 2 training. Lynn was able to see everyone’s spirit guide (there were about 7 of us in the class), and she was unable to see mine, but she did tell me that she saw my spirit animal, an otter, that was peeking over my shoulder.
    I have had a psychic reading done about 2 years ago, and I was told my spirit guide is Native American, and her name is Otter. I did not mention my Reiki training or attunement to the person doing my reading.
    I don’t recall having dreams or seeing otters at any time, on most occasions I have seen deer (doe and fawns) as well as hedge hogs as I am driving. I did have one encounter that happened a while back- I was walking my dogs in the very early morning (the sun was not up) and we passed a fox (it was a few yards away from us- I thought at first it was a shaggy cat). My dogs did not bark nor did the fox, but we stood there staring at this fox who was staring back at us. This lasted for almost 5 minutes, then the fox went on its way.
    I guess I am asking could my spirit animal indeed be an otter?


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Grace;

      Ooooo, you’re going to be an energy healer! How cool is that?!!! Congrats! I wish you so much success!

      OK, so here’s what strikes me about your Spirit Animal and Totem Animal:

      Though I absolutely believe that psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, energy healers, etc. can see other people’s Spirit Animals (after all, I’m a professional psychic medium) – I think it’s most important for one to make a personal connection with their Spirit Animal. Meaning, have you met your animal spirit guide or are you relying solely upon what other’s have “seen” for you?

      If you take some time and work through my How To Find Your Spirit Animal, you might find that your Totem Animal is the Otter but your Spirit Animal may be completely different. I’m betting that Fox was actually your Spirit Animal – at least at that moment in your life.

      Since you are training to be an energy worker it will likely be very, very easy for you to meet your Spirit Animal. Also, I’m betting that when you experience this personally it will be extremely powerful.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Grace Nixon says:

        Hi Bernadette!

        Thank you so very much for your response. Actually, I have not seen my animal spirit, and I am told what others have seen. However, when I looked at my birth animal (Native American birth sign), I was so excited to see it was a wolf! I have always been fascinated by wolves- its hard to explain- but I felt instinctively that I “knew” I had a connection to wolves.
        I will definitely work through your guidance in finding my spirit animal.
        Again, thank you!!!

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Grace!

          You are most welcome! Look at that! You instinctively knew all along who your Totem Animal is! Awesome! Let me know how finding your Spirit Animal goes, OK?

          Stay wild,

  15. Lupe says:

    I would also like to share my experience I can feel death around me if something bad is coming to me I felt that many times with my ex husband he took me to several abandoned places and felt the urge and a voice to leave as fast as I could and I told him that I felt that someone was trying to hurt us to make him stop and it worked several times divorced him after 12 years I could feel his evil energy,after five years I met someone else and this person seemed all wholesome church going it turned out he was bisexual and was poisoning me to take possession of my house I felt the urge to start detoxing with herbs and distilled water and slowly regained my health back I could feel it and mentioned that to him ! Would never say a word happy he’s out of my life. But I still feel danger around me! Often times I have a bird coming inside the house and leaves and other times in another house another one comes inside the chimney and starts singing so I recorded his beautiful singing, however I went to the other house last week is a place in the mountains with huge pine trees that is so calming just to see them In the meadows and it makes me feel peaceful this is where this one bird comes in sometimes didn’t see him coming and I left and the bird was left inside I since I only go there once a week i found him dead inside and two more outside the side porch .The shangrila doesn’t feel peaceful anymore I sense danger now and the place was infested with flying moths and I used a fogger to get them out and there were millions on the floor dead after that the same day coming back lost control of my car and by a miracle my daughter and myself ended on a ravine 50 feet away without a scratch and the car only a minor scratch 3 passer by helps us get out, thankfully we were alive and well! yesterday as I get out of my car almost stepped on a double black diamond rattle snake my instinct made me look down and there it was looking at me turned its head to watch me for about 5 minutes and went away. Is this a sign for me I know I have a guiding spirit protecting me I have felt this for many years how do I connect during the solstice I could feel this energy healing me and with the double blue moons during the summer I feel I am ready for change but don’t know how or where to begin would love to know what you think and which is my animal spirit. Thank you for your inspiring insights. I love dogs and my animals are strays that I rescued.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Lupe;

      You are most welcome! Thank you for visiting When stray animals “find” us, generally speaking, they are our Spirit Animals. It sounds like you are a sweet soul who loves nature and animals so you will likely connect with many different Spirit Animals during your lifetime!

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  16. Kesha Monique says:

    Greetings I am a first time visitor and I am very moved by all the stories I’ve read. I’d like to thank everyone for sharing. I guess my spirit animal/totem feels I’m ready to be awakened cause I was led here out of curiosity. I Love nature and birds of all kinds seem to be attracted to me. I had an experience were a huge eagle flew right in front of me wings spread wide open and scooped a tiny animal up (I think it was a mouse). That very same day a saw a group of yellow canary’s, finches, and cardinals. However, the most exhilarating experience that I witnessed that day was a tiny Hummingbird that stood right in front of me and stared at me eye to eye. I could see it’s wings moving as if in slow motion as I stood still just watching. Neither of us were scared (me or the bird). It was so beautiful. Since then birds seem to follow me everywhere. I’m always keeping food around so I can feed them. At the train station even pigeons come to me and I feed them. At my house I’ve had to get a couple of bird feeders cause birds have been coming around. But that’s not all. I’ve got a Lizard family they are so adorable. They are the little small ones like meshu in the movie Mulan. I took my granddaughter to a animal nature preserve and we fed the animals. A squirrel came up to me and I gave him some food and he was so polite. It’s so weird. I saw an injured baby goose so I got my children and we 4 got a towel and wrapped it up and took it to the preserve to get help. I also get visits from butterflies. The butterflies are so beautiful. Sometimes I feel like they follow me. Now I also have a love of horses and dogs. I have a chocolate lab who is 18 and the most loving, playful, and sometimes stubborn dog ever but so faithful. I’ve even had a horse to pull on my clothes like she wanted me closer to her, it was so sweet. I’ve also had encounters with rabbits. I’ve even had a dream where I was in a field of rabbits all around me, young, old, all different colors and they all looked up to me. When I moved they moved. When I spoke they listened. So I know it seems I’ve said a lot but I feel like the animal kingdom is trying to get my attention but what does it mean and what do I need to do? Thank you in advance for helping me to get clarity. Also just to share my health has been battling me for years now. I’m a breast cancer survivor, I’ve had back, neck, and heart surgery. I’ve my esophagus enlarged due to a blockage in getting food to my stomach. I’m in chronic pain daily. I’m mentioning this just in case it has something to do with all the animals. Anyway, Peace, Love, and Light! Eagerly awaiting your blessed reply! Love you!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Kesha;

      Welcome! And, thank you for sending love my way. I’m sending tons of love right back to you!

      How beautiful your connection to the animal kingdom is! However, it doesn’t surprise me because animals can feel a natural caretaker – which you are. A big telltale sign about just how much you take care of others is the Rabbit dream. Rabbit symbolism is all about family, family, family! I think in the dream you represented Mother Earth – the mother of all families.

      So, perhaps some of your health issues might be related to how much nurturing you do for others but maybe you don’t practice “self-care or self-love”. Now, that is not to say that you don’t love yourself. What that says is that when we turn our attention to the needs of others far more than we attend to our own needs, sometimes our well can run dry. For instance, Nurses see a very high incidence of breast cancer. They give and give and give – from the heart. But, that can burn out the Heart Chakra area if we are not careful to replenish the energy.

      Do you remember the scene in Cinderella where the animals made her beautiful gown and helped her get to the ball? Maybe the animal kingdom is trying to tell you to take time for yourself. Get your hair and nails done! Get a massage! Let someone cook you dinner for a change! Remember, when we find fulfillment by being in the service of others, but we don’t allow others to ‘do’ for us – we are not allowing them to experience the same joy we feel when we help someone.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Charlene says:

        I always have dreams about wolfs and it always saves me

  17. Josephine Mann says:

    In the music video above, I instantly fell deep into my mind, my vision started blurring, and in my mind’s eye I saw a herd of giraffes pounding their way through a rainstorm. I was lifted up by them, they were so powerful but gentle like your database says. When I asked what messages it had for me, it just lifted its head up to the sun, looking like a crowned, black shadow. I felt no more connections to humanity, and since I was seven, I’d been planning to live in the wild and be an Indian. Is the giraffe my spirit animal?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Josephine;

      Wow! That’s powerful stuff! It sure sounds like Giraffe is your Spirit Animal based on that intense experience! Maybe take a few minutes and read about Giraffe Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal and see if it resonates with you.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  18. James says:

    I don’t know if you’re still reading this. I’m sure you’ve got a lot going on. I’ve been up all night reading and re-reading and trying to understand what I can.

    I found out a long time ago that my spirit animal is the Fox. It’s been a long bond in the process, and I see them everywhere. Coming home from work the unthinkable happened – I hit my patron animal with my car. There was no way to avoid it and ultimately I moved it off the road out of grief for what happened, having sat with it for a good few minutes until he / she passed away. I went back a while later to check on it and decided I’d take it away and bury it myself as some manner of tribute / respect for the creature. But, still, I can’t shake that horrible feeling of the animal I am strongly linked to being hit and killed by me – even if only an accident. The guilt of it is destroying me and I feel in some way even if I did nothing wrong that I’m still responsible.

    I don’t know how I should even interpret this. I’ve loved Foxes for so long and always done my best to honour them.

    • Mari says:

      James, my whole body responded to your story. I feel your pain and anguish.
      The way you handled this accident and stayed with the Fox and then proceeded to honor it by burying it was really beautiful. You obviously have a huge capacity for deep feeling. I am so sorry you had to go through this! Bernadette will have some understanding about what this whole incident may mean for you, but I’d like to share a story here about something that I experienced that helped me remember a very important truth…suffering does happen. On one of my walks, there was a little mouse, just sitting there in front of my feet. It was the cutest little thing, small and brown, with a very long tail. I could tell it was injured or at least in shock, probably from having been hit by a bike. It didn’t really respond too much to me being close, and I have seen other creatures like this before, who are injured and then they can’t get off the path and they get hit again by another bike. It’s a very tough world out there for little animals trying to cross the bike path! So I tried to encourage it to get to the grass by gently nudging it with a little stick I found. At one point it looked up at me and I could see it was in pain. It was trying to move, but couldn’t. So I carefully picked up this tiny little mouse, only the size of a small walnut, and tried to put it in the grass on the side of the path. Feeling my hand, it jumped off into the grass with it’s big hind feet.
      That led me to see that it was probably a Meadow Jumping mouse. As it gingerly moved into the bushes, I said a prayer, hoping it would not suffer too long. I was keenly aware of this small mouse’s suffering, and how there was probably little I could do about that. I think there was a real big message for me here about how suffering does happen and sometimes all we will be able to do *is* say a prayer, and try to find the most comfortable way for the suffering to take place. James, you had no intention to harm the fox that crossed your path. Your intentions with this animal are clear, and they are not about causing harm. I sometimes think things happen to us that we cannot understand in the moment. I hope you can find some understanding around this painful experience.

      in peace, Mari

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, James;

      Please accept my most profound apology. I hope you can forgive me for not answering you promptly. I’m completely unsure how I missed your post but another site visitor brought it to my attention. I’m very grateful to her for doing so.

      I debated whether to respond so long after the fact as I did not want to open old wounds but after an incredible incident that happened last night I knew I was supposed to do so.

      First, I’m sending you tons of love and healing energy. Your compassionate actions and kind heart are an inspiration to us all. I’m humbled and honored that you reached out here on

      What I’m about to tell you is 1,000% true and I can barely believe it myself but… Last night, after the gal brought your post to my attention, I went to dinner with my husband. We live in the country so, especially at night time, I go very slowly down our roads. I was driving along thinking about your post and to my right saw a critter jumping in the tall grass. I slowly pulled the truck over so the headlights could let me see clearly what was going on. I was dumbfounded. It was a FOX!

      I couldn’t believe it because I haven’t seen a Fox in the wild in years and years. But, there was a full grown Fox jumping around and playing. I dimmed the lights to parking and just sat there. I couldn’t move. After about 5 minutes, the Fox sat there, turned its head toward the truck and just stared. There’s no way it could have seen me inside the truck but I swear it felt like that Fox was looking straight into my eyes.

      Now, I’m a big believer in the ‘woo woo’ but even I am still in shock that yesterday, after learning about your post and not having seen a Fox in many years, there was a Fox jumping and playing on the side of the road at the exact moment I was passing that area.

      I believe with all my heart and soul that Fox appeared for you. James, it’s time to let the guilt fade away. Fox holds you no ill will and wants your spirit to play again.

      As for what the whole thing could mean…

      I called a true Shaman friend of mine to ask about this as I tossed and turned about your situation all night long. We discussed this at length and she reinforced a spiritual lesson I’ve known about for many years but am always hesitant to share with folks because, well, it’s a hard one.

      When we see our Spirit Animals die, it’s a reminder from Spirit that all life is everlasting yet transitory. Is there perhaps some metamorphosis that you have been avoiding? Is there some truth Fox as an animal spirit guide has been trying to reveal but, for whatever reason, you haven’t been able to see or integrate?

      Since you were involved in the accident, perhaps Fox is asking you to keep your eyes wide open and be on alert for impending danger. I know that might seem ominous but hope you’ll understand why I bring something so serious to your attention. I’m a psychic medium. Every day I communicate with people and animals who’ve crossed over. Some of these have died from natural causes, accidents, murder, suicide, etc. Bottom line, readings get really real in my office and there’s just no way to sugar coat these things. My guides ask that I be forthright and I follow their lead.

      Fox is a solar symbol. Has some of the light gone out of your life? Is it time to bring sunshine and radiance back into your reality? Always, remember, where there is light, darkness cannot exist.

      For the life of me, I wish I could take away the guilt you feel. Believe me, I know how you feel. Even though intellectually you ‘know’ it’s not your ‘fault’ your heart hurts. Over the years I’ve come to believe that there are no accidents. We, all of us, sacrifice ourselves for others in some way shape or form. For whatever reason, Fox chose to be in your path at that time.

      Please let me know if I can help in any way.

      Stay wild,

  19. guia says:

    Last night (30 Sept 2016) at 10 pm…I went out to seek the black moon amidts the glittering stars. I did not see the black moon… what i saw was very strangely is a very bright formation of white clouds covering only the roof of my house. it was a very white shaped- elephant with very striking eyes like a wolf with a hint of blue eyes. It is so beautiful…I went to get my phone to take a picture but it completely smeared out.
    Then this morning, I turned the TV on and I was greeted by a balloon shaped elephant. I was wondering if this is my spirit animal and do you know what it means…. I am somewhat confused because, I encountered a praying mantis two weeks ago inside our sealed office building and greeted me on my path at the 4th floor stairway. Any advice..please?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Guia;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      Wow! There are so many animal spirit guide messages for you! First, perhaps take a few moments to read about Elephant Symbolism & Meaning. I definitely think that 2 Elephants showing up – especially because they both were ‘in the sky’ – is a sure sign Elephant energy is talking to you.

      As for the Praying Mantis, its symbolism and meaning is powerful. African Bushmen believed the insect to be a symbol and manifestation of God. The word “mantis” is a Greek word that means “prophet” and prophets have ‘mystical’ or spiritual ‘powers’.

      So, now you have 2 Elephants which came to you from the sky and a Praying Mantis. It sounds like maybe developing your psychic self and/or really digging deeply into the world of spirituality are a couple of the messages your Spirit Animals are trying to bring into your awareness.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  20. Chantal says:

    I have a story of something I thought was quite incredible happen to me at the beginning of the summer.
    my husband & I and a group of family & friends went to a provincial park about 4 hrs North of our home. We camp at this park every year and have a grand time! This year was especially spectacular because on our 2nd night there I decided to go for a walk with my camera to capture the beautiful sunset on the dock. One my way back from the dock I heard a screeching noise.. from a few different locations around me.. so I went searching.. What I found were 3 fledgling bard owls! As I photographed them I could hear the parents calling from not far behind me.. what an amazing sight! Later on as we were sitting by the fire someone spotted something out of the corner of their eye just slightly out of the light of the fire.. they thought it was a rat but it turned out to be a tiny & most adorable baby snowshoe hare! Being the animal lover I am & still kid at heart I wanted a closer look.. I crouched down on all fours and down further onto my elbows so that my hands could stretch out.. the bunny hopped around a bit and was coming closer.. he jumped on my arm and stayed quite a while.. I was assuming because of the body heat but I was so excited.. we let him go about his business and he disappeared into the darkness.. for the next few days we did not see him again but we continued to observe the owlets and parents here and there through the park.. at one point I think one of them was trying to tell me he’d had enough of my camera.. as soon as I put it down he relaxed .. and thankfully because he was looking quite mean as he got his wings going as he looked like he was going to come barreling right at me.. I know this might sound surreal but I assure you I’ve got the photos to back it up.. anyhow.. later in the week it was a rainy day & we chose to stick around the trailer & take a day off of fishing.. Around supper time that day we heard some commotion coming from just outside of our site.. turns out it was a red squirrel and a baby snowshoe hare (not sure if it was the same one.. but definitely the same size) had gotten into a squabble.. I went to check it out and saw that the poor bunny had a cut somewhere on his face/ear.. I looked back at my husband (who’d not wanted anything to do with me being near them….yes I know.. they ARE wild animals and we shouldn’t interfere with them but THEY’RE SOOOOO CUTE!) when I told him what had happened and he was bleeding he gave me the ok to try & help.. I crouched down much the same way as the first day we’d encountered one of them and wanted him to decide to come to me if he wanted.. my hand was no more than a foot from him and he was looking at me.. I was in full raingear with my hood on and was solely focused on this poor little injured baby… everyone was watching from under the tent… out of nowhere all I see is a giant flash of white……..then the bunny was GONE! They watched it all from under the tent.. I was flaberghasted! in shock! I stood up and looked up into the tree & the owl was looking back at me with the baby bunny now in it’s mouth.. I was so upset about this turn of events that I disappeared for what I thought was only 15min but it turns out I was gone more than an hr.. I feel so horrible for this poor little rabbit.. the joke was that I was pointing him out to the owls and that the owls would follow me for their next meal.. I’m still so sorry I wasn’t able to help him :'(

    is this just a fluke or is there meaning in this??? were they trying to tell me something????

    thank you for your time..

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Chantal;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      This is one of the hardest lessons we have to learn about – wild animals are, well, wild.

      Believe me, I feel your pain and I’m sending you a big hug! My husband and I live on 8 acres and we have many wild animals who visit. And, there’s a Hawk family who lives in one of our trees. Occasionally, I see them pluck a little critter from the ground and I always rush to try to save it. My husband is like yours in that he says, “It’s nature. Don’t try to control it.” But, every time I see this, I cry – can’t help it.

      I try to feel better by reminding myself that all living things have a sacred contract. That we all signed up for the lives we lead – even that little bunny. Maybe this ideology could help you, too.

      Stay wild,

      • Chantal says:

        Hi Bernadette!

        I’m glad you made it home safely.. I heard it was quite the storm..

        I can see the ideology of it all, unfortunately it doesn’t make it any better on the heart.. I’m a complete mush ball..

        I wasn’t sure whether or not there was some significance to it all..

        I have attached a photo of the owl that got upset with

        I also wanted to ask you…. I tried to do your quiz to find my spirit animal but I found myself lost on the first question … I was almost torn… I am more than one of the options.. :o(

        any thoughts??

        Thank you for your time Bernadette

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Chantal;

          OK, I’m always very honest but I’m going to be what I call ‘vulnerable honest’ – which is why it took me so long to respond to this…

          Folks look to me to help them spiritually navigate ‘life’. And, I absolutely believe in the ‘ideologies’ I speak of – in this case, sacred contracts. But, I’m with you. When I see any living thing hurt or suffering I turn into a big ol’ mush ball.

          The animal kingdom, while full of compassion and nobility, can be a very harsh and dangerous place. Daily, I wonder why it’s been engineered that way. So, I’m working hard to find a way to support the spirit of those who turn to me when they are hurting but, in all vulnerable honesty, I feel the exact same way. Sometimes, no words or hugs (or adult beverage) can lessen the pain. Sometimes, only time can soothe the mushiness of a situation.

          So, I am sorry that I don’t have the words that can help relieve the pain you’re feeling.

          That said, I do believe we never, ever, E.V.E.R. experience anything without there being significance to the event. Case in point – my mother was killed. This propelled me into becoming a professional psychic medium and doing the spiritual work I do today. Only you will be able to discern why ‘the bunny incident’ occurred in your life and what to do about it.

          I’d love to see that picture. It didn’t come through.

          On the Spirit Animal Quiz – Just like our astrology chart is a mix of many zodiac sign influences, so can our Spirit or Totem animal ‘personality’. For instance, I have all the personality traits of a Scorpio and a Snake (my Chinese Zodiac sign AND my Native American Zodiac Sign). But, I also have always heavily identified with Bears. Even my name, Bernadette is the female counterpart to the male French name “Bernard” – which translates to ‘Brave Bear’.

          Sure hope that helps!

          Stay wild,

  21. Angelique says:

    Good Morning on Sept 23, 2016 I was out hunting with my boyfriend and his brother. On this evening it had just finished snowing and raining. On our walk we spotted an owl that flown and rested on the tree branch. We all looked at the owl and positioned ourselves to get a better view to take a picture. After a few moments and the picture was taken the owl flew into the brisket sky. I can’t recall if after we saw the owl or before there was a feather at my feet that was white/gray with a light black tip a was wet being that it had just rained/snowed, I pick up the feather and placed it in my pocket.

    I recall telling my boyfriend that that day Sept 23 was my cousin stevie’s Birthday whom had just pasted in March of 2015. What is your take on this?

    • Angelique says:

      I also forgot to mention that often times a black cat will cross my path sometimes twice a day and sometimes once in a while. What does that indicate?

      • Bernadette King says:

        Hi again, Angelique;

        Cat energy is powerful stuff! I know you’re talking about a pet cat but it might help if you took a look at the symbolism and meaning of Tiger, Panther, & Lion.

        Hope that helps!

        Stay wild,

        • Angelique says:

          Hi there thank you. No they aren’t pet cats of mine they are just random cats that cross my path.

          • Bernadette King says:

            Hello, Angelique;

            Cats crossing our path could mean so many things – especially Black Cats. See, Black Cats are the least adoptable Cats. In shelters and Cat rescue organizations fewer than 20% of Black Cats ever get adopted based on the ridiculous superstitions about them that have been handed down through generations of misinformed souls. So, perhaps Black Cats are crossing your path to let you know that you deserve love no matter what other’s may think and that even when others have misconceptions about you – stand strong. You know who you are and that’s all that matters.

            Hope that helps.

            Stay wild,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Angelique;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. Because I’m a professional psychic medium, I can tell you that I’ve heard thousands of stories just like yours – where folks find feathers just as they are thinking or talking about a loved one who’s passed over. Feather symbolism is about ascension, moving to a higher plane of existence. My belief is that our soul family sends us feathers to let us know they are not dead – they’re just in a higher plane. I’ll bet your Stevie was reaching out to you and the whole family.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  22. maxine brooks says:

    Is it possible to have more than one spirit animal? I have a feeling of real connection with wolves, so much so that I had to make my own comforter and bed skirt with wolves on it…. And when I paint I always paint a native bear…. but I also had a relationship with a crow, I named Broken Wing for over 2 years until a neighbor shot him, I was crushed….but I have also had several encounters with rabbits throughout my life….Thank you so much for this wonderful site….I send you peace and love and white light….

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Maxine;

      Yes! It sure is possible to have more than one Spirit Animal! Gosh. I am so sorry about your Crow. I’m sending you a big hug and sending Broken Wing tons of love and light!

      It’s always so great to know when folks like so thank you for taking the time to let me know and thank you for visiting!

      Stay wild,

  23. Emilie says:

    Hi 🙂
    Okay I have had these dreams/experiences the last 3 years and I really don’t know what it means, other than it is about my two favourite animals. I hope you can help me understand them 😀

    I have always loved dogs and wolves, and my fascination of especially the wolf has grown a lot in the last 3 years. I has always studied them (read and observed them) and after I started working and training with the dogs, I experience it more often.
    I have taken the dogs (sometimes the wolves) behavior to me and in some situations I do what a dog or wolf would have done. Example: When I hear a siren, I put my head tilted and listening. When a person I dont like or a person I think is scary past me, I begin to growl at them, like from deep in the throat. When my parents or a person I haven’t seen in a long time come, I just have the feeling that i want to wag with my not existing tail and I want to squeak of joy. When someone is knocking on the door, I want to bark and last but not least when I am playing with my tennisball, and the person who shall throw it to me is slow, I begin to squeak like a begging to the person.
    I have always been really good at dog and wolf sounds, and I just feel like I want to use them as communication(I really don’t know why).

    Now to my special experiences with some wolves. I have been in different zoo’s a lot of times but in two spesific zoo’s I have experienced some really cool moments with the wolves.
    In the first one (2 years ago) I was in the zoo with some friends. They walked over to see the wolves before me(I looked at the bears). They tried to howl to the wolves, but nothing happened. The wolves walked around like they normally do. I came over to see what they were doing, and they asked me if I could try to howl. Before I howled I said ‘ hey buddy’ to the wolf nearest. Then I howled, and the wolf sat down and tilted it’s head. The other wolves in the pack stopped walking and looked in my direction. I thought it was really cool and I just looked at these beautiful creatures. I said goodbuy to the whole pack and walked over to the next animal.
    My second experience was this summer. We were in a little wolf park(driving in a car) and the wolves was just normal. When we were out again, we walked over to a big glass window where we could stand face to face with the pack. Half of the pack was there, because of a dog some of my friends had brougt. The wolves followed the dog and when the rest of the pack came, the Alpha male came close up to the window. My friends took the dog really close to the window, and he started growl(normal behavior). We moved the dog away, and then the moment came. I sat close up to the window right infront of the Alpha, taking pics of his eyes and head. He looked right at me and when I sat down, he lay down looking at me on this not staring way. I took my hand at touched the window, were his fur was at the other side. When my hand came down to his paw, he took the paw halfway up on the glass(almost like I did). Again really cool.

    My last experience maybe is more like a dream or imagination,but it is happening really often. I sat in the train, and drove through a forest. Out of my eye I see this really beautiful dark and light grey wolf, running beside me. I can see his track, between every single tree infront of him. He just follow me. The weird thing is that we don’t have had wolves in this area of the country in 500 years.
    But I see te same wolf when Im walking in the forest alone or have to overcome a obstacle. He do it with me and when I run in the forest, I have this feeling of the forest floor under my (not existing) paws. Again he often is beside me, and I can see both his and my own track, we have to run in.

    I know it was long, but when I try to talk to people about it, they laugh at me and say that I have been too much with the dogs:-(.So I had to came out with it, and I thought you were the right to ask about it.

    Thank you for your time
    Emilie 😀
    Ps sorry for bad english, I am not the best at it 😉

  24. Skalk says:

    Ok, so I just happened to stumble onto this gem of a website while I was searching for ways to find my spirit animal. Being an atheist I have always been really skeptical about most things spiritual etc. but on the other hand I have always felt some kind of connection to nature that makes me feel comfortable and at home. I have read on some websites about spirit animals and have taken some quizzes, but I doubt that they are even remotely reliable. Thus far I think this website has been the most helpful and seems “legit”. Now in the hope that I would get a reply from someone I will post some characteristics of myself. I really hope I can find my spirit animal or at least find some sense of belonging or spirituality, because just believing in nothing makes me feel empty (and no I will never believe in a god like the christian one etc.). First of all I hate feeling like a sheep, meaning I don’t like following other people blindly without asking questions. I always ask questions and I will do the exact opposite of something if someone tells me to do something in a condescending way. Also I hate( I use the word hate a lot, if I feel strong about something) feeling, or appearing weak in front of other people and even when I’m alone. I am attracted by darkness a lot, and most of the times I find comfort in it (when possible I sleep at day and do work at night), but at times it scares me so much which is weird. I also love wolves and I thought they could be my spiritual animal, but seeing as most people love wolves and how strong and mysterious they are I doubt if it is true. Some quizzes I have taken says my spirit animal is the crow (which I love), but I don’t know. Sorry for the extremely long and tedious message, but I hope that someone can shed some light on the subject for me, because I really feel I need to make a change and feel I need to “feel” more attached to myself and nature. Thank you.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Skalk;

      Thank you for the kind words about You may rest assured every word on this site is authentic and I’m a real person. 😉

      From what you’re describing, it sounds like you’re trying to accomplish 2 things – discover your Totem Animal (who you really ‘are’) and call for help from your Spirit Animal (the animal spirit guides who come to support, teach, protect and heal).

      That said, finding a ‘sense of spirituality’ is, in some ways, different than connecting to your Spirit, Totem or Power Animal. See, the concept of animal spirit guides is completely natural – it’s based on the observance of and interaction with the animal kingdom and the natural world. Because humans are animals and we are (mostly) connected via DNA pairing – Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals can be considered a science of sorts. It’s a bit of a reach but not too much – if all that makes sense.

      So, connecting spiritually is really about believing in things/beings/entities/ideologies/ways of living that can’t be ‘seen’ or ‘proven’ as they are faith based. This goes for all religions/spiritual paradigms.

      My best advice to you is to start with learning what your Totem Animal is by birthday and, then, branching out from there. While my quiz is very accurate based on personality typing paired with my knowledge of animal symbols and meanings, it in no way can make up for going through the steps outlined in the How To Find Your Spirit Animal Guide. Often times, folks have to go through the meditation several times before they get a visitation from their animal spirit guide(s). So, don’t give up! Keep trying. Once your animal spirit guides show up, I’ll bet you will far more inclined to be a ‘believer’.

      Finally, please don’t discount Wolf energy and medicine as being important for you just because so many people resonate with Wolves. You could be missing out on an amazing transformative experience.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Skalk says:

        Thank you very much for the quick reply. I will take your advice and I will see where it leads me. Also what I meant with spirituality is not believing in any deity, or any thing of that sort, but rather being more introspective and getting to know yourself better if that makes any sense. Thank you again.

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hi, Skalk;

          You are most welcome! I completely understand what you meant regarding ‘spirituality’. Please let me know how the search for your Spirit Animal goes!

          Stay wild,

  25. Steven Vela says:

    I don’t know if this means anything but today after a couple days after reading this article I got home from school with my sister and father and while walking up to the house I was the only one that noticed a cat sitting like a couple feet in front of me he was grey and white and he stared at me I walked toward it and it backed off just a little but then sat there my sister started walking toward it calling it and I walked into the house the cat started rubbing against her leg and was really friendly I just wanted to know if this meant anything.

  26. Kathy says:

    I have had several experiences with dragonflies flying around me when outdoors and never really put to much into it. My family has ways sent me dragonfly items, which I have kept and have been drawn to them ever since. I was working out in my garden this past summer when a red dragonfly landed on a plant I was working around and I wouldn’t leave, I felt like it was trying to comunicate with me, it followed me from garden bed to garden bed. I sat for While and just watched it, even took a few photos of it with my cell phone. My phone rang and I answered it, it was a close friend of mine telling me her father in law had just past away – this dragonfly flew and landed on my arm while I cried. Once I was able to compose myself it flew away. I’m not sure what to think about what happened but I was glad to have company at this time

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Kathy;

      Please accept my condolences for you and your friend’s loss. I’m sending you a big hug right now.

      Dragonflies are very social creatures. As for Dragonfly coming to bring you a message – YES! For a wild animal to sit on your arm while you grieved, and, then, not fly away till you were ‘better’ is a clear indication it was there for you in your hour of need. To better understand about how Dragonflies are very closely associated with the afterworld, maybe read about Dragonfly Symbolism and Meanings.

      Also, maybe read some Dragonfly Quotes

      Dragonfly Quotes & Sayings

      Finally, my intuition tells me you have an interest in healing. Dragonfly often appears to those who are interested in becoming healers. If this is the case, follow your instinct. You’ll do great!

      Hope this helps.

      Stay wild,

  27. Jeannie Giles says:

    I saw you are from Ocala, so I had to post! I am from there as well. I have grown up with horses but have suffered a separation from them. I am writing because last year after I prayed for protection I had a very unusual animal move into my roof, and since you are an expert on spirit animals and what they mean I am curious as to what you think about it. I have a tegu lizard that has moved into my roof between the carport and roof seam. I love her, but was scared at first. She has proven she is here to help, and I studied lizards both monitor and tegu. I wasn’t sure which she was as she won’t let me see her, only her tongue and her tail. I put up game cameras but they are too slow to catch her image. She loves this and laughs with glee. She is very protective of us and enjoys her domain. I keep a small pool for her to soak in and run the dryer for her as it blows into her nest and she loves it. She survived many harsh freezes last year. I put up lamps and a ceramic heater which dried her out too much. She still prefers the dryer. I think she also burrows by the hot water heater when it’s really cold. She has shown several times that she is here to help, by killing the bird that was pooping on my truck and leaving it as a gift and keeping the frogs and other vermin at bay. She is such a blessing. I also have tried to help her when she needs it. Once she got sprayed by a skunk and she hit our door with her tail to let us know she needed help. She had dug up the dog wallow in the yard and threw dirt all across my ramp. I surmised she had gotten sprayed in the eyes by a skunk as I had smelled skunk when I heard her beneath the home. I put some vinegar in her pond and talked to her for several minutes to let her know I wanted to help and to trust the new smell in her pool. As soon as I went inside she tried out the mixture and it seemed to help as she was back on the roof in no time making her usual happy sounds. As I said I am curious to any info you have on a tegu being a spirit or totem, or what you think she has to teach me. I am so honored she is here and just love her. I named her Phuong. I have tried to help her in many ways and most don’t work to her satisfaction but she does trust me enough to try them out. She just won’t let me see her! At any rate, I am so glad she came into my life. I never liked reptiles but have learned a lot about them and changed my stance 100%, so it has been quite a learning experience. I think she is a tegu because people say they prefer to be around people when they can’t be near other lizards and that monitors don’t. Also her tail is very light underneath like a paraguayan red. But I’m not sure what she is. Thank you for any help!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Jeannie;

      Wow! So awesome to meet another Ocala-ian!

      It’s always amazing to me what animals humans can find a heart and soul connection with! Thank you for the wonderful reminder that we can find love everywhere!

      Since we’re going on the assumption your lovely Lizard is, indeed, a Tegu – click to read all about Reptile Symbolism & Meanings.

      Also, what strikes me most about your story is that Tegu Lizards really love fruit. When an animal with a sweet tooth appears as a Spirit Animal, it’s always a call for us (you) to bring more ‘sweetness’ into your life. Tegu is telling you that it’s time to ‘treat’ yourself to the things that are missing from your life. Are you missing home and your horses? Are you maybe loving your experience in another country but perhaps are feeling like you want to be doing more with your life?

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Jeannie Giles says:

        Thank you so much for your response, Bernadette! I will definitely try to figure out what and where to go from here. So far she has me trained, and I am so glad she is doing well. I certainly have broadened my horizons and tried to be open minded about things I have always been closed minded about, especially since I never liked reptiles but had a healthy respect for snakes since I had a beautiful indigo in my front yard. Long gone now and learning about lizards and reading about them online and the communities that care for them has introduced a whole new world to me! Thank you so much.

  28. Aniko says:

    I have vivid dreams. Precognitive ones too. About fiends, future events in random manner where I would only realize their meaning after the event came to pass. (In August of 1998 I had 3 consecutive dreams in one night about an airplane flying into a tall building in New York. It woke me up each time, feeling extremely upset and physically sick. Than I would re dream it, not suspecting it having any future reference exactly 3yrs. later )
    Lately I have visions and dreams about a black panther following me, looking at me from the dark woods. It isn’t threatening at all, but warm and penetrating through my whole being. It feels like my own soul is in him. He visited me in a vision where I was alone by ancient ruins of old structures in a forest or jungle of some sort. He talked to me through my mind as he accompanied me on a path in a forest with no one in sight. He gave me advise about some sort of beast I was supposed to face. I cannot recall its exact words as it seems like his messages did not register on a verbal level. Cannot even explain, but I can feel him being here with me right now as I write this. Can you help me understanding this please?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Aniko;

      Having had the most disturbing nightmare of my life so far on the night before 9-11, I can sympathize. It still haunts me.

      Your dream is incredibly powerful and one that should not be taken lightly. When Black Panther comes to us a Spirit Animal, especially in dreams, it’s a sign that now is the time to ‘face’ our own personal power. My interpretation is that the ‘beast’ you’re being asked to face is your ‘self’. What have you been hiding? Why are you afraid to stand in the seat of your own power? I see this a great deal in folks who are hiding their sexuality, their true love, and their true career desires.

      Black Panther will help guide you through the darkness. She has raw power and courage most of us never have to tap into. Aniko, it’s time to take off your ‘mask’. I believe what you’ve been hiding is beautiful and will be very helpful to our world. You can click to read all about the Black Panther Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  29. Victor says:

    I had a very vivid dream. I was being chased by two gray wolves. They were bigger than me. They were chasing me in a forest. the strange thing was I ran passed a house.But I don’t know where. I have a feeling that I know where it is. Then they would catch up and let me go. One had yellow eyes. I was filled with fear. And when I woke up I was shaking and sweating so much. Please help me know what this means.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Victor;

      It makes total sense why this dream shook you to your very core. It’s a biggie – but in an excellent way!

      Dream of being in a forest are about initiation. Forest dreams let us know it’s time to uncover the deepest secrets of our ‘self’ and the spiritual world. Seeing a house in your dream deepens this concept on an epic level. No matter the dream, houses represent our internal ‘self’. It’s an unconscious symbol of your personal identity. So, now you’re running through woods, you pass a house and you’re being chased by 2 gray wolves. Wolves are among the most misunderstood animals in the animal kingdom. Sounds to me like it’s time for you to dig deeply and use Wolf energy to help you shapeshift into who you really are – to do what you showed up in this world to do. Click to read all about the Wolf Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal.

      Finally, both forests and the sacred Number 2 (2 wolves) represent feminine energy. The Number 2 is all about making peace and creating. You can read all about the Numerology Meanings of 2 on my sister-site – The yellow of the eyes – yellow is the color of the Sacral Chakra – again, creativity.

      All in all I interpret your dream about wolves to be a call that it’s time for you to awaken spiritually! To stop running from who you really are and begin creating the life you really want to have – deep down. Spiritual awakenings and meeting our true self for the first time can be terrifying. But, when you get on the other side of it – you can be happier than you ever dreamed!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  30. Victor says:

    I almost forgot that it was morning in my dream and there were mist all around as if it just rained

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Victor;

      LOL Of course the Water Element was part of this dream! Water – it’s all about the subconscious and psychic powers. This element is very feminine in its energy as well (like the forest and Number 2). Click to read about The Element of Water Symbolism and Meanings.

      And, of course it was morning time – the time of new ideas and CREATIVITY! LOLOLOL Awesome!

      Dude, Spirit is really, really, realllllyyyyyy trying to get your attention! 😉

      Stay wild,

  31. Theresa Hurlburt says:

    This is my first visit to your site. My husband passed away from kidney cancer. It will be two years on December 12, 2016. I guess I am searching for ‘myself’ and have questions. I have three inquiries and apologize ahead of time for this the length of this post.
    1) I have an identical twin sister who is Wiccan. We were born Catholic and raised Baptist. I do not follow any religion. I pray to Abba, meditate, and speak to all living things as if they can understand me. However, my head tells me I should have a ‘religion’. My sister wants me to explore Wicca, but I truly do not believe it would be ‘being true to myself’. Can I lead a spiritual life without putting a religious label on myself?
    2) My twin sister’s animal Spirit and Totem are both the Frog. After meditation and searching I still cannot discover either of mine. I have had many, many encounters with butterflies and lady bugs. While sitting outside playing my flute or meditating butterflies or lady bugs will land on me…and just sit there. A few years ago I went to a flower conservatory. They were having a butterfly show. I was continually touched by them…landing on me and flittering about. People were stopping to take was that strange. However, this past week I’ve been bombarded by ladybugs. Everywhere I go: In my car, in my living room, and in my bedroom. I’ve had at least ten in my living room at one time. I’ve gently picked each one up and let them fly away outside, but the next day I find more. Could my Spirit animal or guide be the butterfly or ladybug?
    3) Just for ‘kicks’ a friend of mine went to a palm reader. Her business was in her home. We went inside and the lady asked me to leave. My friend had her palm read but wouldn’t tell me what the lady said. And I tried to ask her to read mine. It was years ago, so I am paraphrasing, but she replied something like, “No amount of money will get me to read your palm.” I thought I was evil or something. However, through out my life people come to me for advice or comfort. Even strangers on a bus will start up a conversation and then ask me for advice. Kids at work will talk to me like I am their mother or mentor. If I were a ‘bad’ or evil person wouldn’t that make people afraid of me, in a sixth sense kind of way? It happened again maybe 10 years ago. My husband and I were out and there was a lady doing card readings. She refused to do mine. She put my hand in hers to start the session, then pulled her hand away and simply said, “I can’t”. My husband joked and said she looked like she was afraid of me. Ever since then I’ve felt I’m spiritually not a good person, and have worked to become ‘good’.
    So, I guess my three questions are: 1) Why am I afraid of religion but not spirituality? I really want to feel like a part of a group..not just going solo. 2) Why can’t I figure out who my spirit animal is? 3) If i cannot get anyone to do a palm or card reading for me…does that mean I am inherently ‘bad’?
    Thank you so much for your time!

    • Theresa says:

      Hello again,
      I’ve just explored more of your site and discovered my Birth Totem is the Deer…and the associated Clan is the butterfly! I guess that answers my question of my Totem and Spirit animals. I *gasp* forgot about all my deer friends! I’ve actually had the enormousness joy of feeding them! They will come into the back yard. I break off tree branches, hold them out, and they will eat the leaves. I’ve sat on picnic tables at a park, playing my flute, and three came out of the woods to ‘listen’. Side note: My two cats love my flute! They will run into whatever room I am in to sit and listen. Makes me giggle.
      However, that leaves two of my questions unanswered.

      • Bernadette King says:

        Hello, Theresa;

        How wonderful you found your way to! If you let me know those other two questions, I’ll do my best to help you find the answers.

        Stay wild,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Theresa;

      Please accept my condolences on your family’s loss. Also, as an FYI, I’m a professional psychic medium and have been for many years. So, the answers I’m going to give are based on my belief system stemming from my professional path.

      1. Absolutely you can lead a spiritual life without putting a label on yourself. If you like, you can join my faith – Buffet Spirituality! I go to the buffet and help myself to all the ideologies I like best! Some days I have a heaping helping of Buddhism. Other days I enjoy Taoism. And, still other days I have some Wicca for dessert! Add a dash of Christianity, Judaism, and more and you are now a Buffet Spiritualist!

      As for why you’re afraid of spirituality. Well, that’s more than I can answer in the comments section. My Spidey Senses tell me it’s a past life thing, though.

      2. Don’t let anyone tell you that meditation is the only way to encounter your Spirit Animal. As you stated, you’ve had many encounters with Butterflies and Lady Bugs. Sounds to me like they are your Spirit Animals so congrats! Your Spirit Animals found you and you acknowledged them.

      3. OMG! These are the WORST kind of “readers” and I am so very sorry you had that experience. Sometimes, a person’s power is too overwhelming for a reader. I personally have never had that experience but I’m a Scorpio and very, very little intimidates me. So, I’ve read very hardened criminals as well as celebrities and high level politicians. Some readers won’t put themselves out there under that kind of pressure. Also, sometimes, I know my energy and a potential client’s energy will not mesh well. When that happens, I very gently and politely explain that our energies simply do not sync up and that they would be better served by another psychic reader.

      Don’t let your experiences change who you are. Only change if you see the value for yourself and the ascension of your soul.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Warm regards,

  32. Theresa says:

    Hello Bernadette,
    First I want to sincerely thank you for your quick response! It immediately brought a ‘wow’ and a smile to my face.
    Thank you for the condolences. It was a hard two years leading to his death. Many, many people think I am cold-hearted because I didn’t morn properly after his death. (I still wear my wedding ring. And I mourn in my own way.) However, they do not understand that my mourning was every single moment with him as he withered away. I mourned his death before he died. When he died I celebrated with a Wake and celebrated him ‘not suffering and in pain’ anymore. People just don’t get that. My twin sister’s husband died about a year before mine. You’d think I’d remember the date…but i can’t. 🙁 Her husband’s death was sudden; from a stroke. She did not have the chance to talk with him to plan her future without him, as my husband and I did. She is still in mourning. (We are 51 and relatively young widows.)
    I believe I was a tad confusing in my post about religion vs. spirituality. I’m fearful of organized religion. Not fearful, really. I just don’t want to be labeled. My fear of spirituality is less of a fear of ‘being’ but a fear of choosing the wrong way to be spiritual. Your path on spirituality is more of what I think I am searching for. Let the day say how I should medicate or pray. Thank you for that!
    I’ve had many strange experiences. They are the reason I thought no-one would do a reading for me was because I am somehow ‘bad’. I believe I’ve done more good than bad with others. And the bad I’ve done I never meant to. I hurt someone really bad once, after he threw something at me. I yelled Karma at him as he walked out the door. The next moment as he was driving out of the parking lot his car got hit. Smashed in the side and he was hurt. I was at work and for almost a year my co-workers called me a witch. I’ve since learned to breath and relax if someone hurts me or says mean things to me. But that one incident has made me believe that I am not ‘good’. On the flip side people are drawn to me; even total strangers. They’ll approach me for advice or just to talk. My husband used to say that no one I met was a stranger. They were all friends of mine that I hadn’t met yet. In my search for ‘religion’ I went to an Episcopal Church. The pastor shook hands and said hello to people as we left. As he shook my hand we made small talk and he asked where I worked. A few days later he came in and ordered. (I’m a cashier.) He said ‘You have a gift. Use it wisely. If you need advice just ask.” He didn’t ask me to join his church or even come back next Sunday. (Just thought that was kinda cool.) So, I can’t be all bad, correct?
    Anyway…I’m going on and on now. (It’s a Gemini thing! Identical twin and a Gemini. Double trouble! )
    I just wanted to say thank you thank you for letting me know that being refused a reading has more to do with energy than the person being a bad person!
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Mari says:

      Dear Theresa, I have been so moved by your story, your heart, your *energy*. First off, saying goodbye to someone you love is such an individual thing it seems, and well, I just feel for you that you ever felt like you were not mourning your loss in the ‘right way’. You obviously cared deeply for your husband, and were very present with him and your pain as he slipped away from you.
      And when you shared about how the butterflies and kitties love your flute playing, and how the ladybugs, butterflies and deer are all so wanting to be near you, and how people, young and old alike will be drawn to you…notice this, and pay attention to the words the pastor said about having a gift. We all have gifts. I believe finding out more about yours is why you are here.
      in peace and with love, Mari

      • Theresa says:

        Thank you, Mari!
        I, too, believe I was brought here for a reason. There is so much to read and learn! I want to jump in with both feet but know to take my time. Each lesson, bit of guidance, or helpful comment I will use as a single daily meditation. Hopefully, I will find the true nature of my gift and learn how to use it.

        • Mari says:

          Hi Theresa!
          And it will take the time it takes. Sometimes, that feeling of wanting to jump in with both feet is to be paid attention to also! I think it’s really great that you are wanting to be aware, and are giving this sacred space in your life. Keep your eyes and heart open. There are beautiful, amazing things everywhere if we just stop to notice.
          I had several experiences with butterflies in the last 6 months, and I see now that the first one was at a turning point in my life really. One of the things I felt like Butterfly was there to let me know was that massive change was coming, and that I needed to be aware of that, embrace that, and let the energy of that flow in and around me. What has changed is my awareness of what is possible. I am not a different person really, because all of the things I am now noticing were there all along. What is different is that I am now awake to them.
          blessings, Mari

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Theresa;

      You are most welcome! And, thank you for sharing your stories. I’m happy to know you found some comfort and peace here – especially after all you’ve been through.

      Stay wild,

  33. Lauren says:

    Ever since I was little I had nightmares about werewolves and me running from them. As I got older I became less afraid, and once I had my daughter my dreams changed to me becoming the wolf. I’m 25 now and if I have animals in my dreams they’re wolves. Could the wolf be my spirit animal?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Lauren;

      Actually, I would say that Wolf is your Totem Animal. Spirit Animals are guides that come to us when we need them. But, Totem Animals are ‘who we are’. That is so incredibly interesting that your daughter dreamed of you turning into a Wolf. Wow! Clearly you all are super connected.

      Stay wild,

  34. Nimrat says:

    I once had this dream of a horse that was tied with a rope around it’s neck,it was night and dark,for 5 minutes the horse and i just stared at each other,the horse looked sad,so i decoded to free it,i went to the horse and touched my forehead against it and petted the hirse gently.then i untied the rope around it neck,the horse didn’t leave,i told it to leave but it stayed.the horse stared at me and i saw it’s beautiful black eyes staring into my eyes and it’s moon-white fur sparkling in the moonlight.i slowly reached out and touched it’s back.the horse nodded as if she was telling me to get on.i got on it’s back and held it’s neck.the horse reared and started running,we galloped through the night.the mares mane and my hair swayed in the wind.we galloped in the dark and did not see anything accept for our path guided by the moonlight,it was an endless run.then i felt something chased us and looked behind me,i saw a big dog,no more like a wolf,but i wasn’t scared,for some reason i felt safe when i was with the mare,the mare continued galloping and we lost sight of the wolf.the mare and i were in sync as we galloped through the endless darkness only guided by the moonlight in a straight path.please tell me what this dream meant.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Nimrat;

      Horses represent freedom, virility, and strength. The moon is a feminine energy. White is the color of divine love and peace. Darkness can mean many things but in your dream (without going into a professional dream interpretation session) it looks like it’s time to take the rope off your neck and set yourself free. If you’re interested in studying metaphysics or getting more involved in spiritually related professions (including healing of all kinds) now is the time to do that. If you’ve been feeling repressed or oppressed in any way, now is the time to break free and bring to light anything that you’ve been hiding for fear of being attacked.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  35. Dylan says:

    I’ve attempted to contact my spirit animal twice, and both of those times it was the same animal. I don’t know for absolutely sure that it is, I kind of have doubt that it is. I have no idea why I have this doubt! What I saw was the exact same animal, it was a astonishingly gorgeous tarantula! It had mainly white hair on it’s body, it also had these black stripes that met from the very bottom of its foot to the center of its head. It had bright blue eyes, it may seem strange for a tarantula, I felt the same way towards its appearance! keep this in mind, I have always loved spiders. I had a pet tarantula myself when I was young, so when I first saw it, I was in a dream like place. it was a cave, and there were these bright crystals it many different colors. they seemed to emit light from within themselves, I looked up and I saw it. well, let’s just say it was a very, and I mean very big tarantula. I didn’t know how big it was specifically though, it was just dangling on a single strand of web. then it came down slowly, and landed in my lap. I wasn’t afraid, but intrigued by the wondrous sight. I don’t know the symbolism behind it, and I would really like to know if there is any!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Dylan;

      It sounds to me like you definitely met your Spirit Animal on both occasions. When we seek to find our Spirit Animal and have super clear visions such as yours, it’s a very real encounter. What’s really interesting to me is that a BIG Tarantula was dangling on a single stand of web. This tells me that your ‘phone line’ to the heavens, to the Great Spirit, is direct and very strong. As for the crystals, think back on what colors stood out most to you. Then, on my sister-site ( you can read about color meanings and healing crystals to see if you can better interpret your Tarantula dream.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  36. Dylan says:

    and also I think it’s worth mentioning that it didn’t end there. I don’t know if this seems strange but, me and this huge spider actually played some games, like hide and go seek. it would usually hide in the dark places or under the sand haha. while we were playing it seemed to be having a good time, I have no idea what it means though. we met, played, and after that I just looked into its eyes. it seemed to look at me through my soul, it was a very enjoyable experience.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello again, Dylan;

      It’s completely worth mentioning! See, part of Spider symbolism has to do with creativity. Using the Spiders’ web as a mandala and portal to the universe, Spider creates a way for us to journey into the all that is and bring back divine inspiration. So, Spider playing with you was letting you know that it’s time to let your own form of creativity and artistry loose! Life is meant for us to create and have fun doing it! Be sure to let us know what wonderful things you co-create with the Great Spirit!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  37. Victor says:

    Excuse me but I’ve been wondering. How do you remember your dreams. Because sometimes when I wake up I forget them. I’ts as if it has been taken away from me. And sometimes I only remember some parts. Though I feel like there were Conversations in my dream but forgot about them. Like in my wolf dream I think the one with yellow eyes talked to me but I forgot what. Do you have tips in how to remember dreams? Because if you do I’ll be really grateful for it.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Victor;

      This is a really common question and I’m so happy you asked it because the answer can help so many people! The very most important thing to do is to journal about your dream the very second you wake up. Why? Because dreams are subject to rapid memory decay. We lose 50% of dream recall within 5 minutes of waking up and 90% within 10 minutes! For tons more tips, click and visit my sister-site ( and read my complete guide on how to interpret your dreams.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  38. Kay says:

    For years I have had a similar dream (and it has progressed to include my children) that I have been standing on a structure (and this structure varies per dream) but the structure breaks leaving me dangling over a cliff or sometimes falling into a canyon. I can’t say that I consistently see animals in this dream although if I do it is an eagle or hawk circling below, but there are always trees and loved ones in danger. Someone always dies, either myself or my kids. What does this mean?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Kay;

      Gee. That’s a little scary. However, the ‘good’ news is – MANY people have a similar dream (minus the Eagle or Hawk). Fears of all kinds manifest in dreams where we fall off a cliff, tall building, etc. When folks have children, their fears for the kids’ safety often gets brought into the recurring dream scenario. Mostly, I see this dream symbolism in those who never feel ‘safe’ or like they are on solid footing.

      To gain some clarity on why Eagle and Hawk keep showing up, it might help to read about Eagle Symbolism & Meaning and Hawk Symbolism & Meaning.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  39. seranina says:

    i did the Meditation but it did not work i saw a cat a wolf a frog a bear a owl a fox and a dog and i asked are you my spirit animal but they did not say anything 🙁

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Seranina;

      That’s awesome! You’re doing great! Animal spirit guides showed up for you! There are many people who don’t get that far so you’re half way there! Keep trying. When the time is right your animal spirit guides will speak to you. Sometimes it can take several meditations before they come forward to deliver messages. Don’t give up on them and don’t give up on yourself, OK?

      Stay wild,

  40. Pixii says:

    So, yesterday I had a fight with my best friend. I was extremely upset and couldn’t get the situation out of my head. Later while driving down the road, a red fox ran in front of the car in front of mine. It ran to the side of the road and slowed down as it watched me, looked me straight in the eyes, before breaking eye contact and speeding back up. It was strange because it was broad daylight and I knew it wasn’t a normal encounter. Any ideas if this means anything?

    • Bernadette King says:


      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca!

      Wow! Well, Fox brought you a very blatant message – avoid confrontation. Take a few minutes and read about the Fox Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal. That said, take a look at the featured image for the article – “avoid confrontation”.

      Fox Spirit Animal

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  41. Luka Zervaki says:

    I want to say something, so you say there are anima spirits, what if there are spirits that seek destruction, do you know anything about them? In me I feel things, one shows me scenes of destruction, telling me to destroy everything around me but I have been fighting it for years, also when I get angry I lose my consiousness and I do not remember well the things I have done during that. Also I feel very strong, and there was a moment when I got angry and at last I screamed like a beast in the night. Maybe feeling stronger is due to adrenaline but can you tell me what is that? And how can I know that if the spirit I will connect with is not of destruction.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Luka;

      There can be so many reasons for the kind of rage and anger issues you are describing. Speaking only from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, I do not believe there are any animal spirit who deliberately want us to be destructive. In fact, I believe that Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals never bring hurtful or harmful intentions.

      However, I’m a professional psychic medium so I’ve had my fair share of clients who had negative human spirits attached to them. Meaning – friends, family, co-workers who had very negative energy and it was greatly affecting my client.

      The best way to know that a spirit you connect with is not a spirit of destruction is to get rid of the open door inside your own energy. Face your shadow self and heal it. This can happen through therapy, counseling, meditation, spiritual coaching, and more. Once you remove the anger and rage and replace it with loving, compassionate energy, you won’t have to worry.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  42. A Lozada says:

    Hi, this is the first time I read about this, it looks and sound interesting.
    I do believe in Mother Nature and love to be in contact with it. There is an enchant about the rain. When it rain, I love to ran to the street or my patio and get wet. I play and dance under the rain. This is some type of magic for me. Also I love Elephants so much that I have a collection of them. My house is full of Elephants is this mean Elephants are my Spiritual Animals
    Thanks Nickname Rain

  43. Willow says:

    I keep having this dream where I am running through a forest and I’m running really fast. I take a sudden stop,and stop at a puddle. Instead of my pale face in the reflection, I see a silver fox with thick black fur (like, my hair which is thick)
    And my ice blue eyes instead of a foxes yellow eyes. Then the reflection says, “this is what oh are, this is what you can be, you can’t refuse your destiny”.
    Then I woke up. What does this mean?

  44. Brogan says:


    I have a question: where have all my animals gone?? As a child I was always very aware of the animals around me and felt very capable of knowing what sort of animal traits I should be adopting. I felt very in tune with nature and the earths rhythms. Now I am a little older (24) I am feeling the pressures of modern life and am finding it increasingly difficult to stay connected with the spirit world. Im finding it so difficult to even hear spiritual guidance let alone act on it!

    Although I am a gardener and I am always outside, I rarely see animals that aren’t birds. I know they are there because I see the signs of animals all around me but they rarely reveal themselves to me anymore. I would like to know what it is I need to do that will make them feel comfortable visiting me again- I feel like my frazzled and often erratic energy “scares” them off and I feel a bit abandoned at times. I do sense things that could be deemed supernatural still, I always have but it feels increasingly sinister as I get older. Nowadays when I sense something that I feel is a spirit I will have this overwhelming feeling that something has come through the wall and is growing and growing. I have a huge sense that someone has entered the room and this makes me feel dread. I hear a high pitched ringing that is almost like tinnitus at the same time as this feeling. The experience often happens in the evening or wakes me up in the middle of the night and can last anywhere between 1 minute and an hour. I feel this is more human than animal though…

    I do feel deeply connected to nature still however, especially to tree’s and water which make me feel calm and content. When I am in these sorts of places I can find inner peace and this is usually a time where a bird will appear. I have had a few different birds appear to me – often birds of prey.

    My most mysterious memory was sitting by a river at dusk, feeling anxious about a relationship I had that was failing. The man in question was sitting with me and I saw a beautiful Hobby fly slowly over our heads. I can remember the birds eye so vividly and for a few seconds I swore it was looking into my eye too.. it was just a magnetic feeling I cant explain. The man I was with didn’t even notice it but it flew right by us?

    My most significant memory I have of birds was again when I was feeling down about this particular relationship. I had gone for a walk in the mountains by myself and gone up through the heathers. A dead grass snake caught my eye in a clear patch. Again I remember it was the glint from the eye that grasped my attention for something that was otherwise invisible in the grass. I lent down to have a closer look and it was almost scripted timing – two birds of prey (which I think were Harriers) veered down so close over my head I felt the wind on my neck! They seemed to be fighting and I watched them screaming and clawing and careering around in the air for about 10 seconds before they disappeared behind the mountain. It was amazing!

    The Buzzard is a significant bird to me – There are two particular birds that come to mind when I think of Buzzards. Both would sit outside the gates to places of work come to think of it. One job I particularly hated and there would always be a Buzzard sat on a lampost with its back towards me every single day. The other job I loved and as I cycled down a beautiful wooded track a Buzzard would swoop from side to side over the road and back whilst I made my way down the lane everyday, always keeping ahead of me.

    Recently I have been seeing a lot of Grey Herons. Herons have popped up frequently in my life on many occasions and I always found it a bit spooky that my ex partner had a real affinity for them too without me ever mentioning it to him. Recently my encounters with Herons have been getting more and more up close and personal- I will have herons fly a meter away from me sometimes when I walk my dog down by the river. I am at a very confused point in my life at the moment and wonder if this is why Heron is appearing more? I split up from my partner, moved out, have a lot of troubles at work recently and have just been feeling “stuck in a rut” and very unsure of where I am going next. It has knocked me back a lot splitting from my partner and as a result I have been very depressed and unmotivated with life in general. I wonder if this is why animals do not appear to me often anymore? The only animals I ever see aside from Heron are dead ones at the moment…

    Could you shed any light on my birds!?

    Thank you

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Brogan;

      When Bird energy flies into our awareness – especially as much as it does with you – it’s a sign that now is the time to ‘rise above’ and see the big picture. Depression can leave us feeling heavy and unable to soar. Birds, in particular Buzzards, help us reconnect to the element of Air – allowing us to clear our thoughts and ride the currents of the wind with ease and grace.

      I’ve been studying Buzzards a ton lately. They are some of the most misunderstood and underestimated animals on Mother Earth. Buzzards spend their lives taking care of the world in ways others will not – they are stewards, always in the service of others. Buzzards are incredibly intelligent. And, they may look ‘rough around the edges’ but they are warriors!

      It sounds like the animal spirit guides are calling on you to start seeing your life from a different perspective. Start from the ground (Buzzards) and work your way up (Birds). This makes even more sense when considering that you’ve been seeing dead Herons lately. Seeing dead animals is a definite sign that we need to let outdated ways of thinking and being ‘die’.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  45. Cassie says:

    I often have dreams with dogs and wolves in them. I have a very strong connection with my dog as well. I feel drawn to dogs which is leading me to be a veterinarian. However, recently I had a dream where I was walking through the woods. There was a few inches of snow on the ground (which is weird because i live in Alabama, and I hate snow). I think I was lost or maybe I was just looking for something. Out of no where a pack of wolves appeared. It startled me because they appeared out of no where, but I felt calm and at ease once I came to terms. A solid black wolf came from around the tree and I dropped to my knees. The pack came so close to me that each one was touching me and told me that it was time for me to come home. Some kissed my face and some just rubbed against me, but it was very clear that the black one was alpha. I was connected with him. What does this mean?

  46. Lakia says:

    Hi, so I recently took the journey to find my spirit animal. I have always been connected to animals children and nature. I’ve dabbled a little in different things trying to figure out who I am and what I am doing. My life has been a long path of misfortune and I’ve never been able to understand why. But I’m always able to find some type of joy or relief. But I don’t feel content with life or anything happening in it so I took the journey to find my spirit animal and I had to do it twice because my animal came to me so vaguely he didn’t really show himself I kind of just sensed what he was so I called out to him and I asked him are you my spirit guide he said yes and I asked him can you show yourself to me he didn’t answer then i said spirit eagle ( cause i just sensed that’s what he was) do you have a message for me and he replied you will find truth in what you seek. I don’t know what any of this means or if the eagle is really my spirit animal.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Lakia;

      It sounds to me like you definitely connected with your Spirit Animal. With all the misfortune you speak of, I wonder if you have a great deal of Scorpio influence in your astrology chart. The reason I say this is Scorpios tend to have many situations in life where they ‘crash and burn’ but always rise again – like the Phoenix. And, one of Scorpio’s animal symbols or Totems is the Eagle. Also, Scorpios are the ultimate truth seekers. So, it would make good sense that Eagle would come to you and give the message that you will find the truth you seek.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Hi Bernadette says:

        Im a Leo so I’m not sure if it’s maybe an outside Scorpio that may have influence. Since I do find myself in spots where I feel like I need to help certain individuals. Could my spirit animal be a sign or symbol of some sort. Cause I know they say you will have different spirit animals in life depending on what stage of life you are in.

  47. Dishika says:


    I’ve been trying to do the animal spirit meditation that you have described step by step. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to close my eyes and speak in my mind, but I do that anyway. I try summoning the animal spirit but nothing appears. I don’t know where I’m going wrong.

    Recently, I’ve been practicing ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. And I started seeing that for the last few days there are these two hawks that fly from very close to my balcony. And at a distance I can see about 10 of them flying. This happens Every time I’m on my balcony. Whenever I call anyone to look at them, they all disappear. I don’t know why.

    Today I was going yo college and I saw about 15-20 of them hovering over my head, all the way till college. Even during my lectures I looked out once to see a hawk flying. I’m not sure what is going on here.

    Other animals I keep seeing are crows and dogs. I’m an animal lover so I do feel connected to animals. But this hawk scenario is something I don’t understand. I mean, if hawk was my spirit animal, it should come in front of me when I’m trying to summon my spirit animal, right?

    Please please help me here.

    Thank you so much!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Dishika;

      I saw your other post and responded to it. Now, I’ll answer this one.

      First, you’re not doing anything wrong. Many people do not find their Spirit Animal immediately. That said, I think you actually did summon your Spirit Animal. Think about all the Hawks that are appearing to you. Wow! You’ve asked a GREAT question about ‘how’ a Spirit Animal is supposed to show up (where, when, etc.). In a Spirit Animal meditation or dream, the animal(s) may very well come right up to you. But, in real life, a Hawk is not likely to fly right up to you. The same holds true with most all wild birds. However, when we keep seeing the same animal(s) over and over again, that’s the animal spirit guide kingdom making sure we get the opportunity to recognize the messages its trying to get to us.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Dishika says:

        Thank you so much! I too thought that. But when I checked my birthday spirit animals, they turn out to be a bear in one sphere and a wolf in the other. I don’t understand how a hawk fits into this one..? And I have now started seeing more and more of hawks. I see like 50 of them flying together. The other day, I saw about a 100 bats flying together. Could you please help me out here?

        • Bernadette King says:


          Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

          It’s common for us to have more than one Spirit Animal. Now, that said, I prefer to divide animal spirit guides into the following:

          • Spirit Animals – they come to us when our soul calls to them for help.
          • Totem Animals – who we ‘are’. Zodiac animals are really Totem Animals.
          • Power Animals – the animal(s) energy we invoke or summon up in ourselves when we need it.

          There are many who would argue with me on that list. Some folks insist that Spirit Animals are ‘who we are’, while others argue that a Power Animal is ‘who we are’. Each culture has its own beliefs about Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals. Bottom line, groups of winged creatures are appearing to you for good reason. I’m wondering if maybe you are a community minded person or are interested in helping large groups of people?

          Hope that helps.

          Stay wild,

  48. Abhi says:

    Does this work. I have always known that I need a spirit Animal. It will help me live peacefully in this world.

  49. Emily says:

    This might sound weird but I keep having dreams about we’re everything is about the spirit of the tiger. It is sometimes in calm bright places, but others in dark closed in places where at the end of the dream it ends in a calm place with tall palm trees and clear blue skies. Does this mean anything?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Emily;

      I answered your other post about the same dream. But, I see that Palm trees show up in this dream. Palm trees symbolize ‘resurrection and victory’ so it makes sense why they are showing up in your dream.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  50. Dawn says:

    Hi, maybe you can help me figure this out.

    Although I haven’t (physically) been doing anything different in my life, since December, I’ve been trying to become more positive with my thoughts. Not get caught up and dragged down by unhappy thoughts and mental arguements.
    The thing is, recently, I’ve been getting teal colored, long nosed butterfly fish (you know, the tropical fish). I was outside, felt guided to look down, and in front of my feet was this little teal colored, long nosed butterfly fish toy. I started to walk away, not giving it much mind, but felt drawn back to it, picked it up, and took it home with me (despite the fact it was missing its tail). No more than 1 day later I was online going to watch a tv show and, rather randomly, what popped up in and advertisement? You guessed it. Teal colored butterfly fish. o__oU And I have no idea why.
    Then, the day after, was in a store looking for any after-Christmas super cheap items I might want and, what did I see? A little container of toy fish and amongst them, right up front, yup. Another butterfly fish.
    Any suggestions or ideas on what this could mean for my spirit animal? Please and thank you in advance!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Dawn;

      Apologies for delayed reply. The first of the year is always an incredibly busy time for me.

      Oooo…I LOVE your story! It’s always so awesome to see just how tenacious our Spirit Animal can be. And, in this case, you have TWO! A Butterfly and a Fish! When an animal is named for another animal it’s important to take a look at the symbolism and meanings of both critters.

      The color Teal/Turquoise is a HAPPY color! It’s the color of joy, peace, and emotional balance. Butterflies are all about transformation. Fish represent the Water Element – our deepest feelings.

      Looks to me like your beautiful Butterfly Fish Spirit Animal is showing up to let you know that you’re on the right track! For more info, read all about the Butterfly Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal as well as Fish Symbolism & Meaning.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Dawn says:

        Wow! That’s pretty cool! I had no idea but I’m glad I asked about it.

        Thank you so much, Bernadette! I much appreciate your time with this <3


        • Bernadette King says:


          Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

          You are most welcome! Hope you see you visit and comment again!

          Stay wild,

  51. Aimee says:

    Several years ago I was raped. That night I had a dream that I was lost in the woods being chased by what looked like a wraith. I ran as fast as I could and up ahead on the trail, several logs fell across the path. I was worried but kept running. Just before the logs I watched myself shapeshift into a tiger and was able to get away.
    However, 2 years ago I went ghost hunting with a friend. When the cops came, we found a small staircase tucked away to hide in. We both admired the owl statues which were 2 feet away from both of us and directly across from each other. Her and I thought the coast was clear and took a step up the stairs when both owls turned their necks to the side and they ‘hooted’ but quietly. We stopped dead in our tracks. Had we not been stopped by the owls, we would’ve been caught. Her and I drove past the building the next day and saw both owls sitting by where we were. I’ve never heard of anyone seeing an owl (two in our case) during the day.
    Which would it be, tiger or owl? I assume tiger because it let me become him to get away. Yet, I could be wrong.

  52. Ethan says:

    Hi i wondered how do i make or chose a sacred place and how am i supposed to listen to peacfull music while having no electronics on? I also wanted to know how would the animal come to you would it fly to you walk to you swim to you, etc… and then to protect it how should i do that?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Ethan;

      Apologies for delayed reply. Was away at a master mediumship development workshop with the incredible Janet Nohavec!

      Wow! You’ve asked EXCELLENT questions!

      LOL You bring up a great point of playing meditation music vs having no electronics on! I should clarify that in the article. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! The idea is not to have the TV, computer, phone, etc. all buzzing and ringing while in meditation. Many people meditate with no music. If you choose to do your Spirit Animal meditation with music then, of course, you’ll want to have one electronic system on. 🙂

      Choosing and making a sacred space/place is deeply personal. My suggestions are to first determine which directional energy (East, West, North, South) you want to bring to your sacred space. Then, choose a place or create a sacred space in that direction. You’ll want to have a little table (stand, bookcase, part of your desk, shelf, etc.) that you can put items on. These items should bring you joy, peace, remind you of something or someone you love, represent the energy you want to bring into your life, etc. Now, these are the physical components of creating sacred spaces and places but remember that we live in a natural world. So, by meditating and doing your sacred heart work in the same place each time the area will gather and retain the energy. Over time, your sacred place/space becomes HIGHLY charged so be sure to clear negative energy out as often as you feel necessary.

      Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals will come to us as is natural for them to do in real life. If they are Birds then can fly, walk, run, or hop to us. Fish will swim though they may LEAP from the water and land right on our lap! LOL During a Spirit Animal meditation I watched a student jump right out of her chair! She was focused on her birth totem – the Salmon! During meditation the Salmon sailed up and out of the river and landed smack in her lap! The experience was so real she LEAPED out of her chair! Interrupted the whole class but when we all found out what happened we had a good laugh AND discovered just how real meeting your animal spirit guides can be!

      I don’t know what you mean by ‘protect it’? Will you kindly clarify?

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  53. Gostwacher says:

    I love wolves at the zoo I say A wolf it looked me straight in the eye for 1 minute. I had a dream were a wolf appeared for minute then avaperated.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Ghostwacher;

      Wolves are powerful animal allies. If Wolf chose to look you in the eye, make sure to honor it by paying heed to its symbolism and meanings.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit!

      Stay wild,

  54. Melissa F. says:


    I just wanted to thank you for teaching me how to find my spirit animal! I followed all of your recommendations and was blessed enough to have actually met my spirit animal: a deer! I then read your page about the deer and it fit my life/personality/situation perfectly. I even discovered that I was born in the sign of the deer. Such an amazing experience. I can’t thank you enough!

    Since others have discussed their encounters with animals, I also want to add my recent encounter with a scared little bird. It was stuck in the stairwell at my job, terrified of flying away from the window. My coworkers attempted to free it, but could not. I managed to gently scoop him into a container and take him outside. He was so scared that he wouldn’t leave the container! My coworker tilted the container a little and the bird flew out. It felt amazing to help the little fella. I think at any other time in my life, I would have been afraid of the bird, but for some reason I was the one who saved him. I’m not sure if there is any message to take from the experience, but I’m glad it happened!

    Thanks again! 🙂

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Melissa;

      You are most welcome! Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit!

      It makes total sense that if Deer is your Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal you might have been afraid of even an animal so tiny and fragile as a Bird. See, Deer can be skittish. Deer do not like surprises and Birds are unpredictable – they can take flight at a moment’s notice. That could scare the uber sensitive Deer. That said, Deer people (just like you!) have such compassionate and sensitive hearts, they are the Earth Angels of this world. But, always remember that Deer (especially Bucks) can be fierce warriors! So, in times when you feel intimidated or nervous, remember that Deer can be deadly when they decide to buck or kick. Just like you can tap into the compassionate healing energy of Deer, you can tap into their warrior ways, too!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  55. Storm says:

    Was outside having a Cigarette working on not smoking anymore, as i am putting it out getting ready to head back t my apartment i noticed a Hawk. Now i see them alot where I live so i tell myself “Ok, its beautiful and time i go back inside”. Before I could start walking something stopped me. So i pull out another Cigarette to smoke. Looking up at the sky hoping the sunshine will come soon, I saw an Eagle flying. I started crying. My real dad before he passed on, loved Eagles. Fly towards my direction before it flew off in a different direction. Looking up as it flew off hearing it make its beautiful sound i was happy to know God was sending it my way to let me know everything was going to be ok. It was February 4th 05 I lost my dad.

    Last words he told me, “I love you. Remember to love Animals like i did you”.

    Sadly, I dont know my Background History of who i am or where i come from. Don’t know if i have Asian, native american or even Irish in me. All I do know is im still looking and trying to find Answers thats only giving me more unanswered questions.

    Days later I was trying to sleep, having hard time. I decided to turn on my side to reach my fan to see a (native american woman). She tells me, “When the Eagle cry echos, Buffalo will run happy; only then will the path be free for you”.

    So now I’m more confused.

    Wanted to share this with people. Even if many believe or not.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Storm;

      I would love to help you. If you would give me more clarity on what you’re confused about, that will help. As for where you come from, perhaps getting a DNA test done can aid you in understanding more about yourself.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  56. JD says:

    Ever since I was young I’ve had a strange fascination with dragons, they’ve always been a major part of my life and I’ve always questioned if they ment something to me spiritually or if it was just a simple love of dragons. To me, it’s more than a love, I see them in my dreams, my imagination is filled with them. Even though they’re not real, they’re real enough to me. I was wondering what this represents if it even represents anything at all.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, JD;

      Oh, yes! Dragons are quite spiritual mentors and allies! Symbolically, they have close ties to Snake energy. And, they very well could be real and we just haven’t discovered it yet! In the next week or so, I’m launching the new and I have a whole new section on Mythical Creatures Symbolism & Meanings. Dragon is first up so I’ll put the link here when the site goes live. In the meantime – this is a sneak peek just for you!

      Dragon Symbolism and Meaning

      Stay wild,
      PS – One of the best scenes in any show/movie EVER is the ‘Dracarys’ scene in GOT!

  57. BK says:

    Hello Bernadette
    I came into contact with your site because I am searching for answers about the bees I saw early this morning, infact it wasn’t the first time, I feel I have this thing about bees especially when I am going through a lot of financial strain. I just followed my dream and started a Nursery School business early this month. I started it from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I took a leap of faith because I am tired of always allowing money to stand in the way of me pursuing my dreams and standing in the way of me achieving success in life. So its been really challenging as we speak I have to pay rent and cant afford that. To cut the story short I went to a Traditional Healer which gave me some herbs to use to help with my business and among those herbs there is one that I must use or mix with bees(dry them and then crush them into powder). So I haven’t used this particular one in about 3-4 weeks now because I couldn’t find bees. So this morning I woke up to pray and using some Essential Oils and Candles and burnt some incense. Immediately I finished I went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee and I see some bees in my kitchen window and counter and some outside the same kitchen window. But these bees weren’t as vibrant and busy as bees normally are, they were kind of lazy. So the next thing that came to my mind was that I needed these bees so I can use/perform the herb ritual I was given. One of the bees was dead already on the floor, so I KILLED THE REST. But now I feel so bad that I killed them, and won’t that have a negative impact on me? Come to think that I always see/find bees in my house just out of the blue. Like 3 years back we were inside the house with my son and he was busy practicing Keyboard when a host of lazily kind of bees came inside the house and I tried to drive them out. When I went outside to my surprise there is no sign of where or which side did those bees came from. Even then I was going through a rough financial patch. Now I just decided to find answers as to what could be the meaning of these bees that’s when I came across your site. I feel kinda depressed because its like there is this kind of spell hovering over me. I know beyond reasonable doubt that these bees have a message for me. Please help!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, BK;

      Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

      I’m sorry you’re feeling depressed. And, I’m even more sorry that a ‘healer’ told you that dead Bees will help your business. A true healer would never, ever tell you that using dead animals will create positive results. As far as a negative impact on you – well, killing the Bees has already had a negative impact because you feel badly about your actions. With love I will suggest to you that just as you can apologize to a human, perhaps it would be helpful if you asked the animal kingdom to forgive you for killing its brothers and sisters for your own gain.

      As for spells, I do not believe any human on this plant is capable of moving and manipulating energy to any extent that is enough to affect another.

      I sincerely hope you heal. And I sincerely hope you never kill another animal because you think it will bring money or anything else for that matter.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  58. G says:

    I had a dream that I had became a wolf and I came upon another wolf in a clearing and as she neared us, my pack appeared and I could feel they’re every movement. We were suspicious at first, but then I recognized the wolf as bieng my current partner and for a moment we stared at one another unsure, until finally our eyes connected and we recognized one another and then took off running wildly in the forest with the rest of the pact. We ran off together until we came to a cliff overlooking a river and then hid behind the trees and branches and watched a scene unfolding in the river below us.
    We watched as these men came down on a flat boat down the river that was loaded with military tanks and other war equipment. They were of African descent and their uniforms had the emblems of Africa’s colors red, green and black. The rapids became very rough and violent and we could hear the leader shouting orders to protect the tanks and equipment from falling over the side. Men tried frantically to hold the heavy equipment in place with ropes that kept snapping and a few of the men fell off into the rapids, we could hear their screams as the landed in the waters and then died.
    The leader was a man in his forties and spoke in his native language. I know it was important that they not see us, so as the boat moved we shifted our positions and used the trees and bushes as cover.
    The eyes of the leader locked into our position on the cliff and I awoke suddenly, but at the same time my partner who was a sleep next to me also woke up. Here is where it gets weird, she was having a dream that she had become a wolf and that she came upon me in a clearing in the forest, just how my dream had started. She said it wasn’t until she stared into my eyes did she recognize who I was and then she asked me how did I do that, how did I turn her into a wolf and how did we both have almost the same dream at the same time?

    To which I had no idea, I just remember always hearing drum beats whenever I dream of becoming a wolf. What is interesting is that in her dream she only saw us running in the forest, while in mine we came across that militia group and it was important that I spy on what they were doing.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, G;

      Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

      It is not at all uncommon for partners, twins, family, friends – even folks who don’t know each other that well to have the same dream. A few days before 9/11, many dream forums and blogs reported folks having ‘strange’ dreams about planes crashing into buildings, people falling from the sky – etc. We, all, share a consciousness. When folks love each other, they get on the same ‘wave length’. So, not unusual at all. I wonder if it was a past life you shared together?

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  59. Nicolette says:

    Greetings ☼
    I have been searching for answers for quite some time now and today I found your website (what a blessing). Let me start by giving you a time frame- this all started happening during the toughest year of my life so far (I am 26 now and was 25 when this was all happening). I live in a small town (small in comparison to the city but it’s not small at all) outside a major city. Everywhere I go, I am coming across birds of prey. They are magnificent. Whether it may be a Hawk on a road in the middle of a city sitting on a telephone wire 3 meters away from me or an Eagle sitting in the shoulder of a busy road staring at me. Yesterday there was a Hawk sitting on the roof of our neighbour’s house which is directly the view from our kitchen window. He was so close to me that I went outside and put my arm up into the air to try and make contact with him. These are 3 of the tens and tens of encounters I have been having with these birds. It is highly unusual around here. My partner has lived here his whole life and has never experienced so many encounters as when he is with me. We can be driving somewhere beautiful and I could get out the car and an Eagle would swoop down over my head and land on a small bush a few meters away. I could be jogging on a field and look up and there is a Falcon sitting directly in my path looking at me. I know how unbelievable this sounds…trust me. Buzzards, Kites, Falcons, Eagles, Ravens and Crows. Twice in that year the was an Owl sitting on our roof at night. For about 3 or 4 months I was specifically seeing black birds- Ravens and Crows. I would see at least 3-6 Ravens per day at one stage (uncommon here). I went to a shopping mall the other day and while walking to the entrance, a white dove swooped down and walked a bout a meter in front of me and crossed my path. I haven’t seen a white dove since I was a little child (clear memory). I just feel that on a spiritual level, something is happening to me and these magnificent and majestic creatures are appearing for a reason. No other person that I have spoken to about this has ever experienced such a thing and in this volume for such a long period of time. When I saw the Falcon sitting outside my kitchen window the other day I just burst into tears and laughed. What I am noticing is that these birds are getting closer to me. I feel incredibly connected to them. I know you said that spirit animals aren’t physical, but how do you explain all this?

    Love and light

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Nicolette;

      Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

      Wow! Wow! Wow! How wonderful! I have the perfect explanation, actually. From the time I was old enough to remember anything, Snakes have found me. Snakes have dropped out of trees on my head, they have slithered up my arm when I rested my hand on a fence, they have curled up in my shoes, they have found their way into my kitchen, and on and on and on. I’ve dreamed about Snakes at least 100 times in my life so far!

      Based on my lifelong Snake encounters, what I can tell you is that something inside you is ‘a bird of prey’. So, like with me, I was a psychic and energy healer but didn’t know it when I was younger. I encourage you to see how tapping into the most positive symbolic parts of ‘birds of prey’ can help you in your relationships, career, hopes, dreams, and more. Also, Birds are extremely finicky critters. That these majestic delicate animals keep appearing to you is a big, big deal. Bird symbolism is all about seeing the bigger picture and riding the currents that the rest of us can’t see. I’m curious to know what you believe your life’s purpose is.

      Please keep us all in the loop. I know we’re all fascinated to know what you figure out!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  60. Sabrina says:

    I have a question and I don’t know if it would sound odd or not but for about a year or so now I have been seeing what seem like animal spirits. What started all this off was one night I was going to work and it was already dark then out of nowhere this huge pure white owl flew a few feet in front of my car and just disappeared in thin air, this owl looked to be twice the size of any normal owl I ever seen. Since then I have been seeing various animal spirits like deer and other small creatures that would disappear before I could look full on at them. Does this have any specific meaning? I still see them almost daily and my dreams have been quite interesting lately so much so that I tried researching it and failed

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Sabrina;

      Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

      If you mean that you are actually seeing the spirits of animals (rather than a ‘live’ animal) then that is really cool! I’ve only ever seen animal spirits 3 times. Shocked me but I had confirmation of the animals from my psychic reading clients.

      Do you have an interest in animal communication? If so, perhaps that’s why animal spirits are appearing to you. At this point, I think it will be most helpful for you to keep a journal of the animal’s actions. What are the animals doing in the dreams/visions? How do they make you feel? Are they communicating with you and, if so, what are they saying? Keeping track of these things may reveal a pattern or make the messages become clear to you.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  61. Aeshli says:

    I have had the need for a dramatic change in my life and I feel that finding my spirit animal will help me a lot. However, I feel a connection with all animals and love all animals equally (I really don’t have a favorite anything) and so I feel finding my spirit animal will prove difficult. How can I do this and feel confident that I have found my animal? This is all so new to me so in a sense I am a little overwhelmed. I have a deep connection with the forest and find that I am more at peace in areas in the mountains surrounded by the trees and streams. Any help would be fantastic!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Aeshli;

      Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

      Your’s is a question that I frequently receive – especially from Geminis, Libras, and Pisces’ (all zodiac signs who can never quite make up their mind). It’s also a question I get from true animal lovers and activists as well as those who understand all living things are connected.

      I am of the opinion that all animals are our Spirit Animals because we are all connected. But, during different points in our life, we must listen closely to hear which animal spirit guide is trying to get through to us at that moment.

      If you’ll ask the animal kingdom to help you hear and see, they will. Ask the animal allies to be obvious regarding who is there to support and help you at that time. They love to help so I’m excited to see who shows up for you!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  62. Meagan says:

    Hello, I followed you procedure and set a sacred space but when a tiger appeared in my minds eye and I asked him if he was my spirit animal he said “no, I am not”. I then thanked him and asked if there was anything I could do for him and he told me to scratch his ears which I happily did. What does this mean and is there a more efficient way I could find my sprit animal?

    • Bernadette King says:


      Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

      What a magical encounter! Though it’s rare, sometimes an animal spirit guide will present to us as a segue to our Spirit Animal. The playful nature of your encounter makes me wonder if Tiger showed up in an effort to get you to ‘lighten up’. Cats – even Big Cats – are well known clowns and pranksters with a terrific sense of humor. If you should have another experience wherein an animal shows up and says he/she is not your Spirit Animal, ask why they have appeared.

      As for efficient – well, that’s not really a word I would ascribe to anything spiritually related. 😉 Many people do not meet any animal ally during their first few Spirit Animal meditations so you’re doing great! Your heart is obviously open and the animal kingdom trusts you. I suggest you try the meditation again – even several more times. It’s like anything else – the more we practice the more attuned we get to the process.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  63. Micheal Badtke says:

    I’ve always been drawn to cats, cats of all types. They seem to pop up a lot too Driving in cars I see them on the side of the road or on the sidewalk, they often lurk around my house and in my backyard, My first cat was like a protector to me. When I was hurt, or would cry for whatever reason she would come to me from wherever she was and comfort me, or bite the person who caused me to cry… Since her I have had two cats, and whenever I feel not myself one of them shows up… Is this a sign that Cats are my spirit animal? Or am I just over analyzing things?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Michael;

      Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

      It sounds like Cat is your Totem & Power Animal. Now, Cat might also be your Spirit Animal but you would need to try the Spirit Animal meditation to be sure. All animals are sensitive to suffering and many will try to comfort other species as well as their own. It’s why I love animals so much. They are tremendously compassionate.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  64. Gabriella says:

    Hi, I had some experiences with spirits.. a few months ago I was sitting on my couch playing an online game, and I saw someone come on my porch… there wasn’t any car in front of my driveway, it was like he appeared. He came to the door and banged on it 3 times. I went to my sister’s room and told her, “Someone’s at the door!” My sister got up out of her bed and opened the door and there was nobody there. No box, or anything. I didn’t even take long getting my sister to answer the door, that was really weird.
    My second experience was when I was at my old house, I was getting the mail. I was by my mom’s car and I saw a black and white butterfly by the flowers, at first I thought it was a moth, but it looked like a butterfly. When it saw me, it went somewhat close to me and flew away. It made me feel confused, it was the first time a butterfly actually came close to me.. so I ran inside of my house. A few days after I was getting taken to school and I saw the butterfly again, after that I never seen it again. That’s basically it.. I don’t know if the butterfly or the man at my door was a good sign or not..
    I hope to hear back from you soon! -Gabriella

  65. Ang says:

    I’m here because I’m trying to understand why anxious or sick cats keep coming into my life. I had always considered myself a dog person, but over the last several years cats with severe anxiety (I’m talking need treatement with kitty Prozac), cancer, or autoimmune disorders that result in periodic open sores, have come into my life. All have been rescues, strays, and one grabbed my shirt as I was walking past an adoption display in Petsmart and wouldn’t let go (which the foster mom said she’d never seen this kitty do). Clearly there is something more I’m meant to do than love them and give them the best rest of their lives I can (all have been adults) but I feel like I’m missing something. Is that anything you’ve ever heard of?

  66. Yasmin says:

    First of all, I want to thank you in advance for all the great work that you do. Without the Help from good hearted people like you, we would be truly lost!

    Hoping you can shed some light.? Ravens started showing in my life about a year ago or so, but now it’s on a daily basis. Every time I’m out I see them in my field of vision. This morning while driving my kids to school one was flying towards me just a few feet above my car. This is the second time this week It has happened. I can’t help but feel like maybe they’re trying to communicate with me.
    I know this is totally unrelated to the above but if you have an extra couple of minutes, can you tell me what’s the meaning behind this: A couple months ago my family & I were riding in the desert in the middle of the day when the sun was shining, I look up & I see black wings. So I thought it was a couple of birds & then I saw them disappear countless of times in thin air. The most crazy thing is towards the end there was only one set of wings & there was no clouds at all that day. I just don’t think it was birds as it was too high up in my opinion. I just remember saying WOW, what is that?
    Yasmin ❤️

  67. Shelby says:

    I don’t know where to begin so I’m going to just type out thoughts in the order they come to me. I have always loved horses if anything I would say they are definitely my spirit animal. I understand them when they ‘speak’ to me with their eyes, I feel their pain if I’m around them long enough, I tend to have their mannerisms and I have since I was a child. My question is can we have more than one. My soul feels torn between my two strongest animals because of their vast differences. Horse and wolves/ canine since dogs who still have a Wolfy heart I can understand as well. It’s like the proverb of the two wolves the white and black wolf in your heart. The stronger one is the one you feed, except I have equal portions of horse and wolf and I feel unrest. I feel like the predatorness of my wolf scares away horses. I just need an answer to smooth things out. It’s not going to be easy but I honestly don’t know where to start? Do I feed my wolf instincts or my horse instincts?

  68. Brittany says:

    Hello 🙂
    I have been reading all your posts and I feel at ease reading them. I have always had a strong connection to animals. Since I was little I have had terrible nightmares and I still to this day have terrible ones at least three to four times a week. And I always remember my dreams and try to forget them when I wake up because they are so scary. With that said in the last week I had a bald eagle fly so close above my head. I have never seen one in person let alone that close. My dad also now has seen two in this week on different occasions. My father keeps saying it’s because their population is rising again but I can’t help but feel it’s a sign for me and my family. My zodiac spirit animal is the bear. Being born September 17th so I don’t know what this could mean. Also if you have any tips as to what to do about my nightmares I would reallly appreciate any help you good give 🙂 I would love to dream vividly about good things!! Thank you again for all you do.


  69. Becky says:

    Wolf, wild and free…

  70. Vanessa says:

    Hi Bernadette,
    This section was really helpful, especially because I’ve always had these six voices in my head, guiding me. I did what the page told me, and I got an instant result. Three animals appeared, two of them my own cats, the other a tiny fox. The only difference was that they each had nine tails. Nine has always been my lucky number. Also, I was walking down the street, and a fox appeared out of nowhere! I rushed over, and it didn’t run away. It sniffed me, before almost, grabbing my leg and dragging me into the bushes. I saw that it had six kits, each skinny and newborn. I had some snacks with me, and I fed them to the fox and her kits. After that, she has come into my backyard and played with my two cats. Sometimes I’ll let her into the house and play with her. I always give her some food for her babies. Is there any significance in the voices and the nine tails?

    • Vanessa says:

      I also forgot to mention that I can understand cats when they meow. It’s not a word translation, I can just feel what they mean. Same for foxes, and horses, though I don’t feel as drawn to horses as cats and foxes. I’m also able to communicate with them, whether they be my own or stray. I’ve also been really drawn to deer, but cats and foxes are my main thing. I also checked with my grandma, who is a Hopi Native American, and she says that I’m a deer. Is this anything important?


      • spiritanimals says:

        Hi again, Vanessa;

        I’m not sure if you’re asking if being able to understand animal communication is important or if grandma saying you’re a ‘Deer’ is important. Will you kindly clarify?

        Stay wild,

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Vanessa;

      My humble apology for the delayed reply. I’m working hard to personally reply to all comments on both my sites – and Right now I only have 2 hands but I am working on getting surgery to become an Octopus – then I’ll have eight! 😉

      It’s so awesome the tutorial worked for you! Yay!

      Wow. I really had to think about your question. Now, it makes sense if 9 is your lucky number that the animals would have 9 tails. But why not 9 eyes, ears, feet, etc? Tails are often used for balance or to ‘hold onto’ things. Maybe your kitties and the tiny Fox are letting you know it’s time to get balanced and hold on to your dreams. It really seems to me that there’s a dream you have that you are not working toward right now. This is your sign to go for it!

      Also, check out this article, “Numerology; Number Symbols & Meanings” – it can help you learn more about why Number 9 is your lucky number and how it ties into the world of Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals.

      Now, the voices in your head – I don’t know what kind of info you’re looking for regarding this. For example, John Edward the celebrity psychic medium has a group of spirit guides (humans) who talk to him all the time. He calls them “The Boys”. And I know many folks who routinely communicate with their animal spirit guides as well as human spirit guides. Let me know what you mean and I’ll try to give you more clarity.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  71. James says:

    Okay, I had one hell of a dream. I was listening to meditation music before going to bed last weekend and it was right at the time between being a sleep and being awake, a pseudo meditative state, if you will. In the dream I was alone in a fog bank in a meadow just before dawn. In the fog I spotted a dead tree and I approached it to rest. As I came up to the tree, a golden eagle came through the fog bank and landed on the tree and we made eye contact. It felt like his eyes were piercing my very soul. After a few moments, the golden eagle flew off and I was compelled to follow it, so I did. The Eagle didn’t fly away, he was slow and close to the ground, slow enough for me to keep up. As she was flying and I was running, we were joined by horses, wolves, antelope, deer, elk, bears and other animals. We were all running together, following the eagle towards the Sun. The animals disappeared as I broke through the fog bank and I found myself overlooking the Badlands as the Eagle flew off, turned, and headed towards the Black Hills. What on Earth is that supposed to mean? Obviously something important, but I’m not well versed in deciphering visions.

  72. Cody says:


    I suppose this is a good place to post this.
    So recently for the past few months I have been seeing spiders.
    I don’t have an infestation but I see them all around and have for a good duration of my life.
    I feel in tune with most animals and don’t fear at this point.
    I used to feel a massive fear towards spiders but now I feel compassion for them.
    In an odd way I guess.
    Anyways, when I see them I always move them to a safe place away from the public so they won’t be killed.
    I admit their webs and take a meaning from them.
    Webs can be built in less than a day, it takes a small amount of time for a spider to build a structure of support.
    I take that at face value and spiritual value.
    It takes only a small amount of time build up a supporting structure spiritually and physically in the physical world we know.
    In not quite aware of whether or not a spider is the spirit animal my soul is connected most too in this time period, however I would like your opinion.


  73. Caitlin says:

    I have just recently felt the need or want to know what my spirit animal/guide was. I’ve always been interested in 4 animals since I was really little. Dolphins, dragons, wolves, and large cats but specifically leopards. I started to meditate and I was first in a forest and I stayed there for a while but nothing moved, nothing came forward. I was pushed into a meadow and plucked flowers to make a floral crown but again, nothing but the breeze moved anything. I then was able to change to being submerged and just floating weightlessly in the deep ocean, maybe 20′ down so light still plays through but I’m breathing in the water like doing slow yoga breathes. And almost immediately there’s a dolphin in my face, mouth open so I get a wonderful view of all it’s sharp pearly whites and it’s laughing at me. Like I should’ve known to come to the water first. It didn’t say anything or nod/shake its head. It just laughed at me then I was pushed out of the water and set on a floating raft, perfectly dry. I don’t know how long I sat there, but every once in awhile a fin would break the calm water then disappear as quickly as it would come. I was awoken out of my meditation by my kitten after the fin disappeared for the 3rd time.

  74. Emily says:

    Hey. I’ve been feeling strong connections to specific animals lately and I just need help understanding it. Since I was very little I’ve loved animals. When I was younger, I was especially close to cats. I also felt connections with foxes. In kindergarten, I made cat noises and was called the Cat Girl. It is still mentioned sometimes. It really stuck. However, last summer, I was drawn to fox energy. I’ve had short, irregular dreams of being a fox or a form of cat creature. Something was always pursuing me or chasing me, like if I did something wrong or I was being hunted. I feel almost no catlike energy in my life anymore, like it just faded away. But I feel closer to foxes more than I ever have in my life. The weirdest thing, though, is that I’ve never even seen a fox in real life! I want to so bad. My mannerisms actually fit a fox pretty well, and I even asked other people about it. They actually agreed. I’m told I’m smart and mysterious sometimes, but also a total doofus. Even if I don’t see a fox in real life, in photographs, I feel something so strong when I look into their eyes. Like a calling almost.
    I’m sorry for making this so long. Thank you for your time and your dedication.

  75. Emily says:

    May I also add that I was so close to getting the fox on the Celtic scale. I was behind by four days. I also had the opportunity to see a fox once. My mother was driving and I was riding on the passenger side. I wasn’t paying attention to the road ahead and my mom said she had just seen a fox run across the road by a bridge. I felt so left out and I was really upset. That’s also the only time I’ve heard her say she’s seen a fox around here.

  76. Danielle Appel says:

    Lately i have been feeling an energetic pull to the ocean, but i believe it has something to do with no one knowing what diagnostics i really have. I am only 15 and was born in North Carolina, i was adopted at the age of 4 and was told recently about my birth mother and that she was a powerful person. I have lived by the ocean all my life i now live i Washington state. in 2011 i predicted the tsunami in japan. i was on my way to my daycare when i got a feeling something happened to lots of innocent people

  77. Matthew says:

    I am very confused about my spirit animal, I have had a few dreams that gave me a slight hint of what my spirit animal is, but on the contrary I still do not understand or know what it is supposed to be. All I know is that my spirit animal is something with wings. I have guessed a bird but I do not feel connected to birds. In my dreams the animal I see have wings located on the back of the animal, What had taken place in my dream was I was in a forest early in the morning, when I see a shadow over head. I could only faintly see the creature and and could hardly make out what the creature was, this creature was flying in the sunlight so I could only see a silhouette. I don”t understand what does this dream symbolize?

  78. Wisteria says:

    So, white wolves and silver foxes, appear to me a lot. Like when I was up in Buffalo during winter, we were driving past someone’s front yard, and I saw a HUGE white WOLF, wolves don’t live in Buffalo. And silver and Ninetailed foxes appear commonly to me as well. But the wolf, appears in my dreams and meditations. And the white wolf has the same coloured eyes as mine, the silver fox to. Please explain to me the ninetailed fox, silver fox, and white wolf! I need answers.

  79. Danielle Appel says:

    i believe my spirit animal has to do with the ocean and water, because of my sudden pull to the ocean.

  80. Willow says:

    I see a lot of wolves. Like one Christmas break, I was driving past someones house (This is in Buffalo.) and fo a fraction of a second, I caught the sight of a HUGE dog-like creature. It had long, white fur, and my same ice- blue eyes (from what I could see.), it took me time to realize that it was no coyote,no, it was too large. It had the build like a wolf. Also,I have dreams about being this exact wolf. I see the wolf, in my dreams, and I AM this wolf. What exactly is going on?

  81. L'shea says:

    Had a very interesting dream but felt so real like it was my subconscious. Fast forward circus like, I sat and did a reading which normally I stay clear from readings and all that because I’ve been told it’s evil. All my life I’ve dealt with supernatural and not all good trust me. So when out of no where it all stops I’m no longer being hunted. Feels good! Now, back to the dream so i sat did the reading the man said “oh you have a animal attached to you” and he changed his face to what looked like a fox/coyote/monkey not sure because it kinda freaked me out didn’t want to keep looking. Although i was interested, well he let me know he wasn’t trying to offend me but by now my aggression is up i can feel anger and guard up then he eyes turn red. He sign..and said let me give you another hint* which he pulls out a banana umbrella. Stands up and does all type of multiple hand and arm mutation. Pulling one head off and another head under that head and the reading was over. So i stand up and proceeds to leave and while I’m walking he’s discussing my reading with what it looks like other readers or peers. And describe my animal they said oh a coyote yay!! Then he was like no, i said jack rabbit? Lol he said on all four. Well i couldn’t figure it out so i was just walking out and i basically waved by or something like that and he said BOON. Everyone looked at me, still but with a nod…I never heard this word before so i googled it. I know what it means now! Can you possibly give me a little insight?

  82. Amanda says:

    I’m very confused on what my Spirit animal is I have several that I see on a everyday basics owl Cardinal and a wolf came up to me at my dad’s I was the only one that got to pet her just not very much dad even tryed to feed her so he could but she wasn’t going for it I’ve had Family members pass away I do hear if a Cardinal visits u it’s someone that passed away trying to visit what does all this mean please explain anything to me according to my birthday of Libra I don’t have an animal

  83. tzigi says:

    Wow, hi there!
    So i actually stumbled upon your site by “accident”. The reason for the commas are because nothing really is by accident as everything happens for a reason… so i recently decided to have a career change, from being in the restaurant industry for 14 years and i am now going to be studying to be a yoga and pilates instructor as well as life coaching and a nutritionist and hopefully open my own wellness centre. And was guided to your site by a spirit called shreyansh, how i got the spirits name is by a chance of writing a poem dedicated to being a tzigana (gypsy) but i have always felt very connected to the great mother universe. From young animals have always been drawn to me, especially hurt or ill animals which i will assist in their recovery and set them free. People probably think i am crazy coz i talk to trees, plants, animals, i used to see spirit guides when i was younger as well as being a psychic medium for people who have passed on. I died when i was a few days old. I have had lightning strike my doorbell on more than one occasion. When i was younger i used to have dreams of being in the centre of a square field and being lifted up as if levitating while the four elements would pour into me from each corner of the field. I never told anyone apart from my mother about those dreams as I thought people would think me being strange… i was going to go into holistic healing and coaching but when i wanted to, i was always hindered or halted by outside forces, so i took it as a sign that was not my path… ever since i began my yoga quest, everything seems to be going right and falling into place. Although i am concerned that something is going to go wrong as it always does. I saw your site and not sure why i decided to write this but felt compelled to do so…

  84. Dawn says:

    Hi, I’m wondering what it means when my cat follows me all over the house. He follows me to bed, when i get up in the morning and when i’ve been crying in my room, he also will be there. could that be my spirit animal guide or is that something totally different with cats?

  85. Kayden says:

    This may be just me going crazy but every now and then when I am sitting still and doing nothing, I see a giant worm come out of a black hole and start making more of the holes and it all disappears if I move, someone talks to me, or wind hits me. Also if I am in a car and this happens it changes to a 2D pathway that looks like a tunnel from a view from above. Can u tell me what this means? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Am I just going crazy? Are they hallucinations? I haven’t told anyone yet about this so you guy’s and gal’s are the first to know.

  86. Kayden says:

    I yeah if I lose consentration at all for any reason it will disappears. If I stare long enough and it makes enough black “holes” I feel something bad will happen. Could anyone help with this, I’ve been trying to find out what will happen without doing it for the past month and came up empty.

  87. Alejandro says:

    Hello, so im new to animal symbolism and guidance but I do take Omens and dreams very seriously since I am widely aware that everything in this world is connected in some form or other. Anyways this past week I had an old friend message me and tell me that she dreamt that I was killed by the male goat on her farm. She described the dream so vividly and how she watched the goat completely destroy me and later dreamt herself at my funeral. She woke up crying and messaged me even though we hadnt spoken in a years. I am not sure what this could mean.

  88. Adria says:

    Ditto on thanks for sharing this information; my sister found her animal spirits by meditating , so this information seems valid to me, unlike the online quizzes to find your animal spirit guide.

    I am curious, I’m guessing star children (indigo, crystal, or rainbow humans) have at least one animal spirit guide (and tend to connect with animals/plants in general), but is there a particular animal or a few animals that seems more drawn to become a spirit guide for these souls. Also, if star children are not originally from Earth, could it be possible to have an animal spirits guide that is not present on earth (such as an extinct animal, or a “fictional” animal like a Dragon or unicorn, or an animal we’re not even aware of that’s currently living on another planet (like the Martian holographic tin jellyfish who can fly and meows out of it’s butt)? Thanks

  89. Ana says:

    Hello Bernadette,

    I have always had a fascination for grizzly bears and have also been called a monkey for always being “child-like” in spirit. I grew up with a forest in my backyard. Had a dream once where 3 huge grizzlies came knocking at my door and they did no harm to hurt but just seemed to give a message and welcomed me. I remember feeling ecstatic and excited by these huge creatures at my doorstep. I had a few dreams of grizzlies. In my early adult years now and I still love stuffed bears. I have a build-a-bear I love dearly and dress him with clothes and he is like a child to me. I always felt attracted to bears and the forest mostly. Perhaps it can be my spirit animal?

    The Bear Lover

  90. Sally says:

    About more than a decade ago, while watching TV alone in the living room during daytime, I saw something in the hallway but I didn’t pay attention. All of a sudden I realized I saw a big black cat like a panther or jaguar. I missed seeing its face. All I saw was a big beautiful black body with its long tail when it was walking into the bathroom on the main floor. Without thinking, I rushed to the bathroom through the hallway. Nothing was there. I really know what I saw! Several months later, my daughter saw the same cat (panther or jaguar) in her dream. It lie down on the carpet in her bedroom. Strange but true, the cat was located at the same spot where the bathroom was under the floor – the one I saw. I am curious what does it mean? The more I analyzed and it seemed the panther is my protector, right? I really love any kind of cats, domestic and wildlife. From time to time, I am still seeing a tiger through meditation and even it showed up while I was sleeping during my Reiki appointment several months ago. I also saw several panther and tiger signs like words, images or icons. I haven’t had a chance to have a panther or tiger talking to me. They are just silent. How can we communicate?

  91. Isaiah Leon Guerrero says:

    Hi, so there have been 2 encounters with 2 separate animals id like to share

    The first is this time i was in the car with my mom and stepfather, it was early in the morning and they said they saw an owl flying by, i unfortunately never got to see it. But i know ive always have had a strong affinity to owls…and i feel like the fact that i didnt see it means something

    The other encounter was with a Raccoon, i was just walking to the bus stop and i just saw one on a tree, unaturally close to the side walk. I feel like it was just out of place, i know Raccoons are famous for only really showing themselves when looking for food, but even then it wasnt looking for anything, just peerched on a tree. It then whent behind the tree and i feel like it just vanished…

    Id like to know if these instances mean anything

  92. Bobby says:

    I tried spirit animal meditation tonight for the first time and had many animals come to me more specifically and clearly a giraffe and gorilla but I also found an iguana, Scottish wildcat, snakes and orang-utans. this has confused me a bit what does it mean.

  93. Jasmine says:

    While i do find a lot of this information helpful, i think that its also important to make people aware of thing such as the fact that protecting your sacred space by calling the elements, otherwise known as casting a circle, is wiccan. I just feel that its important for peoples safety that they understand fully what that means. And it is not a healthy way to protect sacred space as leaving a circle open can be costly energy wise. Im not sure of your legitimacy in regards to sharing Native american knowledge therefore im not gonna call you out for cultural appropriation but i do feel that there are better methods for protecting sacred space. Such as burning incense or saying a small prayer/chant. I just feel circle casting is a little extensive and risky for people who may or may not know what the hell they are doing. Personally it offends me because its not designed to protect sacred space, its designed to create sacred space. The protection comes from the energy behind it as well as possible things used to aid, such as herbs/crystals/incense. Dont get me wrong, as a practicing witch this website provides a lot of good information about the basic meanings and symbolism of animals etc, but there are still a few things i dont agree with, not for my personal agenda either but for the credibility and usefulness of the knowledge whilst also making sure people are aware of what it is they are doing.

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Jasmine;

      It’s great that you feel welcome enough here at to share your personal opinions. That’s exactly the environment I hoped to create!

      If you’ll take a bit of time and research the practice of calling in the elements, you’ll find that this is not singular to Wiccan or Witch paradigms. Working with the elements is, in fact, used in many cultures across the world. From Native American to Asian to Celtic and more, the elements have always played a part in sacred ceremonies.

      To your point of ‘better methods for protecting sacred space’ – the methods, opinions, etc. I choose to put on my sites are strictly my own. Other methods will definitely resonate with certain folks – such as yourself. The really cool thing is that we can each learn from another’s approach. Then, we can put all the pieces we consider ‘best’ into a formula that works for us (the individual) or for our students. 🙂

      As for my legitimacy regarding sharing Native American knowledge … Like many before me, I’ve studied and personally experienced those teachings, cultures, and ideologies which have called to my soul. And, like many other lightworkers, Shaman, teachers, energy workers, etc. I share my findings.

      Finally, as there are tons of other folks who teach and talk about Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals I am certain you’ll find a website and community that better suits your opinions and beliefs.

      Stay wild,

  94. Sheri says:

    Hello, I have dreams of alligators very often. I can’t figure it out. It happens at least 3x a month. It seems they are biting at my feet or trying to get inside my house and I wake myself up kicking in the bed trying to get away from them?!
    Thank you for all you do! I’m enjoying reading all of the comments and knowing I’m not alone in some of the spiritual things I experience.

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Sheri;

      Hope the Alligator Dreams article can help you find the answers you’re seeking.

      And, no. You are definitely not alone. Especially at this moment in time, animal spirits are communicating more than ever. I believe this is because it’s time for the whole world to relearn and remember natural law. And, as harsh as nature can be, the love which comes from an animal (except humans) is wholly unconditional. We need more of that right now.

      Stay wild,

  95. Michael says:

    8 months ago I seperated from my wife, the mother of my 5 children. She has then ceased all contact between myself and our 5 children. The emotional trauma of losing my kids was unbearable, I was suicidal, 7 times I came close to jumping off a bridge but the thought of my kids prevented me from going through with it and thats when i awakened. Since the day after my last attempt I am constantly being followed everywhere I go by 3 crows, they reside in the highest tree on my block, directly out front of my home on the southside. Also from that day a flock of 100’s and 100’s of parrots (rosella’s i think) have called the tree’s on the east and west sides of my block and go nuts just about everytime i go out back. Also now have two magpies living in a tree on the northside of my block whom sing long and loud when im out back.A couple of months later a small flock of seagulls are constantly circling my block, so many times all together the parrots, crows, magpies and gulls circle my home together in the sky for a short period of time. To my amazement now everytime im out back within 5 minutes a flock of sulphur crested cockatoos do a fly through the pack of other birds but rarely hang around. At night everytime I go out back within a few minutes ill be seeing bats fly over, to which also triggered the realiztion that just about every house ive lived in my whole life has alway had a family of bats living close by, one home of 7 years they lived in the tree out back of my property. I am constantly being visited by white butterflies and when I go for a walk down by the local creek I am guaranteed to see at least one or two dragonflies appear out of nowhere and then vanish into thin air. They cant all be my spirit animal, so im sure the abundance of many types of animal in my life is surely a co incidence, but i really feel the crows and bats are trying to get a message to me. Whats your thoughts?
    P.S It has now been 252 days since i seen or heard any of my 5 childrens voices.



    • Kell says:

      I’m so sorry Michael for the separation between you and your children. I am a single mother of a now 27 year old son, who not only has addiction problems but also has mental issues/disabilities, which make him mentally and emotionally much younger than he really is, and currently he is missing with no contact in three weeks. He’s all I have and I felt tremendous guilt for losing my temper, just before he left, and saying hurtful things out of my desire for him to change his ways (mainly out of fear of losing him). I came to the realization that I can’t save him…only God can save him. I literally just got off the phone with a lady who prayed for me and have decided to go back to church because as they say “Let Go and Let God!”

      • spiritanimals says:

        Hello, Kell;

        It’s my most sincere hope you’re son has been found and is safe. I’m sure all the Wild Ones here on will be praying for your family.

        Stay wild,

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Michael;

      With your permission, I’ll send tons of healing animal spirit guide energy to you. I am truly sorry you are experiencing this loss. Hopefully, you are reaching out to a grief counselor.

      I disagree with your opinion that “They can’t all be my spirit animal…”. When we have to go to the emergency room there are many who get involved in our healing. Doctors, nurses, x-ray, techs, admin, etc. When we have a soul emergency, make no mistake – Spirit doesn’t just send one guide or angel. Spirit will send whatever and however many it takes to help. We are all worthy – you, Michael, are worthy – of Spirit sending thousands of birds if it will help.

      The amount of birds and other winged creatures you’ve been seeing and hearing is a HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL sign from The Great Spirit. Each type of bird, insect or mammal you’ve seen may have a specific message for you based on its individual symbolism and meaning. But, at the end of the day they are all “winged things”.

      My friend, it’s time for you rise up and ‘see’ the bigger picture. You thought of jumping off a bridge – that direction is down. Spirit has been diligently trying to get you to look up and see that direction is best for you. Birds fly unbelievable distances and endure incredible hardships when they migrate. But they do so because continuity of the family is what’s most important. Spirit is letting you know that you can endure. What will it take for you to be involved in your children’s life again? How many steps are you willing to take?

      Finally, you are feeling like Bats have a special message for you. I believe that’s true. Take a look at Bat as a Power Animal. You can face this darkness, Michael. No more talk of bridges unless you’re strapped to a hang-glider.

      Bat Spirit Totem Power Animal

      It is my most sincere hope you are helped by this reply.

      Stay wild,

  96. Kelli says:

    Thank you so much for your understanding and compassion. I appreciate all the prayers and loving energy sent toward my son and myself. I’ve had no contact from him in 9 days in which he said he got himself stuck in San Francisco. He has no money and with his mental health issues it leaves him very vulnerable. I’m thinking of making posters with his picture on it and driving to that city to post pictures of him in case anyone has seen him. The police cannot do anything in that city as there are so many missing young men and too many problems. I pray he reaches out to me again soon! Many blessings~Kelli

  97. James Spottedwolf says:

    Bernadette, Greetings My Relative. SAs you can probably tell from my name I am an American Indian. I am from the Blackfoot Nation near Browning, MT. My mother died giving birth to me and my father was never known to me. So I was raised by my maternal grandparents. My grandfather was a dream interpreter. He would tell people mostly young men, who had a vision, what that vision meant and in most cases that vision was brought to the person via an animal, be it a wolf, or bear, or horse or even a buffalo.
    My grand father, Charlie Two Stones, was the only man alive that I ever saw (many will disbelieve this) who could approach most any wild animal and by speaking softly and approaching very slowly, stroke the animals nose or neck or back and simply stand with the animal in a very quite way. My grandfather seemed to become one with the animal he was talking to, and it seemed as I watched, he would breath in and out with the animal, and I would swear that for a few minutes my grandfather and the animal he was with at the time seem to become as one with the animal he was talking with at the time. I have witnessed him with wolves, deer, elk and once with a male grizzly bear.
    My grandfather told me that one simply must show no fear of the animal, and to when approaching the animal to tell it that you are no danger to it. To call the animal by the name the Old Man gave to the animal, not the name that man has given to the animals. He told me that the Old Man (God) first made animals and told them that he was going to create man and that it was His wish that the animal protect man and to give itself to man so that man could live on Grandmother Earth. When the Old Man created the first man and woman, he told them that they were here to protect his creatures, the animals. That when man killed an animal for food, or clothing or shelter, he should pray to the animals and give thanks to the animal who died for him. My grandfather also told me that when I killed an animal, say a deer for food, that I would take the spirit of that animal as part of my own spirit.
    I have been able to approach deer, a few wolves, and many animals such as beaver, eagles and other small animals, but I would never approach a bear, no matter what my grandfather said.
    When my grandfather passed into the spirit world, we had two funerals for him. One was mostly for his white friends and non-traditional indians friends. After they all departed we had a traditional funeral in which certain traditional blessings were made and his personal death items were placed with his body so that he would have use of them in the spirit world. While the ceremonial prayers to the four winds were being recited a number of wolves began howling first on once side of the reservation and then another group began singing and soon it seemed if wolves from all across the reservation were singing together. This is very unusual for wolves to sing together during the daylight hours. As soon as they stopped, all at the same instant, we heard an eagle chirping and it flew very low, almost as if it had come to guide my grandfather to his ancestors and the spirit world.
    I am sure that those who are not of the People, will not believe nor understand what I have tried to pass on here, and that is we are all relatives, man and animal. We can trust each other if we, as man, will only try to understand our brothers, the animals, and treat them the way the Old Man taught us to do.
    May you keep the sun to your back, the wind in your face and as you walk with Grandmother Earth, may you leave no prints on her face.
    James Spottedwolf – proud Grandson of Charlie Two Stones, 1899-1996.

  98. Kelli says:

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story about your grandfather. I was wondering what it means if two wolf looking dogs cross your path the same day I was looking for my missing son. One in the morning time when I drove to the city and passed the dog howling in the car next to me the second dog looked exactly like a wolf and it approached me in the evening as I was going going into my apartment and he followed as if he wanted to come inside with me. What is the message? By the way my son is part Native American as well.

  99. Annabelle says:

    Hey, I’m very confused by messages I’m receiving in my dreams. At this point, I don’t even know what animal is trying to speak to me. I keep having these dreams where I’m running away from something. I’m almost always an animal in these ones. The most recent dream I’ve had was when a couple of my friends and I were causing trouble. It’s never bad trouble, but in dreams, we always manage to tick people off. A random guy starts naming all of my peers’ animals. They were all predators, but he looked at me and said, “You’re prey. Run.” I ran while my peers chased after me. My friends disappeared and I ran with great grace up a tree. A bird was there and seemed that she wanted to help guide me. She was very kind and I had a sense that we were friends. I think I escaped and I awoke. I keep having these dreams where I’m chased, predator or prey. I don’t know if this is a message that I should take seriously, but I have them all the time. The situation is never specific. I just don’t know what to make of it.

  100. Michelle says:

    Hi I am trying to find my spirit animal. I love all animals but most of the animal pictures(3 total) that I have hanging up are wolves. The other picture is of bald eagles. Would the wolves be my spirit animal.

  101. Nathaniel says:

    So, if I read this right. The fact I seem drawn to wolf pictures (and have an extensive collection!), statues, plushies and the fact the sound of a wolf’s howl is the best music I ever heard (and I heard a lot as my parents were musicians) and the howls give me shivers (in a good way) means the wolf is trying to contact me? I also love seeing the full moon and actually feel more at peace with a full moon. But that could just be because I love the moon…

  102. Javon says:

    OI just did it and now what does it me , I was at a swamp and an alligator came out of the water at first it was angry then I walked to the alligator and knelt down and started to rub the alligators back and as I was rubbing it’s back we started moving forward through these trees and once we got through the trees I was still knelt rubbing the alligator back with my right hand but now I’m looking forward and we were on a beach now but no one else was there and we went from the beach went through another set of trees and at the end of those trees I opened a door and the door lead to this mansion then I looked around my alligator was gone so I started looking for it and once I turned into the door way a dog came and everything faded

  103. Ethan says:

    a tiger stopped to me on the road and looked at me in my eyes im only 11 it talked to me in my thoughts people were scared i didn’t no what to do so i talked to it and said go before they come it said thank you i will vist you in your dreams goodbye i said and goodbye he said.

  104. ann says:


    Is it possible to have more than one spirit animal all at once? A lot of big and small cats are coming into my awareness – in life the house cats and through internet the big cats, Similarly, owl, ravens, peacock – all have come to me – mostly through internet. I can not brush as the frequency is far more than what could be jotted up to chance!

    • ann says:

      Also, I would like to know the difference between Animal Spirit, Totem Animal, and Power animal. I can not find this information.

      • spiritanimals says:

        Hello, Ann;

        There’s a brief description of these ‘differences’ at the bottom of the Spirit Animal Meanings page. However, depending on the culture and belief system used, the terms are really interchangeable. I separate them here on to help folks better understand how to work with animal spirit guide energies and medicine as a whole.

        Hope that helps.

        Stay wild,

  105. ann says:


    Is it possible to have more than one spirit animal all at once? A lot of big and small cats are coming into my awareness – in life the house cats and through internet the big cats, Similarly, owl, ravens, peacock – all have come to me – mostly through internet. I can not brush as the frequency is far more than what could be jotted up to chance!

  106. victor says:

    Hello Victoria,

    I’m new to this concept of the “Animal Guide” but I have studied animal movement and “adopt” animal personality as part of my acting studies. I would like to share with you my earliest memory of an animal experience, this was not a dream in the sense of contacting a spirit guide but it is actually my earliest memory, which now seems like a dream.

    I remember it was a hot humid day, I was looking down at my shoes and trying to walk along a concrete path in my back yard, my way was barred by what I realise now was a washing line prop which I couldn’t get around easily as I had difficulty keeping my balance.

    There was a flash of white light which caught my attention, I couldn’t quite focus on it at first and it keep moving from place to place hopping about, it was I realise now a Cabbage White Butterfly and it drew me into a garden crop of potato plants which at that time was a sea of green. As I followed the butterfly into the potato’s trying to catch it, it drew me in to the crop and I could no longer see my feet and keep my balance, I stumbled and fell into the undergrowth.

    I found myself in this amazing world, the sky had gone, everything had this wonderful green light and the smell of the earth was intoxicating, I felt at peace and lay down where I fell to fall asleep.

    I have never felt as peaceful in my life as I did at that moment and I still love the smell and feel of the earth which transports me back to that moment.

    I am about to embark upon my journey to find my spirit guide, any help or advice you can give would be most welcome.

  107. Dawn says:

    If you love certain animals could they be your spirit guides? I love pigs. I collect them, I can spot them whenever or wherever when I am out and about. If there is a pig whether it be a picture, a statue, whatever, it’s like I am drawn to it. But I also love sharks and fish, and bears, and birds as well. But pigs and sharks are my favorite. My psychologist told me that I probably like pigs and sharks because they are misunderstood creatures and maybe I feel misunderstood. I feel so connected to so many things, yet as I have gotten older I feel like I have disconnected from the natural world a bit because of anger and self doubt and self hatred and hatred of my fellow man. I use to be a social worker until I got ill. I have always been one to stand up for the disenfranchised and it angers me that so many individuals, animals and the planet are treated so horribly in the name of greed. I want/need to find my spirit animal and get in touch with the natural world again and find peace happiness and harmony. I just don’t know how to do it. Any thoughts you have would be so welcome.

  108. yeila silva says:

    Interesting information… I was at work doing administrative duties alone and i was falling asleep while I was dozing off, I saw a black crow opening its wings it was big and black and i jumped from my seat. Trust me it woke me up. Now I wonder what was that, that has never happened to me. I get messeges always from during dream state. I see a lot during my dreams. I never thought in looking for this kind of information but it struck a cord in me and now i want to know if this is my animal spirit.

  109. Emily says:

    Its been very hard for me personally and spiritually to find my totem, power animals. and or spirit animal. The animals that keep coming up in my dreams, daily life etc. are many a number. I am currently studying fro wildlife rehabilitators license but I have been rescueing and releases injured or orphaned baby animals since I was 7 years old Im 24 now and I love all kinds of animals i have many favorites” except most insects) The animals that Ive seen and related too are deer, horse, wolf, jaguar or leopard, raccoons, coyote, fox, its like a whole mixture Can you help me find my way Please?
    Thank you
    – Emily

    • Mary says:

      I feel the Universe is telling you that you should be a veterinarian. You’re a natural Sweet Heart!

    • Executor says:

      These are truly related to you, yes, but remember this, your guides come and go every day. Find those that you are calm with and peaceful with and interact with them.

      Remember: Find hope and love with all creatures. Even the insects deserve some love here and there.

  110. Erica says:

    Hello Bernadette,
    I just want to say first, thank you. This is such a lovely page and your interactions are blessings and very touching.
    I am wondering if there are things I can do to remember my dreams more clearly. Every since I was a child I have somehow blocked my dreams because I would have a recurring nightmare of a pit of snakes biting me on my back. It was a horrible dream that caused a great fear to go to bed at night. This dream started to happen when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I never figured out what caused the dream. I still have the dream occasionally. I only know because I wake up shaking and upset. I don’t actually see the dream. Anyway I don’t see any of my dreams now, and feel like I’m missing a very important part of my puzzle.
    Thanks for any insight. Blessings, peace and light to you!

    • Executor says:

      I can tel you that you can try writing your own journal. It allows you to recall your dreams in the future easier to recall. The weird dream that you are shaking and upset, it seems odd to me. usually you should be able to access this realm, but I guess not.

  111. Ravenn says:

    Has anyone tried these methods already? I can’t memorize the prayers…

    • Erica says:

      Hi Ravenn,
      Do you mean the prayers for the for protecting your sacred space? If so you can always use the ones here has guidance to create your own heartfelt words. Words of your own tend to be easier to remember. You can also write yours, the ones here and others you come to like in your journey down in a special prayer/book of shadows, kind of journal, to use until you are so familiar with them they come to your mouth automatically like your favorite songs. I also find when I hand write my prayers, spells, etc. it imprints in my mind. If you just can’t remember then there is no harm to continue reading them. There are some I have found, no matter what tricks I try, I can not remember the words to. I just keep the book open on my book holder next to my alter for those times. I hope this may help you. Oh, and to the matter of do they work? Yes, yes they do. You just have to set your intentions and believe. Blessings, peace and light, Erica

    • Executor says:

      Ravenn, I can tell you it will help keep you at peace when you do it and it will help you find your own “inner peace”

  112. Aira says:

    Hi!!! I don’t know how to do this…..but I can tell that I always feel connected with element fire…….for quite a while I thought wolf is my spirit animal but I think it’s now I don’t know why…..Moreover I’m a huge animal lover…….but the kind of animals I feel connected to are Lion, Tiger, Wolf and Eagle. Can you please help me in finding my spirit animal??

    • Aira says:

      Hi!!! I don’t know how to do this….but I tell that I always feel connected with element fire. For quite a while I thought that Wolf was my spirit animal…..but now I wanted to know what is my spirit animal in reality. Moreover I’m a huge animal lover and the animals I always feel connected with are Lion, Tiger, Wolf and Eagle.
      Once a priest told me that in my past life I was a cheetah but I didn’t asked him why because I didn’t took it seriously.
      Can you please help me with finding my spirit animal????
      And sorry for the comment I posted earlier, I typed really fast and when I read it I found many mistakes

    • Executor says:

      Your okay, Aira.

      This is normal to most here who want to share what they want to say about their own experiences. The cheetah seems right, but wrong at the same time. The same goes to the other spirit animals. Try the ritual above to find what the animal is. If you see a few animals, try talking to them and help them help you understand their message.

  113. Ro says:

    Well I’ve always been connected to the dog in someway because my mom told me this story, when I was a baby, my uncle’s dog stood over me and growled at my mom whenever my mom got close to me. Also I had a great connection with these two dogs, a dalmation and a chocolate labrodore. My mom also told me I’m part dog/wolf because of my great smell sense of smell and hearing. I just still cant find my spirit animal, can you give me some other tips?

    • Executor says:

      If you can, try the ritual with your dog nearby. I find it helpful to have something to comfort you as you do this ritual and it allows your mind to open to things that you cannot see with your eyes or hear with your ears.

  114. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for this post…I have a question…

    Many years ago, when I was between 18 and 20, I was driving on a road, not a busy road–as I drove I noticed a small bird on the side of the road just sitting there. As I drove by, he flew right into my window. It felt as if he were waiting for the right moment and, for lack of a better explanation, committed suicide.

    I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him topple over my car and fall to the ground. I pulled over, got out, and ran over to him. He was dead. I began to cry. I went to my car, got out a towel, picked him up and buried him in some leaves on the side of the road.

    It affected me so much, at the time. Hating the fact that because of me, driving a man-made object, interferred and killed this innocent animal. I still think of it to this day, wondering what the significance might have been for me, spiritually.

    Is there any insight that you might be able to offer? thank you so much for everything you do!!


    • Executor says:

      This story seems really deep to me. My interpretation is that that bird wants to help you, but the only way to do that is… well I’m not going to pull it up again.

      The bird will guide you, and it showed you what humans have done to the innocent creatures by causes that are out of this world’s capable hands.

      • Executor says:

        I hope this eases your mind as you travel throughout your days.

  115. Ujjwal says:

    Can I do it on my rooftop ? I stay in a independent house and almost surrounded by buildings

    • Executor says:

      You can do it wherever you like. Just make sure that everything is right for the ceremony.

  116. Ali says:

    Hi I’ve always had a feeling/connection with monkeys and gorilla’s. I have had a recent dream about a gorilla fighting in a jungle but it was almost like I was the gorilla I felt every movement every twitch. I was exhausted when I woke up. Could you give me any meaning.

  117. alyssa says:

    Thank you so much! I have always had a soft spot for animals! now to know i am part of one is very exciting. well, thanks again!

  118. George says:

    May i ask if you have to do this outside? i live in a area full of old religious people and i wish not to be lectured, called out on or hurt by them because they think i’m a devil worshiper or something. they really do not like witchcraft

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hi, George;

      This is a great question and one I get all the time. No. You do not have to do this outside. It’s awesome if you can but ONLY if there’s a place in nature you can be undisturbed – unless of course a critter visits you during the meditation!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  119. Mikah says:

    So i did what it told me to do and what i saw if im correct is a snake. The thing is iv always been afraid of snakes but so fascinated on how they are they scare me a lot but is this a sign that what i saw (a snake) be my actual spirit animal if so thank you a lot i was very cerious

  120. Daniel says:

    Hello I just encountered my spirit animal with your guide, it really helped me. Though is it normal for your spirit animal to be nervous?
    I had been a bit nervous before I started. which is pretty rare for me actually. when my spirit animal appeared it told me it was a dragon, though i could only see its silhouette. It then said it didn’t want to show its full form yet. it said it was a bit nervous and wasn’t that good at giving advice and that it might act a bit awkward while talking to me, after saying that’s okay I will probably be a but awkward too, it laughed cheerfully and said to be proud of myself and to never give up and someday your dreams and aspirations will come true. it then said I should leave now, but I will always be there for me whether I’m meditating or not and to come back and visit anytime. after that I woke up and felt a lot happier
    That was pretty much my experience

  121. Leo Moore says:

    I have a question, after doing a voiced spirit animal meditation I was walking on a beach, and sat at a campfire, when I looked behind me I seen what had similar appearance to a Australian Cattle dog? And dogs are always popping up in my life in bad and good ways. This a sign of anything? Infact I don’t really like dogs and are more fond of snakes.

  122. Selena Parnham says:

    I have been studying on spirit animals because my mom has told me about spirituality. I find spirit animals very interesting that I wanted to see if I could find mine. I have been searching and searching. And I still didn’t have a clue on what it was. That’s when I had a dream. I don’t remember the whole dream, but I remember seeing only a lion tail and not the rest of its body.I wondered if it meant anything. And then after a while, I realized something. My hair is kind of the shape and color of a lion’s mane. A while back, when I was probably 5 years old, I remember going to a zoo. When we went to look at the lions, a male lion looked at me for a few seconds with its eyes locked onto mine and then looked away. I went through many spirit animal websites and then I stumbled upon this one. I hope I will get all of the information I need.

  123. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much! I’m getting a really strong feeling that my spirit animals are Owl, Deer & Eagle…I’ve been going through a very hard time, losing my home, car breaking down, Grandma passed away in February, and now I live in her home in the attic…I’m separated from my children, besides visiting, and I feel defeated at times, but at the same time I feel an overwhelming feeling that it’s all supposed to be happening in order for me to make some big personal life changes…I’ve been in abusive relationships & have seen & felt some terrible things in my lifetime..I’m 34 today, my Birthday & I feel like I found you for an important reason..Any insight would be amazing & very appreciated…Thank you so much for being you…I’m a total Empath & I feel everything…Lots of Love from beautiful WA state #MniWiconi

    • Melissa says:

      If I can answer any questions to better help you to answer mine, I’d be more than happy

  124. Rachel says:

    Hello, I’m just now beginning to learn about spirit animals and spirits in the world around me. I’m at a challenging time in m life right now and am looking for a rock in my life, and trying to better myself as a person. I was wondering if there is any way you may be able to direct me in my research about these topics. Perhaps how you started? I’m willing and happy to try anything that you may suggest, books, articles, programs, people, and the like. Thank you tremendously. 🙂

  125. Ella says:

    I haven’t meditated before but have come across it a few times in books or other events. I have suddenly grown an interest in Spirit Guides and started doing some research. It lead me to want to discover my spirit guide but I am unsure how. I know a way is through meditation and that is the way I’d like to do it but had a few questions.

    I’ve seen that you have to protect your sacred space and was wondering if this area had to be outdoors or could it simply be your own bedroom

    Second I’ve also seen that you can invite you Spirit Guide to reveal themselves when in the meditation state. As well as the ways of where you can ask the 4 directions and Mother Earth and Father Sky to join you. Though I am worried I could mess this up even if chances are low.

    Overall I just wanted to discover my spirit guide through meditation and was curious if there were any tips or advice someone could give me.

    Thanks for reading all of this too. A response would be much appreciated

  126. Kerry says:

    I keep having these connections with animals and I am obsessed with the elements, mythology and anything to do with spirit animals. I keep having these odd dreams, sometimes in the clouds and sometimes in a slightly rippling pond, it changes often. There is always an animal, about the size of a fox and cuddly I think, maybe that can fly but I’m actually not quite sure what it is. This is why I am confused, I try to reach further into the universe and discover it’s secrets, I try not to follow the plain life society gives us. I want to go further. But there is always something restricting me. There is an animal guiding me, it might actually be a human, to go as far as my imagination goes. Please help me with this, i don’t know what it isand what it’s trying to tell me/guide me to! P.s; I’m more alive at night

    Thanks, Kerry

  127. Kerry says:

    Btw, I like playing with fire but I swear my soul hates it xD

  128. Ella says:

    Hello, after doing some other meditations I came back and did this one. This time, it was still unclear but I saw a silhouette of a deer before a fuzzy image of a small bird possibly a chickadee appear. I asked the chickadee if it had any messages for me and it said nothing. We just looked at each other for a long time. The chickadee was on the ground and I was standing in front of it. If you could possibly help me interpret this or even give a little bit of information it’d be greatly appreciated.


  129. Alexis says:

    Hi, I saw everyone else’s comments and they all seem so connected with their spirit animals, in physical encounters or through dreams. I really want to find my spirit animal guide, but I don’t seem to encounter animals that much and I don’t seem to dream about them :(. I have also tried meditation, but I don’t feel more connected. Is there any way for me to become more connected and find my guide? Thank you!

  130. Alexis says:

    I also looked at the Native American zodiac and I am a bear, but I feel the wolf is more relatable for me. Which animal should be my guide?

  131. Sophie says:

    Hello! I’ve always had an interest in animals, the spiritual side of the world, and the zodiacs, and I’ve had many pets and encounters with wild animals. The first pet I’ve ever had was a rottweiler named Hilda, although I don’t remember most of the things we did together, I DO remember that one time I was getting dressed and my siblings started yelling my name and saying that Hilda was sitting on the couch. I quickly ran out there (with clothes on, of course) and when I got there, Hilda had gotten off of the couch and she ran over to me.
    I also had a black persian with green eyes named Max. At one point I had three ferrets (all of which were male), Poto and Coto would run around, chasing my sister, while biting her ankles (they thought it was a game, but she would sometimes cry), and Harry was the name of the third. While nothing significant happened, I remember that I would hold Harry a lot and he’d sit there and let me pet him.
    One time, I got a bearded dragon as a reward for taking some Akido classes. He died about a month or two after we got him, so we got a new bearded dragon and I called him Rover. So far, he’s my favorite pet out of all the pets I’ve ever owned (though, he’s tied with a guinea pig named Oreo). When he got big (and slow) enough, we’d let him crawl around our house. Once, we took him out to the front yard while we were pulling weeds and stuff, and hen my mom accidentally stepped on him (he was fine), I started crying because of how worried I was, so we took him inside and put him back in his cage. Rover was VERY calm when we clipped his nails. Around the end of 2016 he died of an unknown cause, but now we have a new bearded dragon.
    At one point, we got a new rottweiler and we named her Ruby. At first she was very shy, though about half a year of hanging out with my family quickly changed that. Now, she will try to play with anyone she sees (and she gets very jealous when we give attention to the extra large pomeranian instead of her.)
    At one point in my life, we owned a total of seven guinea pigs. We had planned to get three, one for me, and one for each of my siblings. What we didn’t know, was that the guinea pig that my brother got was pregnant, and she gave birth to four small piggies. Two males, two females. My favorite was one of the males, which we had called Snugglebug because whenever someone (mainly me) got him out, he’d instantly snuggle with them. We gave one of the females – who’s name is Cottontail – to a friend, we kept the other female (Pippi), and gave both the males to our dad, who named them Anubis (Egyptian god of death) and Apophis (some sort of Egyptian demon snake.) Oh and the mothers name is Chewbacca.
    The guinea pig I got was black and white (the white in between the black, so of course I named her Oreo.) My sister happened to get another black and white piggie who was Oreo’s sister, and her name is Luna. After a few months of owning the piggies, Oreo started the get thinner, her eyesight got worse, and I noticed that she struggled to poop. I was really worried about her, so I held her a lot and gave her lots of food, not knowing that she was ill. Oreo seemed to like me the best, and when she died I chose to let my mom bury her instead of wanting to do it myself because if I did, I would remember everything about her, and that would make me very upset.
    And I also currently have a snake, but nothing significant has happened between us yet.

    No, onto the wild animals!
    The start off, I’m going to talk about the birds.
    One time, I was at a park with a few friends and we were running around, I got tired of running so I slowed to a walk. My friends started telling me to look up, and when I did, a hawk or falcon flew low over my head. Whatever bird it was, was being chased by about 3-6 robins. I have a strong liking of barn owls. And I keep seeing cardinals.Oh and one time my sister and I saw a bald eagle at the pool. And one time I had a dream about dogs and birds (mainly parrots and chickens)

    Next, the cats.
    At the current house I’m living in, there’s a group of cats living behind us. We named as many as possible, and the names I remember are Zephyr, Moss, Blue, and Smudge. A few months after naming those four, a gray tabby kitten suddenly showed up on the patio with a bird making noises at it (possibly to notify us?). We took it inside and the poor thing died the next day.

    Anyway, that’s all I remember right now. I’m sure there’s more but I can’t seem to recall any details.

    Plus, my Native American zodiac is a woodpecker, so it’s obvious a have a connection with birds of all kinds.

  132. Joey Anna says:

    Sense I was a kid I’ve always been so determined to find the TRUTH. Not specifically the truth to anything and to this day I still don’t quite understand what that even meant. My path has lead me to finding a spirit totem. The world, my past, and present all scream that its a tiger or maybe a white tiger. Is it normal not to feel worthy of your spirit totem? I feel its the reason I’m even questioning if its mine. Any advice? Did you guys have this problem? Is there a difference between a white tiger and an orange one?

  133. Luke Hudson says:


    I contacted my spirit animal last night. He said nothing but invoked his name in my head. I used guided meditation to meet him put don’t know what to do the reconnect with him. If you could help I would be most grateful.

    Thank you in advance.

  134. Emily says:

    I have meditated twice and both times i see a deer, a wolf, and an owl. The first time, the deer and owl were in the background and I interacted with the wolf. The second time, the wolf and owl were in the background and I interacted with the deer. They don’t talk to me but they do let me stroke them. Besides meditating, I never see them. I don’t dream about them or see signs in my day-to-day life. What exactly does this mean? Which one, if any of the three, is my Spirit animal and why don’t they visit me?

  135. dragonseer06 says:

    I have meditated but I don’t think that I have found my Spirit Animal. I feel more connected to mythical animals than real animals but I don’t know how I can tell if a mythical animal is my Spirit animal. Can you help me?

  136. Doris says:

    Hey I don’t feel quite comfortable sharing this on the internet, But i don’t know what else to do!! I cant remember when it started but Ive always had a connection with Axolotl. there is this dream i have been having almost monthly for as long as I can remember. It starts with me swimming in a pond i used to swim in when i was a child. I dive underwater and come face to face with this fish. It was a very odd fish and i spent hours after my first dream to figure out what it was, after some time i finally found out it was the mexican walking fish. Anyway im very calm and the axolotl seems to be studying me. After a few minutes i get out and walk out of the pond and the fish actually walks out behind me!! Its mouth is moving like its trying to tell me something, but the dream ends there. I always wake up with a very uneasy feeling in my stomach. Is it trying to tell me something? Is it my spirit animal? Please help me!!

  137. Tammy says:


    I came across your website while looking for answers to “everything happens for a reason in a timely fashion” in regards to my life. I don’t know the difference between a totem and a spirit guide but I do know that when an animal visits or does something unexpectedly, they’re trying to tell me something. I’m so busy with work, I’ve noticed them but don’t really pay attention. When it came to my dogs, they made sure I’d pay attention. Several years ago my Bubu let me know in a not so subtle way that I had breast cancer. It was also her way of telling me to slow down and start taking care of me instead of doing everything for everyone. Her baby brother had to do do something similar a few years later. We just in my car to leave work to go home when I heard Kam make some weird grunting sound. I turned around, couldn’t see him, put the car in park, and crawled half way between seats to feel for him. He was by the door. I opened it and we both fell out. Actually he jumped out and I went head first into the pavement. Kam pulled me up and I checked him out, he was okay. Got him back into the car and that’s when I found out that I wasn’t. Not only did my head hurt but so did my forearm. Kam pulled me up with his teeth. I had to have stitches and I couldn’t work for almost two weeks. That wasn’t slowing down. He made me do a complete stop. German shepherds get impatient when they have something important to say and you don’t listen. For the past year, a yellow jacket would fly into my house and stay on the window screen next to the couch I would sit on. It’s color was a beautiful gold and red – orange. I’m allergic to bee stings so I’m trying to get him/her out gently. Didn’t want it to go into attack mode. But it didn’t want to move. So I left that window open when we went for work. He wasn’t there when we got home. Visited several times after but haven’t seen him in a month. Last week I fell asleep on the couch. When I opened my eyes, there was the biggest praying mantis looking down at me from the ceiling. I was freaked out but got over it when he decided to move out of the dropping on me zone. He’s still here, in my house, and he hangs out by the kitchen window, near the turmeric plant with his friends, a coqui frog and a weird shaped spider. I’d like to think they’re keeping me company because I don’t have my Kam anymore. I had to help him put his wings on when he needed to go the rainbow bridge last month. It’s not a coincidence they here, they’re still alive. I just don’t know why. Maybe you could help put it into perspective?

  138. texasangel9069 says:

    I seeall around me are dragonflies does that mean something

  139. carmen gusan says:

    I found out what my spirit animal is and it is a deer! I know because I found my sacred spot then I sat down with my back straight and closed my eyes and I talked to myself and started naming off animals I seen a lot and when I named off deer the blackness in my eyes and mind turned orange and tuned back to black!

  140. carmen gusan says:

    someone in front of my car hit a baby deer and when it got hit I felt like I got hit!

    • Executor says:

      I am sorry… In fact that baby deer must be connected to you, as your spirit animal went out to try and help the baby deer, being “run over” itself.

      I can feel your pain right now, and understand this, no matter what happens, the spirits of each of one of us will not only help you, but others as well.

  141. Amber says:

    Dear Bernadette,

    I came to this site looking for answers. I have also been to your buildingbeautifulsouls site. Thank you for both, they are amazing and just what I need at this time.

    I came searching today because my friend lives in Canada and I live in the U.S. My friend is having a lot of very serious health issues and was scheduled for a CT Scan at 10:30 his time, 8:30 mine. At precisely 8:30, Canadian geese flew over, honking as they did. They are the brown and white ones. At 9:30 my time, when his test should be over, I heard another goose honk. It is a bit early for them to migrate through here. When I heard them, I immediately knew they were for him. I came looking to see if it was a positive sign that things would be ok for him.

    Thank you for all this new information. I am just delving back into to my spiritual awareness and it was just what I needed. I have yet to have my spiritual animal come to me, but if I was a betting person, my money would be on a snake. I have a deep passion for them, had one as a pet til it passed this last June. I can’t wait to get another. I have always had snakes present themselves to me. I was also born in the year of the snake.

    Thanks again for the time and care you put into this site.

    • Executor says:

      Dear Amber,

      I know I’m not Bernadette, but I can tell you that the geese are representing that he is safe and they want to tell you that all is well, but with the one goose honk at 9:30, it seems odd to hear that. The snake i say is a maybe. it is hard to tell very clearly. find the goose and the snake in your life.


      • spiritanimals says:

        Hello, Ex;

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to The Wild Ones. I see you’re really committed to helping folks with their Spirit Animal journeying and interpretations. Are you studying Shamanism? You’d make a terrific Shamanic practitioner.

        Stay wild,

  142. Dylan says:

    I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been here but I have a question. Regarding my spirit animal’s appearance. The tarantula that is my spirit animal has dominantly white hairs. With two black stripes along it’s legs meeting where the eyes are. There is a sort of pattern where the stripes meet. The eyes are a bright blue as well. I don’t know what these appearances meant

    • Executor says:

      It is the symbol of the spirit. Many spirits have the highlights in them that people can notice. The tarantula, for example has black stripes. all spirit animals have a way of showing black like a black background, but the Tarantula as of several others. Look inside of yourself to the colors and allow the colors to illuminate a path laid before you.

  143. Joe says:

    Hi I find this all weird. I was never raised to believe in this stuff but I gave it a shot. First few times I tried and nothing. One night before I went to bed and decided I would meditate as I tried to sleep and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I asked the direction and earth and sky to help me and asked my …..spirit animal to show itself and all I did and at least I think this happened. I convulsed 8 to 10 times like I was jumping in my sleep. I left like I was awake but no home and not able to move. I have a bearded dragon and his light was still on and I know I could see the light but that’s was it.

    Few days later I tried it again and something that I can only describe as insane happened. I asked my spirit animal to take me to a place it felt comfortable and I swear I was submerged in water and I swear I almost drowned I was in an empty plain nothing but water and a frog sitting on top of it not on anything but just floating on it like it was solid or something , but that’s all I got.

    I don’t understand if this was just a dream and I don’t understand what happened with the convulsions the one night.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!?!?!????

    • Executor says:

      I was raised the same type of way you were, Joe, but I can’t stop myself from giving you, and others wisdom. The bearded seems to be your spirit guide. When you asked the Bearded Lizard, it put you in a water biome. It seems odd, I know, but it is natural to you. In my opinion, this is your spirit animal. Able to find hope, you cannot break the ice of false information.

      • Executor says:

        Find the truth behind your troubles. Then you’ll find your peace.

  144. Judith says:

    I have always been drawn to all felines. I have learned my greatest life lessons from them. I know that no matters what happens I will land on my feet and if a situation is not right for me I walk away. But recently I had a vision I saw a fox which turned into a horse which turned into a cat which turned into an owl. My question is are these animals now my spirits guides? I have recently come out of an abusive situation and somehow I know they are trying to tell me something. I was holding a obsidian snowflake stone when this vision happened. The vision was murky so i assume that something in myself was blocking it from being clear. Am I right about this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Judith.

    • Executor says:

      I think you are half right. Something you did is preventing you to let your soul accept others, but there is another factor though. The Vision is in a murky place that is being shrouded by the cold dark and lightening fire.

      The Fox seems to be your original spirit guide, but when it has guided you to the point where it cannot give you anymore wisdom from it on your problem, you have other spirit guides. You are being guided by the current owl, but before, the cat and horse needed to tell you their message first. If you want to know what lesson is being taught by all four of these beautiful creatures, I recommend searching deep inside you to find your soul and talk to each one and write down their lesson.

  145. alex l says:

    I think I am a wolf. I love the forest find beauty in nature, I have great hearing to the point were some sounds hurt, I can see animals even when they are hiding, I can be very quite in the woods, I love wolves and all animals but I can hunt well. I can sense people and animals around me and I heal wounded animals all the time. I have raised chicks and the parents did not abandon them also lots of butterfly’s and moths, and frogs, lizards and a snake or two. also mice and squirrels.

  146. alex l says:

    I think I am a wolf. I love the forest find beauty in nature, I have great hearing to the point were some sounds hurt, I can see animals even when they are hiding, I can be very quite in the woods, I love wolves and all animals but I can hunt well. I can sense people and animals around me and I heal wounded animals all the time. I have raised chicks and the parents did not abandon them also lots of butterfly’s and moths, and frogs, lizards and a snake or two. also mice and squirrels.

    btw this is a re post because I didn’t select notifications so comment on this pls thanks!


    • alex l says:

      I also know martial arts and always win any fights and am fairly strong and am energized in the woods.

    • Executor says:

      you heed not to worry about the re post because you can check it at any time, and you will be notified about the messages that people will post.

      • Executor says:

        And to let you know, Find your inner Wolf by meditation and faith in the Wolf.

  147. rituchowdhury112233 says:

    Today i had a dream, that i am in field with a man whom i dont know… i asked him why the field is barren… so he said it is not can’t you see the little corp plants… after that i couldn’t see the man… then there was a tiger… big and beautiful, magnificent and golden like sun… i wasn’t afraid for some reason… there was a tin fence around the field i was hiding there as i felt overwhelmed and awkward.. and then also trying to reach the tiger… and then again was overwhelmed by it’s appearance and the way it was looking at me standing still… then i noticed a house i ran and entered in that house there were no room but stairs upward … i tiger was standing in front of the stair too.. this time i went to him… and at the mean time it fell asleep… then i passed him quitely as you should never wake up a tiger… there was a cat behind it.. as i passed him it was scared and looked at me.. i gave a glance backward and went up and then i woke up …….. and suddenly i wanted to know the meaning… more suddenly i felt i should know who is my spirit animal… i want to talk ……….. can you please tell me what is it ….. i normally don’t remember dreams except repeats or too vivid ones …… what is it i dont understand

  148. Darien Peall says:

    im having trouble in my life i am seeking help from my spirit and its wisdom i would like to find my spirit animal, i feel very connected to water can you please help me

  149. Starrie says:

    I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately about two lions. One male and the other female. They’re all white like snow with blue eyes. At first when I saw them they were still adolescents. The male’s mane was not developed. And for some reason in one of the dreams they were a normal tan color. But I usually see them in white fur. They would be very ferocious, roaring and slashing their claws out. I used to feel fear but they never attacked me. If anything I would walk by them or stand next to them and be perfectly fine. I felt safe. In two of the dreams they were on a doorstep trying to go through a red door that had the number 99 in bronze and next door there was the number 200.

    The last time I dreamt about them they were fully mature. I was in my room and it was snowing outside and a bright sunny day. I thought I heard a lion roar and I was scared to check but peeked through a tiny crack in my blinds anyway. As soon as I did the two lions sitting in the snow below my window looking up at me leapt up and pounced on my window roaring. I was terrified and locked the window but I knew they wouldn’t hurt me. It felt like they had something important to tell me that would benefit me. It felt like I needed them, but because they were lions…predators. I didn’t trust them enough to let them in my window. Then for some reason all these domestic cats broke in and ran rampant through my house. They didn’t hurt me just kinda forced their way inside.

    Which was something I didn’t want since I’m allergic to cats in real life. I’ve tried to understand the symbolism behind the lions coat’s color, eye color, and why they always come in a pair and why they’re always upset but never actually hurt me. I used your advice about finding my spirit animal and the lion popped up more than I realized in my life. I truly feel like its my spirit animal more than any other animal I suspected, but whenever I take a spirit animal or guide quiz I get some random other animal like an owl or a bee…so now I’m still unsure. What do these dreams mean? Is the lion my spirit animal?

    • Executor says:

      In the dream of the two lions, I sense a type of connection between you. They are loyal and protective and will leave their own kind alone, if it is their tribe. Next time they appear, ask them why are they fighting and once they tell you, try to see if they can get along and find your loyalty and wisdom to help them as well as you.
      In the two dreams of the doors with the lions, the lions are fighting at door 99 and 200. Look into yourself to find the meaning of 200 and 99 and what DIFFERENCE can they make to find your reasoning.

      The second dream about the pouncing lions wasn’t a dream at all. It was a vision. The two lions want to tell you their message. Find the two lions and hear their message that the show you.
      When the domestic cats came in, it symbolizes that there is another message you wanted to show. They cannot show you this message because of reasons beyond our understandings.

      The quizzes seems inaccurate because I usually get a different answer every time. You must trust yourself and find one that you feel is right in your soul.

  150. kat says:

    so my dream was really weird. is was like i was talking to my spirit animal inside my head while i was half awake. because i could hear my brothers alarm going of yet i could hear my spirit animal talking. all my animal said to me was that i am a something 6 bat. this was weird because i mostly relate to cats and i have two that i understand at home. i think i should try it agian because it might be a mistake. what should i do?

    • kat says:

      i think my talk with my spirit animal was real because one of my hair tye that was in my hair when i fell asleep was on my wrist and when i woke up it was still in my hair

      • kat says:

        i think cats might be my totam animal and the bat could be my spirit animal i need more light on this subject before i make a acusation. i will also try to meditate more!

    • Executor says:

      the will in you is strong, and I respect that. What you don’t see is what you truly hear. Open your eyes to a new reality and realize that the cat still slumbers and waits for your bidding. Look into yourself to find the truth to the message that you seek and the Cat wishes for you to seek.

  151. Chloe says:

    I’m not sure, but I think my spirit animal is in the canine family. I love me dogs and they love me back. I manage to be liked by, quite a lot of dogs. I was also the first person in my house to notice my dog passed, as it wasn’t bouncing when I came outside. I always felt strongly toward dogs and notice that somethings off about them. My favorite animals are dogs and wolves, and I even crawl and pounce up my stairs. And one night, as I turned everything off, I like and could of sworn I saw a wolf standing there, staring at me dead in the eye before I looked away and looked back. Then was in my room, same night, and was looking straight ahead. I saw a shadowy figure and saw a wolf. I Cleary saw its shape and couldn’t mistake it for anything. My vision got blurry as I grew sleepy and soon went to bed. I don’t dream often, and when I do, I cant really remember them. But I could of sworn that all in my mind, was wolves. I’m in a black room having a staring contest with a wolf for a split second before I woke up. But, can you tell me if this means anything?

    • Executor says:

      I feel that there is some connection to you and the wolf. They like to accept others who are worthy of being in their pack. If all you can remember are wolves, then there is a lesson that the Wolf would like to learn.

      Find things that will guide you to a successful life and find the wolf inside you. Remember, you are unique, and the story of it can be only be seen through your eyes. Words will not describe what you feel is right. Find what is right, and you will know why the wolf has summoned you.

  152. Clive says:

    I was walking in the street just having something a lil disturbing to my mind, i found a lady in front of me i i great her i pass i was wearing a red top and so she was, after just like 20 steps out of nowhere a bee come and bite me on my neck, i run past the place, there were bees just flying nearby by the flowers, the lady passed she wasn’t attacked as i was surprised like tht another one come n bite me on my back, i feel fo sure more r coming, i run far away bt as i claped my hand on my back i killed the bee, i waited for the lady, i asked her why wasnt she attacked by the bees, she ddnt even realised there were bees bt she just ended sayinh mayb the bees like yo blood, then i moved on, bt im just surprised wondering whts the meaning., just last week at my wrk area there are bees going in a pipe, making a hive, we busy walking past everyone pass wth no problem bt wen i pass i had to run fo my life, i have had multiple dreams of bees, behives, honey lots of it or beeing stung by bees, please may anyone enlighten me, is this my spirit animal can someone help me find my spirit animal. I like going around in the bushes when um bored, i meet lots of behives. Thankyou in advance

    • Executor says:

      The bees seem to like you in a spirituality.

      My personal opinion is that the bees are trying to send you a message through their stingers to your soul about what they think of you. I, for one, have been stung, but with a weird meaning to it. The bees try to hit you in the bone, but not anywhere else. This allows the bee to feel what you feel without knowing how you feel in my opinion.

      Remember, find things that will guide your path as the words of wisdom helps open a new reality for you and your spirit animal.

  153. Clive says:

    I really believe in most of the narratives above.

  154. Cassie says:

    Hi i was wondering if you could help me years ago i would see a wolf and werewolf in my dreams, but in all the dreams i had it felt like i either was the wolf or werewolf or that i was a observer but still felt strongly connected. One dream i had involved a werewolf running around my house this was the same werewolf i had seen in another dream. The werewolf looked at my pet cat and resisted the urge to chase or attack her. Its like it knew her. These dreams started after i had a traumatic event and i gained heightened senses along with suddenly dreaming about wolves and werewolves. Two dreams that involved the wolf were the wolf chasing a large cat like a panther away from some sheep alone a brick wall. The other was a dream of a wolf getting caught caught in a trap. I have a extreme connection with wolves and canines, i have honestly heard 2 dogs speak before, one spoke to me the other i could just hear speaking telepathically. For quite a while now though i dont dream about any animals would like to know what all this means?.

    • Executor says:

      To me, this seems like the wolf is strong with you.

      Might I ask if you are a natural born leader and will take compassion to other people seriously?
      Have you ever seen a wolf ever before besides a dream?

      In the dream of the trapped wolf, did you let it out and help it get to its pack?
      And the dogs, can you tell me what you could make out from them speaking to you?

      If it was quite a while, it seems that the spirit animals are debating on what spirit animal you need most now. They seem to be watching and listening to your heart and fears of cries in your soul as they come to a conclusion of what you need.

  155. Simon Stacy says:

    I think my spirit animal is a wolf

    • Executor says:

      The wolf? That is good. Can you tell me about your vision so I can tell you what I can make out of it?

  156. Eliza says:

    Hi, So I tried this because I was curious, I have done things of the sort before and one time it was fox (My favorite animal) and the other it was a moss-covered elk this was the first time I had heard of protecting the space and you said I could do that by prayer, I am a Chrisitan so I prayed to God to protect me while I tried this, nothing happened, hen I asked for the animal to come forward my mind flickered and I could see bits and pieces of totally different animals such as a foxtail, an elk leg, an anteater nose, a naked mole rat leg etc. Why is that?

    • Executor says:

      Something went wrong. I can feel it in my heart.

      Have you finished the ritual before praying?
      Is there any way it could’ve been your mind telling you this is where you stop and your soul pushing to to keep moving forward, even if there seems like no hope?

  157. AutumnFlowers says:

    In my meditation process of trying to find my spirit animal, I felt almost as if I were forcing it. I was incredibly forceful as well, and I’m slightly anxious that it’s not really as I thought it was. It was so incredibly formal and prestigious; a snow white wolf with piercing blue eyes, it’s actions and words seeming very stiff. I’d like to know if I really did this right? I did the prayers to Mother Earth, Father Sky and all of the directions, but I’m kind of scared I messed up there. Help?

    • Executor says:

      I know it is cool to learn your spirit animal, but you need to learn patience. You must seek for wisdom in order to find what you know and not know yet.

      I want to ask some questions about the meditation process as well as the vision.

      Did you get distracted by technology?
      What was the biome like?
      Did it look wounded or upset in any way?
      Do you think you angered it?

  158. Ella says:

    I had attempted to meet my spirit guide. My first successful meeting with my possible guide, I was standing in between some sort of marble, quartz structure. Ahead of me was a forest and rainforest biome mix. The sky was dark, kind of the way it is once rain comes and goes. I had spotted a doe, it was looking at me and was very gentle. I reached my hand out, it was cupped and I offered the deer some seed. Surprisingly the doe came over and started to eat out of my hand. I had asked it if it was my spirit guide and if it had any messages for me. I wasn’t given any answer to both of my questions. Did I offend the doe in any way? I had thanked it for coming as I could feel myself returning to reality but I’m still worried about my spirit guide. If it is the doe why didn’t it answer and as I said before Did I offend it in any way. Response would be amazing. Thanks


    • Executor says:

      My personal opinion is that the deer is not upset, but glad you have accepted it into your life. Because you care for the doe, you have helped the bond between you two become stronger. This is what I can make out of it.

  159. faizal says:

    hi i recently i have been really interested in finding my spirit animal, i guess thats a sign to do something right. And also recently i dreamt that i was a dragon in a forest flying happily spitting fires and just flying in the sky what does it mean? And also hmm im the type where i can never get angry with animals but recently also i noticed that i have a problem with white cats specifically. There was a time where after i ran at a forest at night i saw a white cat and he meowed at so i thought he wanted water so i gave him some water but he refused he just walked off. After a while he came back rubbing a bush n scratched me, And even at my house where i keep two cats one blackish geryish and the other white only the white will attack me i dont know why tho.

    • Executor says:

      I like the excuse to try and do the ritual. Keep your spirit strong like a dragon, and “fly” above what seems to be a dream.

      The white cat is what you anger? Why have you angered the white cat?

  160. christ-kephren says:

    I’m not sure bout mine I love foxes and reptiles and dinosaur all animals are fascinating so I’m a little confused

    • Executor says:

      I know you love it, but take this ritual to see what wisdom you need. Right now, you see the fox, the reptile, and the dinosaur fascinating, but is it truly what you seek?

  161. Danielle says:

    Today my boyfriend and I have had a really strange experience and I have such a strong feeling that it is a message I would really appreciate it if you could maybe help me figure it out. We have just had one of the roughest days ever together. We have been together for 4 years and we are in the beginning stages of building a home. Today we had an engineer come for our septic plan and he was extremely rude and disrespectful to me and made me pretty mad. After he left emotions were running high and it caused me and my boyfriend to get into a huge argument about it; Probably the worst one we have had. We finally made up and forgave each other an hour or two later and had dinner. After dinner he had to go to his house to feed his pets but was going to drop me off at my house first. It was about 8pm and pitch dark out and on the way home there was a young male deer near the side of the road and I told my boyfriend to be careful driving past it in case it ran out in the road. He then dropped me off at home and went up the road to his house. He came back to my house afterwards all upset because when he pulled up to his house a young male deer was stuck in an outdoor dog kennel they use for their garden and it was hurt pretty badly and kept trying to attack him because it was hurt and scared. He had to humanely put the deer down because its injuries were bad and it was suffering. I just think it was the strangest thing after such an unusually hostile and stressful day. Could this mean anything?

    • Executor says:

      This story is unlike many I heard, but I can tell you a few things about the story.

      One, the deer representing sensitivity, intuition and gentleness.
      Two, it appeared to both you and your boyfriend after your fight.
      Three, one was hurt in a dog kennel. The only way it could get in there is if something, or someone has placed it there.
      Four, it didn’t allow you or anyone to touch it.

      If it ever appears back into a similar situation with a similar way it was found, try doing this ritual. See through its eyes and not your own. These things are what I notice right now.

  162. K says:

    Hi!! I’ve been reading up on spirit animals. I think mine is a frog because I’ve always taken a liking to frogs. There are times when I feel like other animals are trying to tell me something, rather my frog. Is that okay?

    Also. My sister was over at my house a few weeks ago. I’ve had my dog for a few years and she has come in contact with him before. However, this time she said she didn’t see hi as a dog. She saw him as a wise soul meant for me. She couldn’t tell me why he was attached to me or anything else. Do you know what that could mean??

    • Executor says:

      Although there are creatures that you like, it doesn’t mean that it is a frog guiding your soul.

      Look back at it and see if you and your sister can do the same ritual together to help each other see what is the spirit animal that guides you.

      I personally think that the wise soul was an ancestor of yours that has a connection to your dog. I personally like dogs, but this seems different than what most would say. It isn’t weird in my opinion, but you are safe by your fellow friends, whether they be a human or an animal.

  163. William Stevenson says:

    Hello, I wanted to see ifyou could mabye help me understand the meaning of some very vivid dreams I have been having every night after my meditation. The place in my dreams completely black, basically an empty black void. and through the darkness, I could see blue eyes staring back at me.The eyes looked pretty much like cat, wolf, or even fox eyes. and just when the animal was about to reveal itself, I woke up to find myself in a new day. Its strange because some nights I have similar dreams but with hawk/eagle like eyes and are green/yelow/amber in color but then I wake up anyways. Does this mean anything? If so I don’t know what this means.I really need help interpreting these dreams and finding out what they mean

    • Executor says:

      The spirits seem to watch over you, but feel like it isn’t time for you to see their faces. After that, I can’t tell you much. Can you describe the dreams a little better so I can translate it with more detail?

      • William Stevenson says:

        sure, well I’ll try. So basically I am in a black void, with nothing and no one and I find the blackness comforting and all of the sudden I see these two eyes staring at me (the eyes were like the ones I described earlier, bird, cat, or wolf like) and I fall into like a trance just staring at them. As the animal starts to take shape or reavel itself, I just wake up normally. This is about as close as I can to describing it, I’ll try to explain it in more detail if you need me to, when I have a new dream of course. Thank you for trying to help.

  164. Executor says:

    Thank you for this. I am trying to do this, but I cannot get this off of my mind

    “Animal spirits hear those pleas and rally around us to offer protection, hope, healing, and wisdom.”

    I am liking this because of an experience I had when I was young.

    • Executor says:

      Here is how the story goes.

      When I was a baby, my mother was washing me in the bathroom sink. All of a sudden, the 3 mirrored cupboard fell off the wall and was falling twards my death. All of the sudden, my mother reaches out, catches it, and glass lands on her arm, not cutting her. She takes me in the other hand to make sure that if it drops, it won’t land on me.
      A few moments later, my dad charges in to see what had happened. He sees the cupboard on my mom’s arm and calls a couple of buddies to help lift it off of my mom’s arm. My dad and his two buddies were having the hardest time lifting it because it weighed at the least of 500 lbs.

      • Executor says:

        The irony to the story is that my mother saw a face that looked like my dad’s grandma. It lingered for a second. The thought of your quote and this makes my spirit wonder is there other things out there that are trying to help besides these spirit animals? I know that there are at least three presences in the room, but there is no way an animal besides an elephant could grab that cupboard. And the fact that the bathroom was small was even more weird.

  165. Executor says:

    If I could tell you the meaning of this, I would, but in this, I cannot. All I can tell you is that they seem to be weary of what they say. Keep searching inside yourself. If you like a certain animal, try to recreate the scene as best as you can.

    If there was any message that the spirit animals what to tell you, you won’t allow them to speak. I can help forward their message as best as I can and say be more open and others will open more unto you. Then your spirit animals will show themselves better.

    Remember, your opening up your soul to others and your seeing them through your soul. Keep finding it deep within you, even if it seems impossible, it is possible. All you need to do is find where the movement is between you and your soul.

  166. Madison says:

    Hi, so I have a couple things I was wondering about.

    The first thing is about my mother. One early morning, she was sitting on the couch looking at her phone. She was on Facebook I think. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something flying at her. It was the cover for our light in the living room, which, the light was located about 3 feet from her. As it flew a out her, she heald up her arms to block it so it wouldn’t hit her in the face and it left a huge bruise on here reliever arms. Instead of falling there, the light cover fell back underneath the light and landed on the ground directly under the light.
    What would this mean?

    Another thing I was wondering about. My entire life, I have felt a deep conception with wolves. When I saw your website to find Spirit Animals, I was totally on board. But. When I attempted the meditation, I was unable to clear my mind.
    Do you know of anyways I can clear my mind?
    And, how would you call forth your spirit animal?

    I appologize ahead of time if either of my last two questions were asked already answered.

  167. Cait says:

    Hi! I recently started trying to find my power/spirit animal and I had a dream last night about going to a zoo and seeing a couple of animals including some that don’t exist. Then I tried meditating while in the shower and after ten minutes, I suddenly felt nauseous and almost threw up then I started blacking out and had to lie down for a while to keep from passing out. Ten minutes later I’m back to normal. Did I do something wrong or is this just a coincidence or something?

  168. June says:

    I have a mountain of trouble even touching the spiritual side of the world
    It’s like my body has a choke hold on my spirit
    Anyone know anything that can help?

    Also I know I have a nice bat as a guide, because my mom helped me, but I have no idea if he counts as a spirit animal, and besides, I can’t contact him, or at least, I can’t hear him answer. Are guides different than companions??

  169. Megan says:

    I tried to do the meditation but I was left really confused. I got really relaxed and into a peaceful state of mind. It felt as though I was leaving my body as I entered a large pitch black area, but everything felt peaceful and warm, so I called out to my spirit animal. After calling out a couple of times and getting no response, I tried to move forward but there was some sort of invisible barrier in front of me. Then suddenly the colours blue and yellow started to splash against and run down the invisible barrier in the same way that water looks when it runs down glass. I didn’t see any animals at all despite how much I called out for it, and after several more minutes everything faded away and I was broken from the meditation.
    I don’t understand what this means, do I not have a spirit animal?

  170. Stacey Raborn says:

    I live in an area where scorpions are quite common, so the occasional scorpion encounter is not surprising. Like me, most of my friends and family have found scorpions in their homes, but have never been stung. I, on the other hand, have been stung multiple times…in bed, getting out of the shower (on my towel?), sitting on the sofa. My husband is always in close proximity, but they never come near him. I’m trying to find the connection here…why me? I’m very un-scorpion like! I am a very kind nurse with high but unrefined intuitive/empathic skills. Scorpion as a spirit animal? Why would the always hurt me instead of guiding me?

  171. Madison says:

    Hi, me again. Please disregard my question about wolves being my spirit animal. I think I finally found my spirit animal. I’m quite certain it is a white tailed deer. Often if not always, I dream of them and they do not fear me. We exchange no words, but merely look at one another. Often I see myself as a deer or see one before me, guiding me along in a direction.

    I would still like to know some good ways to clear my head and an answer about my mother’s little ‘mishap’ however. So whenever you get the chance, I would like to hear what you have to say.

  172. Brianna says:

    Hi, um lately I have been watching many animal documentaries (I want to be a veterinarian in the future) I have really loved animals for all my life and for 11 years I had been very eager to get my first pet (dog). I have been so happy investigating and learning about different animals and their behaviour. Lately I have been seeing documentaries about animals but they mostly keep on showing wolves all the time or many different types of dogs domestic AND wild. Im not sure if this is a sign about my spirit animal, I have always been having these dreams about foxes, wolves, and me being in this wolf form just like trying to survive in the wild (its very hard to explain but i hope you get the idea). Ever since I’ve been getting these dreams I have been very eager to find out what my spirit animal is. I came across this website and I hope your tips and tricks help me out. If there is any way for you to be able to explain why these events keep going on and why I still haven’t found out if this is a VERY IMPORTANT sign or something I will be very appreciative on your response. I’ll be hoping for your response very soon!

    • Brianna says:

      Oh and also I have been drawing and making these wolves some are fantasy like and some are lifelike. It’s just something that suddenly popped up in my head like “hmmm what if I draw wolves for now on?” Its something that just came up to be like a hobby of something. I don’t know if this means anything but I think this might be a piece of information that might help you.

  173. Eduardo says:

    In all my life I’ve always had an inexplicable relationship with toads and frogs, something very close to fear, but completely illogical and very intimate. Since I was a child I always dream of frogs/toads. They are never trying to scare or harm me, but definitely are trying to approach me, and these are always restless nights. As a Biologist, I could not lose this feeling towards them nor discover where it comes from, but I realized that even though I “fear” them, I do not hate or want to kill them. Is there a chance that maybe my Spirit Animal is a frog or toad, even though I “fear” them?

  174. Aditya says:

    What is the meaning of getting a little girl as my spirit? It appears as though she can’t speak. However, she seems to have something to say and is very frustrated with herself as she is unable to say it. What do I say. I’ve been getting the same results the last two times I tried. Please help. She gets a crazy look at times and that scares me. Please help me asap

  175. Ashley says:

    Hello. I would like to ask a question regarding this process. Is it necessary to recite the prayer from above word for word? Or is it okay if I improvise a little, as I doubt I could memorize the prayer. I don’t want my spirit animal not to come on behalf of a mistake I made.

    • Ashley says:

      You don’t have to answer the question question. I recited it without being perfect, and it did come, but I only saw a silhouette of my spirit animal, which looked like a deer, and it only answered that it was my spirit animal.

  176. Shawnell says:

    My first time on your site I think the knowledge you are sharing is extremely powerful and very important not everyone has the opportunity to learn these things from someone and or take the time to so thank you for sharing.

  177. Calypso says:

    Hi, Yesterday I just realised that a particular animal keeps appearing in my dreams, this animal is an Orca/ killer whale. I remember all my dreams and for the last year at least once a week there will be a dream where I am near or in the ocean and every time there will nearly always be a pack of orcas. Orcas actually scare me, I admire and respect them but I would never want to see one in person because of how dangerous they are. Despite this the orcas in my dreams have always appeared when I was at the climax of my dream and was in need of rescuing, they made me feel safe and as though I was being watched (in a good way, like they were my guardian.) The orcas are always in packs and they have appeared so many times that I don’t think its a coincidence, what do you think it means, are orcas my spirit guide or totem and if so I how do i communicate with them because i can’t meditate?

    • Kirsty says:

      I have so much to ask but not sure as it doesn’t all run around my spirit animal

  178. Marshall says:

    Hello! I just wanted to ask you. Last year, in the winter, I started having these intense dreams about wolves. I’m not sure how to describe it, so I’ll talk briefly about a dream or two:

    I was this female Arctic Wolf (I later learned her spirit name is Nikita, which I noticed was russian for Unstoppable). This lasted a couple weeks, but I kept being contacted by this same wolf and she came to me in a moment when I was very depressed. She was always around, and I remember the dreams pretty well. It was always a snowy land that might have been…Alaska? I don’t really know. There were coniferous trees and it was very snowy. She was usually alone, but I did get glimpses of her pack. She was the only Arctic Wolf, and there were a couple other types of wolves (I’m terrible with names, I’m so sorry!)

    I’m seeking you for a possible answer and anything really helps me. I just really wanna know, because now I feel I lost the connection with Nikita. I myself think, because I’m better now and not in need of help, that she has left me to tend to other business. Am I ignoring her, or am I being rude, not seeking her again? I was always thanking her for visiting me, but I wasn’t always able to respond to her because its so hard for me to clear my conscious and lucid dream my way to her attention. You seem like a wise person and so far, I haven’t found a better source than you, I don’t think.

  179. Westley Babin says:

    I’d like some insight as to the meaning of a recent dream. In the dream, I was up at night eating some leftover spaghetti. When I closed the refrigerator, there was a pure white cat with glowing golden eyes and matching golden aura(I think it was a ragdoll or munchkin, not too sure about the breed but it was fluffy and had big round eyes). It stared at me with it’s wide eyes, as if waiting for a response. I knew I didn’t have a cat, so I asked”what are you doing here kitty?” It tilted it’s head left and I was met by a confused/puzzled or concerned”Rawr?” It then disipered like a spirit in a flash of white and gold.

    Before this dream I had listened to a guided meditation in finding my spirit animal, but had no luck in doing so this time or any other attempt in doing so. This dream was on earth of the most Lucerne dreams Ive ever had, almost as if something wanted me to remember every detail about it. I have 2 questions: is this my spirit animal, and what does this dream mean?

  180. Melissa says:

    Usually every time I close my eye for longer then 3sec. I see a Tiger looking right back at me. Is that a way of my spirit animal trying to give me a sign or is it not my spirit animal at all? I have not tried to do the meditation yet, but I will once I get the crystals.

  181. Emma says:

    I want to share a story because I need to know if it has any significance. Last summer I was out canoeing with my family. We were on a smallish lake on a hot summer day. There were large green trees and Lilly pads all around the shore. Suddenly I heard this splash in the water and I turned my head around to stare straight into the eyes of a doe that had stepped into the water. My father did not see the doe and asked me what that noise was. I said that it was a deer, and he replayed that it was a beaver even though he never saw it. I argued back that it was a deer because I saw it. He remarked that it was so hot that even the deer are going into the water and said nothing more. Does this mean anything? I tried to find my spirit animal, but I sat there, and it didn’t appear. Am I just not waiting long enough, or do I not trust my spirit animal enough?

  182. Ethan says:

    I tried your method of meditation and got odd results. Many animals came to me and took one look before departing, without so much as a message. Then, the one thing that i did see was a gigantic oak that had to be at least 200 years old. It taught me many things about time and the nature and absurdity of existence. What could that mean?

    • Ashkey says:

      I am not the creator of this website, but maybe the tree is your spirit guide? She did say that plants could be spirit guides.

  183. Hannah says:

    I remember having a dream a while back about me in the forest. I was very aware of three groups of animals. Wolves, Lions, and I can’t recall the last animal. I was faced with some kind of a choice, maybe to join one of these groups of animals, and in the end I left (I don’t remember running away or just walking. I know I was upset about something), deciding to go on my own. There was a lake somewhere, and a large building I got lost in. In this building there was something I was afraid of, down some stairs that I never saw but felt chased by. I remember coming back to find these three groups of animals again, and there was some kind of a battle. I felt very small in this part of the dream.
    This dream was very startling for me and was followed by two more frighting dreams the next two days.
    Sorry I couldn’t be more specific. If you could help me find the meaning in this dream that would be very helpful to me.
    (If it helps any, I know that my next two dreams were about two of my three greatest fears. Could that have anything to do with this?)

  184. Gerta says:

    I tried calling upon the Four Spirits and Mother Earth and Father sky. I asked for their help and guidance and suddenly I felt cold and not alone. It was not a bad feeling though. It was like someone was holding me down and calming me and my eyes shut on their own. Then I saw myself surrounded by shadows and heard, or more like felt myself hearing a flaping sound. Then I saw a dark elegant bird (Raven I think) flying towards me. He (I got the sence that he was male) flew so close by my face that I felt the movements of his wings and then he rose up above me and circled for a bit and then the same thing repeated. I got the sence that he was teasing and inviteing me.
    Also a raven has sat by my window every day for weeks now. And I see them everywhere.

    • Gerta says:

      I have no idea what all of that means. Also everything was shrouded in shadows… or shadowy mist or something. (shrugs)

  185. Lost Spirit says:


    Its like 6-7 Years ago , I used to have dreams of animals, In one dream , a bear was chasing me and I was running away from it I thought it may hurt me , I was frightened.
    In second dream , I was running away from tiger, same thing ..I was frightened and got wake up.
    In third dream, I was at place near a river and standing on stone, and there were snakes all over the place. I dont know what that means.
    In another dream , I got stuck with broken vehicle in jungle , where I can see two Lions are resting on tree, they know me and other person standing there ,but they didnt attacked us. I was trying to get away but out motor bike was not starting.

    I only remember these dreams, but now from 1-2 years I am not getting any animals dream, did they left me because I was running away?
    Or something else.
    My life is not much of fun but not bad, it just like tick tack of a clock, no excitement, nothing.

  186. Raia says:

    I am not sure what my spirit animal could be. I find it hard to meditate. I do know that when I was younger, I would always pretend to be a horse, and I still have a love for them. I also enjoyed playing as a cat or dog. Some days I feel like my dog is trying to tell me something. When I was younger, I visited dolphins at the zoo, and a dolphin would follow my finger as I walked around. I don’t know if that means one of them is my spirit animal or not?

    • Raia says:

      I have been trying to see if my dreams show signs, but none so far.

  187. Gavin says:

    I don’t know if I believe in all this stuff but I don’t know where else to go. The past month I keep having strange dreams. Im just standing in a field when I see a pear of glowing eyes and a dark shape circling me. Im not ever scared but intrigued. The it comes close and lays at my feet. Its a coyote. Than last week I was camping Alone. Backpacking, and I heard some strange shuffling around camp. So i look up and through the firelight I see a pear of glowing eyes. Just like in my dream! but this time its not circling but just staring. Than it takes another step or two into the firelight and its a large coyote. It just stood there and looked at me for like 30 seconds. Then it turned and walked away. What does this mean?!

  188. baran says:

    hey sorry i havent try the meditation yet, but how i will see it? and can you explain more about chakras? because i some times feel like im running in jungle

  189. brenda says:

    Hi there! My friend was trying to contact her spirit animal for the first time, but had no success aside from tingling feet. Does this have any significance? Thanks 🙂

  190. Alanza says:

    I need some advice. I find it interesting to find my spirital animal and being able to experience it. I am only 14 though so I don’t know if its a good idea to even do it at this age. I want to do it but I’m afraid that there will be consequences later on and it will haunt me, I’m also afraid that there will be a lot of negative activity and I will go insane… Can anyone help me out? I did research about opening your third eye and a lot of people say it’s bad and not to do it and it gives them a lot of headaches so not doing that. But you say the spiritual animal comes to you when you need help and stuff so what should I do?

  191. Saja says:

    Hi Bernadette!

    Firstly, amazing page, I love it! I’ve be reading it for hours since I found it, and I noticed something quieter strange, that maybe you can help me understand.

    I had a very deep meditation last year, in which I incarnated a white owl. I still remember the sensation of flying and moving my wings… Everything. That led me to think that maybe the Owl is my spirit animal, but I decided to take the Quiz anyways… The thing is that the quiz said my spirit animal is the snake, so I read your pages on both, the Owl and the Snake.
    Both of them are tremendously accurate! So, which one is my spirit animal? Or are they both?

    • Saja says:

      Up there, the keyboard messed up; it should say “been”, instead of “be”, and “quite” instead of “quieter”…
      My bad…

  192. FallenWingz says:

    Hi, I loved reading your information on this, though I wanted to know if you can clarify my dream to see if it’s anything important.

    So I’ve been having the same dreams for 5 days now, and I’m starting to get nervous about it.

    Each dream I’m in the stary night sky, it feels welcoming and peaceful. Usually about 5 minutes longer a ghostly tiger with stars in it’s pelt walks towards me. In each dream I would stick out my hand beckoning it. It usually would come closer until it’s barely a finger tip away, I always felt I will get to touch it the next dream but it never happened. Before I would be able to touch the tiger I would instantly snap out of the dream and wake up in a cold sweat.

    Please help me understand this!

    -Thanks 🙂

  193. FallenWingz says:

    I would also like to add that the very next day I went to the zoo with my family, when we went to the tiger exhibit usually the tiger doesn’t really come up to the people. Though when we got to the exhibit the tiger that was sitting far away from us got up and walked over staring straight at me, which was a little nerve racking since it reminded me of my dream. Today I would like to add on my way home with my dad I saw a tiger on a billboard sign, it seems like everywhere I go I always see a tiger somehow, from paintings, movies, books, bill boards, (etc.)

    • FallenWingz says:

      I would also like to add, I was playing one of my video games (Animal Crossing) and I caught a butterfly – the butterfly species was called a Tiger Butterfly – :/

      • FallenWingz says:

        As well as the Tiger Butterfly to be in a patch of Lily flowers. (btw Lily is my name) I don’t thing it’s a coincidence, I really thing my spirit animal is a tiger out of all these clues. But I want to know what you think.

        -Thanks again 🙂

  194. Tomas says:

    Hi! i don’t know if someone will reply to me… but i would highly appreciate it. I have always been interested in nature. And i have always been looking for answers, i love animals and i will do anything to protect them from humans. I have searched in my dreams for answers. And always, in most of my dreams, i dream with caimans, they are always there, i’m always in a river, sometimes i swim in the river, scared of the caimans, but they never attack me, i have always liked caimans, and i’m starting to think they are my guide, but there is a problem, the caiman is patient, i am not that patient, i don’t exactly now if i’m related to them in some way, i can tell you that i love water, i also feel clo