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Cardinal Directions (Four Directions) Symbolism and Meaning

Learn about the 4 Cardinal Directions (North, South, East, & West)! Understanding the symbolism and meaning and each Cardinal Direction can help you get closer to all your Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals. Discover how to use the Cardinal Directions to interpret messages from your animal spirit guides, help facilitate Shamanic healing, invoke your Power Animal and more.

South Symbolism & Meaning

The Cardinal Direction of South embodies the Fire Element and solar energies. It’s the spark of life, intense or gentle heat, and illumination. Metaphysically we associate South with the season of Summer when the earth is abundant with blossoms and ripening fruits and vegetables. In agricultural times, this provided a moment of comfort – knowing that for now providence reigns.

North Symbolism & Meaning

North represents a moment of serious contemplation where the lessons we’ve learned truly integrate. We become shining lights, beaming with spirituality and well-being. North also represents the in-between times and our afterlife in the Astral realm. Where you have been busy nonstop through the other three directions here is the place to stop, be quiet and listen to the Divine’s voice. 

West Symbolism & Meaning

The West symbolizes the moving of ignorance to wisdom. Sometimes called the “little death”, West asks us to put away our childish ways and evolve to become our most sage ‘self’. When working any Shamanic rituals or meditations where the energy of the West comes into play, the most powerful time of working is as the sun sets. With that slowly decreasing light release your fears and expand your boundaries. The next dawn, wake up to new possibilities.