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Birds Symbolism & Meanings

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Albatross Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Albatross Symbolism & Meaning

Albatross is a Spirit Animal Guide with connections to the Water Element, the realm of Spirits, dreams, and emotions. Ancient cultures saw Albatross as a Weather Witch, meaning sightings of the creature were a sign of rain or a storm ...
bird of paradise symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Bird of Paradise Symbolism & Meaning

When Bird of Paradise appears in your life as an Animal Spirit Guide, its to encourage you to strengthen and intensify your connection with the Universe, particularly the Masculine aspect of the Divine. The bird's appearance may also relate to ...
Black Swan Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Black Swan Symbolism & Meaning

At one time thought only to be a creature existing in myth, the Black Swan has become a symbol of the mysterious, the unknown, and of surprises. When this creature glides into your world, suddenly, what once seemed impossible becomes ...
blackbird spirit totem power animal 1200x1200

Blackbird Symbolism & Meaning

The coloring of the Blackbird makes the creature a symbol of death, change, magic, and mystery. Often, Blackbirds represent or are sacred to Tricksters, demi-gods, or Gods and Goddesses in myth, and Shamans consider these creatures Spirit messengers. Read on ...
blue footed booby symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Blue Footed Booby Symbolism & Meaning

One look at the Blue Footed Booby, and you can't help but smile, simply because the creature is, quite simply, adorable. Because of its bright blue feet, awkwardness on land, and clownish appearance, these Birds come to symbolically represent childlike ...
blue jay spirit totem power animal 1200x1200

Blue Jay Symbolism & Meaning

Blue Jay symbolism and meaning proves one of the most complex and powerful among the powerful birds you may work with. Need to pave a pathway to exceptional communication? Want to make the most of your potential? Blue Jay, as ...
bluebird spirit totem power animal 1200x1200

Bluebird Symbolism & Meaning

The Bluebird's coloring symbolically ties the creature to the realm of spirit, the Higher Self, security, tranquility, and joy. Read on to explore more Bluebird symbolism and meaning now and discover what it means when this creature appears in your ...
buzzard & vulture symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Buzzard & Vulture Symbolism & Meaning

Do you need to clear and cleanse toxic relationships, habits and baggage from your life? Are you on the verge of developing your psychic awareness? If so, take to the skies and soar with Buzzard and Vulture energy. Vulture & ...
canary symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Canary Symbolism & Meaning

Canary, with its beautiful yellow feathers, evokes visions of sunshine, warmth, and happiness, but so does its song. Explore Canary symbolism and meaning now, to discover what this delightful creature can teach you when it appears as a Spirit Animal ...
Cardinal Spiritual Meaning 1200x1200

Cardinal Symbolism & Meaning

Cardinal is a creature commonly associated with an exuberance for life, delight, and good cheer. Indeed, even its song of Cheer, cheer, cheer sounds as if the Bird is urging you to find happiness. Explore Cardinal symbolism and meaning now ...
cassowary symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Cassowary Symbolism & Meaning

Cassowary spreads the seeds of up to 70 species of trees throughout the Rainforest. The Bird, therefore, ensures the growth of its natural environment. As such, the creature symbolizes fertility, and abundance. Explore Cassowary symbolism and meaning now to discover ...
catbird symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Catbird Symbolism & Meaning

One of Catbird's amazing gifts is the skill of mimcry. The creature has a wide range of vocalizations, one of which sounds like a Cat, which is why the Bird is so named! Explore Catbird symbolism and meaning now to ...
chickadee symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Chickadee Symbolism & Meaning

If you're looking to discover what awaits on the horizon in the way of opportunities or if you want more tranquility in your day-to-day existence, Chickadee is the ideal Spirit Animal Guide. Explore Chickadee symbolism and meaning now to discover ...
chicken symbolism meaning 1200x630

Chicken Symbolism & Meaning

Chickens were at one time raised in ancient Rome for the specific purpose of using them in divination. As such, Chickens are symbols of prophecy. Find out more about Chicken symbolism now to uncover the hidden meaning of these creatures ...
cockatoo symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Cockatoo Symbolism & Meaning

Cockatoo & Cockatiel fly in a flock and fars far better and are community-minded. As such, they come to represent colloborative efforts, socialization, and companionship. Explore Cockatoo symbolism and meaning now to discover the symbolic significance of this creature when ...
condor symbolism meaning 1200x630

Condor Symbolism & Meaning

Native Americans considered the Condor a Sky Spirit, and in some tribes, this Bird was one that presided over the Cardinal Directions and the Elements. Find out more about Condor symbolism now to uncover the hidden meaning of these creatures ...
cormorant symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Cormorant Symbolism & Meaning

In some cultures, the Cormorant is a Sacred Bird, one seen as signifying balance and tenacity. The creature corresponds to the Air and Earth Elements. Explore Cormorant symbolism and meaning now to discover what this creature means when it appears ...
cowbird symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Cowbird Symbolism & Meaning

Want to reconnect with your inner child? Looking to expand your spiritual knowledge? Cowbird as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Cowbird teaches you to find the endless well of joy and magic within, all while helping you ...
crane symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Crane Symbolism & Meaning

Having trouble finding time for spiritual pursuits? Is it often difficult to concentrate on what’s important to you? Crane as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Crane teaches how to identify and balance priorities, all while showing you ...
Crow Symbolism and Meaning 1200x630

Crow Symbolism & Meaning

Need help seeing danger when it approaches? Are you questioning your intelligence? Is valuable time in your life slipping by but you're not really living? Crow as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Crow teaches you to recognize ...
cuckoo spirit animal 1200x630

Cuckoo Symbolism & Meaning

Are you looking to discover your talents? Want to walk through the world in balance? Cuckoo, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Cuckoo teaches how to uncover your innate gifts, all while showing how to maintain poise ...
dodo bird symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Dodo Bird Symbolism & Meaning

Are you looking to learn more about the world? Having problems with people taking advantage of you? Dodo Bird, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Dodo teaches you how to examine all things with an insatiable curiosity, ...
Dove Spirit, Totem, Power Animal Symbolism & Meaning 1200x1200

Dove Symbolism & Meaning

Dove as a spirit, totem, & power animal is the perfect guide if you seek peace, divine inspiration, or a closer connection with your family. Dove teaches you how to still your restless spirit and compassionately embrace those you love ...
duck symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Duck Symbolism & Meaning

Duck as a spirit animal is a helpful guide for those who want to discover their true selves. It can assist you in uncovering your hidden emotions and identifying where you belong. Duck teaches you how to dive deep into ...
Eagle Spirit Totem Power Animal Symbolism Meaning 1200x1200

Eagle Symbolism & Meaning

Do you need to summon up true courage? Are you called to deliver messages from the Divine but need support in learning to access them? Eagle, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Eagle teaches how to embrace ...
egret symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Egret Symbolism & Meaning

Need help moving through uncertainty? Looking for opportunities for personal growth? Egret, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Egret teaches you how to find your bearings while showing you how to adapt to challenges in your life! ...
emu symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Emu Symbolism & Meaning

When Ostrich & Emu arrives in your life as Animal Allies, often there’s a lesson in justice or equality is coming your way. Read on to find out what it means when Ostrich & Emu appear in your dreams. Read ...
Falcon Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal Symbolism and Meanings 1200x1200

Falcon Symbolism & Meaning

Having trouble concentrating? Are you looking to lead others? Falcon, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Falcon teaches how to achieve clarity of mind, all while showing you how to share your wisdom when guiding others. Delve ...
finch symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Finch Symbolism & Meaning

Want to fill each day with more joy? Need more energy just to make it through the day? Finch, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Finch teaches you how to savor every moment of existence while showing ...
flamingo symbolism meaning 1200x630

Flamingo Symbolism & Meaning

People often see Flamingos congregating in flocks, with many standing on one leg, making them the ideal emblem of balance and community. Read on to see what else Flamingo symbolism and meaning offers in the way of Animal Wisdom and ...
flicker symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Flicker Bird Symbolism & Meaning

As a member of the Woodpecker Family, the Flicker symbolizes marching to your own beat and individuality. Read on to find out more about the significance of Flicker when it flies into your life as a Spirit, Totem, and Power ...
goldfinch symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Goldfinch Symbolism & Meaning

Need help dealing with a difficult relationship? Are you seeking the approval of others? Goldfinch, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Goldfinch helps you create or discover an emotional haven all while showing you how to ensure ...
goose symbolism meaning 1200x630

Goose Symbolism & Meaning

Goose is both aggressive and territorial, making it an emblem of defense, protection, and assertive action. Read on to find out what Goose means when it flies into your dreamscape or it swoops in as a Spirit, Totem, or Power ...
grackle symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Grackle Symbolism & Meaning

Grackle shares a bit of symbolism with the Blackbird, but it's this Bird's boisterous voice that makes it the emblem of communication and self-expression. Read on to explore dream meanings when this Bird flies into your dreamscape or to examine ...
grosbeak symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Grosbeak Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to break with tradition? Want a healthier approach to living? Grosbeak, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Grosbeak helps you find your inner rebel or “Gypsy Spirit,” while introducing you to holistic life choices. Delve deeply ...
grouse symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Grouse Symbolism & Meaning

Grouse is a territorial Bird symbolizing boundaries and self-preservation. But the Bird also has rich meaning in Dreams and when it appears as an Animal Ally. Read on to explore the meaning behind Grouse as a Spirit, Totem, and Power ...
Hawk Spirit Totem Power Animal Symbolism Meaning 1200x1200

Hawk Symbolism & Meaning

Hawks symbolize keen-vision and strength. Read on to discover more about this remarkable bird of prey when it appears in your life as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal! Explore Hawk dream meanings now! ...
heron symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Heron Symbolism & Meaning

Herons prefer being alone over congregating in a flock, so they are symbolic of solitude, independence, and rebellion. Read on to find out more about what Heron means when it enters your dreams or the message it conveys as a ...
hoatzin symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Hoatzin Symbolism & Meaning

Hoatzin’s unusual appearance makes it an emblem of historic and arcane knowledge. Discover what this unique Bird means when it appears in dreams as Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal now! ...
hummingbird symbolism meaning 1200x630

Hummingbird Symbolism & Meaning

The tiny and quite lovely Hummingbird symboically represents joy, abundance, and the infinite. Read on to explore what this creature means when it wings its way into your dreams or appears as a Spirit, Totem, or Power Animal now! ...
ibis symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Ibis Symbolism & Meaning

Ibis is a Bird fond of congregating in large flocks, so the creature has symbolic ties to family, networking, communication, and community. Read on now to explore Ibis Dream Meanings or learn more about the Ibis Spirit, Totem, & Power ...
american kestrel symbolism meaning 1200x630

Kestrel Symbolism & Meaning

The American Kestrel is a Falcon symbolizing the element of Air, the intellect, and the movement of thoughts or ideas. Find out what it means when the American Kestrel flies into your dreamscape or read up on the Bird as ...
kingfisher symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Kingfisher Symbolism & Meaning

The Kingfisher stares at you with dark, brown penetrating eyes. Their vision acts like a zoom lens, a feature giving Kingfisher an immediate association with Clairvoyance. Even so, the Kingfisher has no eye sockets. They must move their head to ...
kiwi symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Kiwi Symbolism & Meaning

Kiwi Bird symbolizes monogamy, courage, and accepting nothing less than the best. Explore what it means when this flightless Bird appears in your dreamscape now! Read on to find out about Kiwi symbolism and meaning when it appears in your ...
loon symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Loon Symbolism & Meaning

Loon symbolizes happiness, family unity, and self-acceptance. Read on now to discover what it means when Loon floats into your dreams! Explore the meaning of Loon when it shows up in your life as a Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal ...
magpie symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Magpie Symbolism & Meaning

Magpie is an emblem of willpower and adaptability. Read on to find out what the Bird means when it flies into your awareness as a Spirit, Totem,& Power Animal now! Discover Magpie Dream Meanings, too! ...
martin symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Martin Symbolism & Meaning

The colorful Martin represents nobility, wealth, and kinship. Read on to find out what this lovely Bird means when it arrives in your life as a Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal! Also, discover Martin dream meanings now! ...
meadowlark symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Meadowlark Symbolism & Meaning

Meadowlark symbolizes celebration, pleasure, and happiness, but what else does this wondrous creature convey when it appears as a Spirit Animal Guide? Read on to discover the rich symbolism and meaning of Meadowlark as a Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal ...
mockingbird symbolism meaning 1200x630

Mockingbird Symbolism & Meaning

Mockingbird symbolizes playfulness, family unity, and communication. Read on to find out what it means when this avian creature soars into your dreamscape! Explore Mockingbird Spirit, Totem, & Animal meanings now! ...
nuthatch symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Nuthatch Symbolism & Meaning

The Nuthatch gained its name because of its behavior. Akin to a nutcracker, the bird opens nuts by placing them in a tight crevice. Once there, the Nuthatch hammers on it until open. The phrase, “a hard nut to crack” ...
oriole symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Oriole Symbolism & Meaning

Oriole symbolizes arcane knowledge and web-weaving. Read on to find out what it means when Orioles appear in your dreams or learn more about Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal messages the Oriole shares now! ...
osprey symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Osprey Symbolism & Meaning

When Osprey arrives in your life as an Animal Spirit Guide, it may be a time where you search for a new path for achieving a goal. Read on to find out what it means when Ospreys appear in your ...
ostrich & emu symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Ostrich & Emu Symbolism & Meaning

Are you having trouble finding your direction in life? Are you wondering how to handle a situation where others treat you unfairly? Emu as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Emu teaches you how to leave stagnation behind ...
parakeet symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Parakeet Symbolism & Meaning

The Parakeet is a member of the Parrot family, but smaller than what you might think of when you hear the word “Parrot”, having short tails. Parakeets are a hardy bird, living in worldwide regions with warmth and enough water, ...
parrot symbolism meaning 1200x630

Parrot Symbolism & Meaning

Parrots represent voice, communication, and the power of words. What does it mean when these talkative creatures appear in your dreamscape? If Parrot arrives as your Spirit, Totem, or Power Animal, will you understand its symbolism and meaning so you ...
partridge symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Partridge Symbolism & Meaning

In Greek mythology, Athena, one of the most reposeful and cunning of the Olympian Deities, held the Partridge in favor. Her attributes include wisdom, courage, and the arts, all of which you can apply to Partridge symbolism. Because Athena held ...
peacock symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Peacock Symbolism & Meaning

Peacock as a spirit animal is intriguing to anyone who has been enchanted by these incredible, beautiful birds. Do you wonder about previous incarnations? Does your day-to-day existence seem dull or drab? Peacock as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal ...
pelican symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Pelican Symbolism & Meaning

Pelicans know how to assess an opportunity when they see one. They find a perch where they can observe with intent and patience. When the right moment arrives they strike, catching their lunch adroitly. Sensitives tell us the diving motion ...
penguin symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Penguin Symbolism & Meaning

The Penguin is an ideal representative of positive change and adaptability. Consider Penguin is a bird who takes to wing in water instead of air. While once they may have soared toward the heavens, evolution slowly transformed their wings into ...
pheasant symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Pheasant Symbolism & Meaning

Pheasants originated in China and East Asia, but found homes in many parts of the world, including North America. The male of the species is a colorful fellow with a green head, red face, and white rings all down his ...
pigeon symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Pigeon Symbolism & Meaning

Common phrases in language believe various perspectives on Pigeon. We have the Stool Pigeon, which is not a very nice designation. Then there’s the saying, “Pigeon Holed” reflecting someone trapped in a specific role in which others give him or ...
quail symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Quail Symbolism & Meaning

Quails are a shining example of the phrase, “all for one, and one for all.” They skitter in groups. Where one goes, everyone follows. The movement gives them plenty of time for seed-finding. Such a lovely display of unity! While ...
rainbow lorikeet symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Rainbow Lorikeet Symbolism & Meaning

The Rainbow Lorikeet is as vibrant in spirit as it is in color. The birds are group creatures who fly together from place to place like nomads. As they travel, the Lorikeets look like moving rainbows across the sky, a ...
red-tailed hawk symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Red-Tailed Hawk Symbolism & Meaning

The Red-Tailed Hawk is a master of adaptation. They go with the flow around other hawks and humans alike, often nesting in easily spotted locations in cityscapes throughout North America. Mind you, some flashiness comes from their unmistakable bright red ...
roadrunner symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Roadrunner Symbolism & Meaning

Want to be more optimistic? Are you stalling when pursuing your dreams? Roadrunner as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Roadrunner teaches how to find the hidden humor in situations all while showing you the path to greater ...
robin symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Robin Symbolism & Meaning

In The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote, “Nothing in the world is quite as adorably lovely as a Robin when he shows off - and they are nearly always doing it.” Robins are not shy about illustrating their joy ...
Rooster Spirit Totem Power Animal Symbolism Meaning 1200x1200

Rooster Symbolism & Meaning

Do you need a boost of confidence? Are you hiding your most authentic self? Is time management challenging for you? Rooster as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Rooster teaches you how to awaken you inner strength and ...
sandpiper symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Sandpiper Symbolism & Meaning

Sandpipers are birds who love strolling sandy shores. They pick their food out of the mud, using their long beaks for pecking and probing. The back of the Sandpiper bobs humorously as it walks-a behavior called teetering, which helps with ...
Seagull & Herring Gull Symbolism & Meaning

Seagull & Herring Gull Symbolism & Meaning

Gull's have loud vocalizations and are not afriad to make a little noise, so they are a standing emblem of fearless self expression. Read on to find out more about Gull Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal symbolism and meaning or ...
sparrow symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Sparrow Symbolism & Meaning

Sparrow is a remarkably busy bird. When they’re not foraging, they build nests and safeguard their chicks. It seems never-ending, but Sparrow likes the activity. Keeping things orderly improves the quality of life for the birds and acts as a ...
starling symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Starling Symbolism & Meaning

The sweet Starling was a favorite bird of Mozarts. He had one for years, writing a eulogy for the Starling after death. His writing indicates the bird’s melodious notes influenced several of his pieces, including Piano Concerto 17. People continue ...
Stork Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Stork Symbolism & Meaning

Having trouble tuning into your intuition? Are you struggling with matters of the heart? Stork, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Stork teaches you how to silence the mind so you can hear your inner guide, all ...
swallow symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Swallow Symbolism & Meaning

The Greeks and Romans have stories of Gods and Goddesses who could transform into Swallows. Knowing both Grecian and Roman penchant for beauty, one look at a Swallow explains their Divine connections. Their heads are a reddish-brown, feathers-a metallic dark ...
Swan Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Swan Symbolism & Meaning

Swan symbolism and meaning can conjure images of purity, innocence and magic as well as the sense that something is unique and one of a kind. Are you under pressure? Faced with a troubling romance? Swan, as a Spirit, Totem, ...
swift symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Swift Symbolism & Meaning

As the name implies, the Swift is... well, swift! In times past, people associated Swifts with Swallows and Martins. Surprisingly, their closest relative is the Hummingbird! And like the Hummingbird, you can count on the Swift for weather forecasts. If ...
swisher symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Swisher Symbolism & Meaning

The Swisher, sometimes called a Nighthawk, is not a hawk at all. Instead, it is a member of the Whip-poor-Will family. Like the Whip-poor-Will, Swisher prefers the twilight and night. Their behavior illustrates an ability to become invisible and navigate ...
toucan symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Toucan Symbolism & Meaning

The Toucan has a lot to boast about with its bright orange beak measuring 8” long, which is approximately 1/3 of the Toucan’s total measurement from tip to tail. You would think the bird would tip over with such a ...
Turkey Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Turkey Symbolism & Meaning

Trying to tap into your sense of community? Feeling a bit insecure about your talents? Turkey, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Turkey teaches you how to connect with others and believe in yourself so much that ...
waxwing symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Waxwing Symbolism & Meaning

The Waxwing bird owes its name to the old practice of sealing important letters with red wax. The documents often came from someone of power and influence, with a courier instructed only to show it to the recipient. Waxwings have ...
whip-poor-will symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Whip-poor-will Symbolism & Meaning

Native to North and Central America, the Whip-poor-will eludes human sight mostly because of a nocturnal feeding pattern. Whip-poor-wills have the semblance of a miniature Owl. Why the name? It is an onomatopoeic version of their call. The sound the ...
Woodpecker Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Woodpecker Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Are you called to Shamanic drumming and trancework? Woodpecker, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Woodpecker teaches you the art of non-conformity and helps in achieving altered states of awareness ...
Wren Symbolism and Meaning 1200x630

Wren Symbolism & Meaning

Need to stretch your resources? Hoping to develop more self-confidence? Wren, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Wren teaches you how to be resourceful and how to become self-assured and poised. Delve deeply into Wren symbolism and ...

Birds’ Symbolic Meanings as Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals

Stretch those wings and get ready to soar!

Bird Spirit is the perfect symbol for freedom and perspective. Because they fly high into the sky, Lightworkers often tell us that they are messengers of the Gods who provide humans with a bridge between the mundane and spiritual life.

Perhaps it is because of this that the Ancients developed Ornithomany, divination by Bird observation according to species, color and the Bird’s movement.

For example, Birds moving from right to left presage success in a personal or professional goal.

Other global symbols and meanings for Bird include:

  • Liberation
  • Air and Earth Element
  • Finding your Voice
  • Harbingers of Spring
  • Luck, love and joy (blue birds)
  • Positive changes (white birds)
  • Health (brown birds)
  • Wisdom (crane)
  • Peace (dove)
  • Faithfulness (hummingbird)
  • Magic (Owl)
  • Strength and honor (Maori tradition)

As you can gather from this list, Bird carries different significance based on cultural outlooks and their behavior in nature.

The Egyptians had a rather lovely take on Bird . When seen after someone’s death, they believed the creature escorted the spirit into its new incarnation.

Meanwhile, in China, lore tells us the Sun’s soul can take the form of a Bird

Fun Bird Fact: The oldest known Bird was the Archaeopteryx – an odd cross between a feathered dinosaur that could not fly. The name means ancient wing.

Bird Spirit Animal

When Bird comes to you as a helpmate, prepare for a time of transition.

Perhaps you’ve been so grounded as to forget your dreams, or so etheric that you need to get one foot back on terra firma.

Generally speaking, Spirit Birds elevate your consciousness and provide you with self-confidence.

Depending on the type of Birds you’re seeing, there may be other levels of meaning. For example, Dove bears hope, and Hummingbird flies backward so you can reclaim lost power from the past.

Bird Totem Animal

Totems are like a spiritual energy imprint that you’re born with.

In the case of people with Bird totems, they have an affinity for being outdoors and an uncanny way of recognizing when danger is afoot.

Birds are lovers, not fighters – they lean toward self-survival and adaptation over a fist-to-cuffs any day.

Thanks to fast thinking and reflexes Bird People can get out of harm’s way quickly, often warning others as they flee.

Bird Power Animal

Many occasions calling on Bird Spirit makes perfect sense.

If you’re feeling boxed in, let Bird release your wings.

Trying to improve your outlook on a situation, fly with Bird to get above circumstances so you can “see” the bigger picture.

Remember to meditate and seek out the specific bird species that closely resembles your goals for greatest success.

Birds in Celtic Symbolism

Birds appear in a variety of lore and Celtic art.

As an illustration, Crane is a Divine messenger who also represents the Higher Self.

The way in which Cranes care so diligently for their young adds the significance of good parenting.

By comparison, the Duck is a Bird that embodies integrity and a simple approach to life. Their ties the Water Element also offer reconnections to your true feelings.

Native American Symbols: Birds

As with Celtic stories, Native American myths see Bird as God’s messenger.

The Sacred Eagle is particularly important as a sign of leadership and strength, while Raven is a trickster whose lessons come with a laugh, and Crow represents wisdom.

More Bird Symbolic Meanings

Hindu Astrology called the Pancha-Pakshi Shastra includes five birds, the Peacock, Crow, Owl, Vulture, and Cock.

In Buddhist tradition Bird represents Buddha himself, Christians see them as souls living in paradise.

144 thoughts on “Birds

  1. Polina says:

    Today, for the first time, I found your site and I must say it is truly the most informative I have ever encountered while at the same time, it integrates many aspects of symbolic meanings and allow the reader to sincerely ponder on the information that’s being provided! I as actually trying to find information on Magpie feathers. I have read about the Magpie symbolic meanings though it’s its the feathers I am mostly interested in right now. It’s because of this dream I had just a couple of days ago and I just cannot seem to find a clear explanation of it..Bats and magpies appear often in my dreams and have respected their meanings by trying to follow what they’re trying to tell me. They have helped increase my perceptions and have literally influenced me to accept the new ‘me’ and let go of the ‘old’ ways. I was wondering if you have any idea what my dream means and I would love to read your interpretation of it. This dream has been mind boggling me since I saw it..So, I was somewhere in the ocean observing, the waters were calm, the weather a bit cloudy and I see this woman flying down in front of me who was actually a ‘she’ magpie with a human body. She landed a few feet feet away with her back facing me and what was supposedly her closed wings full of black and white feathers. Then she came quietly and started feeding a bird-it was not a bird I recognized, (I suppose some kind of sea bird) and she was serene and quiet while feeding it. Then I went forward and stretch out my hand to caress the bird and try to feed it also but the bird all of a sudden turned and bit my index finger. It took a bite out of it and I was shocked looking at the piece missing from my finger…. Then, I woke up.
    This dream has been on my mind ever since I saw it. I am trying to understand if this dream concerns my love life (my mate perhaps) or an aspect of my life which I have been trying to find a solution to. Was the bird’s bite a ‘love bite’? or something indicating my fears and worries? I am not sure if the magpie bird meaning or the magpie feathers would be of the same interpretation..Any insight would really be helpful!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Polina!

      Thank you so much for the kind words about! I’m so happy you are enjoying the information!

      OK, I’ve thought a good deal about your dream. And, I’m not a dream analyst (but I am a professional psychic medium), so my opinions are purely intuitive.

      Perhaps you might consider some of the following:

      1. My understanding of dreams is that, often times, the other “beings” in the dream can be a reflection of ourselves. So, perhaps Ms. Magpie was actually you. If so, have you turned your back on your “self” lately? Are you neglecting yourself in some manner?

      2. Since water is about our deepest psychic self, our most profound spiritual self, were you in the water or on top of the water when you were “observing”? The waters were calm (yay) but the day was a bit cloudy (bummer). I don’t know if it will help but here’s an article about water symbolism and meanings from my other site

      3. With the bird taking a bite out of your finger – do you have a relationship with anyone who does not appreciate you? Maybe this person is “biting the hand that feeds them”?

      As for the feathers vs the Magpie symbolism – in as far as I’ve ever read and been taught, finding the feathers of an animal is no different than seeing the “whole” animal (if that makes sense).

      Flying women and water makes for a very powerful dream so I really hope these observations help in some way.

      Let me know what you come up with!

      Stay wild,

  2. Olivia Snow says:

    I actually have a question for you, a close friend of mine passed away. I saw signs of him a couple weeks after death through cardinals and dragon flies. I asked him to send me signs on something that is going on with me, the next day i saw huge amounts of birds flying out of bushes and trees when i walked up to my front door. The next night, there were a bunch of birds in a friends tree and randomly chirping at midnight. What does larger amounts of birds flying away and around symbolically mean?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Olivia;

      Please accept my condolences. Losing loved ones is never easy.

      Your friend must love you very much since he sent so many Birds to visit you – especially Cardinals. Birds have long been associated as messengers of the Gods. They fly to heights that human’s can’t (absent planes, of course) and, so, can reach the heavens.

      The appearance of Cardinals after someone’s death is deeply symbolic:

      1. Red Cardinals symbolize the Root Chakra – where life begins. This tells us that those we love will live again, that we can survive losing those we love and that we will also “live” again. Red is also the color of blood. This represents family ties – even if your friend was part of your soul family and not your “blood” family.

      2. Cardinals are “year ’round” Birds. They do not migrate and they do not molt – they stay the same vibrant colors all year long and they never “leave our side”.

      I believe your friend answered your prayers and sent Cardinals to let you know he’s OK and so are you.

      Now, Dragonflies – that’s a sign that it’s time for you to release old habits which no longer serve you. If you were zigging, now you should be zagging. Life is meant to be a victory dance in the endzone, so don’t let anyone keep you on the sidelines (sorry, I see you’re a Vol so I had to put a football reference in here LOL).

      Maybe read my Dragonfly Spirit Animal article to get more info on Dragonfly Symbolism & Meaning.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  3. Natja Mie Kristensen says:

    Hello, first of all thank you for all of the informations!
    I have a question for you. For like a month ago a found a tame crow baby in my street and I took care of it. I could call it down to me on the very first day and the second day I took it to a reservat for wild animals and now there is a bird, I think it’s a dove in my window and it just lie there. I can open the window and it has been there for hours. It looks at me very intense.
    My grandmother from Greenland pasted away for to months back and do you think there is a meaning with this? – I just think it’s very stange.
    Love Natja.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Natja;

      Please accept my apology for the delayed reply and please accept my condolences for your family’s loss.

      How wonderful to have so much Bird energy around you at this time! As Birds symbolize transformation and perspective it makes sense your grandmother might send them to you.

      What’s super interesting to me is the color of the birds – black and white. Completely opposite colors. This could mean it’s time to bring more peace and balance into your world (like with the yin/yang).

      It could mean that it’s time for you to change your perspective. Do you need to see things as being “less” black and white or “more” black and white.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  4. Natja Mie Kristensen says:

    And I just remembered two weeks before my grandmother passed away, I could see a white dove every single day on the building across the street. It came everyday.

  5. marion says:

    One morning my little dog started to carry-on so I went to check and found a tiny hummingbird wrapped tightly in a cobweb and laying in a flower box…I was able to in wrap him though I am old and have moderate tremors and seizures. With unseen help I was able to carefully untangle him from beak back. It was amazing that after some time he was free. Stood on my hand then went round in a circle as if to say Thanks …then up and off into the blue yonder. Some amazing vibes went through me for sure.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Marion;

      Please accept my apology for the delayed reply.

      Oh my goodness! What a magical moment that must have been for you! You know, Shaman believe that Hummingbirds carry the healing energy of whatever herbs and flowers they’ve eaten. And, since you had to free the Hummingbird from it’s bindings I wonder if you’ve felt better since the bird’s visit?

      Thank you for sharing such a sweet story!

      Stay wild,

      • Skyo says:

        Hi I dreamed that there were birds in my house. I tried to get them out but then i stepped on an eggshell ans saw hatched baby birds on the floor i went to get a container to help them get out but there were too many birds. I may have even identified one as a pigeon. What does his dream mean?

  6. Mary says:

    Hi Bernadette,
    Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful information!
    I’m wondering if you could give me your opinion on something. I began a meditation class 3 months ago, mostly focused on the breath and energy. We have never discussed anything about symbolism or that seeing meaningful imagery might happen. Just a few weeks ago, when we started focusing on the space between the eyebrows, suddenly I got images of all sorts of eyes, one after another, opening and closing, with blueness coming out of them, plus two human eyes at the end–a blue one looking sideways and then a dark one that rushed towards me., and I felt like I sort of pulled back and it went away. The next day I saw eyes again, but they were farther away, and mostly closed. A couple of them opened a tiny bit, but they didn’t rush at me so I wasn’t as disturbed. Since then, I’ve been seeing a giant bird at the end of each meditation. I thought it was maybe an eagle because of its size, but when it comes close, it has a series of different owl faces. It circles around and then flies forward, and looks back over its shoulder at me and I get the feeling that it wants me to follow. Anyway, do you know if there is symbolism for a bird that seems part one kind and part another kind? (Eagle/owl) Although, it seems to be quite light, so maybe it’s just a huge owl. Its eyes, when up close, are golden yellow/light brown. Any thoughts or impressions at all would be very much appreciated!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Mary!

      You are most welcome and thank you for visiting!

      Wowwwwwww! That’s some intense meditation! Well, the space between the eyebrows is very close to the Third Eye Chakra and its color is Indigo which is a color between blue and violet. So, it makes perfect sense you would see blue during the mediation for that area of the body.

      The eyes rushing toward you might be a sign that you are opening up your psychic awareness a bit too quickly and you might not be ready for it just yet. Maybe take that a bit slower.

      The birds being a mixture of different types of birds is not unusual though I mostly hear about that experience in dreams – not during a meditation. Sounds like you go deeeeeppppp in meditation sessions so perhaps talk to your teacher about making sure that your journeying remains “safe”. If the bird wants you to follow it into the ethers that is potent stuff. Even during meditation when we are supposed to be “letting go”, we still have control so you can always ask the bird who it is and where it wants you to follow it to.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Mary says:


        Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, and especially for validating that my experiences were real! Since I wrote to you, I’ve been searching online for pictures similar to the bird I saw, and I found it! Ironically, it is called an eagle-owl.

        I have also talked to my meditation teacher and he said what I had seen was meaningless, that it had no place in meditation, and sort of seemed to imply that perhaps I was making it up and indulging myself in fantasies. None of this resonates with me, and as you see, I now have some sorting out to do.

        I am very grateful for your input, because otherwise I might just have believed what he said–for a bit, anyway–I think what I have seen is too strong to just be extinguished

        Anyway, much gratitude for your words of wisdom, and best wishes to you!

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Mary;

          You are most welcome. So happy to help!

          On the feedback from your meditation teacher – there are many forms of meditation. To the best of my understanding nothing that happens to us (whether meditating or eating ice cream) is “meaningless”. To tell a student that a vision had “no place in a meditation” devalues the student’s experience as well as potentially cuts short important messages from spirit. Perhaps it could be helpful to you to hang on to your experience and continue to explore it. Remember, no matter the teacher it is YOU who determines the “right” “way”.

          Hope that helps!

          Stay wild,

          • Mary says:


            Yes, that does help–thank you so much!

            Again, I appreciate your validation and thoughts on what my teacher said. I will definitely hang on to my experiences. I believe they are too important to just dismiss. Thank you again for your help!

        • Michelle Cavanagh says:

          Hi. A baby minor bird landed on my shoulder yesterday afternoon. Is there a meaning to this? Thank you.

  7. Kate says:

    I have a specific type of bird who seems to follow me EVERYWHERE I go. It’s gray- An Acadadian Flycatcher I THINK. For several years. They fly onto my stair railings, sit on structures outside but always in my view, flap in front of Windows or sliding doors where I am, they have flown into- hitting the glass of the window of rooms I’m in (even at work) and I once had this same type of bird land on my shoulder at an outdoor restaurant and sit for several minutes- nuzzling in my hair and gently pulling the strings of my top. It became agitated when an employee of the restaurant removed it (for sanitary reasons). I’m not a bird person- in fact, I used to say I didn’t like them. So… What’s the deal? Coincidence? Or something deeper? I think it’s definitely something. Friends think I’m losing my mind. I assure you- it’s ALL true.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Kate;

      Apologies for the delayed reply.

      Well, if you are losing your mind I can assure you it’s not because of your Spirit Animal! LOL 😉

      There is definitely something deeper at work in your life or a Bird that you care nothing about or even like would never keep appearing to you and it CERTAINLY wouldn’t perch on your shoulder and show affection!

      Generally speaking, when an animal we don’t “like” keeps appearing to us, it’s a call for us to face a fear or some component of our “Shadow Self”. Part of the Flyfisher’s symbolism is that only 16% of its young ever make it out of the nest. So, I’m wondering if you have fears surrounding the subject of having children or fears leftover from your own childhood?

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  8. Carrie Beth White says:

    Bird Is My Nickname! I Love You! Thank You For Awesomeness! I Am Truly A FREEBIRD! The Sky Is High And So Am I! Have A Great Awesome Day! <3 (0: God Bless You All! I Love You All!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Bird;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      You are most welcome! And, thank you for visiting!

      Stay wild,

  9. Jennifer says:

    I dreamt the other night that my family and I were in the kitchen when the house help came in crying and she was carrying a bird which resembles a white chicken. I don’t know what had happened but she did something and the chickens legs were severed from its body but together still attached to flesh. There was no blood and the chicken was not in distress either. It just sat and looked at us confused about our obvious dilemma. I dismissed it as a weird dream but it has stayed with me since. What could the symbolism possibly mean?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Jennifer;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      Gosh. That’s a really vivid dream. Well, dream interpretation is not my specialty but chickens represent ‘life in the womb’ (eggs). And, the color white represent purity and innocence. So, perhaps there’s something going on in your own consciousness or with your house staff that might be wrapped up in a fear surrounding beginning, incubating and giving life to something or someone new? A baby, a new business, school, relationship, job, etc?

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  10. Precious says:

    Hi. So starting a week ago a group of birds have been flying by my house EVERYDAY around the same time and I don’t know why. I haven’t seen the birds I only hear them and it kinda scares me. Can you explain why this is happening?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Precious;

      When we see flocks of Birds it can be a sign that now is the time to join with others who share our vision and direction in life – especially if all want to fly and attain great heights in their life. There’s no reason to be afraid but, rather, rejoice that Bird energy crosses your path!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  11. Margo says:

    Tonight when I was driving home in the dark, I turned a corner about a block from my house. I saw something in the road so I drove around it. There in the road was a large owl standing on the pavement facing me. My husband passed away almost eleven months ago and I feel that he has come to me in the form of a raven. I don’t think this was him. What do owls symbolize.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Margo;

      Please accept my condolences on the loss of your husband. When someone we love transitions to the other side, it can leave a big hole in our heart. But, he’s not ‘gone’ – he’s just in another time and place. You’ll see him again.

      Click to learn all about Owl Symbolism & Meaning.. Also, since your husband is coming to you in the form of Raven – click to learn all about Raven Symbolism & Meanings.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  12. Letty says:

    Hi Bernadette,
    My husband and I own a small taco restaurant, and I travel every week an hour away to get fresh tortillas. For the last few months I see a Cooper Hawk on an electric wire looking down at me while I drive by on the same spot. I also saw it once while walking in my neighborhood. Today its back was facing me for the first time. Can you please help me understand the meaning of this.
    Thank you!

  13. Richard Chimfutumba says:

    Hi Bernedetta!

    I have a question for you. What is it mean to dream of a group of doves and crows flying together in a happy way as if they were playing together?

    Stay blessed.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Richard;

      Without knowing what else was going on in the dream, I’ll have to go with the symbolism of each bird. What strikes me most are the predominant colors – black and white. This is balance, the Yin and Yang. Crows are much like Ravens – often associated with death but this is more superstition than anything. Crows do, however, symbolize, shape-shifting and magic. Dove, of course, represent peace and divine love. So, my interpretation of this (especially given today’s political climate in the US) is – you are seeing the world as it can be. All of us, laughing and loving together despite our differences. And, ‘flying high’ together as well! A clear sign that we can achieve great heights it we will all just relax, have a good time and work in harmony.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,
      PS – in the next couple weeks I’m putting up the Crow and Dove articles so I’ll post them here when they are published.

  14. Richard Chimfutumba says:

    Yes, that does help. Thank you very much.
    I also dreamed that i was elected as the president of South Africa, i was crying happy in the dream and Obama together with other officials were congratulating me for becoming the president. But am a Zambian and i am still staying in Zambia. Also, i dreamed that i was with our current president here in Zambia talking to each other and other officials. What does this mean?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Richard;

      President dreams are very straightforward – they are about control and lofty goals. Since you’ve dreamed about several different presidents, I would say that perhaps you have a calling to make a BIG mark on the world and help humanity in a very BIG way!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Richard Chimfutumba says:

        It has, thank you.
        Stay too wild

  15. Tee says:

    I once dreamt about riding a bird across the skies, when I was a kid. The bird looks like a hawk or a raven. Mostly part of my dreams come true of some sort. But what I am wondering is that what spirit animal am I? I am sure it is a bird but I don’t know which of the bird it is, either a hawk, owl or a raven

  16. Connie says:

    I had a dream that I was pregnant and the father was my ex. My current boyfriend was there in my dream and he said he would raise the baby as his own. I never saw the baby but after I gave birth my boyfriend took me to a lake to rest and while we sat on the dock some black figures that looked like fog appeared and scared me so my boyfriend hugged me and as i sat on his lap and looked onto the lake I saw two swans next to each other with their necks together almost like they were hugging out in the lake. My fears instantly vanished and all I could focus on was the face of on of the swans. They were both looking at me but I was only making eye contact with one and it was like everything else disappeared except for that one swan. I remember telling my boyfriend how beautiful the swan was and just feeling really at peace.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Connie;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca! It makes complete and total sense why you would have this Swan dream. Swans are one of the most archetypal symbols of transformation, enduring love, and psychic abilities. If the Swans you saw were white – white is the color of divine love. So, it sounds to me like Swan as a Spirit Animal came to tell you that you can trust in this new relationship and boyfriend. Trust that your heart is being transformed to one that can give and receive love in a state total trust.

      Finally, when our Spirit Animal looks us directly in the eye it is a powerful moment, indeed! Cherish it. Trust it. And, congrats on the new love!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  17. Josh says:

    Today I had a unusual experience walking into my room, there was a small bird (Wren) sitting on my bed. This was a surprise to me because there are no windows open in my house. I believe the only way this bird could have entered into my house was while I was entering or leaving through the front door. It is still a mystery to me as to why this bird would be in my room out of all the rooms in the house, also the fact that I stumbled upon this bird at this precise moment in time. I feel as if this is some kind of sign or message. Does this experience mean anything?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Josh;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca!

      Yes! When animals show up in unusual places and/or to us but not to others, it’s definitely a sign the animal kingdom is trying to get your attention. When Wren appears as your Spirit Animal, it’s trying to let you know the time to act is NOW! Wren’s are super busy little Birds. They are quite the moves and shakers of the forest. Whatever you want to accomplish, whatever you dream of achieving, NOW is the time to get going! Wren energy is there to help you keep going and going until you get where you want to be.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  18. manju says:

    Hello Bernadette,
    I am not a believer of symbolism and significance but this morning as I entered my room I saw a cuckoo bird flying over my room and to be frank I had never seen a cuckoo in my town, never ever, it was unbelievable, so I quickly google to find out what does it mean , was it a spirit trying convey a message .I found the Response and here I am to know what does it signify. Your response would be much appreciated.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Manju;

      Well, I’m not sure how to answer your question because you state that you are not a believer in symbolism and significance yet are asking me what seeing a Cuckoo Bird signifies. That said, Cuckoos have a, well, maybe bit less than wonderful symbolism. Cuckoos are mostly known for their unusual habit of laying their eggs in other bird’s nests. Generally, the Cuckoo chick hatches before the other birds and dumps the eggs out of the nest so the Cuckoo gets all the resources. Additionally, Cuckoos are very secretive birds so ‘hiding’ is another meaning associated with these Birds.

      Now, most would see the Cuckoo’s symbolism as negative. However, their actions are based on natural instinct for survival. Though their actions are parasitic, it’s not known to us why they nest the way that they do. Some see their parasitic acts as ‘evolutionary warfare’. While I am not a proponent of war, well, sometimes we must be prepared to survive. In some ways, Cuckoos must be admired for their cunning tactics.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  19. Rae says:

    ever since I was born, I have had birds as pets and with my 15 years of age, I still do. I feel a strong connection with them. however, for the past year, there has been a particular bird that I have noticed that constantly follows me when I’m not home. it has appeared when I’m in school, or simply when I go out. it flies high, but I recognize that it is in fact the same bird. when I’m in school, it tends to fly high but above me. and when I’m out, I can see it in a distance flying in a big circle. I have not been able to identify what bird it is, but in my opinion I think it might be a hawk. it has large wings with a chocolate brown coloration. I would love if anyone could give me information as to what the bird could be and what this all means. oh, and also, it tends to be one bird, but sometimes I have seen two and even three.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Rae;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca! Well, there’s no way I can help you identify the Birds you’re seeing because I haven’t seen them and there are no other identifiers in your description. However, if you think the Birds are Hawks then I can direct you to my article about the Hawk Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Rich says:

        What does it spiritually mean to see a kinglet bird? Ty

  20. Tom says:

    Rae on Friday night at 11:30 a white bird flew right over my head very close. Kind of startled me and i usually don’t see any birds that late,and tonight Christmas Sunday i just saw a long white shooting star lasting longer than usual. Not into signs or anything but is something bad on the way or just coincidental. Just seems strange.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Tom;

      Whenever we see white animal it’s a sign of divine love. White is the color of purity and peace so the white bird and shooting star were letting you know that 2017 will be a much better year for you.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  21. Dianna James says:

    A beautiful king parrot flew into my glass apartment outside fence. It fell down, fluttered and then died. Two other larger parrots guarded the dead one and tried to lift its head also prodding softly at the body to see if it was still alive.
    They flew away and then repeated the process five times. When they did not return, I buried the parrot in the garden and said a prayer. So sad but so amazing to watch the other. Birds trying to help.
    What is the spiritual signifigace of this situation?

  22. Elaine Aidelbaum says:

    A Cardinal keeps knocking at my window. Today, it showed up at my window after my meditation. But more so, it showed up at the window in front and it is usually in back!
    Please let me know if you can tell me what it could mean. This bird is red!

  23. Denise says:

    For the past year I have had a female cardinal that has flew into, not crashed, just sat on the edges of the window sills of almost every window of my home. Sometimes she will come to the dining room window and peck on it, then sit in the peach tree beside it with her male mate and sing to me. There are days that she’s here all day long flying from one window to the other all day long, then there are days when she’s only here in the morning. Or I may not see her for a day or two. My dad passed away 3 years ago this month, a year later I became disabled at 39 years old due to multiple diseases. My family lost our home and our vehicle. I lost my job, and a lot of my self respect for a while trying to learn how to deal with being a new version of me. I know red cardinals are signs of a loved one, but this one is a beautiful Brown female. Is she trying to tell me something?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Denise;

      With your permission, I’ll send tons of love and healing energy your way. Cardinals are birds with a purpose. They are aggressive about what they want to accomplish and make no apologies for it. Their fiery Red color symbolizes passion and life-blood. In this, Cardinals are associated with bringing energy and messages of self confidence. What’s awesome about your Cardinal as a Spirit Animal, is she’s letting you know an animal doesn’t have to be the showy one of the bunch to get seen. Though some see her as ‘plain’ because she’s not Red like the males, she doesn’t care. Ms. Cardinal is still coming to your window and getting your attention. She knows that Brown is the color of elegance and the Earth. It is stability and security. I think your Brown Cardinal is telling you that the new version of you is beautiful and you’re going to be OK.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  24. Nicole says:

    Hi Bernadette,
    I am wondering about the significance of king parrots? They often show up at my house – but most particularly they are known to visit on important days eg birthdays, anniversaries. Another question, (a little unrelated sorry) I recently went through a stage of having butterflies fly around me and land on me for several days, do you know if this has any meaning?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Nicole;

      Yes! I know that having King Parrots show up at your home in Australia means I’m coming to live with you! LOL I’ve always wanted to live in Oz!

      Parrots and Butterflies are all about COLOR! As Spirit Animals, each tells us to show our true colors – to make no apologies for our unique way of seeing the world and living in it. Parrots are capable of speaking ‘human languages’. This is a sign from the animal spirit guides to be open to developing new skills – this is especially true because you had Butterflies (transitions) show up along with the Parrots.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  25. bai febraida says:

    Hi Bernadette,
    I have a question for you, I wonder why birds chirping all night long 9pm until now 2am and still chirping.,I don’t know when it stop., I am thinking there is something he wants to tell me but I can’t catch it.,Last January 6 my sister died and buried her at the back of our house,next to it is my uncle Jordan’s house after 14 days 1yr old Son of uncle Jordan was also died./please help me to understand what is going on.

  26. Ann says:

    Dear Bernadette,

    I was hopping you could help me make some sense from something that happened to me.
    I was cleaning the windows in my front yard and suddenly I felt a swooshing of of wings flurry on the back of my head. A rainbow lorikeet had flown over to me and then perched itself on the brick wall to the right of me. We both stood looking at each other for about 2 minutes, me not moving thinking that it would fly at me again. But then something overcame me and I went up to this bird and I put my hand out, it hopped off the brick it hung to and hopped straight on to my left hand and climbed straight up to my shoulder. I walked over to my side gate and called out to my little girls who were playing in the backyard to come and see. My other girl went to get a piece of bread for the bird and also the phone so she could take some photos. For some reason I had a feeling that this was my grandmother (unsure) but I knew the bird wasn’t going to hurt us in anyway. I gave the bread to the bird and it pecked a little at it but didn’t seem interested. I introduced the bird to my two daughters and the bird hopped off and went over to my daughters. It pecked at their feet and allowed them to pat her, as if it really were my grandma and she was saying hello. It walked up the path to the backyard and I left the bird then to finish cleaning the window. During the time the bird was with us, it didn’t fly, just stayed with us for about 15mins. The gate was locked so I was unable to follow it to the backyard, but my daughter said it just flew off after that. Could you please tell me the meaning of this?
    I recently quit my job the week. Before to start a home business so I could have more work life balance and it was a very tough decision to make since I’ve always been unsure of myself. In the last year I’ve learnt some more skills in order to start my own business but always been afraid to go out on my own because I don’t trust I am good enough. In recent times I’ve been praying in my head to ask grandma to help me find my way.
    Can you help me?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, ;

      My humble apology for the delayed reply. I’m working hard to personally reply to all comments on both my sites – and Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day so I can’t get to them all as quickly as I would like. 🙂

      First, thank you for sending the beautiful pictures!

      Rainbow Lorikeet Spirit Animal

      Next, yes! I can totally help with this message! Parrot as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal symbolize have the confidence to show our true colors and use our Throat Chakra to sing our own song! Parrot energy is happiness, abunDANCE and humor!

      Now, your Rainbow Lorikeet sounds like it might have been someone’s pet. But, once a ‘pet’ bird returns to the wild it’s incredibly difficult to get them to return to humans so the Parrot must have been guided by your grandmother.

      If I may, the next time you pray to grandma – imagine the prayers coming out of your heart, hopping onto a rainbow and sliding up the rainbow to wherever you believe your grandma is. As you plan your home business, try to focus on how much your product or services will help others. Visualize the looks on your customers faces when you help them solve a problem or help them get what they need. Once you shift your focus away from yourself, and concentrate on your customers you’ll find that the joy of serving others will give you wings to fly right along side your beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet Spirit Animal!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  27. Daylaquan says:

    I keep seeing crows everywhere I go ,and I also seen a red cardinal fly from right to left in a downward motion in front of me I was like ok these are messages i need to know these actual messages.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Daylaquan;

      I have a new version of launching next week. By the following week, Crow and Red Cardinal will be posted. In general, however, Red Cardinal is often a visit from a loved one who has passed over and Crows are about magic, trickery, fun, and intelligence.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  28. Tony Bailey says:

    Thanks for Helping my brother out he really does like birds

  29. Sam says:

    I was wondering what the meaning of the humming bird is. I never saw many of them until a few years ago. Then everytime I was outside they would be flying around me. Some so close I could feel the wind from their wings. It didn’t matter where in my yard I was. Then last year one flew into my porch. I talked to her calmly and quietly and she sat on the ledge and let me pick her up. I took her out to the tree that had the feeder on it and she just sat on my finger for a couple of minutes “cooing” at me and flew off. The one encounter had me in tears and I felt like a light shining right out of me. I never thought I had a spirit animal so I don’t know if the hummingbird is one or not.

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Sam;

      My humble apology for the delayed reply. I’m working hard to personally reply to all comments on both my sites – and Right now I only have 2 hands but I am working on getting surgery to become an Octopus – then I’ll have eight! 😉

      What a gentle, loving soul you must be for such delicate creatures to feel safe enough to light on your hand! When we have an up close and personal interaction like that with a wild animal, there can be no doubt they are trying to get a message to us.

      Intuitively, I feel like Hummingbird is telling you that you that it’s time to live joyfully! Also, that we can remain in our heart center but ‘aggressively and determinedly’ go after what we want in life. Hummers are tiny little beings but fearless. It’s like they don’t know how tiny they are because they’re completely connected to their heart chakra and it’s clearly that of a Lion!

      Be bold, Sam. Be brave. You got this!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  30. Cassy says:

    Hi there. Today, as I was reading the article on finding my spirit animal, a huge flock of geese started to fly above my house, honking so much and so loudly that I knew I had to go outside to see what they were. I watched them for a few minutes. They were not flying in a typical V shape formation. There actually appeared to be multiple flocks and they were flying in a huge, circular cluster, with no structure to the formation. And they continued to honk constantly and loudly. They did this for a few minutes then moved on to the north. It is possible that they are just returning North after winter, but the behavior was something I had never seen before, so I was wondering if there was some sort of symbolism. Also, the fact that it happened as I was reading your article has me very intrigued. Is there any insight you can offer?

  31. Peggy Lubin says:

    Thank you so much for this informative article! My dad passed away unexpectedly 2 months ago. Ever since, I’ve had an encounter with white birds. From the first day, which was the after his death, I knew that it was a sign from him. Since he passed a white bird will appear when I was going through an array of emotions. Each time I became aware of the white bird, I would shift into a positive emotion. At one time there was a group of white birds. Priir to seeing the group I was angry and questioned God about my dads death. The experience with white birds has happened 5 times in the last 2 months since my dad passed. I appreciate your article for helping with confirming what I have been encountering! I hope not to loose these encounters.

  32. Ron Hofmeister says:

    I have a story from 2003. My son, Ben, was 16 and was end-stage cancer. One early October day, I was outside with my dog when a blue heron flew in and landed close by to us. My dog chased the heron, but it would not fly away. After being chased a bit it jumped onto our picnic table, but would not fly away. I got the dog inside, got my camera and walked very close to the heron, took pictures, but it still did not fly away. I went inside to get Ben so he could see it. As Ben stepped outside and took a couple of steps toward the heron it flew away. Laying on the picnic table was a large fish, a carp I think, that was not there before I went to get Ben. The heron was the most unusual, incredible, unbelievable “thing” I have ever experienced. Later that afternoon Ben said something was terribly wrong and we needed to get him to the hospital. The doctors thought he would not survive the night, but he did. Four weeks later Ben died on Halloween, the same day my Dad had died on 2 years earlier. What are your thoughts on the heron?

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Ron;

      My humble apology for the delayed reply. I’m working hard to personally reply to all comments on both my sites – and I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus 😉

      First, please accept my condolences for your family’s loss.

      Having a Heron appear for you and Ben, especially at that time in your lives, was and is profound. See, Herons are ‘walkers between worlds’. They keep one foot in the water element and one foot on land. This makes them able to move between the mystery (water represents otherworldly matters) and life here on earth. For Ben, it was perhaps a message letting him know his transition would be smooth. For you, Heron appeared to let you know Ben will be always be able to communicate with the family even after he crosses over. I suspect you’ve already experienced this as Ben’s energy seems like that of an independent young man who was most comfortable following his own path.

      Blue Herons are considered “The King of the Marsh”. Indeed, Herons have a stoic, regal way about them. To have been gifted a fish from The King is powerful. Fish are water dwellers. As such, cultures across the globe have associated Fish with the womb (live giving waters), the subconscious, and, to Buddhists – freedom. Fish are, also, associated with eternal life and rebirth. There is no way that if your dogs didn’t chase that Heron off, Ben’s approaching it scared it away. I absolutely believe with all my heart that bird took flight so Ben could see it do so. In flying there is freedom – just like the fish symbolizes, it was all about being free.

      Passing on the same day as your father is, also, significant – especially given that it was Halloween, the time when the veil between worlds is thinnest. I’m thinking the men in your family are true metaphysical practitioners.

      Finally, if I may – I’m a professional psychic medium. As I’m writing this, I keep wanting to laugh. Either you or Ben (or both) have an outrageous sense of humor and it’s still going strong!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  33. Debbie says:

    hi a elderly male friend of mine has crows and seagulls around his house he feeds them as well . however lately this new seagull has come into the crowed lets say lol but he is different as I have never seen a bird of any nature fly up to the patio land at the door and peck at the door as if he wanted to come in . I have in my life had a bald headed eagle land on a stump with a fish head for me I had taken a fish out of the river cause he was making noises at me so I flipped it out of the water and put it on the ground and walked away . but when he brought the fish head to the stump that was outside my house at the time I was able to see he had a clubbed foot it was his way of saying thank you . my question is what does it mean when a seagull purposely knocks at your front door in fact he has done it to all his doors which are three he even did the garage door yesterday .. I was thinking maybe his it was a loved one who is no longer here which I feel it may be his wife in bird forum he is 82 if you give me any idea as to what this means of a bird knocking at a persons door I would appreciate it thank you respectfully Debbie

  34. Jintanmanis says:

    My husband was watering my plants in this morning when a myna flew and came and and perched on my hand. After that I saw 2 more mynas outside my house looking in. What does this mean? I am going through a tough time with someone whom we deemed as a friend. We trusted her with our money but she is denying she has anything to do with the joint venture and is shrugging responsibility and has even threaten a lawsuit against us. Is the myna coming to perch so trustingly on my husband’s ahnd a good omen?

  35. Melissa says:

    Hello.. I have a question regarding a Wren bird that keeps appearing @ my kitchen window for going on 2 months singing very loudly every time . No matter where I am in the house it brings me to it . In September of 2016 I lost my significant other to a farming accident since this time I have had daily encounters with cardinals in a tree in my front yard . One day a wren & cardinal both appeared at my kitchen window together. But my main questions is why the Wren keeps coming to my window over and over singing? Please any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated.

  36. Zvonimir says:

    Hello, can you tell me of Pheonix as an spirit animal. I had a vision while meditating. Was searching for my spirit animal. I saw a huge tree with green top and walked towards it. There was a nest in middle of it and a light shining on from tree top, maybe some kind of portal. As I was watching at that sight a Pheonix came out of that light. I had several changes in my perspective recently. Precisley shift from time perspective into now. Thanks!

  37. andrew says:

    HI there

    I am seing the same small brown bird with white chest regularly on my balcony. I don’t know the type of bird it is but it is here so so often im going through some personal turmoil at the current time and wondered if this was anything in particular interms of meaning.

    Does this mean something positive for a change

  38. Lisa says:

    Hi there..on my way to work this morning I saw two white cranes flying beside each other. Later on that day as I was driving to pick up dinner I saw them again in a different part of town, again flying side by side. Im sure there is an important message seeing as I spotted them twice in a day. Both times I saw them they made me smile and I had a good feeling inside. Could you please shed some light on the message im sure im supposed to receive.Thanks.

  39. Caitlyn says:


    Your website has a lot of wonderful and helpful information on it. However, I was wondering if you could help me with a situation that just happened to me. I was sitting in my living room and I heard a noise. It kept happening frequently but I didn’t think anything of it. It sounded like the sound my old shed makes when it’s windy outside and a loose piece of the roof bangs against the shed. However, as I passed the guest bedroom in my house it got louder. So I opened the door and was shocked to see a bird smacking against the window over and over again. It smacked against the window, landed on the deck and then did it again. It was very upsetting to see and unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention to what it looked like because I wanted to get it to stop immediately. So I smacked the window and it flew off. I think it was mainly dark colored and it had a little bit of red on its wing. I can’t be certain though. And it had a dark colored beak. Maybe black or dark brown. I just wish I knew what kind of bird it was so I could figure out if maybe it meant something. Do you have any ideas??

    Thanks for your time,

    • Caitlyn says:

      I just thought I should make an update seeing that I was woken up today by the same noise coming from the guest bedroom. It took me a second to realize what was happening but then I got up and went to the room as fast as I could. I opened the door with the thought of paying more attention to what it looks like. However, I only caught a glimpse of it because right when I caught a glimpse of it, it flew off. I didn’t even get a chance to walk to the window. But I do know that it was the same bird that I saw yesterday.

      • Caitlyn says:

        Sorry for commenting so much but I just want to keep you updated so I can get better input. After the first time it happens today, which is the second time total, I tried going back to bed because I still felt tired. Before I went to bed I thought to myself, of this is some sort of sign, show it to me again but give me more time to see what bird it is. Well right as I was falling asleep I heard the sound again. I went to the guest room and when I walked into the doorway, there it was. But it lingered for a second. I saw that it was a robin, it looked at me and then after a few seconds it flew off. I know for a fact it was the same exact bird all three times. I don’t know if it would be significant that the bird was standing on the doghouse that we have on our deck. Or that it was outside the room that we decided would be the first room we would redo. We had just pulled out the carpet and plan to put in new flooring and repair the walls. We’re planning to redo the entire house. Or maybe because I’m a senior in high school, my parents have been going through a divorce this past year and it was finalized a few months ago. My mom just moved out and my dad moved back in with me. There’s been a lot of change in my life lately that has been really overwhelming to me. I’m probably getting my own apartment this summer and starting college and getting a job. I’ve also struggled with self-confidence my entire life. I’m extremely insecure and I’ve always had a problem with change and new things happening. I hope this helps. I just really want to know what this means. I feel like it’s really important. Especially since the bird was hurting itself against the window and it was very upsetting. I’m sorry for commenting so many times also.

        Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing your input.

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hi, Caitlyn;

      While birds frequently fly into windows due to seeing their reflection and thinking it’s another bird – or they see something shiny inside that they want – I do not believe in random chaos. Meaning – I believe everything happens for a reason. In your case, perhaps it’s time for you to face a foe, or your shadow self (because the bird was a dark color and ‘fighting’ with a mirror image of itself).

      Energetically, if feels like the incident has really stuck with you – emotionally. Likely this is because you are an extremely sensitive person and seeing a living thing harm itself or get hurt by any means stays in your consciousness for a long while.

      Maybe sit in a quiet space and ask The Great Spirit what messages that bird was trying to deliver to you. Ask your own animal spirit guides to help you understand. It might seem like I’m making a big deal out of this but this is not the same kind of encounter of simply seeing an animal cross your path – it has a greater significance.

      Hope that makes sense and helps.

      Stay wild,

  40. Samantha Hutchison says:

    The other day i was in my front yard and a robin bird landed like right next to me looked at me i said hello to it after that it flew away. dose that mean anything

  41. Kiona says:

    Hello, I just want to say this site is truly wonderful and very informative. I also wanted to tell you about my experience. I had a friend who passed away 2 days ago. Just this morning, while sleeping, I saw a bird flapping rapidly right in my face. It woke me up out of my sleep. I did not have a dream, only this…Please help

  42. Sabrina says:

    From a distance I’ve seen a white bird. Distance from my front Door was carrying conversation with my siblings cought my vision my siblings headed walking​ to there viechel and left home. Does this mean anything ?

  43. Kayla says:

    I never leave comments or reply but something about what I’ve been reading here resonates with me. I’ve never been a bird person however recently I have been having an increasing amount of interaction with birds. I went vacationing with my husband and we had hummingbirds in and around us constantly. Every morning and evening we would have a black finch done with us. The whole week every morning this finch would come to me and come right up I even have a photo where this wild finch took oats right from my hand as if I’d raised him. They would fly into my room at night chirp as if in greeting and leave. It was odd but I put it out of my mind since we were vacationing. well after arriving home I found that I still had unusual interactions with birds. I was on the phone one afternoon with my husband and he was nearly drowned out by the sound of birds chirping in the background. When I asked he said no he didn’t hear any birds he was on the patio with our dog and perhaps the mic on his headphones amplified the sound. The next day we went shopping and I walked right up to a crane standing in the parking lot. He stood around and didn’t even flinch when I came near. I took a photo of him and was literally close enough to touch. The bird turned to me stretched it’s neck and looked me right in the eyes. It felt like this bird was so proud and wanted me to see him. I live in Florida so it’s not unusual for us to see cranes around however they are usually in a family and in a more appropriate area. Those are just some examples of the odd ways birds have become very conspicuous in my day to day life. We have started trying for a family and have been unsuccessful so far. I can’t help but wonder if there is a connection. There isn’t anything else major going on that I’m aware of. Do you think it could be a message to remain strong and proud, even if not that’s definitely what I took from the crane.

  44. Kara T. says:

    Good morning. Today I have had a brown wren fly into my living room. I opened the front door, it came in the back door and it flew away. I then went to the store and on the way back I could here chirping from inside my vehicle! I find a baby brown wren in the backseat on the floorboards. I opened all of the doors and was on my way to open the hatch when another brown wren flew in. the adult wren flew out the back as I opened the hatch and the baby bird is still in my truck and I have been unable to help it escape. I don’t believe in quintessences and I know this is a message or a sign to come and found your site. Any insight you might have to its meaning would be appreciated!


    Kara T.

  45. Sue says:

    While at kitchen table eating with my grand daughter I heard something on floor 3 feet from me. I looked down and it was a bat. It just layed there and I put a container over it an took it outside and it flew away. No idea how it got in never had that happen before or a problem with bats. Next day while sitting on our mostly enclosed porch with grandaughter a Swallow bird flew in and circled around 4 times or so and flew out. NEVER had a bat in house or never seen Swallow so close to house before. Rarely see Swallows around my home. Is there a meaning/sign to this? Thank you so much

  46. joy says:

    I hope you can help me.
    One morning when i was walking towards my work, a bird ( i dont know what kind ) hits the middle part of my head by his feet ( i can feel his feet in my scalp ) when i turn around he flew in the nearby post approx. 1 meter water from me; it was a small black bird with a orange colored beak- that bird hits me twice. 3 days later, it happened to me again.

    Thanks in advance.

  47. Lisa says:

    Hi I was at a red light and saw 2 white birds on the tree and I thought it was unusual and beautiful. So I was going to take a picture of it and for some reason my camera won’t open up. It was like someone was covering the lenses. So when I told my husband about it, he told me he had a dream of 2 white birds a month ago. Is this a coincidence? Does this mean anything ???

  48. Kelli says:

    Hello I’ve been having an experience with yellow bellied flycatchers. I seen them constantly especially when I visit my routine fishing area. One actually saved me last week when I turned to look at it because it landed so closely I noticed a bee on my shirt. I’m deathly allergic but thank goodness I got it off in time! My mother passed away recently and she was native American I was wondering if there is any significance?

  49. Rebecca says:

    Aloha! Maybe you can help me figure out an animal sign’s meaning. At work (I’m a pet/house sitter) I found a downed sea bird in their courtyard (I live on Kaua’i, Hawaii) The found bird was a shearwater. It’s not that uncommon to find stunned ones that need a little rest and help. I took this one out to the hill area he surely came from and after a few false starts he flew away. I waited out in the driveway for about 15 minutes and didn’t see any more sign of him/her. I went back in the house and as I was passing the door that leads out to the enclosed courtyard from the house I glanced out and there right outside the door was the shearwater again peering right in at me (He was right in front of the door and staring into house-this is not the original spot I found him.) I feel very strongly it was some type of season and I said as much out loud. I took him back out to the driveway and he flew off again and has not returned. Do you have any thoughts or insight on this? Thanks so much.

    • Rebecca says:

      errrr….it was some type of sign not season 🙂

  50. SURAJ says:


    I am so happy….after read about animals

    I think that its also important to make people aware of thing such as the fact that protecting your sacred space by calling the elements, otherwise known as casting a circle, is wiccan. I just feel that its important for peoples safety that they understand fully what that means. And it is not a healthy way to protect sacred space as leaving a circle open can be costly energy wise. Im not sure of your legitimacy in regards to sharing Native american knowledge therefore im not gonna call you out for cultural appropriation but i do feel that there are better methods for protecting sacred space. Such as burning incense or saying a small prayer/chant. I just feel circle casting is a little extensive and risky for people who may or may not know what the hell they are doing. Personally it offends me because its not designed to protect sacred space, its designed to create sacred space. The protection comes from the energy behind it as well as possible things used to aid, such as herbs/crystals/incense.




  51. Amanda says:

    Hello, I have a question. A Baltimore oriol flew down in front of me, plucked out a feather (which it left on the ground) and flew away. I am so thankful for the gift, but what does it mean?

  52. Sunitha Singh says:

    Hello, It was 5 years death anniversary for my son and in that month a Bulbul bird started coming everyday eversince knocks on my room window also goes to my car everyday and looks through the window and goes in circular movements on the glass.What does this mean

  53. Anya says:

    Hi this is so informative…but im still trying to figure out something. Today a green bird walked into my house and when i saw it, it turned around and waljed towards the door and flew away. Wondering if it has any meaning ….

  54. J says:

    I recently found that the peacock is my spirit animal guide, I cant find what it means anywhere. I need your help

  55. Ted says:

    I’m house-sitting in Mount Nebo (west of Brisbane, Australia) for a month or 2, and I’m surrounded by wildlife and especially exotic birds–crimson rosellas, king parrots, cockatoos, whipbirds, and many more. The other day I “felt” a presence, turned around and saw this brown cuckoo dove watching me. Normally I watch the birds–not the other way around. 😉 I had never heard of a brown cuckoo dove before, and that made it all the more striking to me. The next day I went hiking in another location and again ran across a brown cuckoo dove, and then it flew down and landed on the path in front of me–about 12 feet away. Later that day I was up on the side of the hill–deep in the forest–and there it was again, close by in a tree. It doesn’t seem tame at all–just somehow crossing my path again and again. Does this suggest any message to you? I’ve never heard it make a sound. Just a quiet presence.

    No animal or bird has ever “spoken” to me the way this one has. It is a large dove–one of the largest I’ve ever seen–with a long tail, and when it is in a nearby tree, you really know it’s there. It may have a call–I don’t know–but I have never heard it. Some doves make a sound when beginning to fly. What is most striking to me about this dove is its silence, its size, and its fearless attraction to me. It’s just present, and that presence is somehow tangible.

    • Hadley says:

      Hadley says:
      Hello! I would love to know the symbolism of a kinglet, if you have any insight. This morning a golden crowned kinglet bumped into my window. I picked it up very gently and gave it some energy work for a few minutes before it flew off. It was a very special and tender few minutes as I was trying to honor the bird, and I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of messages it might mean for me?

  56. jhanvi says:

    Hello,thanks for the information!

    theres been a yellow and black humming bird which has always been coming at my room window since i was child.
    it used to knock and look through the window in circular motions. never really understood why!
    i recently shifted to another house, to a completely different locality but suddenly on the death anniversary of my uncles death i saw the same bird at my window again merrily chirping!
    i was completely taken aback!
    is there any meaning to this?

  57. Adriana hinojosa says:

    Hi just the other day a blue mix with Brown little bird flys in my car window as I was taking my kids. Too school it looked as if it was trying attack my 11 year old son that was about 2 weeks ago . then just now at 1157pm me and my two sons went to throw out some boxes and a big white bird toys out. Our tree and into the sky what’s this mean need I say my old’s son passed away 3 years ago he was murded he was only 16 years old at the time

  58. Adriana hinojosa says:

    What’s all this mean

  59. fred says:

    sorry.. I never knew about this platform until this morning when I had a dream of a white pidgin.. trying to play with me by pointing on me every with is mouth.. as I keep pushing it away as he uses his mouth to hold on to the ground as result of me pushing away but he keeps flying on me refuses to go away until I had to wake up because I have never such dream in my life.. what does this means??

  60. ani says:

    Today, something strange happened which I’ve never seen in my life may be so many people out there find funny about my question but for me its strange because I’ve seen it for the first time… when i was passing through the kitchen… I’ve seen two pigeons or doves i think…grey in color so.. dove or pigeons whatever they were making love and it was looking like more of fight it was looking at first but soon i understood and i just smiled and shoo’d them :p found it really personal and just sprinkled water to fly them away.. so i don’t know what it meant but i see them everyday sitting on my window but never seen them making out or may be kissing i guess :-p all of sudden it happened today.. haha i myself finding it funny asking u this question that what is it ??? and why I’ve seen it ?? is it a coincident of my bad timing or is there anything strange meaning behind it ??

  61. Maya says:

    Hi (: I keep seeing pairs of birds together, sitting on fences or poles, flying in the sky above me or swooping in front of me while I’m driving, just everywhere really. Any insights as to what this might indicate?

    Love and blessings and thank you for your beautiful sight and wisdom!

  62. Bea says:

    Hello Dear Bernadette,
    excuse me for my english, it’s not my native language. I was researching some informations about a symbolic of a bird in general on your page. Maybe you can help me to elaborate it further. I asked one card reader to tell me, if she can see in her cards, what secret my grandmother wanted to tell me before she passed. (My grandma wanted to tell me a secret but she did not finish her sentence and she died. I try to discover this since, it’s more than ten years). She told me that i’ll get a message around a full moon, it will drop right in the front of me, and I do not have to care what people will think around me but It will be a message just for me. Two days after the full moon I found a bird. He could not fly so I asked for a box in the nearest shop and took the bird to a vet. My daughter wants to become a vet so all fits perfectly. Do you think, that this was the message? Does it mean, that my grandmother received my intention to discover the secret and she sent me the bird as a messenger of freedom and eternity? Did I missed some details? Thank you for your page and for your answer. Blessings

  63. Isle says:

    Hey I just saw this site! When I was younger I saw a shadow of a really gigantic bird when i look up in the sky.. And now I randomly dream or remember it often.. I don’t really know what kind of bird that was but it flew above my head and then when i looked up I saw it’s shadow blocking the sun..

  64. Kayla says:

    Hi there!

    I have been reading your page so thoroughly! It is very informative, thank you for all the time an effort you put into it. This week I have been having some guy troubles, and there is a very particular spot where I live that I like to go to think. I was sitting with my friend talking about this particular guy situation and a seagull swoops down so close to my head and scares me, so badly! A couple weeks later I am sitting in the same spot taking a call with a different friend, I start walking around this spot while telling her about the same guy and asking for advice… I left some sketching things there where I sat and at that exact moment when I was talking about Michael a seagull comes again and grabs my pencil pouch from right next to me and walks off with it. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence? Or maybe an animal guide trying to tell me something..? Any suggestions?

    Thank you again!

  65. Charity says:

    I came home yesterday to a yellow warbler flying around my house. Can you advise the symbolism of this?

  66. Krystal says:

    Im curious To know, above you mention that positive change is represented by the white birds – is there actually a breed called white birds or do you mean all white birds represent positive change?

  67. Lisa Moore says:

    Today I went to water my flowers and stopped in my tracks. A large beautiful bird but not one I recognized was on the sidewalk looking lost and facing my house. I talked to her (or him) and she was cocking her head as if listening to me. Then I saw her listening as if she was listening for a fellow bird to call to her. I researched and found out the bird is a Chukar (a type of pheasant). It is not native to N. America let alone the SE US where I live. I’ve been hearing a different type of bird song the last few days and I now know the song of the Chukar. Is there some symbolism for seeing a pheasant or a bird on that family?

  68. Rebecca Svendsen says:

    3 days in a row I have had a Baltimore Oriole appear while I am on the phone with my daughter, who lives in Baltimore. I live in Northern Illinois, so it’s quite unusual. I only see them while I am actively speaking to her. Any ideas on a significance?

  69. Jennie says:

    For 4 or 5 days a starling has been flying into out dining room window. It then sits on the porch rail and looks in toward the inside of the house. My husband died Dec. 27th, 20017. I have been so distraught. I have been asking him to show me a sign that he is near. Could this be his sign?

  70. Hazel says:

    I recently have been seeing a picture of an owl on my crystals and I saw one also the wall in my back garden in the texture of the paint. I am wondering if this is because I now have an owl spirit guide. I have read your interpretation of owl spirit guides and this seems to fit with what is happening with my life as I have been meditating to regain my self confidence amongst other things. I am wondering if you could clarify this for me. Many thanks. Love and light

  71. Susie says:

    Good Afternoon!
    I just came across Your Post for questions!
    Yesterday My Spouse, My grandson,My self went when all of the sudden a White Bird came flying from the left to right in front of Us.I look to my right,it flew to a tree branch,sat down looking at US!
    What Does This Mean!!
    Thank You, Susie

  72. Mia says:

    4 birds landed on my car one by one. First on my hood than flew away. Than on my trunk and flew away. Than on my drivers side and flew away. Than on my hood again directly in front of me and flew away. All in a complete circle….what does this mean?

  73. Ebony Saunders says:

    I came to my apartment that I have not been to in awhile. I found a dead bird on the floor. This really upset me because my window was left slightly open one of those slanted windows and it doesn’t give out much air for ventilation. I’m like how did this bird squeeze in this tiny slanted opening of a window and couldn’t get out and died. I believe the bird was a cardinal. It had red color at the top of the head then started to turn brown. What do you think this is a symbol of?

  74. Deb says:

    I had a Sea Gull Poop all over me on the right side not once but three different days last week, I was told my Spirit bird is a Sea Gull as they are always cleaning up, that I also have a Monkey on my left shoulder, that my Angel is like the Sea Gull..
    And Not too be afraid, that I need too tell my Story, to keep telling it,
    That The Monkey helps me too smile

    What does all this mean

  75. Bec says:

    Hi, thank you for this post.

    Today i was sitting on some steps drinking a coffee when a bird landed on my head. It happened too quickly, i am scared if birds n i i didnt look up to see what it was. My son says it was a seagull but i thought i saw a pigeon.

    Can you help decipher the meaning please?

    Thank you

  76. Jamie Bland says:

    I had a vivid symbolic dream while napping earlier today, and it has left quite an impression on me.

    It was of a Totem Bird Gliding from left to right. It had a red beak with 4 seperate spiral symbols on its beak.

    Could you help me explain the meaning?

  77. Moses says:

    A small black and white bird fly on the top of my car and walk towards the class and fly away. What does that mean

  78. Charles. Chukwunyelu Oduma says:

    Comment…In my sleep,I saw a bird perched on my palm eating food in a dream,I want the meaning,significance and importance.

  79. Sage says:

    I See It In My Dreams, I Hear It In The Forest, And Ones Something That I Will Never Forget Happen To Me When I Was On A Hike…
    I Was Bird Watching With My Mom And Dad Until I Herd That Same Call That I Always Do. I Never Saw One In Person Before And I Have Always Felt A Different Connection To This One Type Of Bird Then To Other Birds. I Looked Up And for The first Time, I Saw One Calling As It Flew So Close, That It Could Almost Touch Me. It Flew Farther Down The Hike Trail So I Followed It Running Fast. I Lost Track Of It And So I Then I just Kept Walked On The Hike trail In The Forest. The Sun Was Setting When We Were About To Go Home, I herd It Again, But This Time When I Looked Up, There I Saw 5 Of The Birds Flying In A V Shape And The Same Bird That I Saw Earlier Was Leading The 4 With 2 On Each Side. They Did That Same Call Flying To The Sun Set. When I Got Home I Searched All About The Birds That I Saw. It Said That Those Types of birds Never Fly In A V Shape. I Think I Was Just Lucky To See Them Do That. At School I Never Fit In With Everyone Else, Until I Found At That The Bird Was In Its Own Group With Only One Type In Of Bird In That Group, Like Me. I Love Eating Fish, And it does Too! Those Types Of birds Are Just Like Me…I Am Pretty Sure That The Osprey Is My True Spirit Animal!

  80. Gush says:

    I need some help here I was dreaming of some ellow and orange birds who land on my face
    I wonder whatsvthe meaning of that

  81. Suzanne Stickley says:

    Hi, I found your site while looking to see what the meaning of a bird in my teacup is. It is so clear, I have a photo, I think it must have some message for me. I often see things in the tea stains on the side of my cup but have never had anything as clear as this. Any ideas?

  82. Rachel Byers says:

    Why am I so attracted to red cardinals? They always seem to be in my field of vision. Yesterday one tried to land on a light fixture out side my front door. Can you provide any insight? I collect red cardinal items too. So attracted to the red and the fact that the male and female are seen together.

  83. Joan says:

    I have been coming across Sparrows. 2 alive, then 1dead. This has happened 3 times within in the past 3 weeks. As your article says, “it’s time to set up proper protection against wondering souls up to no good”. How do I do this?

  84. Adria Sorensen says:

    On the day that my parent’s shih tzu, Reggie, had passed away, I had a dream about a nut hatch that was perched up in a tree that night. I was driving or passing by and happened to see the nut hatch in a tree, possibly with other birds that are commonly part of the winter flock with chickadees and woodpeckers…but it was during the summer, and took place where I went to college (ironically my parents got Reggie when I was in college ). Well, the following day, I saw our neighborhood nut hatch who I only see every once in awhile, not daily like the house sparrows or even as often as the chickadees in our neighborhood that I feed. Either way, I found it ironic that I happened to see the nut hatch after I dreamed about it and wonder if it connected to Reggie, who I was close to…Reggie, like the nut hatch, befriended other species (cats in Reggie’s case) such as chickadees or other mixed winter flock birds… twas curious to see if there’s more to it

    • Cheryl Doyle says:

      Hi, I am here researching this same thing. I do believe that there is something to this. I just experienced losing my 17 year old kitty after having had a female cardinal pecking on my window for 5 days. She was fine and walking around, the minute the bird started I knew that I was going to lose someone precious, because the same thing happened to me almost 25 years ago. Same house, same window but in that case it was a brown thrasher and my dad died shortly after it began.
      But back to this one, the female stayed there the entire time squawking and pecking, and Libby got sicker, I had to force feed her and give her water, she died at 3:31 a.m. on Nov. 10. She was gone and I never heard from the bird again. It was about 5 days from beginning to end. While the female stayed the while time, a male kept coming and hanging out with her but would come and go. It made me wonder about my other sweet girl Sallie. Sure enough she got sick on or about Nov 22, had to have her put to sleep on Nov. 25th. It’s been difficult so far coming to grips with it so I thought that I’d do some research. Very fascinating story. Thank you for sharing it

  85. Carol Owen says:

    I love reading people’s experience with birds. Since moving into a new house (with the most unbelievably good essence) I have been blessed with day 1 – a chicken hawk came thru the kitchen window, flew around and landed on the sink. It let me pick it up and take it outside- very calm. When I opened my hands he didn’t leave until I gave him a nudge. I’ve had swallows nesting at my front door (2 rounds of chicks), a robin I could hand feed for about a month, a brown bird who sings to me while it steals the dog food, baby swallows in the house (caught and released, both calm), last night a beautiful microbat flew around inside my house into every bedroom, living room and kitchen, left when I finally climbed into bed (couldn’t catch) and today, my entire house, lawn, pond, bird batch, trees and power lines were covered in a swarm of sparrows- no other house but mine. I calmly walked through them to my front door.
    I am left feeling very very blessed and uplifted

  86. Angie says:

    What about European Starlings. They are by my window, tons of then in a tree near my window, and they haye a nest. I sure hope this isn’t a bad sign

  87. Ms lisa marie Holland says:

    This morning me and my sons found a baby coal tit just sitting in the middle of the pavement so we thought it was injured as it let us pick it up and I let me hold it in my hand, we had to walk through a country park and once we got into there properly it just flew away!! I wondered if u could tell me the meaning of it?

  88. Jatin Verma says:

    WOW! What an exciting experience! They are so friendly, curious and daring birds. Thank you for sharing story.

  89. Cristalia Nava says:

    A brown bird not sure the species flew into my car flapped onto the door not really window chirped at me and flew away anyone know what this means

  90. Richard says:

    These birds are fascinating and mysterious the same time!

  91. Trista says:

    I keep seeing bald eagles when picking up or dropping off my abusive ex

  92. Vicki says:

    From the time my Mom came home from the nursing home rehab, until the day she died at home in hospice care, when I drive up her driveway the day she was being transported home from the nursing home I saw a Falcon. One that had never been around before. That was Jan 14th 2020 and I saw it every single day I would go to my Mom’s, I was her care giver too. Anyway, she passed away April 21 2020 and the Falcon is gone, I have not seen it at all. I believe it was there for my Mom as her spirit guide.

  93. Bayla says:

    Does anyone know what the meaning is for swarm of brown birds to visit your land, besides the obvious answer “feeding”?

  94. Lucinda says:

    ¡Thank you so much for sharing your work!
    ¡So beautiful so many wisdom!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  95. Ragnar G. Norddahl says:

    What is the symbolism when a long-necked and long-billed bird on the ivory coast eats toads?

    I have acquired a Baule ‘mblo’ face mask from the Ivory Coast. At the top of the mask sit four long-beaked and long-necked birds that chirp in a toad. Can you tell what the symbolism is and what bird it can be?

  96. zee says:

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  97. zee raja says:

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  98. Mark says:


    My father keeps small birds and usually this one keeps opening his mouth at me and like he is trying to tell me something(constantly) he usually starts singing when he sees me and this has been going for a while and this has happened previously(with different birds), also when i go out of the room he stops immediatelly, might be a correlation but might not, hopefully there is an answer

  99. Honda says:

    It was my experience on your site and im impressed with content quality.

  100. Mrs.Karen D Jackson says:

    what doe it mean when a piegon comes and landed on the balcony and speaks to me andi amtalking back to him or her, then a second pieogn fly in the the second pieogn flys nextdoor, then the first one goes and laded on the rail and looks at me, and i am speaking to him or her. Then he or she tals to the 2nd one than they both fly away. The first one was black and gray with pink on the front of his neck, the other one black gray and white.

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