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Fantasy & Mythical Creatures
Symbolism & Meaning

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Amarok symbolism meaning 1200x630

Amarok Symbolism & Meaning

Anyone who is looking for adventure or those who want to tap into their inner warrior will do well working with the mythical Amarok, a ferocious wolf-like cryptid, as a Spirit Guide and Power Animal. As a creature of the ...
amphisbaena symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Amphisbaena Symbolism & Meaning

One of the most unusual creatures in Greek and Roman, the giant, serpent-like Amphisbaena featuring one head on each end of its body, makes for a powerful Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal. The creature's lessons and Animal Medicine relate to ...
basilisk & cockatrice symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Basilisk & Cockatrice Symbolism & Meaning

Basilisk & Cockatrice are creatures in European mythology; the beasts are a hybrid between a Snake and Rooster, so they share a lot of symbolism with both real-world Animals. Basilisk, as a Spirit Animal Guide, offers support by lending you ...
Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, & Yeti Symbolism & Meaning

When Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or Yeti appears as your Spirit Animal Guide, it is a time in your life where you are either struggling for recognition or someone may be bullying you. As wonderful and wise Animal Allies, these creatures come ...
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Bunyip Symbolism & Meaning

Bunyip is a giant, long-necked Dog or Seal-like cryptid originating in Australian Mythology, said to lurk around the marshlands, lakes, bogs, streams, and rivers. Its habitat makes it a creature corresponding to the Water Element, and as such, is a ...
cadmean vixen symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Cadmean Vixen Symbolism & Meaning

The Cadmean Vixen is a creature born of Greek and Roman myth; the mythological creature is a large Fox that is so cunning and swift, it is uncapturable. As such, the Animal represents fast movement, elusiveness, and escapism. Read on ...
caladrius symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Caladrius Symbolism & Meaning

Caladrius is a mythological Bird appearing in Roman Mythology and Medieval bestiaries. It is a white Bird, residing in the house of kings, which is capable of seeing sickness in a person's body, removing it via the person's breath, and ...
Centaur Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Centaur Symbolism & Meaning

Centaur is a half-man, half-horse originating from Greek Mythology, that symbolizes duality, primal drive, and paradox. Find out more about Centaur symbolism now to uncover the hidden meaning of these creatures and the Animal Medicine and Sacred Wisdom they share! ...
cerastes symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Cerastes Symbolism & Meaning

Cerastes is a creature originating in Greek Myth. The lengendary beast is a large Serpent with one to four Ram-like horns, and its serpent-like qualities cause Cerastes to represent deception, trickery, strategic maneuvers, and cunning. Explore Cerastes symbolism and meaning ...
cetan symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Cetan Symbolism & Meaning

Cetan is a creature originating from the oral stories in Native American Mythology. The chimerical creature has a lot in common with the real-world Hawk, so it often symbolizes keen vision, transcendence, and spiritual enlightenment. Find out more about Cetan ...
champ, nessie, & ogopogo symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo Symbolism & Meaning

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo are all mythic water-dwelling creatures with a larger than life presence. Amazingly, despite their massive serpentine descriptions, these creatures remain elusive and the source of lasting mystery. Explore Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo symbolism and meaning now ...
chimera symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Chimera Symbolism & Meaning

Chimera is a mythological creature featuring the body parts of a Serpent, Lion, and Goat. From its Lion aspect, the Chimera represents strength; from its Serpentine aspect, the legendary Animal signifies wisdom, and from its Goat aspect, the beast symbolizes ...
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Chupacabra Symbolism & Meaning

Chupacabra is a creation with origins in American Folklore. Sometimes called the "Goat Sucker," this creature, which has behaviors similar to a vampire, comes to symbolize things that might drain you energetically or emotionally. Explore Chupacabra symbolism and meaning now ...
Dragon Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal Symbolism Meaning 1200x1200

Dragon Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to balance your karma? Are you drawn to the healing arts or seek to help others? Dragon as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Dragon teaches you responsibility for your soul and how to live a life ...
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Gremlin Symbolism & Meaning

Want to achieve alternate states of consciousness? Looking to conquer a phobia? Gremlin, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Gremlin teaches you to move through different levels of awareness, all while showing you how to face what ...
griffin symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Griffin Symbolism & Meaning

Need to protect what is yours? Looking for a space that’s all your own? Griffin, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Griffin teaches you how to safe keep all you cherish while showing you how to establish ...
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Harpie & Shrew Symbolism & Meaning

Harpies are creatures from primarily Greco-Roman mythology. They have been described in various ways, but a common feature is that these beings have the face of a maiden but the body of a bird. Though described in tales from Ovid, ...
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Hippogriff Symbolism & Meaning

Looking for the endurance it takes to reach your goals? Want to feel more connected to the people you love? Hippogriff, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Hippogriff teaches you how to realize your highest aspirations, all ...
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Hydra Symbolism & Meaning

Need a little extra energy to tackle mundane tasks? Want to see things from a clear perspective? Hydra, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Hydra shows you how to refuel your inner well for endless endurance while ...
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Jackalope Symbolism & Meaning

Looking for something to inspire you? Having trouble avoiding temptation? Jackalope, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Jackalope shows you how to tap into your inner well of creativity, all while showing you how to keep your ...
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Jersey Devil Symbolism & Meaning

Want to understand a situation you’re in and its underlying cause? Do you need to stand up for yourself or others? The Jersey Devil, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! The Jersey Devil enables you to tear ...
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Jormungand Symbolism & Meaning

Want others to take notice? Need help handling growing pains? Jormungand, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Jormungand shows you how to increase your visibility, all while helping you understand the underlying changes accompanying rites of passage! ...
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Kelpie Symbolism & Meaning

Want to get your budget under control? Bracing yourself for upcoming changes? Kelpie, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Kelpie teaches you how to stay afloat financially while showing you how to adapt to change with poise ...
Kongamato Symbolism & Meaning

Kongamato Symbolism & Meaning

Kongamato symbolizes archaic knowledge, surprise, and ancient history. But what does it mean when this creature swoops in as a Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal? What is Kongamato’s meaning when it navigates the skies of your dream narratives? Find out ...
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Kraken Symbolism & Meaning

The name of this mythical creature derives from the old Norse term “Kraki.” The term “Kraken” is a derivative of the Germanic term “Krake” found both in Norwegian Swedish languages, and referring to an aberration or extreme distortion of an ...
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Ladon Symbolism & Meaning

Ladon, as a Greek name for a person, translates as “Dragon of Hera.” This refers to the mythical creature known by the same name as a giant Snake-like Dragon. It was said that Ladon guarded the tree where Golden Apples ...
mermaid symbolism meaning 1200x630

Mermaid Symbolism & Meaning

Are you looking for a way to express yourself? Trying to find clarity in love matters? Mermaid as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Mermaid teaches to find balance between the heart and mind! Delve deeply in Mermaid ...
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Minotaur Symbolism & Meaning

Minotaur is the Greek mythical creature that is part human and part Bull. The term Minotaur translates as “Bull of Minos” and was depicted as having the head and tail of a Bull and the body of a human. The ...
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Mothman & Owlman Symbolism

Mothman and Owlman come from different cultures and reports of their sightings are relatively recent. Mothman sightings were reported on November 15, 1966 in Point Pleasant, Virginia, in the United States. A creature reported to have red glowing eyes and ...
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Nandi Bear Symbolism & Meaning

Named for the Nandi people of East Africa, the Nandi Bear is also referred to as a Chemosit or Kirit or Duba. This mythical beast became known more widely when colonizers shared reports of African people in western regions of ...
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Nemean Lion Symbolism & Meaning

The Nemean Lion was a prominent creature from Greek mythology, particularly for its role in the stories of Heracles. The Nemean Lion gets its name from its home and hunting ground, Nemea. Legend has it, the Nemean Lion was as ...
Pegasus Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Pegasus Symbolism & Meaning

Pegasus Table of Contents Pegasus Symbolism & Meaning Spirit Animal Totem Animal Power Animal Native American Symbolism Pegasus Dreams Far Eastern Symbolism Back to all Fantasy & Mythical Creatures Back to all Spirit Animal Meanings Pegasus Symbolism & Meaning Pegasus ...
Phoenix Symbolism & Meaning 1200x630

Phoenix Symbolism & Meaning

Phoenix symbolism and meaning are recognized by anyone who has experienced a major initiation or transformation. Are you facing some of the most challenging moments of your life? Are you grieving and wanting to heal old emotional wounds? Phoenix as ...
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Sea Goat Symbolism & Meaning

The earliest accounts of the Sea Goat are related to the Babylonian God Enki and date back over four thousand years. The Sea Goat is also associated with the constellation Capricornus and the sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn. The Sea ...
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Sisha Symbolism & Meaning

Shisa, also called Shisa Lion and in some references, Komainu, are actually a mix of Dog and Lion. They are also usually depicted in pairs. The Shisa is native to lore in what was once an independent Island Kingdom of ...
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Sleipner Symbolism & Meaning

In Norse mythology, the prodigy of Loki, the Trickster Deity, and Svoalifari, the stallion. Sleipnir is an eight legged Horse that is known for being the most beloved Horse and also associated with Odin. Sleipnir is Old Norse for “Slippery” ...
sphinx symbolism & meaning 1200x630

Sphinx Symbolism & Meaning

Are you faced with a puzzling situation? Looking for some self-assurance? Sphinx as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Sphinx teaches how to tap into ancient wisdom, while remaining confident, but humble with our new knowledge. Delve deeply ...
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Thunderbird Symbolism & Meaning

Thunderbird is a powerful mythical creature prominent among many Indigenous cultures in North America. In particular, Thunderbird was important to tribes of the Northwest. Thunderbird was believed to live in the mountains and to be responsible for storms. The physical ...
Unicorn Meaning & Symbolism 1200x850

Unicorn Symbolism & Meaning

Want to encounter magical creatures? Want to see the world through new eyes? Unicorn, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Unicorn teaches how to see all the magic in the world while helping you view everything through ...
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Werewolf Symbolism & Meaning

The Werewolf gets its name from the Old English term “Werwulf” which translates into Man-Wolf. Another term sometimes used to describe this mythical creature is “Lycanthrope” which has its origins in Greece. The Werewolf is described as a shapeshifting beast ...

Fantasy & Mythical Creatures
Symbolism & Meanings Overview

A common question is, “Can Fantasy & Mythical Creatures be my Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal?”. The answer is yes!

In the lore and myth of many cultures, Mythical Creatures abound. These fantasy animals are not of this world. They are unique, curious, whimsical creatures that spring from our imagination – maybe.

Those who follow a more spiritual path think of the ‘imagination’ as a co-creation with the divine. That is, whatever is created in this world (music, art, technology, and more) is born of humans tapping into the infinite creativity of the Universe. In this, it’s entirely possible that the “Mythical Creatures” who appear in the minds and hearts of artists and storytellers are simply the Universe allowing us a peek into a magical world which exists in another time and place.

Now, think of the Dragon, Unicorn, Gryphon and Phoenix as examples of popular Fantasy Creatures. These creatures boggle our mind and challenge our spirits in unique ways. Each of these Mythical Beasts has unique cultural contexts as well that give them even more energetic correspondences to consider. Effectively Dragon compares to both Snake and Lizard but with greater powers and the ability of flight. The Gryphon is a compound creature blended for Eagle and Lion, and so it carries some of the Spirit Animal Meanings from both those animals. Also, one can easily identify with Mythical Creatures as a Totem Animal or invoke its medicine as a Power Animal.

Based on the information already provided, you can see why the energies and teachings of Mythical Creatures can and should be accepted as a valid Spirit, Totem, and Power animal.

The unique thing about Fantasy Creatures as animal spirit guides is that these Mythical Beasts live between the realms – between the powers of good and evil, and between us and the Gods of all time. In some settings they are even ascribed with some godly powers.

In studying and working with Fantasy Animals it is important to approach them with proper respect. Think of the Fey and Devas. They will often help humans. But do not under any circumstances anger them! On that note, it must be said that many Mythical Beasts are things of which nightmares are made. In many European stories the Dragon is far from the hero of the tale, for example. For our purposes we will focus on Fantasy creatures that offer positive characteristics and lessons. Returning to the Dragon, in China Dragon represents vitality. Yes, a being with such size and power can be daunting, but they also bear ancient wisdom and are among the chroniclers of history as we know it.

There are also Fantasy Animals that are somewhat ambivalent. Consider the Mermaid who may sing a sailor into the water, or rescue an innocent from drowning. According to legend, this depends on Her disposition at the moment.

No matter the creature, Fantasy Animals are part of our communal mind. They are archetypes of the enchanted world. The most wonderful message from the Fantasy realm is that not all is what it seems. There is far more to our world than black-and-white reality. That opens the door to so many wonderful possibilities. Let your mind wander and see what you find.

Mythical Creatures As Your Spirit Animal

Fantasy & Mythical Creatures as a Spirit Animal come to you offering wisdom, insight, messages and specific energy imprints. You may find this beast arriving in your meditation or dreams. Alternatively you might see it time and time again on TV, in the pages of a book, in decorative statues etc. Your Fantasy Spirit Animal will try a variety of ways to grab your attention until they’re successful.

There are some common messages from Fantasy Animals. One has to do with your potentials. Are you ready to go above and beyond what you readily conceive? Fantasy Creatures challenge us to explore their realities as well as their mysteries and magic – as well as your mystery and magic. Take that leap of faith.

Sometimes a Spirit Animal reveals aspects of your character of which you might be unaware or that needs improvement. Alternatively they may come with assistance to an emotionally powerful event. Fantasy & Mythical Spirit Animals are highly intuitive – their messages are always meant for your highest and best good. However, all animals (except humans) are direct communicators. There is no filter. Your Spirit Animal will express the lesson you ‘need’, rather than communicating what you ‘want’ to hear. Be ready for some straight-forward truth.

Finally, when a Mythical Beast show us as your Spirit Animal, it can be letting you know that now is the time to believe in your ‘fantasies’. Do you want to be a ballerina, the president of your country, a movie star, or cure cancer? Fantasy & Mythical Creatures can appear to let us know that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Mythical Creatures As Your Totem Animal

A Fantasy Animal Totem is a creature with which you were born. It’s who you ‘are’. This Mythical Creature will stay with you your entire life – bringing guidance and protection. In a sense, with you carrying this Totem within your spirit, you create a bridge between Earth and other realms or dimensions of reality where Fantasy Animals reside.

Just as with any Totem Animal, you often reflect the characteristics and attributes of that creature. For example, someone born with a Unicorn Totem may be somewhat naïve but always a paragon of virtue and honesty. The Unicorn is perhaps the most positive of all Fantasy Animals as it’s always depicted interacting with humans in positive ways.

Some people innately know their Animal Totem – their ‘self’. Others may have to think on it. Nonetheless, once discovered one of the best things you can do is start educating yourself about the Mythical Creature’s history and lore. Take a look at various cultural settings to learn more about the powers inside of you. Note that during this exploration your Totem may manifest in your dreams and meditations so you build a strong relationship of respect and trust.

For some, knowing their Totem Animal is a completely natural process. It’s as if they’ve always known, inexplicably drawn to the animal or having a special feeling for the animal’s energy. For others, they wonder how to find their Animal Totem. Don’t worry! It’s there inside you. A Totem Animal is imprinted on your soul like a unique fingerprint that shapes who you are and who you become.

Mythical Creatures As Your Power Animal

What is a Mythical Creature Power Animal? It is just like a natural or ‘real’ Power Animal but derives from the Fantasy realm. Just like with ‘regular’ Power Animals, we have the ability to call on Fantasy Spirits and ask for their assistance in tasks, with problem solving, for health, and much more. Remember, when you invoke the energy of any Power Animal, you’re calling on that part of yourself that ‘is’ the particular animal – Fantasy, Mythical, or ‘Real’. Because of this, it’s important to use the energy of Mythical Creatures wisely and only to bring about positive outcomes for all.

There are two caveats with Fantasy Power Animals. First you must choose one that embodies your goal in some way. You wouldn’t call on a fiery Dragon, for example, when trying to calm an already heated situation. Know on whom you call and why. Second, Fantasy Power animals have the right, and sometimes the responsibility, to say “no”. While you might initially feel rejected realize that “no” is also a message. Perhaps your priorities are wrong or you chose the wrong creature to call on for aid.

Celtic Mythical Creatures

Celtic stories are replete with images of grand and interesting creatures. Perhaps the best known Celtic Mythical Creatures are the Faerie Folk. Fairies have all manner of characteristics. Some are bound to plants and places, some work to help things grow, some will do small tasks in return for honey and milk.

The Leprechaun is a type of fairy. Depicted as a small man wearing green or red, Leprechaun is a loner and also a bit of a trickster. If this fellow comes as a Spirit helper bear in mind that its usually with a joke or humor whose message is: lighten up!

Another Celtic Mythical Creature is the Puca. These are shapeshifters that always have dark fur. The Puca can be wise and quite approachable as a Spirit or Power Animal. Just be aware that like the Leprechaun, they are slippery.

There is also the Salmon of Knowledge who upon eating nine hazelnuts it gained all the world’s knowledge then fell into the well of Wisdom. Unwittingly a hero came by and being hungry cooked our Salmon up. He burned his thumb on the fish’s flesh and the power of all knowledge transferred into him. From that day forward all he need do was bite his thumb.

Native American Mythical Creatures

A common theme in Native American stories is giant magical Snakes. They are horned, bearing scales and shining spots. Known as the Uktena, if a hunter came across a scale from this creature it gave him good fortune for as long as he lives.

Another fantastic being from Native American is the Thunderbird. The Thunderbird is a powerful Magical Creature. Some myths claim this being was created to fight underwater spirits or punish wicked people who break moral codes of conduct.

Chinese, Japanese, & Far East Mythical Creatures

The Dragon has the claim to fame among Fantasy Creatures especially in China where it represents the imperial family. The Dragon is the ultimate symbol of the Sacred Male of the universe. Both of these concepts translated into Japan where Dragon gets the additional powers of invisibility and changing sizes. In Taoism, Dragons represent the forces of nature

There are other beneficent creatures in Far Eastern myths and legends. These include;

  • Pixiu – a fierce beast that brings wealth and luck into your life
  • Baize – a white creature who abides in mountains and knows the true nature of all things.
  • The Phoenix – an emblem of the sun, eternal love, and reincarnation.
  • Hou – a lion like being who bears messages from heaven to the mortal realm.

Mythical Creatures in Dreams

It is said that when a Mythical Creature comes to you in dreams it’s a signal to consider your Path and where it’s leading you. Change is coming but it begins with better understanding of self. If you learned any good lessons in your dream, that is a very positive omen.

Another possibility is that Fantasy Creatures appear in dreams is to alert you that a new possibility is opening in your life. Magic is afoot, so keep an open mind and heart.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy & Mythical Creatures

  1. S.D. says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have recently begun my transformation. In my dream, a creature from a beautiful but, unknown place entered. This creature appeared to be part Polar Bear and Part female Lion. When I looked at them face to face, a red orb appeared!!!
    This is definitely something I will never forget.


  2. Carol says:

    i don’t know what or how to explan but i keep dreaming and thinking about a boy with light brown wings and human feet. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair, he has a tan-brown chest armor and sholder armor.

    If enyone could help me i would like to know if its my guide or just a dream(please just coment my email does not work)

  3. Mitch says:

    One of my 6 totems is werewolf. Ever since I was really young I had a fascination with them. After my parents divorced I dreamt I was one, and visited my dad who worked nights

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