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Erymanthian Boar Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to understand unexplainable events? Want to overcome what holds you back? Erymanthian Boar, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Erymanthian Boar teaches you how to consider the nature of a paradox, all while encouraging you to remain strong through turmoil. Delve deeply in Erymanthian Boar symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can motive, support, and stir you.

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Erymanthian Boar Symbolism & Meaning

Erymanthian Boar or the aper Erymanthius is a legendary beast emerging from Greek Mythology. The beast is akin to the real-world Wild Boar but is far larger and more ferocious. The mythic Wild Boar’s native origin is Mount Erymanthos, a primitive and untamed area in the Arcadia highlands.

Boar has ties to the Feminine Divine, seeing its habitat was the sacred land of the goddess Artemis, who Homer identifies as the “Mistress of the Animals,” in the “Odyssey.” The Calydonian and Erymanthian Boar represents Divine wrath. In the story of the Calydonian Boar, Meleager, the Prince of Calydon, gathers all the Greek heroes together to hunt down the Boar sent to ravage the lands. Artemis sets the beast out on its destructive path because the people failed to honor Her.

Several tales link Wild Boar to the anger of the Masculine Gods, too, notably Apollo: Artemis’ twin brother and the God of Poetry, the Sun, and Light. According to one tale, Erymanthus, Apollo’s son, encounters Aphrodite (or Artemis) in the wilderness. Because Erymanthus sees the Goddess nude, it evokes Her wrath, so She blinds him. Aphrodite favors Adonis, so to get revenge against Her, Apollo sends the Erymanthian Boar to take his life. Such tales emerged when people were trying to understand or explain traumatic events beyond human control. Mythological representations give Wild Boar ties to Divine Justice, imperfection, duality, paradoxes, destiny, and the will of the Gods.

Erymanthian Boar is most famous for its appearance in the Twelve Labours of Hercules: A story making the Boar a symbol of brute strength, will, aggression, and adversarial conditions. Hercules’ Fourth Labour involves capturing the Wild Boar. Chiron instructs Hercules to drive the creature into the thick snow on Mount Erymanthos, which would allow its capture. Later, Hercules throws the creature into the sea. It swims across the ocean to Italy. Boars are the embodiment of warrior virtues. The battle between a warrior and the Wild Boar is a running theme in Greek Mythology, with many of the Greek Heroes having to face off with the vicious creature. In its most basic sense, the tales of Wild Swine represent the concept of Man versus Nature. The stories of Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar makes the mythic beast symbolize endurance, bravery, and survival.

Real-world, Wild Boars that are male remain solitary. Both the mythic beast and real-world Swine feature huge tusks for defense, a large head and neck, allowing them to dig or tear up the land with considerable ease. The adult male Boar is larger than the female, and the real-world Boar has grown as big as an adult-sized Bear weighing some 600-770 pounds in some regions of the world. The beast symbolizes one’s ability to stand their ground.

Male Boars are often silent when they are not under threat. They have an incredible sense of smell and hearing, which makes up for their poor vision and the inability to see color. Boars have unique mutations that prevent snake venom from binding with receptors in the blood, so the creature receives no injury from a snake attack other than the initial bite. Wild Boar’s attributes give it ties to psychism, clairsentience (psychic feeling), clairaudience (psychic hearing), and clairgustance (psychic smell). Its ability to avoid envenomation signifies protection from negative energies or venomous words or conditions.

Erymanthian Boar Spirit Animal

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If the Erymanthian Boar enters your life as a Spirit Animal, it’s because you may face someone you consider an enemy. The Wild Boar arrives to help support you when you feel you’re under attack. Part of the Animal’s Wisdom involves knowing when to stand up for yourself and knowing when to walk away.

When the Erymanthian Boar is your Spirit Animal, you may face a test of your brute strength, willpower, or endurance. The Boar is a formidable Animal Ally preparing you for the challenges ahead. The Boar can show you how to make the most of your energy resources so you can endure conditions for the long haul. It also helps you tap into that inner warrior within so you can face challenging situations bravely and without wavering.

The creature enters as a Spirit Animal when other people are behaving venomously. Whether someone is spreading gossip or using hateful words against you, the Wild Boar is at the ready to help. The creature is resistant to envenomation and can help you get through the initial pain words or actions might cause so you can endure without giving away your power to others.

Erymanthian Boar Totem Animal

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If the Erymanthian Boar is your Totem Animal, you are well-grounded, quiet, and shy. You live your life with a sense of destiny awaiting you, and trust in the will of the Divine. With the Wild Boar as a Birth Totem, you have a deep interest in the uncanny and the sublime. You’ll seek esoteric knowledge and have a strong connection to the earth and nature.

With the Erymanthian Boar as a Birth Totem, you have the spirit and heart of a warrior. You will fight for a just cause and will defend anyone who faces adverse conditions. Erymanthian Boar people are mellow unless someone is aggressive or challenges their convictions. Then, those with the Wild Boar Totem stand up for themselves by plowing through any condition holding them back.

Erymanthian Boar Power Animal

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Invoke Erymanthian Boar as a Power Animal when you need help to see things clearly. The Boar’s lack of color vision makes it easy to see the world in simple terms. Call on your Animal Ally when you want to see a situation with “black and white” clarity.

Petition the Erymanthian Boar when you need support tapping into your innate psychic abilities. Where the Boar lacks vision, the creature makes up for it with exceptional hearing and a sense of smell-these attributes translate on a psychic level. Your Animal Ally can help you access extrasensory skills when you need to understand conditions better, or you have to sniff out more information.

You can also call on the Erymanthian Boar when you are in a survival situation, and you need extra strength and stamina to make it through troubling times. Your Animal Ally supports you in tapping into your energetic reserves and in awakening the warrior spirit within.

Celtic Erymanthian Boar Symbolic Meanings

The Boar appears in Celtic stories because they held both the Pig and Boar in high regard. Several deities have connections with the Wild Boar, including Veteris and Moccus, a God akin to Mercury. Legend has it Culhwch, a Welsh hero, has a father who is a Boar God. Dedicants to Veteris were all male, so revering a deity with iconography representing wild power and strength is not surprising. Celtic Lingones people worshipped Moccus in His Boar God aspect. People would consume Boar during feasts, and warriors and hunters would invoke Boar for strength or a successful hunt.

Erymanthian Boar Dreams

If you see a Wild Boar running at you in a dream, it points to potential dangers in your waking life from which you should avoid. A Wild Boar attack suggests upcoming surprises and situations or conditions which seem to creep up on your or crop up out of nowhere. When a Boar challenges you, it points to relationships where someone is taking on an adversarial position.

Wild Boar dream suggests a need to stand up for yourself, especially if you feel someone is backing you into a corner. If you see the Boar digging up the earth, it points to a need for grounding yourself or that you’ll develop a sudden interest in genealogy where you search for your ancestral roots. A fat Boar points to times of plenty whereas a thin, sickly, or smaller than average Boar suggests potential financial problems ahead.

Erymanthian Boar Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Courage
  • Divine Justice
  • Endurance
  • Ferocity
  • Karma
  • Paradox
  • Psychism
  • Strength
  • The unfathomable
  • Warrior Spirit

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