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Bigfoot, Sasquatch, & Yeti
Symbolism & Meaning

Looking for some quiet time? Do you need help figuring out the truth in a matter? Bigfoot, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Bigfoot teaches you about the gift of elusiveness and how to separate fact from fiction! Delve deeply into Bigfoot, Sasquatch, & Yeti symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can enlighten, strengthen, and support you!

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Bigfoot, Yeti, & Sasquatch Symbolism & Meaning

Think of Bigfoot and a tall, gigantic, hairy, ape-like being with huge feet comes to mind. There are sightings in every state within the Continental U.S. and Canada, not to mention all the media attention the creature attracts. There’s no doubt Bigfoot represents that which is “larger than life.”

The word “Sasquatch” comes from the Halkomelem language and is a collective term describing the “Wild Man” tales widely dispersed throughout Native American Tribes. “Bigfoot” is a term that came into use nearly thirty years later following the discovery of large footprints thought to belong to a Sasquatch. Yetis are separate from Sasquatch, but people still link the two creatures due to their similar descriptions. The main difference between Bigfoot and Yeti is that the Bigfoot prefers warmer climates, and the Yeti lives in cold, mountainous areas.

Sasquatch and Yeti sightings are as diverse as the people making the reports. The main description remains unchanged: The creature is bipedal, tall, and covered in white, reddish, brown, or black hair. Many tales tell of it having an odor so strong a person detects it before sighting the creature. The creatures vary in height from six to nine feet and range in weight from 400 to 1000 pounds or more.

The hair color of Sasquatch or the Yeti adds to the rich symbolism of these curious cryptids. Red represents endurance, strength, passion, and power. Brown signifies simplicity, grounding, and stability. Black represents anonymity, mystery, and detachment. White represents purity and peace.

Since there’s no tangible proof of its existence, Bigfoot symbolizes that which remains hidden, secrets, and the mysterious. Preferring isolation, they are an emblem of individuality and the desire to escape the herd mentality.

Bigfoot, Yeti, & Sasquatch Spirit Animal

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Bigfoot stomps in as a Spirit Animal whenever you’re in situations where you feel conditions or people are intimidating. Bigfoot avoids humans, but it allows no one to back it into a corner! Bigfoot’s Medicine helps you find the courage to escape victimization. This creature’s motto is: “Stand up for yourself!

A Sasquatch arrives as a Spirit Animal when the energetic vibrations of those around you are draining. Sasquatch knows how to elude others, so it comes to help you find peace in temporary isolation. The creature is an ideal Spirit Animal for empaths who have difficulty tuning out the emotions of others. Bigfoot helps you cloak yourself in an aura of invisibility so that you can restore your vital energy.

The Yeti comes to you when you’ve been trying your hardest to achieve your dreams. But, all your efforts come to naught. You can work with the Yeti’s energies to help you discover new opportunities. As your Spirit Animal, Yeti helps you get your foot in the door.

Bigfoot, Yeti, & Sasquatch Totem Animal

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People with Bigfoot as a Birth Totem are natural-born lie detectors. No one will ever call you gullible. You sense when others are genuine and refuse to associate with who isn’t authentic.

With Sasquatch as your Totem, you have an insatiable thirst for learning and information about the unknown, esoteric, mysteries, or fringe subjects. People with this Totem often study astrology, numerology, magic, or metaphysics. You never tire of the euphoric feeling discovery brings.

With Yeti as an Animal Totem, you are a survivalist. You rely on intuition as your guide through the world. You appreciate being in the woods, whether it’s for a short walk or living off-the-grid.

Bigfoot, Yeti, & Sasquatch Power Animal

Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch Power Animal 1200x630

Call on Bigfoot as a Power Animal when you need to weed out lies from the truth. If you need to resolve a conflict but find fabrications obscuring the facts, Bigfoot is the perfect Animal Ally to aid you in figuring out what’s true and what’s not. Work with Bigfoot’s energies when you need to spot the telltale signs of a lie, or when you need to look at nothing but the hard facts; Bigfoot lets you know when something doesn’t smell right.

Invoke Sasquatch as your Power Animal when you want to expand your horizons but need a little push to do so. Sasquatch has no limits to where it wanders in the wild. The creature’s energetic influence will help you take those big footsteps outside of your comfort zone.

Invoke Yeti medicine and energy when you want to express your individuality. No one imposes expectations on the Yeti; the creature is a natural nonconformist. As a Power Animal, it aids in the process of self-discovery and encourages you to stand tall and proud while being your authentic self.

Native American Bigfoot Symbolic Meanings

Many Native American Tribes have a local version of the “Wild Man” or Sasquatch, with similarities in physical appearance, but differences in behavior. Tribes in the Pacific Northwest, like the Salish, Chinook, and Bella Coola, share stories of powerful beings, Boqs or Skoocum—Large, forest-dwelling, hair-covered men. For the Bella Coola Indians, Boqs are monstrous human-eating creatures, but the Salishan and Chinook consider the Boqs as nonthreatening.

More aggressive tribes, like the Bush Indian Ahtna in Southern Alaska, share frightening tales of the Kol’ eni or Ts’et’ eni. Kol’ eni has bogeyman characteristics: A hair-covered wild man of the Alaskan tundra that both steals away with and consumes children.

The Chickasaw native to the woodlands of Southeastern states of Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi have a similar being, the Lhofa or Lhonfa, which is more like an evil ogre. The creature, like all the others, has a full body of hair, and a dreadful smell. Its name translates as “Skinner” or “Flayer,” hinting at the beast’s most frightening behaviors. The Lhofa steals away with women and skins its victims. The Choctaw have tales of a near-identical beast, The Shampe, who is next to impossible to fight off—No one dares approach it because of its unbearable smell.

Tribes like the Dakota and Lakota share stories of a hairy woodland-dwelling beast: The Chiye-Tanka or Chiha Tanka. The creature’s name suggests a belief in a spiritual and, perhaps, a distant ancestral relationship between the Natives and the crypto-hominid: Its name translates as “Big Elder Brother.”

The Wenatchee people of Washington State have the Choanito, meaning “Night People.” Stories of the creature tell of it living in the mountains, hiding in caves, and having an intolerable stench. The Choanito are Trickster-like, with some stories of them kidnapping humans and keeping them in their caves for an entire season, only to return them to their people unharmed.

Lummi and Salish tales mention the horrific Stick Indians: Evil forest spirits whose physical description differs from one tribe to another, but that often have the same characteristics as the Wild Men of other Indian tales. Stick Indians draw out people with laughter or by making strange whistling noises-they would then lead them astray in the woods. They also have the power to hypnotize, paralyze, and cause insanity in people. So terrifying is the creature the term “Stick Indians” is a euphemism Natives used to refer to the monster for fear using its true name draws the creature’s attention and elicits an attack.

Bigfoot, Yeti, & Sasquash Dreams

When Bigfoot shows up in a dream, it may be to prepare you for unexpected events in your waking life. A “big” surprise is coming your way, which may or may not be pleasant, depending on the context of the dream.

If you see Sasquatch running from people or trying to hide in your dream, it implies you are running away from a situation you can’t escape. It might also mean you should try to avoid a head-on confrontation with another—you do not know all the facts in a situation at this time.

When a Yeti appears in a dream, you might feel people don’t believe in you or your abilities. Otherwise, the dream warns of being gullible, as you might deal with people who make promises too good to be true.

Big Foot Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Elusiveness
  • Fierceness
  • Mystery
  • Observation
  • Power
  • Secrets
  • Speed
  • Surprise
  • Truth
  • The Unknown
  • Wildness