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Caladrius Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to heal yourself or others? Do you want the world to see your most authentic self? Caladrius, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Caladrius helps you discover imbalances within while showing you how to keep your words and deeds pure. Delve deeply in Caladrius symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can awaken, illuminate, and heal you.

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Caladrius Symbolism & Meaning

Caladrius is a Bird appearing in Medieval bestiaries and Roman Mythology: The creature is pure white and absent of any black markings. The Bird has healing powers as it possesses the ability to take the illness out of a person’s body. Stories tell of how the Caladrius gazes into the eyes of someone who is sick and absorbs the illness. It then flies off toward the sun so its rays can burn away the disease while freeing the Bird from the affliction it carries.

People would also observe the Caladrius’ behaviors while practicing Ornithomancy: An ancient form of divination with Birds. Tales of the Bird tell of how the creature predicts a person’s death; when the Caladrius lets out a sorrowful cry and looks away from someone who is ill instead of maintaining its gaze, the person will not survive the affliction.

There are multiple sources writers cite as the real-world inspiration for the Mythic Bird, including Doves, Swans, Herons, Seagulls, and White Plovers. Some writers tell of how the Bird consumes food it digs up from the soil, making it “unclean” to eat. Here, Caladrius signifies keeping the body free from impurities. Other writers claim the marrow from the mythological Bird is a cure for blindness, so the Bird symbolizes the vision and not being blind to what’s going on around you.

Plutarch also writes about the “unclean” nature of the Bird in the Symposiacon in 80 C.E., while writing of its ability to cure jaundice. The portrayal of the Bird being unclean associates it with the earthly realm and Element. Other writers also mention the Bird’s ability to remove jaundice from a person the condition afflicts; Aelian writes in De natura animalium, Caladrius has an angry gaze when looking into the eyes of a person with jaundice, but the Bird still heals the individual. In Chinese Medicine, anger and irritability are issues practitioners attribute to a problem with the liver. Here, Caladrius signals a time of letting go of anger before allowing it to poison the mind and body.

In the 12th century, in the Lexicon, Suidas writes how those who attempt to sell the Caladrius do not allow buyers to see the Bird before paying for it. The reason for keeping the Bird hidden was the fear the creature would gaze into the eyes of the buyer and cure the individual of any disease before completing the sale. It is this former practice leading to the saying, “Imitating the Caladrius,” meaning someone who is honest or who hides nothing. Here, the Caladrius becomes the revealer of all secrets or the symbol of authenticity and truth-telling.

Some stories suggest the Caladrius puts its beak to the mouth of the afflicted and removes the illness by drawing out the person’s breath. Once the Bird takes on the illness itself, it flies toward the Sun for healing. Through this retelling, Caladrius’ has ties to the Air and Fire Elements.

Caladrius Spirit Animal

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When Caladrius arrives as your Spirit Animal, it comes to help you get a “bird’s-eye view” of your life or situation. Are you not seeing the big picture? Are you ignoring the obvious? Caladrius’ Medicine will help you steel your resolve so you can work through existing challenges.

If Caladrius flies into your life, it urges you to examine motives. Caladrius carries the lesson of “It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest,” meaning you do yourself a major injustice when bringing dishonor to your friends, family, or yourself. The Bird’s energetic influence supports you in doing right by everyone.

If you’re upset with another, Caladrius may show up as your Spirit Animal, encouraging you to put on your “steely gaze” and express your displeasure. Doing so will prevent negative emotions from festering. The creature helps you resolve issues, so the relationship endures.

Caladrius Totem Animal

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With the Caladrius as a Totem Animal, you’re pure of heart and strive to remain equally pure in mind and body. You enjoy staying physically-fit and prefer an organic diet over junk foods. You’re truthful, so you make and keep friends with ease.

When Caladrius is your Totem, you are the humanitarian type with a genuine altruistic nature. You enjoy helping others, which means you often engage in volunteer work or mentoring others. The ideal career for you involves offering others guidance or practicing the healing arts.

You enjoy being out in the sun as much as possible-it energizes and heals. You may have an affinity for the Fire Element, and all that corresponds with it, including transformation, purification, and freedom of movement. When something interests you, you’re a person who pours your heart and soul into pursuing those interests. If you’re in a relationship, you do the same by putting every effort into establishing a lasting bond.

Caladrius Power Animal

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Invoke Caladrius as your Power Animal when you need help maintaining your confidence. If you’re in a leadership position or if others are depending on you to keep chaotic conditions at bay, you can’t let them see you lacking confidence in your abilities. When you’re worrying about wavering certainty, Caladrius shows you how to lock into a person’s gaze so you can look them straight in the eye without conveying an ounce of insecurity.

When you’re looking to “kill two birds with one stone,” because you have a lot of multitasking to do, petition Caladrius as a Power Animal. Caladrius removes disease and carries it to the sun, healing both itself and the person it helps-this action makes it the perfect Animal Ally when you want to have the greatest efficiency dealing with several irons in the fire.

Native American Caladrius Symbolic Meanings

Pure white birds play an important part in Native American Traditions. For the Blackfoot, the Dove is sacred to warriors who would carry a talisman to ensure their protection in battle. In the Eastern Algonquin Tribes, the Dove corresponds with the spirit world and the Natives use it for divining the life or death of a person. Among Aztecs and Mexican Indians, the Dove is sacred to the Goddess Xochiquetzal: A maiden aspect of the Feminine Divine governing sexual prowess, beauty, and fertility. It also signifies love and peace. The Abenaki had a Dove Clan. Meanwhile, the Iroquois and Menominee had Heron Clans, as they believed the Bird was a symbol of good luck.

Christian Caladrius Symbolic Meanings

In the Christian tradition, the white coloring of Caladrius translates into purity; its color connects the Bird’s imagery with Christ and the salvation He offers humanity. Since the Bird has no black marks, it represents the soul free from the black marks of sin. Caladrius also signifies how Christ turns away from those who refuse to repent while restoring those who do repent to wholeness once more.

The Bird dwells within the house of a King; this may be due to the costly nature of owning such a creature when it was common to have a Caladrius, but it may also have some relation to the Christian connotations linked with the bird-Christ is the “King of Kings,” so the Caladrius represents the elite, nobility, and regality.

Caladrius Dreams

When Caladrius appears in your dreams, it may signal a time of healing during your waking hours. It may also be a sign you need to clear out anything that may prove toxic in your life. If you see the Bird in flight, you may flee from an uncomfortable situation or look to escape confrontation.

If the Caladrius gazes at you with intent, it suggests you might need to do some soul searching. Doing so will help you free yourself from any emotional blocks holding you back. It also suggests a period where you seek spiritual enlightenment. If the Caladrius is angry, consider what’s upsetting you and if it’s worth the turmoil or if it’s time to forgive so you can release a long-held grudge.

Caladrius Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Healing
  • Ornithomancy
  • Purity
  • Salvation
  • Transformation
  • Truth
  • Vision