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Cetan Symbolism & Meaning

Trying to explore the depths of your soul? Want to know what awaits on the horizon? Cetan, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Cetan shows you how to journey into the subconscious while showing you hints of what is to come! Delve deeply into Cetan symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can enlighten, support, and inform you!

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Cetan Symbolism & Meaning

Cetan or Čhetáŋ is a chimerical creature emerging from Native American Mythology and the oral stories the Lakota Tribe passed down from one generation to another. Like many Native American tribes, the Lakota People hold the Hawk as sacred, which is evident in the envisioning of Cetan and its epithet being “Spirit of the Hawk.” Cetan is a creature of supernatural origin. But the mythic Bird is still similar to the real-world Hawk, so reviewing the symbolic meaning of Hawks may provide additional insight into the meaning of Cetan as a Spirit Animal Guide.

The real-world Hawk and Cetan share the ability of graceful flight, which symbolizes poise, confidence, independence, ascension, transcendence, smooth transitions, and ease of movement. Where Cetan differs from the real-world Hawk is in its otherworldly characteristics. Hawks are Mother Nature’s most amazing aerialists. Likewise, Cetan achieves extraordinary heights as it soars through the star-stippled, celestial sphere. So, Cetan as an Animal Ally when you’re looking to access the Realm of Spirit, commune with the Divine, or work with Devas, Angels, Guardians, and the Ascended Masters.

In some cultures, people consider an encounter with Cetan as an omen-one warning of potential dangers on the horizon, and this is because the creature has associations with the Air and Earth elements. Since Cetan has exceptional vision, it is mastery over observation. Cetan flies through the skies while navigating the earth with equal ease, giving the creature full knowledge of all happenings under the earth and sky. With its limitless knowledge, Cetan serves as a protector of humankind, forewarning others of impending problems or threats.

Cetan Spirit Animal

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Cetan appears as a Spirit Animal to people who need to heighten their awareness or to form a strategy for success. The creature ascends and dives through the air like a skilled aerialist, all while making rapid decisions about direction and movement in midflight. But the Spirit Bird is also silent and still when a situation requires. As an Animal Ally, Cetan’s lesson consists of the power of keen observation coupled with decisive action for moving forward in an existing situation or relationship.

When you want to escape a confining relationship or free yourself from conditions where you feel emotionally imprisoned, Cetan may appear as your Spirit Animal Guide. One of Cetan’s primary skills is grace in movement. The creature comes to you to lend emotional support as you maneuver your way into friendlier conditions. Swift and agile in flight, this Animal Ally also supports you when things in life have reached an undesirable standstill. The Bird helps you uplift your mood and stir up stagnant energies resulting in refreshing or restorative change.

Cetan Totem Animal

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If Cetan is your Birth Totem, you have exceptional observation skills. When in a crowded room, you may appear to be the wallflower, but you are far more active than you seem as you soak up vital information. The details you glean from people’s conversations and behaviors is something that complements your already powerful intuitive abilities. Sometimes you’ll unnerve others as they will feel your insight into conditions is eerily uncanny.

You’re apt to become a leader in your social circles or even class president in your youth; leadership skills emerge early in your life as one of your many talents. Later, in the workforce, you’ll likely end up in a position of authority as those see you as a pillar of strength even in times of chaos. You handle the winds of change with majestic grace, and others seek to emulate your impressive poise.

With Cetan as a Birth Totem, you’ll have little difficulty communing with the Universe or connecting with the Spirit Realm. You may put your psychic gifts to use helping others in the role of a psychic, medium, or as a spiritual advisor. Your desire to help others is always genuine, and you prefer uplifting the downhearted or lending a hand to the underdog in a situation.

Cetan Power Animal

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Invoke Cetan when you want to restore harmony in every aspect of life. Cetan has mastery over Air and Earth elements. So, The Sacred Bird embodies the Hermetic axiom, “As above, so below,” or “As within, so without.” As a powerful Animal Ally, Cetan lends support to those in search of the perfect equipoise between inner and outer realities.

Call on Cetan as a Power Animal when you want to lift the veil shrouding your destiny. Just as the creature flies to unbelievable heights, it also makes rapid dives through the air with an equal amount of grace; as such, Cetan aids in the exploration of the subconscious realm. Consider invoking the creature whenever you want to access information about past incarnations, your soul’s mission, and when you’re on a quest to discover your most authentic self.

Native American Cetan Symbolic Meanings

The Cheyenne have the legend of the Hawk and the Magpie, where the creatures win the right for people to consume Buffalo as a food source. The Shawnee and Algonquin tribes share the legend of the hunter Waupee, a name meaning “White Hawk,” who falls in love with one Morning Junco, one of twelve star maidens who he encounters in a faery ring he discovers in the forest. He captures her, they marry and have a child, but the celestial Realm still pulls at Morning Junco’s heart. After returning to heaven, she longs to return to Waupee. Eventually, Waupee joins Morning Junco and their son in the sky, where they all transform into White Hawks. The legend symbolizes love conquering all and the importance of family and fidelity while associating White Hawks with shapeshifting, magic, and the union of the earthly and celestial realms.

Arapaho legends of the Hawk depict the creature as humankind’s helper. In one story, the Hawk rescues a female abductee from the Spirits in the Sky. They also describe the Hawk as a Bringer of Justice and a teacher. Blackfoot stories depict the Hawk as an admonisher of arrogant behavior.

Several Native American Tribes have Hawk Clan names. The Chippewa have the “Gekek (Hawk) Totem,” while the Hopi has the Sparrow Hawk Clan. The Iroquois, Menominee, and New Mexico’s Pueblo tribe also have Hawk Clans.

Celtic Cetan Symbolic Meanings

In Celtic lore, stories reveal Hawks as the “Great Hawk Spirit.” Hawk is an otherworldly messenger seen as an omen. Sightings of Hawk in the skies suggest a need for higher awareness and warns of a figurative storm on the horizon. It can also serve as a sign of a future death, a dramatic change, or victory. Hawk’s appearance also symbolizes a need for self-assessment and to release negative thoughts, emotions, or intentions.

Cetan Dreams

In dreams, Cetan signifies the soul, and its appearance suggests upcoming soul work or the exploration of your soul’s mission. If Cetan is circling the vast skies, it is an omen that you may encounter troubles or adversaries in your waking life. A circling Cetan may also encourage you to take a broader perspective in a situation so you can see conditions from different angles or through the eyes of another.

If the wind is blowing as the Cetan flies, it indicates upcoming changes that may ruffle your feathers, but you’ll still soar through conditions. When taking flight and moving upward, it symbolizes upward mobility at work or the transcendence of the soul. If Cetan is on the hunt, your dream symbolizes the act of feeding or nourishing your mind, heart, or spirit. Hawks flying upward and then diving indicates rapid decisions you’ll make “on the fly,” or a situation where you’ll have a quick change of heart. A screeching Cetan announces incoming messages from the world of Spirit.

Cetan in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

In Celtic Astrology, Hawks rule those born between November 25th-December 23rd. Those people born under the zodiac sign are philosophical, curious, and possess an impressive intellect. Hawk people are visionaries. They are intuitive, exploratory, and have a keen insight allowing them to take decisive action. Sometimes, Hawk people are spiritual leaders.

Cetan Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Enlightenment
  • Psychism
  • Transcendence
  • Foresight
  • Keen Vision
  • Balance
  • Maneuverability
  • Decisiveness
  • Strategy
  • Strength