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Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo Symbolism & Meaning

Do you want more visibility? Want to be free of emotional baggage? Nessie, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Nessie teaches you how to appear larger-than-life, all while guiding you through the depths of your subconscious. Delve deeply in Nessie, Champ, an Ogopogo symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can support, enlighten, and motivate you.

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Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo Symbolism & Meaning

Lake Monsters capture the imagination. Thousands of eye-witness reports tell of creatures emerging from the depths of lakes all around the globe. Regardless of location, such stories tell of serpentine-like beasts with similar features and behaviors. But, for many folks, their existence remains in question.

Nessie or Niseag is among the most famous water-dwelling cryptids. Sightings claim the beast resides in Loch Ness (“Loch,” meaning “Lake”): The largest lake by volume in the British Isles. The mile-wide river is 22 miles long and 750 feet deep.

The lake’s vast size is problematic, making it challenging to prove Nessie’s existence. Peat from the Scottish hills washes into the loch, turning the freshwaters of the lake black. The lake’s size and the color of the water give Nessie plenty of places to hide and make for an over-sized search area. Sunlight only reaches nine to ten feet down into the water before it becomes so dark it’s impossible to see anything not right in front of you. The dark waters of its habitat make Nessie a symbol of the unknown, unseen, mysteries, and the elusive.

Thousands of reports on Nessie exist, all of which are too vast for the scope of this narrative, with the first going back as far as 565 BCE. Features of the Lake Monster include a large body and a long, wavy, elephant-trunk-shaped neck. Size reports vary, suggesting the creature is 10 to 25 feet in length or even longer, making Nessie a symbol of things over-the-top, impressive, imposing, and extraordinary.

Some folks believe Nessie resembles a Plesiosaur, which is extinct. Skeptics feel what people are seeing are real-world Animals like the Greenland Shark, Eels, Otters, Girds, and even a giant Serpent. Scientists conducted a study of several water samples from Loch Ness to determine what DNA appears in the lake’s waters. European Eel, (Anguilla anguilla), DNA is predominant in the lake. Eel DNA appears in every water sample taken, causing researchers to conclude Nessie might be a gigantic Eel.

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo, along with other Lake Monster reports, often involve sightings where the witness confuses objects floating in the water or real-world creatures with the beasts of myth. Skeptics believe many reports are logs floating on the water’s surface or waves, creating a mirage that witnesses mistake for a serpentine creature moving through the water. Mistaken sightings allow Lake Monsters to symbolize self-deception, denial, faulty perception, and biases.

Reports of Champ and Ogopogo, although occurring in different spots of the world, are quite similar, and there are commonalities in the theories as to what the creatures may or may not be. Since witnesses confuse real-world events and animals with the appearance of a Lake Monster, the creatures symbolize secrecy, shapeshifting, trickster-like behaviors, and transformation.

Despite the passage of hundreds of years, there are still sightings of Lake Monsters every year. Nearby regions take advantage of public interests through marketing campaigns, which prove profitable for the tourist industry. Here, Lake Monsters symbolize fame, the eternal and enduring, and the power of attraction.

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo Spirit Animal

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As a Spirit Animal, Nessie, and other Lake Monsters arrive when you have old emotions deep within your subconscious emerging and controlling current behaviors. When Nessie appears, it’s time to bring feelings out of the darkness for a full examination. Doing so allows you to release emotional baggage and heal deep wounds.

When Nessie swims in as a Spirit Animal, it’s to help you navigate conditions with unknown elements. If you’re feeling lost or are in a questionable relationship, Nessie’s abilities to swim through dark waters enables you to navigate through uncertainties. If you’ve been refusing to accept the truth, part of Nessie’s Medicine involves revealing what’s hidden.

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo Totem Animal

If a Lake Monster is your Totem Animal, you have an affinity for water. You prefer being alone, since these creatures are seldom, if ever seen, in groups. It’s in isolation you find the greatest safety.

If you have Nessie, Ogopogo, or Champ as a Totem, you’re a shapeshifter, and your sense of fashion changes often. If you’re not changing what you wear or the cosmetics you use, you’ll change something about your external environment. You love being unpredictable.

People with Lake Monster Totems are secretive. If shares something with you in confidence, you’ll never share it with another. You’re prone to emotional escapism and enjoy the safety you find in the realm of fantasy.

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo Power Animal

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Invoke Nessie, Champ, or Ogopogo when you want to know the factors influencing a situation or need transparency in a relationship. Nessie’s penchant for deep waters makes for the perfect Power Animal when you want to look below the surface of a situation or behind a person’s façade.

All Lake Monsters are experts at hiding. Few photographs, limited videos, and even fewer sound recordings of these creatures exist. They emerge from the water when they desire. So, if you’re trying to keep a low profile, call on a Lake Monster, who supports you coming in under the radar.

Petition Nessie for support as you struggle with financial conditions. Photos of Nessie depict the creature’s head and neck rising high above lake waters. As a Power Animal, Nessie helps you stay afloat when trying to keep your head above water with financial obligations.

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo American Folklore Symbolic Meanings

Champ is one of the most famous Lake Monsters in American folklore. Since the 1880s, people have reported sightings of the creature in Lake Champlain, a 125-mile long freshwater lake spanning parts of New York, Vermont, and Quebec, Canada. Some folks think Champ is a real-world Longnose Gar, Lake Sturgeon, or a sizeable alligator-like reptile. Other theories suggest Champ is related to the Plesiosaur. The creature is 20 to 50 feet long, serpentine-like, and sound recording samples reveal it has vocalizations akin to Dolphins or a Beluga Whale. The surrounding regions near Lake Champlain have become major tourist attractions, making Champ a symbol of trends and popularity.

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo Canadian & Salish Symbolic Meanings

In Salish folklore, Ogopogo or Oggy is a Lake Monster residing in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. Sightings report a sea serpent some 40 to 50 feet in length, akin to the extinct Mosasaurus or Basilosaurus. The First Nations people reported seeing the creature in the 19th century but referred to it as a Water Spirit or Naitaka, meaning “Spirit of the Lake.” Being a Water Spirit connects Ogopogo, like all Lake Monsters, to the Water Element, dreams, and intuition.

In the late 1960s, Art Folden filmed what he believed was the Lake Monster. But studies of the film now suggest Folden confused a real-world animal like the Beaver or a waterfowl with the mythic beast. Floating logs are often confused for Ogopogo sightings since the lake has thousands of logs under its surface, which the timber industry harvests each year. Here, Ogopogo symbolizes illusions and fantasy.

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo Dreams

Whether it’s Ogopogo, Champ, or Nessie, any Lake Monster’s association with water makes it a symbol of the collective unconscious and the collective shadow. Here, the dream may point to unaddressed concerns about unforeseen forces suddenly emerging and causing great calamity or catastrophes. On a smaller scale, the water’s link to the subconscious may point to your fear of your shadow side. Thus, the appearance of Nessie in a dream really illustrates your fear of things untamed, monstrous, and whatever is beyond your control.

If you see Nessie or any other Lake Monster emerging from the waters in a dream, it points to situations in waking life where you should hold your head high with pride. If you’re trying to make an important decision and unsure about direction, Nessie appears in dreams to tell you to wait until you can “see” things more clearly.

Champ, Nessie, & Ogopogo Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Biases
  • Elusiveness
  • False Perceptions
  • Fame
  • Hidden Mysteries
  • Illusions
  • Shapeshifting
  • The Subconscious
  • Trends
  • Unpredictability