Hippogriff Symbolism & Meaning

Looking for the endurance it takes to reach your goals? Want to feel more connected to the people you love? Hippogriff, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Hippogriff teaches you how to realize your highest aspirations, all while showing you how to recognize the Divine in every human being. Delve deeply into Hippogriff symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can uplift, invigorate, and influence you!

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Hippogriff Symbolism & Meaning

Hippogriff or “Hippogryph” is a chimerical beast that emerges from the pages of Greco-Roman Mythology. The creature’s parentage is unusual as its father is a Griffin, which features the tail and body of a Lion and the head and wings of an Eagle, and a real-world Mare. What makes the Hippogriff’s birthing such a rare and fantastic event is that in most stories, the Griffin sees the Horse as adversarial. The unusual pairing of the Griffin and Horse represents a paradox, the merging of opposing forces, and that love conquers all.

The Hippogriff is larger-than-life, and fierce in appearance, with features similar to its paternal parent; Hippogriff has an Eagle’s feathered wings, head, and razor-sharp talons, but instead of featuring the body of a Lion, it has the body of a Horse. As a Chimera or two separate creatures united to create one being, Hippogriff represents the Masculine and Feminine Divine, harmony, and balance.

Its connection to the mighty Eagle, its ability to fly around the Moon, and its elegant flight at mind-blowing speeds give Hippogriff ties to the Air Element, intellect, decisive action, and changeability. Its association with the Horse provides the creature with links to the Earth Element, grounding, stability, strength, abundance, and sexuality. Here, the symbolism and meaning of Griffins, Horses, and Eagles may provide additional insight into the meaning of the Hippogriff when it appears to you as an Animal Spirit Guide.

According to lore, sorcerers, wizards, and knights of old would often keep the Hippogriff as a beloved pet. Sometimes, heroes on a quest would climb on the creature’s and ride it because Hippogriff flies at lightning speeds. Mind you, Hippogriff only appears to those it feels deserving, and it is never really “tamed.” Quite to the contrary, Hippogriff “allows” others to experience its presence.

Because of its noble nature, sometimes people treat Hippogriff as a trusted confidant. Hippogriffs serve as protectors of humankind. The willful creature demands respect. Hippogriff’s majestic appearance makes them a breathtaking symbol of mythic beauty. An enormous beast, both steadfast and true, makes Hippogriff a creature of unwavering conviction and determination. Hippogriff, therefore, symbolizes the attainment of one’s highest aspirations and achieving what may otherwise seem impossible.

In Greek Myth, the Hippogriff is sacred to Apollo, the God of Light, whose temple features images of Dolphins and the Hippogriff as part of its decor. Often, Hippogriffs appear in art depicting the Muses who are surrounding the solar deity. Hippogriffs make their home near Céret in what is, now, modern-day France.

In some traditions, the Hippogriff represents consummate love because its parents are natural-born enemies. As for Christian symbolism, the Hippogriff represents Jesus Christ and the dual nature of the Divine. Conversely, some religious lore suggests Hippogriff is one of the Devil’s creations because its existence stems from a Mare mating with a creature other than its own species, a Griffin, which is another creature of vile impurity.

Hippogriff Spirit Animal

The rarity of the Hippogriff’s birth makes it an emblem of achievement; the creature may appear to you as a Spirit Animal when you are about to embark on a seemingly impossible mission. When Hippogriff flies into your life, it’s with the message that you can achieve anything you can imagine and that nothing is an impossibility. Hippogriff says, “Dare to dream and dream big!”

Since Hippogriff symbolizes the Divine Masculine and Feminine, it may appear in your life as a Spirit Animal when you need to learn how to recognize the Divine within all things. If you’ve been hard on yourself or if you feel disconnected from the people in your life, Hippogriff comes to you to remind you of the connection between all living things. Hippogriff’s mantra is “I bow to the Divine in you.”

Sometimes Hippogriff appears right before a new love enters your life or when a friendship is about to blossom into a lasting romance. Other times the creature appears when you need to reignite the fires of passion in an existing love affair. Hippogriff’s Medicine instructs you to embrace another with all of your heart; here, the creature reveals the means for experiencing consummate love.

Hippogriff Totem Animal

If you have Hippogriff as a Totem Animal, you are into fashion, beauty, and concerned with appearances. However, you are not shallow; it’s far more important for you to allow your inner beauty to shine. When connecting with others, you look past the facade to see the soul that stands before you. You develop deep emotional bonds with those you love, and others seek to emulate you because you know how to find real happiness, whether connecting with a friend or lover.

With the people you care about, you are a fierce protector. You’ll support a friend or loved one as they pursue their dreams, and you’ll open pathways for them if it is within your means to do so. People trust you and have no problem considering you as a confidant and a wonderful companion.

The beautiful things in life appeal to you in every way. Whether it’s a flower in the garden or a beautiful melody, you have a true appreciation for nature and the arts. You enjoy creative pursuits and anything that stimulates your mind and intellect. With Hippogriff as your Birth Totem, you are philosophical and well-grounded.

One thing is for sure: You treat others with the highest respect and demand the same treatment. You make boundaries clear, and if someone is foolish enough to violet your personal space, you make them all too aware of their misstep. You maintain a calm demeanor no matter how chaotic a situation is, and you make rapid-fire decisions with eerie precision whenever you’re under pressure.

Hippogriff Power Animal

Petition the Hippogriff when you are striving to achieve goals and want to prepare for any obstacles along the way. Every quest in life comes with a challenge. Hippogriff, with its keen vision, can support you when you’re trying to see things from a new angle or you’re just trying to get through the little “tests” life seems to throw at you.

Invoke Hippogriff when you want to draw love into your life. The unusual parentage of the Hippogriff makes the creature’s birth a symbol of consummate love. During the Middle Ages, a common phrase was in use to describe the rarity of an event: “Jungentur jam grypes equis,” meaning “To cross griffins with horses.” So, Hippogriff is the perfect Animal Ally when you are searching for that seemingly impossible-to-find love of your life. The creature also supports your effort to infuse your life with humility, passion, compassion, honor, and mirth.

Call on Hippogriff as a Power Animal when you want to make a stand or when you feel you need to demand respect. Hippogriff only appears to those it feels are worthy. The creature is willful and refuses to conform to anyone or anything that tries to impose restrictions. So, Hippogriff makes a suitable Animal Ally when you need to conquer or avoid the herd mentality.

Hippogriff Dreams

If you see a newborn Hippogriff in dreams, prepare yourself for a surprise in your waking hours; what seems impossible is likely to happen and when you least expect it. When a Hippogriff flies through the air, you may experience an epiphany, or something will inspire you. It’s time to ready yourself for incoming messages from your Muse or a clearer connection to the Divine.

When Hippogriff appears on the ground, it may signal a time where you need to ground and center, or you may have to stand your ground. If Hippogriff shows up in nighttime visions, consider whether you need to look at a person through another lens so you can see the true beauty of their soul. If the creature appears while on rocky or mountainous crags, it symbolizes overcoming significant obstacles or the end to what seems like an uphill battle.

Hippogriff Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Achievement
  • Beauty
  • Compassion
  • Endurance
  • Love
  • Non-Conformity
  • Protection
  • Regality
  • Respect
  • Strength

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