Kongamato Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to step outside your comfort zone? Want to avoid repeating a negative history? Kongamato, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Kongamato helps you conquer the fears or uncertainties that hold you back while helping stop the past from overshadowing your future! Delve deeply in Kongamato symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can enlighten, inspire, and uplift you.

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Kongamato Symbolism & Meaning

Straight from the wild and uncultivated regions of East-Central Africa, comes a massively sized creature of lore: The Kongamato. The cryptid is akin to the ancient pterodactyl, that once ruled the skies during the late Jurassic period. For those who have sighted the Kongamato, the pterodactyl and the beast are nearly identical in appearance. During interviews, those who have seen the creature have been shown an image of the real-world pterosaur and claim the pterodactyl and Kongamato beast are the same. As such, Kongamato symbolism and meaning has ties to ancient history and knowledge.

Often mistaken as the predecessor of Birds because of their ability to fly, the pterodactyl is a featherless reptilian; just like the ancient winged reptile, the Kongamato is also featherless, featuring red, leathery skin akin to the Bat. Its wings are stretched taut between their bony-framework, which looks like long, outstretched fingers. The Kongamato has a short tail, a long neck, and a slender head complete with a beak hosting sharp teeth. Some descriptions of the Kongamato describe it has having a lizard-like appearance. Reading about Bat and Lizard symbolism may offer additional insights into Kongamato’s meaning and symbolism if the creature emerges in your awareness as an Animal Spirit Guide.

First mentioned in the 1930s by a world explorer, Frank Welland, in the book entitled ” In Witchbound Africa,” the Kongamato gets close ties to magic, the mysterious, the unknown, and the preternatural. Kongamato’s name means “The Overwhelmer of Boats” , and, as such, the natives would sometimes give offerings to the creature to ensure their safety when traveling across the river. Stories also tell of the Kongamato as capable of causing floods, so sometimes people wore magical charms called muchi wa kangamato to ensure they remained safe from flooding. Interestingly, many natives in Zambia don’t see the creature as demonic or from supernatural origins; instead, most stories of the Kongamato suggest the creature is a ferocious and aggressive natural-world beast meriting a healthy dose of fear and an equal amount of respect.

Sasabonsam or the Olitiau, are words used less often to identify Kongamato. Still, the identifiers add additional layers of depth to the symbolism and meaning of the infamous monster. The People of Ghana call the beastSasabonsam, meaning evil spirit. They identify Kongamato as a tree-dwelling creature with long claws and vampire-like behaviors; stories tell of Sasabonsam swooping down from the tall trees where it resides to attack the unsuspecting traveling through its territory.

Olitiua, merges the Ipulo words “ole” and ntya,” translating as”the forked one”. The term describes a massive Bat-like cryptid named after the ceremonial masks worn for representing demons in ritual dance. As such, Kongamato represents patience, keen-observation, camouflage, surprise, devilish behavior, and psychic vampirism.

Stories vary regarding the size of Kongamato’s wingspan, which ranges from five to seven feet wide. The number five gives Kongamato ties to the five Elements, while the number seven causes the creature to represent higher spiritual wisdom, mysticism, and creation. Since Kongamato can fly, the beast signifies ascension, connection to the Spirit Realm, and a heightened perspective.

Kongamato has some ties with Dragons, with some historical accounts indicating people have worshiped the creature while fearing its aggressive attacks on humans. Other tales suggest the creature digging up the deceased when the burial is insufficient, to consume the remains. Such stories give Kongamato symbolic ties scavenger-like behavior, but also Divine Wrath and Justice.

Kongamato Spirit Animal

When Kongamato arrives as a Spirit Animal, it’s to help you start moving toward achieving your goals. Kongamato sits high in the treetops waiting for the perfect opportunity before swooping down over the river waters where boats sail by. The creature’s arrival arrives to let you know the time for waiting is over. Don’t waste another minute standing still. Kongamato helps those who need to overcome fear or other emotional blocks preventing them from stepping outside of their comfort zone.

If Kongamato appears to you as a Spirit Animal, it’s time to take stock of your thoughts and emotions. Kongamato is associated with the Element of Air and the free flow of thoughts and ideas. When this creature takes to wing to get your attention, it’s to help you gain greater clarity and release unnecessary emotional baggage that’s tying you down or keeping you from embracing success.

The Kongamato’s ties to ancient history may also be behind the creature’s emergence as a Spirit Animal. Do you need to break free from the pathology of your personal narrative? Are you reliving a history that does not bear repeating? Kongamato arrives to help you lift yourself out of the emotional swamp and to put the past to rest properly, so you no longer dwell in it or allow it to overshadow your life.

Kongamato Totem Animal

If Kongamato is your birth Totem, you make for an exceptional spiritual leader in your community. When it comes to leadership roles, you’re a natural in fulfilling them. You may find yourself drawn to the holistic healing arts or feel a need to counsel or teach others.

If you have a Kongamato Birth Totem, you like going with the flow and moving at your own pace. Kongamato soars through the skies with incredible grace and freedom of movement. You’re most comfortable when doing something intellectually stimulating, and when nothing slows your stride. You are patient, a keen observer, and sometimes you can be a bit mischievous or a prankster.

You dream big, and you don’t have any doubt you’ll succeed with your every aim. As a Kongamato Person, you love being the life of the party and you’re full of vitality. Some people may be uncomfortable around you because your aura emits such a sense of confidence and power.

Kongamato Power Animal

Call on Kongamato when you want a better understanding of situations or relationships. When Kongamato is at rest, it is high in the treetops. When it flies, it soars to the heavens. As a Power Animal, this creature supports you in ascending to new heights, communing with the Divine, and getting an aerial or Bird’s eye view of surrounding conditions. You can also call on Kongamato when you want to gain a clear perspective or take in all sides of an argument before making a decision.

Invoke Kongamato when you are looking for quiet time or when you want to be more elusive. Despite being massive in size, Kongamato sightings are few and far between. The creature supports you when you want to get away from the crowd, helping you escape the herd mentality, rebel, or simply take some downtime to replenish your energy resources.

Petition Kongamato to find out the precise moment to swoop in to act on something promising. As a Power Animal, Kongamato supports you in mastering the awareness and patience you need to spot the right opportunities. The creature is especially helpful when you have more than one option from which to choose, and you are unsure of which choice is best. Kongamato’s sharp claws, beak, and teeth will help you dig up information, pick through facts, and discover what you’ll want to sink your teeth into in the way of future projects or relationships.

Kongamato Dreams

If you see a large, Red Kongamato flying alone, your dream suggests you need some solitude. Consider making time for meditation, prayer, trance work, or just taking a mini-vacation to boost your energy supply and lift your mood. It’s also a good time for keeping a low profile and limiting the time you spend socializing.

When you see Kongamato flying in circles, the direction of the creature’s circular movements changes the dream meaning. So, if one or more of the Bird-like Animals is flying clockwise, you’ll have good fortune when it comes to your family and circle of friends. If the beast flies counterclockwise, it’s time to slow down, or you’re dwelling in the past with the desire to turn back the hands of time.

Kongamato Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Ascension
  • Higher Perspective
  • Awareness
  • Protection
  • Observation
  • Elusiveness
  • Mystery
  • History
  • Archaic Knowledge
  • Surprise