Ladon Symbolism & Meaning

Ladon, as a Greek name for a person, translates as “Dragon of Hera.” This refers to the mythical creature known by the same name as a giant Snake-like Dragon. It was said that Ladon guarded the tree where Golden Apples grew, known as the Garden of Hesperides. Thus, he is also known as the Hesperian Dragon. It is believed the term “Ladon” originally translates to “Strong flow” and connotes this dragon’s association with primordial sea Deities even as he is known for living on land.

Ladon’s home is the Garden of Hesperides, also known as the Garden of Hera, which was at the far western edge of the world, by the Sea. It was believed this garden was guarded by Sea Nymphs as it contained Hera’s most beloved treasures. The tree bearing Golden Apples is just one of these valuable features, protected by Ladon.

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Ladon Symbolism & Meaning

While the image of a Snake-like creature guarding a sacred Apple tree may sound familiar from Christian mythos, it is worth noting that Ladon actually hails from some of the earliest Greek myths and was likely absorbed from Minoan cultures or cultures of the Near East and thus far predates the Bible.

By some accounts, Ladon is killed by Hercules and later found by Jason and the Argonauts. By other accounts, Ladon is not actually killed but is instead outwitted by Heracles working in conjunction with Atlas, to steal the Golden Apples from the tree. Though Ladon is depicted as a beast and therefore associated with being monstrous, yet we can also see that his ferocity served him to ward off those who would ravage the Golden Apples he was charged with protecting.

Ladon is believed to be the offspring of Ceto and possibly Typhon, who had the body of a Snake from the waist down. Hesiod attributed Ladon’s lineage to Ceto and Phorcys, who were both ancient deities of the Sea. Thus Ladon is associated with the power of both the Water, Fire and Earth elements. Ladon is often depicted on Greek vases and in art as a dragon coiled around the tree bearing Golden Apples. By some accounts, Ladon had multiple heads.

Ladon is associated with the sea and therefore the Water Element and color blue. Yet as a Dragon, Ladon can also be associated with the Fire Element and the color red. Given his domicile near a tree in Hera’s garden, we can also associate the Earth Element with Ladon and thus also the colors Green or Brown.

Diadorus Siculus described Ladon as actually being a human shepherd tasked with guarding Sheep with golden fleece, but this may have been euphemistic interpretation related to the core symbolism of the archetypal protector. To understand Ladon’s symbolism, we must also understand the importance of the Golden Apple in Greek myth. Though there were several references to such apples, those found in Hera’s garden were a wedding gift from Gaia and were solid gold. They were said to grant immortality. Thus, Ladon was the protector and guardian of one of the primal mysteries that should belong only to the Gods and not to humans.

It is believed that Hera rewarded Ladon for trying to protect her garden from invaders and created the constellation Draco in his honor. Ladon can bring lessons regarding your perspective, as the hero and the villain are often a matter of perception. Though Hercules is often seen as heroic, Ladon, as the protector of the garden, also deserves such status as well.

Ladon Spirit Animal

Ladon Spirit Animal can bring important lessons about understanding worth and value. When you need to understand your worth but also need a reminder to remain “right sized” and not delve into mysteries for which you aren’t prepared, Ladon Spirit Animal may work with you.

As you delve into your spiritual path, Ladon Spirit Animal may appear when you are close to discovering a valuable treasure but need to discern how best to use it. With power comes responsibility and as your own powers increase, be it wisdom, insight or intuition, so too does the need to act with discretion.

Ladon Spirit Animal may come to you when you need help protecting the various treasures in your own life. Whether these treasures are tangible objects or sacred wisdom, Ladon will help you to set boundaries and ensure your gifts are not taken advantage of.

Ladon Spirit Animal may also arrive in your life when you are on the brink of entering new territory or feel like you’ve reached the limits of one phase in life and are about to embark on a new journey. Ladon can help protect you as you navigate new terrain that is unfamiliar to you.

Ladon Totem Animal

Those born with Ladon Totem Animal energy have strong protective instincts. If Ladon is your Totem, you may dedicate your life to what you treasure, be it people, things or ideas. You’ll completely immerse yourself, becoming “wrapped up” as the mythical Dragon depicted entwined around the tree, so much so that you may have tunnel vision.

No matter, you’ll see it as your one and only mission to serve as a protector or guardian. You have strong instincts regarding what is valuable and you know all that glitters isn’t gold. Ladon Totem Animal energy can give you the determination to fight for what you value with all your strength and focus as well.

Ladon Totem Animal can also signify a person born with great skill when it comes to understanding both subconscious desires and intuition as well as remaining grounded and practical. The power of sight and guardianship through keeping an eye on numerous planes at once may also be a gift of those born with Ladon Totem Animal.

Ladon Power Animal

If you need protection or want help keeping your prized possessions, loved ones, or ideals, safe, you may commune with Ladon Power Animal. Ladon Power Animal can be the ideal archetypal energy to work with when you’ve discovered something powerful and valuable but also delicate.

Let Ladon Power Animal connect with you as you focus on your path as well. If you need to approach a goal with focus and vigor, Ladon Power Animal can help you. If you are easily distracted, you may opt to work with Ladon Power Animal to tap into the part of yourself that can be committed to a goal and follow through despite the odds.

Ladon Power Animal can help you prioritize what is most important in your life and discern the true source of inner power. You may call on Ladon Power Animal to protect secret knowledge or to help you maintain codes of confidentiality, as knowledge is also power. Just as Ladon guards the Golden Apples of immortality, you may call on Ladon when you need help protecting a situation so that it does not spiral out of control.

Through Ladon’s connection to both the Sea and the “edge of the World” where Hera’s garden was located, Ladon Power Animal may be the best guide to help you when you enter into new territory or find yourself on the edge or brink of new discoveries that are still intimidating and unfamiliar.

Ladon Dreams

Ladon in dreams can help you face areas of your life that need to be protected or guarded more staunchly. When Ladon shows up in a dream, it can be an indicator that hiding in plain sight, you may discover a valuable treasure or source of wisdom. Ladon may be reminding you not to cast your pearls before swine but rather to be protective of the sacred knowledge you are gleaning.

Be open to ways you need to tighten your boundaries or become more vigilant about what you love and value. When Ladon appears in a dream, it can be an indicator you may need to act as if you have eyes in the back of your head, as this creature was depicted as having up to one hundred heads. You may need to be vigilant and watchful now.

Ladon Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Immortality
  • Oath Keeping
  • Personal Worth
  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Values

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