Nandi Bear Symbolism & Meaning

Named for the Nandi people of East Africa, the Nandi Bear is also referred to as a Chemosit or Kirit or Duba. This mythical beast became known more widely when colonizers shared reports of African people in western regions of Kenya and Uganda. Though reports varied slightly, the Nandi Bear is described as either a shaggy haired Bear or gigantic Hyena, or a combination of the two. Other accounts describe the Nandi Bear as bearing resemblance to a mix between a Hyena and a Baboon.

In this depiction, the Nandi Bear is said to be able to lean on its back and hunches like a Baboon. Some refer to the Nandi Bear as the Bigfoot or Sasquatch of Africa. The shaggy coat of the Nandi Bear is said to range from red to brown. The people of regions in Africa in which Nandi Bear sightings were reported describe these creatures as being comfortable on the ground and in treetops.

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Nandi Bear Symbolism & Meaning

One of the earliest descriptions of the Nandi Bear outside of East African communities was by Geoffrey Williams in the 1930s. He is credited with giving the creature its name for its Bear like appearance and connection to the regions inhabited by the Nandi people.

Nandi Bears are considered excellent hunters and predators. They are believed to break through fences and prey on the brains of livestock. Accounts also report that Nandi Bear would eat the brains of children as well.

Various sightings were reported by explorers, colonizers and hunters throughout the 20th century, but few sightings exist in the 21st century. Some naturalists have tried to explain this animal’s sightings as claiming it is actually an animal called the Chalicothere. Others suggest it was an actual animal that has since gone extinct.

Though these animals terrify those who live in East Africa and legend portrays Nandi Bears as ferocious predators, symbolically, this carries the same energy as any predatory creature in the wild. From the vantage point of potential prey, the predator always seems monstrous.

But spiritually and symbolically, there is much we can learn from predatory creatures. Theirs is a life of survival, of constantly using their intelligence to look for ways to find what they need. Most accounts of Nandi Bear appear to be sightings of one creature at a time, so little is known about their social structures. Thus symbolically, Nandi Bear could symbolize an independent person who needs to pave their own way.

The colors associated with Nandi Bear are brown and red and thus the Nandi Bear can be associated with passion and grounding, practicality and intense motivation and strength. Their ability to hunt on land or in treetops suggests the dual associations between Air and Earth Elements. The Nandi Bear can symbolize the intelligence and planning involved in strategizing to get what you need. As Nandi Bear is reported to have features of Hyena, Bear and Baboon, it is worth exploring components of these different creatures.

Bear is protective and nurturing but also can be a fierce hunter protecting family and territory. Hyena is said to symbolize the integration of the Masculine and Feminine principle and the wisdom of knowing when to be assertive and move forward and when to hold back. Baboon is a symbol of intelligence and was even seen as synonymous with the god Thoth. Thus a Nandi Bear can symbolize the connection between the limbic instincts for survival and the higher wisdom that allows us to use language, strategy and planning to expand our resources.

Nandi Bear Spirit Animal

When Nandi Bear is working with you as a Spirit Animal, you may feel like you’re on the hunt for something more. If you’re suddenly unsatisfied with your career, love life, or other aspects of your personal life, Nandi Bear may appear to remind you to look up.

When you need to pace yourself and see your circumstances from new heights, Nandi Bear will help you climb to new levels so that you can have an advantage over your competition. Nandi Bear Spirit Animal may also come to you in times when you need to figure out how to best protect your territory, family or interests.

Sometimes you may need to fight fire with both passion and intellect and Nandi Bear Spirit Animal will help you draw on your strength and courage but also to not lose your head. The symbolism of Nandi Bear as eating the brains of its prey suggests a further connection between Nandi Bear and intellect. Nandi Bear Spirit Animal may appear when you need to be on the offensive and use your intelligence to outsmart others.

Nandi Bear Totem Animal

Those with Nandi Bear energy may be seen as fierce, determined and unstoppable. Those with Nandi Bear Totem archetypal energy are strategic and will carefully hunt to get what they want. If Nandi Bear is your Totem Animal you may be highly intelligent and you know how to craft an argument with teeth.

You may be easily able to blend both your passions and ambitions with higher intelligence and insight and you can take new perspectives when needed. You may be adept at crafting winning arguments because you are intellectually agile. Nandi Bear will help you focus on what you need and cross through any barriers in order to get it.

There are no bridges you won’t cross to hunt down your dreams and you can be clever in your attempts to gather the resources. Nandi Bear can help you ascend to new heights and traverse different planes on your search for success. Others may see you as too much or may be intimidated by your tenacity, but learning to protect your interests is paramount.

Nandi Bear Power Animal

If you need to get comfortable sinking your teeth into new projects or finding greater energy for your ambitions, Nandi Bear can help you. Commune with Nandi Bear when you need to adapt to new surroundings or to fight for success on unfamiliar ground.

When you are in a situation in which you need to outsmart competition or use your wits and strength to break through limitations, Nandi Bear Power Animal can help you. Nandi Bear Power Animal can help you find the balance between polarized opposing energies within yourself. Your urge to assert yourself and your need to remain observant, your intellect and primal desires are all part of the lesson Nandi Bear Power Animal can help you with.

When Nandi Bear Power Animal is summoned, you may find hidden strengths you didn’t know you had. You may also have to balance your wild and instinctual desires with a need to follow the rules and collaborate with others rather than coming on too strong. As Nandi Bear resides in the forest and hunts in nearby villages for easy access to people and livestock, Nandi Bear Power Animal can teach you to emerge from your comfort zone in order to become more resourceful.

Nandi Bear Dreams

If a shaggy creature with a sloping back and red tinged fur stalks your dreams at night, you may feel afraid at first. But Nandi Bear may be helping you to confront your fears in order to achieve success. Nandi Bear appearing in dreams can help you find your strength when you need to make a challenging leap to new levels.

When Nandi Bear comes to you in a dream, ask yourself what you need to hunt down. What ways do you need to channel your power and resourceful creativity? Nandi Bear may be appearing now to help you cover new ground. Are you worried about intimidating others? Nandi Bear may be trying to show you how to prioritize and assert yourself.

Conversely, something you fear may be emerging from your subconscious now. Nandi Bear may be coming to you to help you clear distractions away and stick to the most important issues at hand.

Nandi Bear Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Assertiveness
  • Independence
  • Knowledge
  • Pacing
  • Pursuit
  • Survival

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