Sleipner Symbolism & Meaning

In Norse mythology, the prodigy of Loki, the Trickster Deity, and Svoalifari, the stallion. Sleipnir is an eight legged Horse that is known for being the most beloved Horse and also associated with Odin. Sleipnir is Old Norse for “Slippery” or “Slipper.” Sleipnir is depicted in the Prose Edda of the 13th century, written by Snorri Sturluson and is specifically referred to as the horse ridden by Odin.

Yet this is not the first reference to Sleipnir, who is depicted in art dating back to the 8th century. Sleipnir is also associated with the creation of Asbyrgi, a glacial valley in Iceland in the shape of a horseshoe.

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Sleipner Symbolism & Meaning

Legend has it that Sleipnir matched Odin in greatness and that runes were to be cut on Sleipnir’s teeth, associating this mythical horse with prophecy and divination as well. Sleipnir is associated with strength and the ability to transcend obstacles. Yet as a Horse, especially a Horse with twice as many legs as is usual, the symbolism suggests being a cut above the rest or being superior to your competition in some way.

Sleipnir is also symbolic of traveling among different realms. Sleipnir was believed to have shifted between nine different realms, as the number nine is significant in Norse lore. Thus, Sleipnir is associated with travel between different realms and beyond just the physical world.

Sleipnir is also associated with carrying souls to their final resting place and thus with the Spirit world and afterlife. Sleipnir could travel on land or through the air and thus is associated with the elements of Earth and Air, or the practical, mundane, physical realm and the world of the creative, imaginative and intellect. The number eight, associated with Sleipnir, also corresponds to the directions on the compass and the eight solar holidays.

Sleipnir provided transport for Odin between the realm of the Gods and the Earth plane of human beings. Thus, Sleipnir is also the embodiment of humanity’s connection to the Divine. It was believed Sleipnir could instantly transport between the realms and thus he is also associated with speed and swift travel.

Sleipnir is associated with the color yellow for the Air element and also the colors associated with the Earth element, brown and green. As Odin is considered a Solar Deity, and also with the form of a Horse in some stories, Sleipnir is also associated with the color Red and Fire element. The progeny of a Trickster, Sleipnir is often depicted as a grey steed and therefore is associated with the color grey.

Sleipnir’s association with Odin, and with being a sort of King among Horses, correlates to the sign Sagittarius, the Archer and Centaur. This is not only for obvious reasons such as the common Horse symbolism, but also because like Sagittarius, Sleipnir is associated with travel, changing perspectives, initiation and power. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter who shares a similar high status among the Gods as Odin. Though numerologically speaking, Sleipnir’s travel through the nine realms relates to Sagittarius’s placement as the ruler of the Ninth House, the eight legs of Sleipnir can also correspond to the ruler of the Eighth House, Scorpio.

This Sleipnir-Scorpio connection is also made by considering Sleipnir’s connection to the afterlife and as a transporter of souls of the deceased.

Sleipner Spirit Animal

Sleipnir Spirit Animal may come to call when you need to pack your bags and embark on a journey. Even a literal journey that takes you far beyond your comfort zone is reason for Sleipnir to trot into your life. If you need to show your strength and idealism, Sleipnir may arrive right on time to show you the way.

Sleipnir Spirit Animal is also the perfect guide to help you connect with your strength and power. If there is a special talent that makes you a prodigy in some way, Sleipnir will help you make the most of these special gifts or attributes.

As he is connected to Odin and the afterlife, if you need a boost of confidence, Sleipnir may appear to help you remember your connection to the Divine. You may also feel Sleipnir at work in your life if you are called to work with Divinatory tools, especially the Runes.

Sleipner Totem Animal

If Sleipnir is your Totem Animal, you may have a unique gift for transcending barriers and connecting with people on many levels. You may have a love of travel and feel at ease in any atmosphere. You easily convey a regal air yet you don’t condescend to others.

Your talents speak for themselves and you are conscious of your role in being of service to help others through important transitions. If Sleipnir is your Totem Animal, you may feel called to work with those in need of healing and Divination, including Rune Casting, may come naturally to you.

Though you may be strong and wield great power, you know how to use this power in responsible ways. You don’t flaunt your strength just because you can. You may also find it easy to act with courage and focus during difficult times. You can be swift, agile and flexible and you may have a special kinship and connection with Horses.

Sleipner Power Animal

Call on Sleipnir Power Animal when you need to embark on a new journey. If you need to summon the courage to expand your horizons and cover new ground, Sleipnir Power Animal can come to your aid. Situations that require swift and bold actions can be intimidating, but working with Sleipnir Power Animal can help you find the strength within yourself to respond appropriately.

Sleipnir Power Animal can help you to find clarity and can help you nurture your gifts of prophecy and divination. Work with Sleipnir Power Animal when you are in the midst of a move or transition. If you need to make a positive impression with powerful and influential people, in your career for example, call on Sleipnir Power Animal for assistance in putting your best foot forward.

Sleipnir Power Animal can help you connect with your Ancestors in Spirit since Sleipnir has the ability to transcend different realms. If you are facing major transformation and need to summon your courage to face unprecedented circumstances, Sleipnir as a Power Animal can help guide you. When you feel backed into a corner and you are hoping your luck will suddenly change, you may wish to call on Sleipnir to help you find a lucky break.

Sleipner Dreams

Perhaps the eight legged Horse associated with Odin has come to visit you in a dream. If this is the case, Sleipnir may appear to help you discover power you didn’t know you had. Sleipnir can also appear in dreams to help you awaken to a journey on the horizon.
When Sleipnir enters your dreams, you may be breaking through barriers and transcending boundaries. Pay attention to the number nine, as Sleipnir may be helping you through nine different levels in a larger process. Also pay attention to the significance and appearance of the number eight, the number of Sleipnir’s legs.

You may have a major journey coming in eight weeks or months, for example. Sleipnir may also portend that there will be eight aspects to a process of growth, rebirth and initiation in the future. Sleipnir may also arrive in a dream to show you that you may be advancing to new heights in status or career.

Just as Sleipnir helped Odin to travel through the realms, Sleipnir may also help you as you walk amongst the powerful and use your higher wisdom to help you achieve success in various areas of your life. Even if you are facing challenges, Sleipnir can remind you that collaborating with your most trusted allies can help you to succeed. There are some paths you can’t walk alone, eight feet are better than two.

While Sleipnir can help you share your superpowers, he may show up in a dream to remind you to remain humble even as you share your larger than life talents.

Sleipner Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adventure
  • Travel
  • Divination
  • Prophecy
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Perspectives
  • Strength
  • Swiftness

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