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Blue Footed Booby Symbolism & Meaning

Looking for more laughter in your life? Want to sharpen your decision-making skills? The Blue Footed Booby, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Blue Footed Booby teaches you how to be silly but also how to make concise choices on the fly! Delve deeply into Blue Footed Booby symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can support, educate, and guide you!

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Blue Footed Booby Symbolism & Meaning

One look at the Blue-Footed Booby and an audible “awe” escapes! They are a distinctively adorable bird found along the Eastern Pacific coast of the Galapagos Islands, loving the rocky regions. The word Booby comes from the Spanish term bobo, meaning clown, which seems totally apt. The way they maneuver on land is rather clumsy to the point of laughter. When you couple that with brown plumes on top, a white backside, a black tail, and … those FEET – it’s no wonder Mr. Blue Foot has associations with humor and good-natured diversions.

You would never know the Blue Footed Booby doesn’t walk well when you see him fly. First thing in the morning, they are up and sailing out over the water. They like to travel in groups as large as 200 strong. When one sees breakfast, he dives effortlessly downward as quickly at 60 mph, signaling others to follow. This behavior provides us with ample symbolism, including the Air Element, community, quick decisions, omens, and time!

The Booby mates between June and August; it’s when those blue feet come in handy. Females look for partners with the brightest pair. That only happens after the male gives his hopeful betrothed a stone or stick. He then bows his beak followed by his tail then moves his wingtips skyward. Whistling and marching ensue, with exaggerated swagger and lifting one foot at a time showing off those beautiful toes. While this may seem elaborate, this is usually a life-long mating, so the effort is well worth it. Booby teaches us that effort in love is not wasted.

Keywords and characteristics associated with the Blue Footed Booby Spirit Animal include air element, bravery, charisma, charm, community, coordination, courtship, decision-making, emotions, humor, maturity, parenting, partnership, protection, sacred dance, signs, and the water element.

After laying eggs, those incredible blue feet come in handy yet again. Boobies use them to keep eggs warm for the 45 days of gestation. Each parent takes a turn in this task, illustrating family bonds and shared responsibility. After hatching, the young remain with mom and dad for about two months.

By the way, Charles Darwin was one of the first notable people to encounter the Booby in the 1800s.

Blue Footed Booby Spirit Animal

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When the Blue Footed Booby flies into your life, you may find yourself wondering why. The first (and most obvious) answer is simple silliness. If your life has become dull, drab, and sullen, the Booby wants to fix that in short order. Laughter is good soul food. Do something daring, outrageous, wholly fun just “because” (and keep doing things like that regularly); this lifts your entire auric energy and gives you a greater capacity for dealing with daily frustrations.

The Blue Footed Booby Spirit Animal also brings you a message of finding your power. This bird has few predators because it’s very fast in the air and can make nearly instantaneous changes in direction as necessary. You need to move quickly and trust in the abilities you have been given. When you delay, you miss opportunities and may even put yourself in hazardous waters. Survival is the name of the game.

As the Booby grows older, their feet get even more beautiful. Stop fussing over your age. It’s just a number, not a mindset. Wear purple; dye your hair; Go rollerblading! The Blue Footed Booby reminds us gently that every moment is a precious gift, so embrace it. Don’t limit your capacity to live your dreams. Whether your 20 or 75, there are still things you think about achieving. Value those visions and know that they are still possible. Wisdom and experience count for a lot.

Are you facing a situation where your preferred choice seems risky? Booby is a fearless helpmate. The energies of this bird indicate that you are thinking the right way, but now, action is necessary to move forward. Go for the gusto. If need be, re-route your strategy. The Booby can maneuver in water far better than land! So, figuratively speaking, if you can’t walk, fly… if you can’t fly … swim.

From the perspective of relationships, the Booby sometimes seeks out those who are in unbalanced situations. Do you feel like the only person giving, giving, giving? That’s not healthy. It’s time to step out of that structure and either communicate what you need (so you can work cooperatively toward change) or shuffle off to a better environment.

One last note from our sweet Blue friend – are you showing the people in your life how much you care? Evaluate the time and effort you are giving them. Saying you love someone and illustrating that are two different matters. Learn to dance from the Booby!

Blue Footed Booby Totem Animal

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Those with a Blue Footed Booby Totem Animal have comedy in their very soul. They are light-hearted, playful and … well, colorful! Take a peek in the bedroom closet and find a bohemian playground of hues and patterns all mixed up — not one piece of black in sight.

If the Booby is your Birth Totem, you read people very well. If they are sad, you know how to turn that frown upside down, and you don’t mind being the proverbial class clown if that’s what works. Vocalizing is in your nature, and sometimes you don’t realize just how loud you are until every head has turned in your direction.

Booby Medicine has ties with partnership and parenting. There is no question you want love in your life and prefer one lifemate over solitary living any day. You have no problem making your intentions known, either. Playing “dating games” isn’t your style. You would rather put everything on the table, clearly and honestly, so you know whether you should keep putting forth energy and effort.

Children are part of that life plan. Once you have a partner that you trust, it’s time to expand that nest. It may not be a whole gaggle of chicks, but at least one figures heavily into your goals. And you want your life mate to be fully invested in not only that but upbringing as well. The 50-50 equation is something Booby demands because you know that’s what really WORKS.

Those with the Blue Footed Booby Totem are often naturally attracted to dance in some form, including sacred and ecstatic dance. Even when you walk, it seems like you are in a waltz. Movement is a functional language for you. The more you understand your body and train, the better your expressions become. Mind you, that also means you really can’t hide much – everything is projected by the way you sit, stand, and walk.

In terms of senses, the way things look has always been a cue for you, including spiritually. In nature, the Booby uses guano rings for marking territory because it’s a functional visual marker. It’s created by literally standing in one place and turning. The resulting pattern is one that the Booby memorizes, lacking in a refined sense of smell. Don’t be surprised to get Clairvoyant input from your psychic self periodically.

Blue Footed Booby Power Animal

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Call on the Blue Footed Booby Power Animal when you want to understand your environment better, particularly in terms of what is helpful and harmful; this bird is a survival expert and provides excellent guidance about when to stop, walk, run or fly!

Booby also makes a good ally when you are overcoming irrational fear. Life is filled with risks and dangers, but sometimes we blow those out of proportion. This creature gives you a “bird’s eye view” for greater perspective.

Some of the most powerful energies of the Booby are those for improving your relationships, particularly how you express yourself. You can’t just expect people to know how you feel if you’re not showing them. And Booby is anything BUT shy.

If you are starting to seek out a long-term partner seriously, the Blue Footed Booby gives you your blue suede shoes for showing off a bit. There are beauty and music in the air, so let him teach you how to dance.

And what’s with those blue feet? The meaning and symbolism of the Blue Footed Booby center on those blue feet. Blue is the color of the throat chakra – the center of communication. When that region of our auric field isn’t functioning properly, we can’t even say hello without having it misunderstood. Booby uses his blue feet to find the perfect partner. So, we can consider the way in which we deliver our loving missives to others in building our relationships through his example.

Boobies beyond blue: It is worth noting that there are other types of Boobies besides our Blue friend. One is red-footed (hot foot!). The Red-footed Booby can fly nearly 100 miles over the ocean without setting down. They can also dive deep into the water for food (making quite the sight – just two red, webbed feet up in the air!). Red is the color of the Fire Element, representing love, energy, and passion.

Then there is the Masked Booby, a highly competitive critter with black-tipped white feathers and a blazing orange beak. What is neat about the Masked Booby is that it fooled scientists. It’s actually a part of the Tasman Booby family tree that was thought long extinct. Pretty impressive to hide in plain sight.

Blue Footed Booby Dreams

If the Blue Footed Booby shows up in your dream, it can be interpreted in a variety of ways. If the bird dances for you, it’s time to take a look around. Someone is really trying to get your attention., often for romantic reasons. Alternatively, you’re not paying as much attention as you should to someone’s signals.

The region from which the Booby comes is one of the centers of what we might call Genesis. In a dream, the Booby can imply a new layer emerging in your life to the point where EVERYTHING changes; this can be a little scary, but the result is something nearly miraculous.

Should the Booby have a chick in the dream, this is most certainly a reference to parenting. If you don’t have a child of your own, perhaps a young one looks to you as a role model or “big brother.” In any case, it’s important to realize that you are being observed – every little thing. Choose what you teach by example.

A Booby walking on land symbolizes feeling awkward. You are out of your element and haven’t quite gotten the hang of navigating this situation.

The Blue Footed Booby making noise in your dreams means that you are not listening to your partner or closest friend. They know exactly what to say to you, but for whatever reason, you are wholly focused elsewhere.

Blue Footed Booby Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Bravery
  • Charisma
  • Community
  • Courtship
  • Humor
  • Maturity
  • Parenting & Partnership
  • Sacred Dance
  • Signs
  • Water Element