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Buzzard & Vulture Symbolism & Meaning

Do you need to clear and cleanse toxic relationships, habits and baggage from your life? Are you on the verge of developing your psychic awareness? If so, take to the skies and soar with Buzzard and Vulture energy.

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Buzzard & Vulture Symbolism & Meaning

Vultures are masters of the winds and have strong ties to the Air Element. These impressive birds seem to float for hours on end, catching various air currents as high as 15,0000 feet up, until they are ready to descend for snacks. Vultures teach us the value of patience. In their world, there is no need to rush their choice. Remember, Vulture does not kill. It simply collects what is already dead, and death is inevitable.

From their lofty perspective, the Turkey Vulture, in particular, depends on their sense of smell. Each breeze brings them closer to a food source. Their nose is so acute as to even be able to locate hidden carcasses under leaves or twigs. Keeping our sensual cues open is part of Vulture Medicine.

Each morning Vultures greet the dawn by unfurling their wings, giving them solar associations. While Vulture certainly isn’t the most handsome of fellows yet they are graceful and awe-inspiring. This behavior has a second important function – it kills bacteria that remains after eating.

Zoroastrians gave bodies of the deceased to the Vulture as a type of burial. This was considered a very honorable ritual. Vulture represented renewal and revitalization, so the soul was insured of moving forward in their spiritual progression.

Egyptians had a mother Goddess, Mut, whose sacred bird was a Vulture. This may seem odd until you understand that Vultures are very protective over their young. In this setting Vulture not only embodied maternal instinct but also safety.

Romans and Greeks had similar respect for Vulture. Saturn, the God of justice, rode a Vulture. She was also sacred to both Mars, the God of war, and Apollo, the greater God of prophecy. It’s no wonder that Vulture was among the birds used for Augury.

Vultures can eat rotted meat that is wholly toxic to other creatures, thus they do the world a great service. Vulture’s sense of smell is so refined they can find a dead animal over a mile away, relating to heightened prescription and psychic awareness. When in danger, Vulture will vomit. This lightens their body for faster flying and relates to the need to cleanse baggage from your path.

Among Native Americans, Vulture is often the bearer of omens. Shamans observe their flight patterns in determining what weather lies ahead. These birds also represent duality – our spiritual nature and our body, heaven and earth, stagnation and action.

In Mexico, the Mayan felt that Vulture could consume death and convert that energy into life. This gave them the symbolic value of transformation. They also felt Vulture Spirit controlled life-giving rains.

Archaeological digs in Turkey have revealed Vulture frescos. In them, this great bird carries the soul of the dead into the next world. Shamans were also illustrated taking Vulture form so they could journey between the realms safely. There is a story in this region about how Vulture once saved Muhammad from the claws of a golden eagle. For this service, Vulture was given white feathers representing his bravery.

The Quran mentions a pre-Islamic God by the name of Nasr, which means Vulture. Nasr was worshipped during the time of Noah. Ancient Hebrews, seeing that these birds always appeared in pairs, associated Vulture with love and commitment.

Assyrian myths tell us that Vulture is a descendant of the great Griffin who oversees the mysteries of death and life. Greeks sometimes carried a vulture claw as an amulet against poison in food and beverages.

Vultures were sacred to the Pharaohs of Egypt, being called Pharoh’s Hen. She was the embodiment of the Feminine Principle of the universe. This connection was so strong that Nekhbet, Goddess of Upper Egypt was said to have the head of a Vulture and her wings spread, a sign of protection.

Buzzard & Vulture Spirit Animal

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Vulture may come to you as a Spirit Animal when your life is heading in a whole new direction. Vulture symbolizes rebirth, so whatever is happening right now is pretty dramatic. Release yourself to the winds of change and fly with Vulture.

As a creature of the air, Vulture may come into your awareness as a messenger that you need to get a different perspective on things. Whatever is weighing you down, it’s time to drop it and move on. Make sure you are investing energy only in those things that truly support your wellbeing.

One of Vulture’s important lessons is walking our walk. Vulture really has no “voice”. She must illustrate her intention. Vulture teaches us how to keep our word and show people our true nature through our deeds.

Sometimes Vulture arrives around the time that someone in your circle dies. This can be a very difficult struggle, but Vulture knows that once the grieving is over you will find a new way of living.

As a scavenger, Vulture also helps you route out opportunities. There are a lot of little openings all around you that you’re not seeing. Time to make a change! Open up your senses and follow where they lead you.

Buzzard & Vulture Totem Animal

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Those with a Vulture Totem Animal will rarely, if ever, want. Their needs are always met because they use assets creatively and effectively. Vulture people have great insights, remain loyal through the worst of times, and are as tough as nails. You can also always count on Vulture to be a little offbeat and kooky, which keeps everyone on their toes.

If the Vulture is your Birth Totem, you are patient. REALLY patient. People in your life do not always understand this, but if you have determined something (or someone) is worth the wait, you will linger as long as necessary.

Socially, you love working with others. Friends and good neighbors really matter in your life. Cooperation and sharing are wholly in your wheelhouse. Be careful to not be over optimistic.
In daily life, it’s important for Vulture people to use all their senses. When you ignore that touchstone inevitably poor decisions result. You have a lot of energy, but take your time and apply that in the best possible manner. It is not uncommon for those with the Vulture Totem to become leaders.

Buzzard & Vulture Power Animal

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Look to Vulture as a Power Animal when you want to stop worrying so much about what other people think of you. Fly strong. Find your own winds. Vulture Medicine can be very useful to people lacking in patience. All good things do, eventually, come if you are willing to wait. The best rewards often take time. Reach out to Vulture energy when it’s time to cleanse and purify your life, restoring inner and outer harmony. If you are in a toxic situation, Vulture is your go-to guy for “dirty” jobs.

When you struggle with getting your point across, Vulture becomes a body language educator. Finally, Vulture can help you “stomach” some of life’s really difficult situations. They can digest just about anything!

Buzzard & Vulture Dreams

Seeing a Vulture in your dreamscape can mean a variety of things including fresh insight, often about a matter from the past that has eluded you until now. Pay close attention to other images for more specifics.

If you turn into a Vulture in your dream it portends a long life with few enemies. Should the Vulture be circling in your dream it’s a warning that someone is watching you very closely waiting for you to make a mistake. If you have a handful of Vulture feathers in the dream it predicts forthcoming wealth and blessings.

Seeing a baby Vulture presages the birth of a son. Alternatively, this could be a figurative birth of an idea or project that’s very exciting. When a Vulture attacks you in a dream it warns of an authority figure who is going to turn against you, “picking” at your sense of self-worth.

Flocks of Vultures landing near your home implies a hostile force heading your way. Capturing a Vulture acts as an omen of a fight with someone close to you. Craftspeople who see Vulture in their dream are using their resources wisely. If the Vulture in your dream flies straight upward you will soon enjoy improved status or promotion.

Vulture & Buzzard Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Augury
  • Protection
  • New Direction
  • Perspective

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