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Cassowary Symbolism & Meaning

Do the emotional problems of others weigh you down? Looking for a way to protect yourself from emotional injury? Cassowary, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Cassowary teaches you how to stop harmful energies from influencing you, all while demonstrating how to make a stance in the face of adversity. Delve deeply into Cassowary symbolism and meaning to find out how this Spirit Animal Guide can support, strengthen, and awaken you!

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Cassowary Symbolism & Meaning

Nature was wise in Her design of the Cassowary; this bird has a sacred, venerable task. It spreads seeds from 70 tree species that other native creatures cannot; this creates the substructure for the rainforests, with Cassowary acting as a Guardian of that lush, exotic canopy along with its primordial magical secrets.

This strong bird lives in New Guinea and Australia. They have a bony growth on their head that plays a role in courtship and territorial issues. In human terms, they “use their head” in matters of the heart and in protecting their personal space. Fun fact: They are the only armored bird in existence.

In thinking of an armored bird, our mind meanders imagining creatures that roamed with magnificent extinct animals like dinosaurs. Cassowary, however, is very much alive, incredibly well-protected, and one of the most formidable birds in the world. As if its menacing armor wasn’t enough to give enemies serious cause for reconsidering their plans, the Cassowary has a huge inner claw. When the creature decides to use this claw, it is far more dangerous than the attack of a Falcon; this means that Cassowary vibrational energies tie into protection and matters of personal safety.

For all its impressive regalia, you would think Cassowary would be bold, but they’re not. They prefer to remain invisible, particularly to humans. Mind you, a six-foot-tall bird, on average, is hard to hide. But for mating, the Cassowary walks a solitary, peaceful path, and often comes to those who choose a similar approach to spirituality or daily living.

The Cassowary is a flightless bird who has crushed things in front of itself during a head-on rush. Or, they can leap toward a target (up to 5-feet); this means that the Cassowary Animal Guide reminds us that there are several ways of facing an obstacle. You can stomp it to the ground, or just jump right over it with faith lifting you ever higher!

The male Cassowary is unique in caring for his young by himself. He sits on the eggs and tends the chicks for nine months. The chicks follow Dad around, whistling and peeping. When it’s time to calm down, Dad fluffs his feathers so the chicks can snuggle; this is truly a testament to devoted fathering.

Even at a young age, observation reveals that the Cassowary is a consummate individualist. Each one has a personal presence. Some youngling ventures away from the group and will get a scolding for making themselves vulnerable. One may wattle awkwardly, while another, quite roughishly, struts around. Such behaviors lead to people in the area to giving the Birds names, thinking the Cassowary might be similar to humans or reincarnated souls.

The bird can run, swim and jump, making Cassowary highly adaptable. Their relatives include the Ostrich, Kiwi, and Emu.

Cassowary Spirit Animal

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Cassowary Medicine aligns closely with personal safety in body mind and spirit; this Spirit Animal comes to those who need to learn defensive skills, and how to put up shields against negative or malicious energies. The Cassowary is a fabulous helpmate for empaths who find they cannot turn down the amount of input they receive easily.

A second reason Cassowary arrives in your life is when you face what you think is an impossible barrier. The Cassowary is not content with shrugging and turning away. There are always options, and this Spirit Animal is here to help you find them. Do you need to fly (lift your vision)? Do you need to walk around it (see it from all sides)? Do you need to swim through rough waters (dealing with your emotions)? Work through the questions Cassowary presents, and you will find a means of overcoming.

Similarly, Cassowary may try to make you aware of the physical abilities you have that you are overlooking. People can be much stronger and more agile than they imagine, particularly when defending something or someone they value deeply. Cassowary helps you draw on those skills when you most need them.

Cassowary is very much a homebody, so it may come to you when refocusing on your sacred space. Clear out the clutter that blocks positive energy. Take pride in your domestic efforts. Create something that supports your vibe and vision. And Cassowary would love it if you included a new security system on your home improvement list.

Cassowary Totem Animal

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Those with a Cassowary Totem Animal know how to safeguard themselves and everything they love. It’s instinctual. In fact, this person will often have danger-sense, knowing something is wrong long before the actual event happens. People do well to heed a Cassowary person’s warnings. Better still, when problems erupt, these individuals come under the heading of “fix it” folk, resolving knotty quandaries.

If the Cassowary is your Birth Totem, you have a strong sense of ecological reverence and stewardship, particularly with clean water. If you are not involved in some green-oriented civic activity, you may have a “watery” career of some sort now or later. Dancing in the rain is pure joy for you! The only downside is you have little wiggle-room in your outlooks and beliefs. Cassowary as a Totem is staunchly black and white, so people with this Totem remain firm in their convictions.

Along the same lines, the Cassowary people often find their personal health linked to their environment. From chemical cleaners to air pollution, they are sensitive physically. It’s essential for these individuals to have a space free of clutter and use only natural products in the home.

A person with a Cassowary Totem comes with a territorial streak; this means it’s not wise to show up for dinner uninvited! Cassowary people appreciate those who respect boundaries and always show the same respect in return.

People with the Cassowary Totem trip over secrets regularly; this puts them in an awkward position of having to choose between sharing what they know and potentially hurting someone through revelation. Ordinarily, Cassowary leans toward the conservative side and keeps the information to themselves; this means that those with a Cassowary Totem make excellent counselors, including spiritual ones. You can trust them even with hard truths.

Cassowary Power Animal

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For all its intimidating appearance, Cassowary is a shy guide within you. In manifesting its aid as a Power Animal, understand that it only awakens if it feels the request is appropriate. A snack of tropical fruit before your meditation is one suitable offering that helps you connect with Cassowary energies.

Call on your inner Cassowary when you struggle with fear or vulnerability, particularly in confronting difficult traits within yourself. The “C” in Cassowary stands for courage.

Cassowary, as a Power Animal, is a fierce soldier and ally for those who struggle in defending themselves against a cruel world. The Cassowary mindset directs your attention to the inner center of power and shows you how to control and manifest it.

Engage your Cassowary Power Animal when navigating through sticky obstacles or when you feel too shy to confront someone directly.

Aboriginal Cassowary Symbolic Meanings

Aboriginal people in the Rainforest feel that Cassowary is the regal champion of the forest, but one focused on protection over conquest.

There is a story of how Cassowary got its helmet. At the beginning of time, all Animals lived in harmony and protected the land. The only exception was the Cassowary. He hid away from others knowing they would mock and taunt him because he could not fly.

Cassowary watched the other animals playing in the water from a distance. They were having so much fun, but Cassowary waited until they left and swam alone. Once a Lizard took to land, he spotted Cassowary and pointed him out, saying, “Look, a bird that does not fly!” Of course, everyone laughed.

Embarrassed, he ran through the forest as fast as he could. He came straight into a huge rock and broke it in pieces, one of which stuck to his head. The animals laughed even harder, and Cassowary just continued running, wearing himself out and later, crying until he slept. Knowing he now had this stone stuck on his head, which made matters even worse, Cassowary continued staying away from everyone over the next few days.

Upon returning to the watering hole, Cassowary was a patient observer. When all but the Seahawk left, he went for a bath and to catch some fish. The Seahawk saw the Cassowary and started a conversation. He wondered why Cassowary swam alone. Cassowary explained his predicament, noting that only the Seahawk had not taunted him like the others.

Seahawk explained to Cassowary that all creatures large and small had a place in the world, even a bird that cannot fly. Seahawk reminded Cassowary of his wings that could catch fish, and claws that dig up yams. And now Cassowary could break things with his head, making him unique. Notwithstanding, Cassowary was not yet ready to rejoin the other animals.

He went back to the river, camping nearby. Cassowary woke to loud screams, thinking at first it was a trick to get him to come out from hiding. So, he waited until he heard a feeble voice crying for help. It was the Seahawk bruised by a snake attack, and none of the other animals came to his aid. He asked the Cassowary to help chase the snakes away.

So, the brave Cassowary ran into the camp, knocked down every tree he could, driving away the snakes. Even in their retreat, the snakes laughed at Cassowary, which made him furious. So, he scratched with his claws and cracked them with his head. All withdrew without another word.

The animals then gathered around Cassowary, cheering. He became a hero and role model to them. Cassowary’s happiness soared now that the teasing ended. To this day, he remains with his helmet, protecting the forests of North Queensland. The Aborigines have a variety of songs, dances, and stories about Cassowary. Found feathers, claws, and bones become ritual ornaments and amulets for hunting.

Cassowary Dreams

If the Cassowary appears in your dream, it implies a lack of self-awareness and pride. When you feel lost and abandoned, Cassowary visits with a message: You need not be alone. It’s time to come out from the trees and celebrate your specialness in the network of creation.

If the Cassowary is attacking something in the dream, it’s an omen of a forthcoming confrontation. You cannot avoid this situation any longer. Don’t give away your power by lingering or remaining static. Also, this problem, while it looks big, is less difficult than you think.

When Cassowary is standing at the alert in the Rainforest in your dreams, something in your situation isn’t healthy. Check the balance between work-home, body-mind, or the spirit and the mundane. Rectify the areas that aren’t receiving enough attention.

A sleeping Cassowary represents a crossroads in your life. There are two distinct directions from which to choose, but you don’t have perspective right now. Step back and observe. The best decision will reveal itself.

A white Cassowary in a dream symbolizes spiritual growth and improved psychic insights.

Cassowary Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Energetic Balance & Stability
  • Defensive & Territorial
  • Fatherhood
  • Individualism
  • Protection
  • Reclusiveness
  • Respect
  • Vulnerability & Protection
  • Prudence & Shrewdness
  • Safety