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Cormorant Symbolism & Meaning

Want to connect with the Spirit Realm? Looking to learn about the mysteries? Cormorant, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Cormorant teaches you how to receive messages from Ancestral Spirits while guiding you to a teacher of esoteric wisdom! Delve deeply in Cormorant symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can illuminate, enlighten, and inspire you.

Cormorant Table of Contents

Cormorant Symbolism & Meaning

A large, black Seabird: the Cormorant inspires the imaginations of humans as far removed on the globe as England and Polynesia. The Cormorant makes its home on coastal cliffs from which they dive without an effort to catch their meals. Fishermen consider the Bird a good luck charm. Seeing one ensures a plentiful catch while fishing.

Much of the Cormorant’s meaning and symbolism begins in myth and legend. In the Greek story Ulysses, a sea nymph takes the guise of a Cormorant to help Ulysses in his quest. Oceanic tales depict the Cormorant’s feathers as handsome and, therefore, useful in helping young men attract their intended beloved.

Not all the Cormorant’s associations are so positive, and some speak of the dead. Norwegians say three Cormorants in flight together have come from the Ancestors as a warning. Folklore suggests the Cormorant may be a person who died at sea returning to his or her home for a visit. The Irish regard Cormorants perched on a steeple as a sign of bad luck. John Milton portrayed the Cormorant as greedy and deceptive in the epic poem, “Paradise Lost.”

At one time, people called the Cormorant a Water Eagle (Aristotle), while Pliny the Elder dubbed the Bird a Bald Raven. Both these Birds can influence the way you interpret Cormorant’s attributes since the mistaken identification ties the Bird to shapeshifting abilities and the unknown. The actual word “Cormorant” didn’t come into usage until the early 1300s, which links Raven symbolism to the creature as the word originates from the Late Latin “corvus marinus,” meaning “Sea Raven.” So, Cormorant, like Raven, represents the mysteries, spirit communication, and astral flight or movement between realms.

Cormorant is a powerful aviator with a strong bond to the Water Element. The Bird dives up to 100 feet when catching Fish. Cormorants can also hold their breath under the water for over a minute. Its diving abilities and its skill in navigating water give the creature symbolic ties to the subconscious, dreams, imagination, and emotional exploration.

The astounding Birds are also an excellent example of cooperative parenting. Once the eggs arrive, both mother and father take turns sitting on them. The mutual parenting does not stop after hatching when both parents feed their young. Here, Cormorants are symbols of family ties, bonding, and nurturing.

In North America, observation of Cormorant shows them flocking together when the ice forms. The Birds migrate and do not return until the spring. During the warm months, they nest in large colonies up to 4,000 Birds strong, offering greater protection. They will also hunt together. The behaviors of Cormorant give them associations with cycles, cooperation, and group action.

Cormorant Spirit Animal

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When Cormorant Spirit Animal swoops into your awareness, it’s time to dive deep into yourself and discern what it is you crave. Then, the Cormorant takes you one step further into taking resourceful action. It knows you understand your true wants and needs; now you just have to go for it!

For those people who have felt uneasy about a new, unusual, challenging, or thorny situation where things feel foreign, Cormorant, as a Spirit Animal, helps you take the leap of faith. Cormorant says, “It is time to embrace the unknown. You are overthinking things. Let your heart lead you. Despite how you may feel, the challenge here is a blessing in disguise.”

Many times, Cormorant Spirit Animals come to those about to engage in community service. Cormorant is here as a helpmate in your efforts, guiding you through group dynamics, which can prove tricky otherwise. In nature, the Cormorant dries their wings in the sun. The creature poses the question, “When do you come out into the light of the day and open your wings?” Look to the sky, offer your gratitude, then fly.

Cormorant Totem Animal

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People with a Cormorant Totem Animal are group-oriented with strong ties to family, friends, and neighbors. They find it hard to say no to any effort while helping people within their closest familial and social circles. What’s unique about a person with a Cormorant Totem is how the individual maneuvers each situation with ease, even when things seem complex.

If Cormorant is your Birth Totem, you have a knack for getting out of sticky situations. You also know exactly where to find whatever you need when you need it. Looking for what you require may call for a trip to parts unknown, but you know you’ll return with your prize.

Having a Cormorant Totem Animal implies you will be prosperous if not early in life, then by the time you reach maturity. There will be obstacles along the way, but you engage in them as if dealing with opportunities. You have a keen mind and a good sense of humor, which doesn’t hurt either! In your Cormorant-driven world, self-reliance is the name of the game. Apply trusted wisdom gathered over time, and your goals manifest with little difficulty.

Cormorant Power Animal

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Call on your inner Cormorant Power Animal when you think you might hesitate to ask for help. Everyone needs an emotional or physical lift from time to time. It’s okay. Reach out to people to whom you have given time and energy freely. You will find them eager to assist.

Invoke Cormorant as a Power Animal when you’re preparing to complete a task which, at the moment, seems impossible to achieve. The Power Animal will support you when you need to boost your energy, uplift your confidence, and tap into your self-reliance. Cormorant as your Animal Ally also engenders creative problem-solving.

Native American Cormorant Symbolic Meanings

The Ojibwe Tribe has designs reflecting a reverence toward Cormorant. The tribe people see the Bird as undaunted, tenacious, and balanced. Cormorant moves in equal harmony with two Elements–Water and Air. The tribe also regards Cormorant’s arrival as a Divine Message offering answers to nagging questions. Among the Dakota, when a Medicine Man dreams of Cormorant, it results in a Fish Dance to stave off whatever evil the Bird portends.

Cormorant as an Aborigine Animal Symbol

In the Dreamtime, Cormorant (also called a Darter) has associations with bringing fire to humankind along with other significant Animals like the Crow and Whale. Sometimes getting the fire is accidental with the Bird’s feathers getting singed, which results in their dark feathers. Cormorant also appears in stories of the Great Flood.

Cormorant Dreams

When the Cormorant Spirit appears in your dream, it represents the opportunity for learning great wisdom. Perhaps it’s the result of a personal quest into the unconscious or super-conscious self, or because a trusted teacher guides you in learning sacred wisdom. Much of what you learn is surprising or sometimes shocking. The result of the process is a greater spiritual maturity.

Seeing a Cormorant diving into the water could reflect a situation in which you need to look deeper. You are only seeing the reflective surface of figurative waters. Don’t stop until you catch your “Fish.” A Cormorant with a Fish in its mouth illustrates your innate ability for using wit and skill for achieving your objectives. Your dream urges you to trust in your ability. Should there be two or more Cormorants with Fish, it means other people will help you reach your goal, but this is a cooperative effort from which everyone gets satisfaction.

If the Cormorant has piles of Fish around itself in the dreamscape, it represents greed leading to bad luck. Take stock in what you need versus what you covet. If the Cormorant in your dream dives several times before catching a Fish, it means you still have a way to go on a project or effort. Cormorant’s advice here is, “Be brave, resourceful, and keep moving forward.”

When Cormorant sits still in a tree as if pondering something, it may reflect a time in your life for exploring the Four Facets of Existence: The Physical, Your Identity, Thoughts, and Feelings. Such introspection is not a short exercise and may even unfold over a lifetime.

Cormorant Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Ancestral Spirits
  • Community Effort & Cooperation
  • Elements: Air; Water
  • Emotions
  • Keen Mindedness
  • Luck
  • Parenting
  • Reflection
  • Relationships
  • Solutions