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Egret Symbolism & Meaning

Need help moving through uncertainty? Looking for opportunities for personal growth? Egret, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Egret teaches you how to find your bearings while showing you how to adapt to challenges in your life! Delve deeply into Egret symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can illuminate, motivate, and enlighten you!

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Egret Symbolism & Meaning

Africans believe the Egret has direct communication with the Gods. It’s no wonder; Egret is a remarkable sight, standing over three feet tall with a wingspan of 60 inches on average. Observing them in flight serves as the inspiration for myths, legends, and folklore throughout the ancient world.

Sometimes called “The Great Heron,” the Greeks agreed with the African concept of Egret having Divine connections. The Egret is Athena’s messenger: The Goddess of Wisdom. People would interpret its crackling shriek as an omen that the Goddess was watching over someone, sailors in particular.

The Maori also have a great reverence for Egrets. Here they call the Bird “Kotuku,” meaning “The Great Egret.” In New Zealand, the Bird is rare, and seeing it in flight may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Egret has powerful Ancestral Magic originating in Te Rerenga Wairua: The place where Spirits of the dead go, continuing their journey to the afterlife.
In the Bible, the Egret, like the Heron, has associations with Christ’s suffering because of the belief the Bird sheds tears. Hymns reveal Egret as the most content and patient of all the Birds.

In nature, Egrets walk with their neck extended as if always on the lookout. Similarly, it flies slowly in the air, so it misses nothing. Beyond an observational and easy-going attitude, Egret has strong bonds with three Elements: Earth, Air, and Water. When adding the fact Egret prefers sunny, temperate, and tropical regions; the Fire Element is another association with this Animal Ally, showing the Bird has the energetic attributes of diversity, balance, and adaptation.

Egret knows how to transition from one principle to the other with confidence and great skill. The Bird often appears with one foot on land and the other in the water, crossing the span while remaining in perfect balance and stability. In esoteric circles, the Egret’s balanced stance associates the creature with the Temperance card in the Tarot, symbolizing Divine intervention and behaving in moderation. The Bird remains in a still position while watching for food for as long as it takes in Zen-like stillness.

Egrets are communal birds, breeding in tree colonies while remaining monogamous for at least one season. The male creates a nest before trying to woo a mate. Once eggs come, both partners incubate them for about three weeks: A number connection the Egret to the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Both Birds feed the young for the first seven weeks: A number corresponding to creation and completion. Here, Egret is a beautiful emblem for happy, cooperative relationships, and mutual child-rearing.

Egret Spirit Animal

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Egret, as a Spirit Animal, often comes to those who find themselves in-between places, people, or phases in their life. The awareness of having no real bearings makes people uneasy. Egret guides you through that uncertainty with greater ease; during this period, you may feel alone, but you are not. You have good people surrounding you and spiritual supports, so lean on them.

The Egret challenges you to consider your position in life. How you handle challenges and how resourceful and self-reliant you are: Every situation has a lesson and an opportunity for growth. You have a chance to become comfortable and assured, even when conditions are uncertain. Egret says, “Don’t exclude the unconventional approach. Listen to your instincts.”

Another gift from the Egret Spirit Animal is the help it offers with focusing on hearth and home. Nesting is important to this Animal Guide; so, Egret asks you to consider the ways you tend to your “nest.” The creature comes to those who need to create a sacred space that’s protective, but also warm and welcoming. The Bird also wings into your world when you and your mate need help in sharing relationship responsibilities. Egret knows teamwork, and investment is essential to a strong, healthy family.

If your life has been in chaos, the Egret Spirit Animal says: “Breathe!” It is time to turn to all the relaxation techniques you know. Egret arrives to support you in restoring calmness to your soul and in settling a restless spirit. Part of Egrets Medicine is instilling you with a sense of center that improves your efficiency, refines your senses, and heightens awareness.

As an Animal Guide, the Egret also wants you to learn patience. There are many situations in your life you can’t force. Often, being anxious leads to making the wrong choice. One of Egret’s lessons involves learning how to stand quiet and watchful while applying restraint until the perfect situation reveals itself.

Egret Totem Animal

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People with the Egret Totem Animal are the most patient people you will ever know. Sometimes they are almost too patient, and if you’re in a hurry, an Egret person can make you feel a little crazy. The mild stubbornness of a person with an Egret Totem sometimes drives them to a secluded life.

If you have an Egret Birth Totem, you are a staunch observer, and you’ll use what you observe to empower your communication with others and problem-solve. You know full well if one way doesn’t work, you can seek another means to success. Finding good alternatives and solutions is one of your innate skills.

Your Egret Self has an independent streak a mile long. You don’t need many people in your life, nor do you worry about the latest and greatest societal trend which comes along. Customary roles and traditional approaches are not your way. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is not on your bucket list. You know what’s good and right for your life and stick to it like glue.

In life’s juggling act, you maintain poise. You never seem to lose balance and multi-task with the best of them. It’s an approach suiting your curious nature too, allowing exploration of different ideas, careers, hobbies, and lifestyles in comfort.

Egret Power Animal

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For the athlete, calling on Egret, as a Power Animal, provides focus. Control is the name of the game for Egret. The creature supports you in getting maximum output from the least amount of energetic expenditure.

When seeking a specific opportunity in life, petition Egret as Power Animal for support. When you want to strike when the iron is hot, Egret lends you its skill of patience and helps you wait. Egret also assists with being more aggressive in your action when the need arises.

For those mystics working with the Elements, look to the Egret Power Animal as an aware Animal Guide. Egret helps you tune into the Universe and Messages from the Divine. It also aids those in self-discovery and uncovering the mission of your soul during this incarnation.

Native American Egret Symbolic Meanings

Native Americans revered Egret’s curiosity and determination. Among the Iroquois, seeing one means good omens for a hunt. Folklore claims some Shamans reincarnate as an Egret because of the creature’s apparent good judgment and relentless patience.

The Cherokee depicts Egret as a mediator. People on diplomatic missions wore Egret feathers. Tribes in the Northwest believed Egret brings luck in fishing if the fisher sees the Bird when setting out on an expedition.

Egret Dreams

Seeing an Egret in your dreams portends a journey toward greater self-awareness in which the lessons of stillness and mindfulness become central. If the Egret flies away from you, you’re overlooking an opportunity right under your nose. Take a second and re-check what you may have missed.

An Egret standing at the edge of the water in your dream means you must maintain a balance in the way you handle things right now. Avoid taking sides. The dream may also signal a period where you explore or heal emotions.

Far Eastern Egret Symbolic Meanings

Shariputra, one of Buddha’s famous followers, has a name meaning “Son of the Egret.” Legend suggests Shariputra’s mother has the eyes of the Egret. In China, people see the Bird as a symbol of purity, long life, strength, and endurance. Similar feelings exist in Japan with the addition of the Egret representing nobility, devotion, and a graceful spirit.

Egret Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Calm
  • Determination
  • Good Luck
  • Grace
  • Independence
  • Observation
  • Partnership
  • Silence
  • Solitude
  • Tranquility