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Emu Symbolism & Meaning

Looking for a way to refresh your spirit? Feeling the pressure of looming deadlines? Emu, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Emu teaches you how to purify the mind, body, and spirit while showing you how to tackle projects with the greatest efficiency! Delve deeply into Emu meaning symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can inspire, support, and purify you!

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Emu Symbolism & Meaning

Emu & Ostrich are two of the largest Animals in Australia, with the Ostrich trumping the Emu in size – but not always. Both Emus and Ostriches can grow to be 7ft – 9ft tall. The Birds differ in color and in the number of toes they have; Ostrich also has bigger eyes than Emu, but both creatures have strong similar mating and parent habits and strong legs gifting them with great speed when desired. Despite their differences, the similarities between Emu & Ostrich causes a great deal of overlap in their symbolism and meaning.

Because of their tremendous height, Emu and Ostrich symbolize standing head and shoulders above the crowd, standing tall and proud, and being able to see the big picture.

The Emu Spirit is the nomad of the Animal Helpers. Like humans, the creature moves from place to place as it sees fit, depending on conditions. Emus may settle for a time in a promising spot, but when the environment, food sources, or human activities change, they move on to a more secure location; this makes Emu a symbol of survival, adaptability, and proper planning.

While this creature cannot fly, it makes up for the minor inconvenience with a lot of character and spunk. The Bird announces itself with a loud call wherever it travels: Emu’s voice sounding like echoing drums across the land. The booming voice of the Emu often comes from females. Here, Emu is an emblem of the Earth Element, messages from the Divine Feminine, and the rhythm of the Earth’s cycles.

Sometimes Emu releases its loud call for mating rituals. Other times, the creature’s cry threatens rival mates or predators. You can hear Emu’s vocalization over a mile away. Males join in the chorus by grunting, which is their way of defending their territory during courtship. The Bird’s vocalizations represent setting limitations, protecting your territory, and the clear, unmistakable expression of sentiments.

When attracting a male, the female Emu parades and strides, puffing out its feathers. When a male moves forward, the female walks around the male while the female turns its neck, as if to maintain eye contact. If the male likes its new female friend, it stretches its neck, lifts its feathers, and begins circling the female in a seductive tête-à-tête. For a while, this behavior looks like a sensual dance.

Afterward, nesting is up to the male the Emu & Ostrich; the Birds use leaves, grass, and sticks, creating a nest in a hollow spot on the ground. Choosing a site for the nest involves locating a place where dangers remain in a line of clear sight. From here on out, the male Emu exemplifies the devout and benevolent father figure. Once the female lays eggs, it moves on to mate with another male. Meanwhile, Dad broods on the nest for two months, all without food or water; the fasting costs the male Emu about one-third of its entire body weight! Emu’s nesting behaviors symbolizes undying devotion, persistence, and self-sacrifice for the greater good of others or the community.

After the eggs hatch, the male Emu has six more months with the chicks to protect them from predators. Already low on energy because of the long fasting period, the male Emu paces itself. Like a marathon runner, the Bird reserves its Energy to ensure it can continue its efforts to reach the figurative finish line: Such actions are symbolic or measuring your energy and resource management.

In their travels, when Emus arrive in a new spot, they’re curious and appear to have no fear of humans. Emu sometimes comes right up, stares you in the face, and then may steal something or chase you, but this behavior is all in the spirit of play. The creature loves bright colors and shiny objects. An impish, endearing child is living within the heart of the Emu, symbolizing innocence, play, and the joy of discovery.

Emu Spirit Animal

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When the Emu Spirit Animal comes into your awareness, you may have experienced a long period of feeling directionless. No matter where you look, nothing feels right. In not knowing which way to turn, it is frightening, and leads to emotional paralysis; you end up standing still and remaining stuck in one moment or situation. Emu arrives with the energy of movement; this Animal Spirit does not allow for lingering and stagnation. There is always a way you can move forward.

A second message from Emu & Ostrich Spirits relates to the concept of community. It’s time for becoming active and engaging. Emu encourages you to notice neighborhoods, towns, cities, and all the little, diverse groups; this Animal Guide promotes equality, right-thinking, and general goodness wherever it goes.

When you are filling the role of a father figure, Emu Spirit Animal is swift to arrive with advice, with masculine energies being Emu’s specialty. The Bird guides you through the period where you may feel nervous or uncertain, allowing the acceptance of your feelings as natural. Emu Medicine helps overcome worries, and how to reserve your precious energy reserves.

Emu Totem Animal

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People born with an Emu & Ostrich Totem Animal crave excellence; hard work and endurance create the foundation for success. After all, Emu is a flightless Bird, so it has to find alternatives from taking to the air. Problem-solving is in the Emu Person’s nature, particularly with overcoming disadvantages or things that may hold them back from achieving every aspiration.

If Emu is your Birth Totem, the people in your life trust you for your spiritual insights. You may lead a magical group or gathering, and it feels natural. Devoting time to your soul’s development is a matter of grave importance.

Walking with Emu means being on time all the time. Anything less than the best feels like a failure; but be careful of your penchant for perfection. On the upside, you never take people or good things for granted. You live the “attitude of gratitude,” and it shows. You often uplift and support those around you.

When there’s a project to complete, people with an Emu Totem Animal will sprint right to the task. No dilly dallying! They are relaxed, even in the face of tension. Work nourishes them on every level.

People who identify as fathers and have the Emu Totem are superb at solo parenting. They hold the parent-child relationship as sacred and do everything possible to promote healthy ongoing interaction and communication.

People with Emu as a Birth Totem are loud when they communicate. Since you have trouble controlling the volume of what you say, it’s best if you are careful with word choice. When your speech is too boisterous, it’s unnerving and can frighten or worry people, even when the intent is positive.

Emu Power Animal

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Call on your inner Emu Power Animal when working on improving your attentiveness and focus in your life. Emu ignites the vibrations for exceptional concentration and movement of will for the fast and assured attainment of goals. Partner with your Emu Power Animal when striving for excellence in any part of your life. When time is of the essence, your Animal Ally offers speed and effective action.

When you want to rectify a situation where others misjudge you or in which people do you harm, Emu & Ostrich, as Power Animals, support you as a Warrior for Justice. The creatures come to help you heal wrongs and wounds stemming from injustice. Emu & Ostrich presents itself, unwilling to retreat until the source of your troubles disappears.

Invoke Emu as a Power Animal when you want to be a role model within your circle or tribe. Emu is a teacher that supports kinship and the quest you undertake when becoming a mentor for others. Self-control, striving for harmony, commanding respect, and expressions of gratitude are the lessons the creature brings into your awareness. Emu has unending wisdom, supporting you in following the drumbeat and rhythm of your heart and spirit; in doing so, your inner light shines in the outer world, serving as a beacon to those who choose to follow it.

Australian Emu Symbolic Meanings

Emu plays an essential role in The Dreamtime, and stories of the Aborigines in Australia. Superstition holds those who wear Emu feathers can pass you by without a trace, leaving no footprints behind. Tales featuring Emu often interchange the male and female creatures; such depictions reflect the unconventional roles of motherhood and fatherhood in Emu’s reality. Tribal People feel Emu helps single fathers or men in filling “traditional women’s roles.”

Some stories of Emu are not complementary, portraying the creature as a Trickster who manipulates others to improve its social status. Emu’s self-serving action forces Wild Turkey to cuts off Emu’s wings, leaving the creature with the inability to fly. The absence of wings reminds Emu self-worth comes from within, not from the opinion of others.

Sometimes Emu & Ostrich, seen as underdog characters in myth and lore, become an emblem for respecting all living things. One tale tells of how small Bird throws a boomerang at a man after he annoys the creature. The boomerang strikes the man, leaving him without arms. Later, the man transforms into the flightless Emu.

Emu Dreams

In a dream, if an Emu appears running toward you, it’s time to get moving; you’ve put off your aspirations too long. Waiting any longer results in considerable loss.

Several Emus & Ostriches in a dream reflect a focus on family; if everyone seems content, your family’s happiness is, likewise, assured. You’re doing the right things to ensure the satisfaction of all family members.

An Emu or Ostrich snagging something from you in the dreamscape acts as an invitation for playtime. An Emu dancing and strutting with several other Emu’s in your dream represents having more than one love. You may be polyamorous or not one to settle down in a relationship forever.

Emu Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptability
  • Brotherhood
  • Communication
  • Equality
  • Fatherhood
  • Healing
  • Justice
  • Mysticism
  • Playfulness
  • Wanderlust