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Parakeet Symbolism & Meaning

The Parakeet is a member of the Parrot family, but smaller than what you might think of when you hear the word “Parrot”, having short tails. Parakeets are a hardy bird, living in worldwide regions with warmth and enough water, but their preference is woodlands and grasslands. They enjoy damp grass for rolling around so they stay clean.

You’ll find an abundance of Parakeets in India, the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia. They are nomadic by nature. A Parakeet will fly hundreds of miles when in need of water.

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Parakeet Symbolism & Meaning

No matter where they abide, however, they prefer to fly in large flocks containing thousands of birds for company, foraging, and breeding making their home in tree holes. Parakeets groom, kiss, and nuzzle each other as a way of showing affection. The behavior strengthens bonds and symbolizes devotion, trust, and family closeness. Males and females co-parent, the father providing food for the mother Parakeet while she nests, and after hatching for both mom and the chicks.

Parakeets are colorful birds in more than one way. Their yellow and green plumage numbering upward of 3,000 feathers, outlined in black, looking stunning on a bird so delicate. They listen to sounds with a sweet tilt of the head as if flirting. They learn to mimic sounds too, including human speech. Once learned, the words and sounds become parts of their vocabulary through which they express themselves with flair.

Having flying space is important to the Parakeet. They like to explore with full wings spread. As Parakeet glides, nerves in her wing endings provide ongoing information for adjusting speed and direction with the winds. So doing this lets the Parakeet avoid turbulence and find rising airflow. There is no restraint and a sense of unbridled joy in their freedom. Parakeet teaches us about the value of having moments of release and liberation.

Parakeet Spirit Animal

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When the Parakeet flutters into your awareness, it often comes as an omen of expansion. Something in your life is about to break free, take off, and you can visualize the end results. Stay aware and watch for other signs of guidance.

The Parakeet Spirit Animal teaches lessons of simple beauty and resources you sometimes overlook. A moment does not have to be big, to be meaningful. The small blossoming plant can be as amazing as a blossoming tree.

Because Parakeet feathers show up brightly under UV, as a Spirit Animal Parakeet may urge you to consider color therapy in your life. It can take the form of placed bulbs in your home, your decorating schemes, and even the clothes you wear daily. Psychologists studied and confirmed the power of color (and the associated wavelengths) for healing and in changing human behavior. Parakeet shows you ways of using hues in a whole new, empowering ways.

There’s no question the Parakeet Spirit Animal represents communication. Ask yourself-have you been gossiping? Are you talking too much (or too little)? Parakeet offers you one bit of advice: choose your words with care, not just now but every day.

On a similar note, the Parakeet Spirit Animal comes to individuals interested in learning new languages. Don’t let convention restrain the idea. You might learn sign language, study body language, or search out your language of love, for example.

Parakeet Totem Animal

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People with a Parakeet Totem Animal communicate incredibly well. They learn how others express themselves and then get their point across using keen awareness. In turn, people respond more positively to their suggestions and ideas. Everyone is on the same figurative plate.

If you have a Parakeet Birth Totem, you are a fantastic mimic. Making sounds, recreating images, posing in iconic ways-it not only comes to you naturally but it’s fun! You may even find yourself drawn to the art of the Mime as a pastime.

In relationships you are monogamous. You love showering your partner with affection. Long, luxurious baths together make your spirit soar. Trust and affection are essential in any relationship you develop.

For social circles, you enjoy a good challenge. People who think on their feet and share their vision attract you. You are patient in conversation. You want to hear the concepts at hand so you can adapt them to creative problem-solving.

Parakeet Power Animal

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Tweet out to your inner Parakeet Power Animal when your current relationship deepens and you want to take it into something even more committed. Friends and family approve already. You just haven’t reached a full comfort zone yet.

Seek your inner Parakeet Power Animal when speaking out and speaking up about something very near and dear to your heart. Now is the time for manifesting your thoughts. Parakeet helps you find just the right words for a specific occasion or person. It will give you greater strength for working cooperatively too.

Indian Parakeet Symbolic Meaning

India’s mythology includes smatterings of the Parakeet as a theme throughout. In Hindu beliefs, the Parakeet has ties to Kama, the God of love. Red coloration in a Parakeet represents yearning and desire. Green markings indicate the fulfillment of your desires and manifesting happiness.

Parakeet Dreams

Dreaming of Parakeet represents a habit of mirroring the actions of others, even if they do not mesh with the true you. It has become easy to go with a certain set of expectations rather than follow your bliss. Over time, you may find yourself standing still, having lost yourself.

When the Parakeet in your dream is flying, you have released yourself from a constraint. It feels so good, you almost never want to touch down again. From the sky, everything seems much clearer and your global vision expands.

A loud, squawking Parakeet in your dream embodies the traits of someone you know. The person is obnoxious, mocking anything with which they disagree. How you respond to them can change current matters dramatically.

Should the Parakeet in your dream appear as if hiding behind something or in the shadows, someone is gossiping about you.

If you feel the caged Parakeet in the dream is YOU, then you feel very limited right now. You are being held back, manipulated, and stunted. Your creativity wanes until you can figure a way out of this position.
A brightly colored Parakeet appearing out of the darkness in your dream is a lovely omen. An exciting and unexpected change is on the horizon.

As you look, the Parakeet in your dream flies down to land on you. It is a divine messenger offering guidance. Pay close attention to the rest of the dream for greater detail.

Far Eastern Parakeet Symbolic Meaning

In Buddhism, Buddha once incarnated in the form of a Parakeet, filled with compassion and courage. It was not the colorful bird we know, but one who still adored flying. The story tells us once a lightning strike created a terrible jungle fire, and the Parakeet warned the other animals to flee. When other creatures hesitated to do anything to squelch the flames, Parakeet flew to the water, immersed in it, then flew to the fire letting the drips put out some sparking tongues. Parakeet continued without fear.

Some animals and Gods laughed at Parakeet as being crazy. Indra, the King of the Devas and God of Storms, did not laugh. The bird’s gesture touched him and he decided to help. When the fire went out, the Parakeet saw Lord Indra’s tears. They fell on Parakeet changing the scorched feathers into beautiful hues, which remain for eternity.

Parakeet Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Affection
  • Bravery
  • Color Magic & Healing
  • Communication
  • Expansion
  • Family Love & Commitment
  • Freedom
  • Impersonation
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork

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