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Penguin Symbolism & Meaning

The Penguin is an ideal representative of positive change and adaptability. Consider Penguin is a bird who takes to wing in water instead of air. While once they may have soared toward the heavens, evolution slowly transformed their wings into fins perfectly suited to their environment.

While winging its way in water seems unconventional, it works. Penguins show us being different is ok. Not every lifestyle, social restriction or path is right for everyone. Here, Penguin aligns itself with the Water Element happily even if other birds don’t quite understand the choice.

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Penguin Symbolism & Meaning

Penguin Medicine overflows with modification energies. Did you know Penguins can drink saltwater? Other creatures find it repulsive, and it makes many ill. Meanwhile, Penguin’s body filters out the salt and then internalizes the resulting sweet, refreshing water; Penguin’s natural ability becomes an analogy for us. The world seethes with unhealthy vibrations. Our spirits have Penguin-like means of filtering out the bad energy-leaving them behind. All that remains is a similarly sweet awareness, fulfilling both our longings and our needs.

Socially, Penguins enjoy interacting with each other. Every Penguin has a unique sound they make; The sound acts as a letter of introduction. No two are alike, providing recognition in groups. There is no chance of mix up or surprises, which is fantastic when you consider how much alike Penguins appear.

Relationships among penguins are straightforward. They illustrate faithfulness in a partner, staying with them for life. Not all their time together focuses on mating. In fact, some Penguins have a long-term companion equating to a best buddy.

When a Penguin couple mates, they turn the tides on what we perceive as normal gender roles in nature. It is the male Penguin who sits on the egg while females hunt. The male refuses to leave the nest under any conditions, acting as a guardian for approximately two months until they hatch. Afterward, Mom steps in as a nurturing influence.

As the weather turns colder, Penguin communities huddle close, moving like a sacred spiral dance. The outer penguins move into the center as they rotate; The behavior keeps everyone warm and reflects the marvelous attributes of cooperation, unity, harmony, teamwork, and symbiosis. By focusing on global group needs, they ensure survival.

Since the Penguin lives up to 75% of its life in the water, they have ties to the Water Element and all the connotations it provides. Dreams, intuition, emotions-Penguin Spirit has these in abundance. When Penguin awakens in us, our sixth sense sharpens dramatically. Think of the difference between looking at a murky pond versus the clear, azure waters of Greece. Enhanced psychic sight comes from water’s influence. Light Workers, Shamans, Mystics, and Sensitives say Penguin may even be a guide to the in-between spaces: Gateways into realms and knowledge sources to which we have limited access normally.

In considering Penguin Symbolism, take into consideration their coloring. Black and white represent balance, symmetry, and equity. There’re benefits to the coloration too. When in the water, the black masks them from predators above and the white looks like the reflective surface below. So, as needed, Penguin blends in for the greatest protection nature afforded.

All Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere except for the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

Other countries include Chili, Argentina, Brazil, Namibia, and Mozambique. Of the Penguin stomping grounds, the greatest variety of species lives in Australia, hosting eleven recorded species.

Penguin Spirit Animal

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The Penguin Spirit Animal arrives in our lives announcing an awakening. Our consciousness is about to transform in many wonderful ways. Prepare for change and heightened awareness.

In part, Penguin Spirit comes as a representative of a conscious community-in other words, a community comprised by people you need around you to stay healthy. You spiritually connect to them and all work as a team. Now, here’s the tricky part-finding unique individuals who can see their purpose in a greater whole.

One lesson from the Penguin Spirit Animal is the ability to recognize any such group relies on everyone being on their best behavior. Good manners matter as does ethical conduct. Even if no one pays attention, stick to your inner compass, and follow due North; Yes, such a focus requires some self-discipline, but it is how you achieve goals.

In terms of our actions, particularly in relationships, Penguin Spirit Animal teaches patience. Emotions can overwhelm, but Penguin offers dignity for addressing them in a well-measured manner. The time for releasing fears has arrived. Put your best foot forward toward a future filled with ongoing renewal. Let faith and family lead your way.

When Penguin Spirit Animal visits, your dreams become complex, bright, and meaningful. Get a dream diary and use it. You can read over the information for details relating to current struggles, questions, and goals.

Penguin Spirit Animal focuses our attention on our dual nature. The world is not black and white, but there are parts of human nature requiring delineation. Penguin challenges: “Are you keeping things on an even keel, giving time to both spirit and the mundane work and play, personal activities, and family?” A strong family and spiritual foundation make the solid bricks upon which the strongest communities form and live in harmony.

Penguin Totem Animal

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People with a Penguin Totem Animal have unflinching spirits and unmatched depth of character. The toughest challenges don’t phase them. When obstacles arise, theirs is the role of the problem-solver and “fix it” person. By seeing things differently, Penguin individuals survive the worst life throws at them and come out ahead somehow.

If Penguin is your Birth Totem you are direct, candid, and plain-spoken. “Yes” means “yes.” “No” means “no.” And when people come back offering different choices, you find it irritating. What you say is what you mean and there’s no need for further discussion.

Now, you’re not dull. Just the opposite! You have a curious mind hungering for knowledge. Going back to school at any age sounds ideal. You want to soak every bit of data up and integrate it for novel ways of thinking. If the subjects have a humanitarian focus, all the better.

The Penguin Birth Totem brings balance into your life. You don’t like chaos or disarray. Whenever stormy waters stir, you can’t wait for renewed peace and a sense of control. You know bad weather comes and goes, so you just keep moving forward with your plans, handling problems as they come.

In a tight-knit family and group, you offer the love language of service. You want to help others at just the right moment, with all the best intentions. Your kind tendency wins hearts in all walks of life. You will never be short of friends. Remain aware of how important socialization is for your wellbeing. Stay connected.

With intimate relationships, the Penguin Totem wants long-term stability. You are loving and will remain devoted to your partner, so you take your time to find “the one.”

On a more personal note, many people with a Penguin Totem have a passion for elegance. Black-tie parties can’t arrive soon enough. No matter what you wear, it seems like you’re ready for a classy night out. And, if you’re already dressed, well why not?

Penguin Power Animal

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Seek your Penguin Power Animal when you have become work minded. The phrase “all work and no play” came about for a good reason. You need to relax to function in all aspects of your life. Let Penguin lead the way.

If you feel frightened and can’t face something deep in your heart, meditate and seek Penguin Power Animal’s counsel. Bravery isn’t easy. Letting go of what is comfortable and embracing new things is just as difficult. Penguin Medicine eases transitions and inspires renewal.

When your intimate relationships seem strained, invoke Penguin Power Animal for unity. There is always a place for forgiveness in our lives. Follow with kindness and understanding. Penguin counsel helps us within a group when harmony breaks down. Time to get back to the agreed-upon rules and follow them.

New Zealand and Australia Penguin Symbolic Meanings

Penguins don’t appear often in myths and folklore. Aboriginal stories are one exception. One reference begins with the Fiordland Penguin who the Maori call Tawaki; The word refers to a God. The story goes Tawaki walked the earth as a poor, humble human and other people didn’t know he was Divine. So, one day Tawaki climbed a high hill and traded his garments for lightning. Thus, the Tawaki have a yellow crest remaining from this magical moment.

Another Dreamtime story begins with a Penguin escorting a water serpent to an important ceremony. The Serpent’s name was Jeedara. He came from the west and met the Penguins in Illgama. The two took up a place, one on each side. They traveled the song lines of the land (tracks across the land used during dreamtime by creator beings), reaching the stone of Dhulanda where all could understand the meaning of the gathering. Others present included Dolphin, Emu, Kangaroo, Bat, Swallow, and Dingo. Today, you can still see the perfectly round table in the sacred grove of Coolani.

Penguin Dreams

Many dreams about Penguins are upbeat. There’s an infectious joy about Penguin. A few Penguins appearing in your dream may show a small social occasion on the horizon which will be great fun.

If the Penguin in your dream looks directly at you, it means you have gained some level of acceptance thanks to your diligent efforts and staying calm throughout the process.

A group of Penguins huddling reflects feeling “cold” emotionally. You need the support of friends and family to lighten your heart and spirit. Open your heart and accept healing love.

Seeing dancing Penguins in your dream is one of the most common dream symbols meaning celebration, plenty of good news and a stress-free season.

When the Penguin in your dream seems angered, take care. You have some negativity building within. Avoid bitter words. They’ll do nothing other than make things worse. Avoid any argument until you clear your head.

If you awaken feeling positive about your Penguin dream, positive changes await you. Problems stall out and balance follows. People close to you illustrate compassion.

If the Penguin in your dream moves quickly, you are moving too fast. Don’t make knee-jerk decisions based out of worry and fear. You need to breathe and think things through. Trust your inner voice. Ignore the negative voices from associates. Down deep, you already know the best way toward resolution.

Dreams of swimming Penguins ties to deep emotions within us. Watch to see how the Penguins interact, where they go and what they do for more insight.

Penguin Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptation
  • Choices
  • Cooperation
  • Devotion
  • Dreams
  • Evolution
  • Faithfulness
  • Gender Roles
  • Harmony
  • Individuality

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