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Rainbow Lorikeet Symbolism & Meaning

The Rainbow Lorikeet is as vibrant in spirit as it is in color. The birds are group creatures who fly together from place to place like nomads. As they travel, the Lorikeets look like moving rainbows across the sky, a symbol of hope and renewal. Rainbow Lorikeets prefer landing in a space lush with fruit and flowering trees. Here, they sip the plant’s nectar as you might consume a fine wine, bringing all the sweet things in life. Once full, they split into pairs and nest, defending their home aggressively.

Favorite foods of the Rainbow Lorikeet include eucalyptus, fig, papaya, and mango. Sometimes a plant’s nectar is alcoholic. As a result, the Lorikeet may drop from a tree unexpectedly to the ground. The fall makes them vulnerable, so perhaps our lesson here is everything in balance. Savor our pleasures, but don’t overdo.

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Rainbow Lorikeet Symbolism & Meaning

There is nothing shy about the Rainbow Lorikeet. They chatter so loud the sound overwhelms, making them an emblem for boisterous communication among groups as sometimes happens with a “win” in sports. Natives and travelers alike may experience the clamorous sound in Australia, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and New Caledonia. Just watch for a bird with a bright blue head, yellow chest striped with orange, green wings, and a red beak.

The significance of each color is worthy of examination as they make a powerful energetic network. Blue represents intuition, imagination, faith, trust, and tranquility. Yellow is the color of joy, hope, positivism, clarity, and cheer. Orange blends with yellow providing warmth, zeal, encouragement, and determination. Finally, the Rainbow Lorikeet’s red beak is ablaze with the Fire Element, passion, sexuality, romance, and willpower. As an Animal Ally, the Rainbow Lorikeet offers any of the listed attributes to worthy students.

A unique feature of the Rainbow Lorikeet is a fuzzy tongue. While they will eat some seeds like other Parrot family members, their main menu is fruity ambrosia and pollen. Their tongue is perfect for the task, covered with little hairs helping remove their daily treats. The beauty of the Rainbow Lorikeets harvesting is part of the pollen they gathered gets left behind, fertilizing trees and flowers along the way.

Rainbow Lorikeets preen their mates and their children. It’s a necessary function for pest control, but it builds bonds between the parents and the young during the activity. Watching their ritual, it looks so gentle and calming. Touch is a powerful force for healing.

Rainbow Lorikeet Spirit Animal

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Should the Rainbow Lorikeet fly into your life, be ready for some humor. It helps you through a grueling time. Laughter is good soul food. The Rainbow Lorikeet advises plenty of it while looking at your situation from a fresh perspective.

Your Rainbow Lorikeet Spirit Animal represents renewed hope. No matter how you feel, there are always options. You can circumnavigate roadblocks with your Spirit Animal’s aid. The result will be something wonderful and exciting.

If you have felt like an ominous cloud follows you everywhere, take heart. Through willpower, you can transcend any perceived darkness and prepare for a personal transformation. True, the adventure is a little outside your comfort zone, but the effort is worth it.

A Rainbow Lorikeet’s presence as a Spirit Animal acts as a message. Look at life’s pleasantness, the small blessings happening every day. Embrace them. These act as fuel for compassion, forgiveness, humility, and gratitude.

Your Rainbow Lorikeet Spirit Animal dispatches a sense of freedom within you. They are agile fliers who often show silly play between them. Lorikeet asks you to join in the fun! Liberate yourself.

Rainbow Lorikeet Totem Animal

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People with the Lorikeet Totem Animal love language. Every syllable, roll of the tongue, sound, and definition they hold dear. In turn, the Lorikeet Totem Animal individual can communicate in various situations, from unique perspectives, making them great diplomats. They feel each person has a right to an opinion, no matter how disparate.

If the Rainbow Lorikeet is your birth totem, your entire world is very colorful. You love filling space with vibrant hues you know lift others’ spirits. While certain shades speak to your soul, it is nearly impossible to pick a favorite on the spot.

You are in love with love and beauty. You seek to honor the true self of those within your circle, not just superficial aspects. Your playful nature brings joy to children and adults alike. Yours is a life of savoring every lovely moment.

Walking with Rainbow Lorikeet means being different. Living outside the box comes naturally to you. Avant-garde and a little eccentric? Yep, it’s you, and you’re perfectly content with it. The oddness results in happy, harmonious living; you can adapt. You know your proverbial lane in life’s road and when to take an exit. If such timing means breaking boundaries, so be it.

Similar to the Rainbow Lorikeet’s influence as a Spirit Animal, your Totem improves all communications. Given a few moments of listening, you understand the underlying meaning behind a person’s words. Then you take and apply it to the conversation for clarity.

Rainbow Lorikeet Power Animal

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Seek your inner Rainbow Lorikeet Power Animal when you’re undecided about a person, particularly the idea they’re putting forth. Lorikeet is a master of comprehension. The energy bound to your own provides the perception you needed.

Call to the Rainbow Lorikeet Power Animal when you find your words lacking. Even the best communicators have unpleasant days. So, the Lorikeet comes in with a little clamor, shaking things up a bit.

Australian Rainbow Lorikeet Symbolic Meanings

In the Dreaming, people of Western Australia recount a story of a disabled girl. She was teased and bullied incessantly by other children. She goes to her father, crying, but tells him of a dream. In her dream, she was a beautiful bird flying free. Her father, being moved by such sweet wishes, consulted with the Elders, who then turned to the Great Spirit for aid. The next day the Elders gathered around her as the sun rose, and she transformed into a Rainbow Lorikeet. Here we see there is a way around our setbacks and limitations, and the Great Spirit is there to help along with the Animal Guides.

Rainbow Lorikeet Dreams

A Rainbow Lorikeet flying up towards the heavens above you in a dream is an omen of change. A great transformation is about to occur, eclipsing any negativity.

When the Rainbow Lorikeet in your dream circles around you, it acts as a sign of positive changes. Everything happening in your life right now is for a reason, so remain open-minded.
If the Rainbow Lorikeet taps you on the shoulder in a dream, stay true to a promise. You have a trust or commitment and must maintain it for everyone’s benefit.

Should your dream show a Rainbow Lorikeet resting in its nest, be at peace. It’s time to focus on your faith and what it means to you. Meditate and pray and listen to the messages you receive. You may soon encounter other Animal Helpers who support your spiritual quest.

Singing Rainbow Lorikeets in your dream represents abundance. If the birds appear on the left side of you in the dream, prosperity abounds.

When your dream features the Rainbow Lorikeet eating upside down in a tree, the message is simple. Lighten up! It’s time to turn things around and release your inner child.

A Rainbow Lorikeet picking through seeds means you should be mindful of what you accept as nourishment for your soul Be picky. Find just the right seeds to sow for enlightenment.

Rainbow Lorikeet Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Boisterousness
  • Cheerfulness
  • Color Therapy
  • Fertilization (Pollination)
  • Goals
  • Liberation
  • Life’s Sweetness
  • Playfulness
  • Renewal
  • Uniqueness

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