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Starling Symbolism & Meaning

The sweet Starling was a favorite bird of Mozarts. He had one for years, writing a eulogy for the Starling after death. His writing indicates the bird’s melodious notes influenced several of his pieces, including Piano Concerto 17. People continue enjoying the Starling’s whistles, trills, and whistles, giving it powerful connections with diverse communication and the muse.

Starlings can copy birds like Jays and Hawks. They are adept mimics with a full repertoire including sounds from other avians but car alarms and cell phone beeps too. As you listen to Starlings from various regions, you can notice distinctive dialects. Being a good impersonator improves their survival capabilities. Starling knows that sometimes you need a smokescreen for safety.

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Starling Symbolism & Meaning

While not native to the United States, arriving in America thanks to Eugene Schieffelin, who was part of the American Acclimation Society. The group exchanged plants and animals from one part of the world to another. He released 60 European Starlings to Central park in 1890, followed by another 40 in 1891. 

Estimates say some 100 million flocks descended from his efforts. Mr. Schieffelin hoped to bring all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays to North America, a romantic and noble goal. Where the Nightingales, Bullfinches, and Skylarks were nowhere near as successful, the Starling thrived, showing adaptability. They show versatility in their habitat, ranging from Florida to Alaska. 

In their way, Starlings are shapeshifters. From a distance, they look obsidian black. As they wing closer to you under the sun, you see lustrous green and purple magically appear. Their pigments are even more startling when they fly in flocks, starting like a gray mist suddenly turning into iridescent hues. How does the change occur? It has to do with their feathers structured so they scatter light. With nature’s paintbox in mind, Starling asks: what are your true colors?

Size-wise, Starlings measure from 6 to 20 inches from tip to tail. There are over 20 species, each of which you can look at more closely for symbolic value.

  • Hildebrant’s Starling: These birds live in Tanzania and Kenya on high, open lands up to 7,200 feet. Their refracted tints include purple, bronze, and orange, along with traditional blue-green. Starling illustrates cooperative parenting with feeding, and a unique alarm to alert others nearby of danger. You can consider the bird’s hues for meaning, purple being the higher self, orange-the harvest of honest labor, and bronze-security and sturdiness.
  • Spotless Starling: During spring and summer, the bird keeps traditional coloring and a spotless visage. Come winter, only pale tops appear on its feather tips. The feathers are in stark contrast to bright pink legs, pink correlating friendship and gentle love.
  • Wattled Starling: The notable feature about the Wattled Starling is its bare face patches, black forehead, and yellow skin. Males feature a white patch on one shoulder. The marking distinguishes them from a non-breeding male who has a yellow patch behind the eye and a much smaller shoulder patch. Yellow has associations with hope and happiness. Meanwhile, at the end of the bird, they have a white rump, white representing purity and the spiritual nature. Both the male and female of the species create the nest, incubate eggs and feed their young cooperatively.

Starlings are among the most socially active of all birds. In Europe, you can see them flying and roosting together, especially in winter. Each roost holds a few thousand to several million birds. Starlings may fly over 12 miles seeking their home, with other birds joining in the adventure. As they arrive, they announce themselves using coordinated maneuvers, which are a wonder to behold. Their behavior is akin to being polite and knocking before just entering someone’s house. Group cooperation resonates strongly with Starlings.

Starling Spirit Animal

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When the Starling Spirit Animal comes into your life, it suggests careful consideration as to with whom you spend time and how much they influence your thoughts and behavior. Its great being part of a sizable group, but not every single member has a positive impact on you. You need friends. That’s normal. But always take care with whom you let into your inner circle. Stay with folks who support your growth and positive thinking.

In a group setting, Starling Spirit Animal offers insight on how you can remain assertive, but not overbearing. Living peacefully in your home and community is always an important goal. Starling’s goal is teaching you subtle nuances of group etiquette so you’ll be more successful.

Communication can be a struggle for many people. If you are among them, Starling is here offering assistance. Think about your words before you speak. When an important meeting is ahead of you, meditate with your Starling Spirit Animal for guidance as to the best approach. Don’t be afraid to put your truth forward. It takes a little practice, but relationships require clarity.Vocalizing your needs without shame in perfect Starling fashion.

While the Starling Spirit Animal is a refined mimic, it does not use their ability willy-nilly. Starling urges caution in trying to make yourself into someone else’s image. You can lose yourself in the endeavor, no matter how sound your reasoning seems.

Transformation is another theme from the Starling Spirit Animal. Who are you in the Shadows? What happens in the light? Everyone has something special-a “color”. It appears when the sunlight shines on your spirit. The Starling encourages you to find that something special, honor it and celebrate it.

Starling Totem Animal

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People born with the Starling Totem Animal act like a life-coach and moderator wherever they go. Their ultimate goal is unity in all its forms, including spiritual. They see the underlying patterns in the world and innately understand what they mean. Such aptitude comes in handy when dealing with assemblies regularly.

If Starling is your Birth Totem, you can be overly sensitive to other people’s words. Not everyone speaks a language you understand. When misunderstanding happens, revise your communication so everyone lands on the same page together.

Starling Medicine has close ties to family relationships and social standing. In every setting, it’s wise to watch your words (sometimes you get forceful). There is a time to engage or fight, and your Totem knows how, but the result is typically far messier than you imagined.

Your Starling Totem Animal implies you are not a soloist. You crave the company of others and may suffer from anxiety and depression if you do not get enough intimacy. Make time for different-sized gatherings. The small ones fill your spirit, large ones energize you to overflowing.

Starling Power Animal

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Seek your inner Starling Power Animal when you feel your efforts at getting the point across flailing miserably. Starling encourages you to step back and get a better perspective. From your new vantage point, you can re-approach your efforts with greater objectivity.

Look to your Starling Power Animal when seeking your sacred song. There is humming in your soul. Listen closely to the sound as Starling guides you toward understanding. Your efforts can result in the ability to speak (or sing) your truth using your language of love.

Starling as a Celtic Animal Symbol

In Welsh, the word for Starling is “drudwen,” possibly because the Druids held Starlings in high regard. A story in the Mabinogion gives more perspective. The God Bran had a sister, Branwen. The Irish King, Matholwch, received Branwen, a beautiful maiden, as part of an alliance. Branwen worked day and night as a scullery maid. During her modest free time, she taught a Starling to speak, sending the bird to her brother. Thanks to the Starlings’ flight, her brother defeated Ireland and freed Branwen in one fell swoop.

Starling Dreams

A flying Starling in your dream portends prosperity. While things look dark hold tight and keep the faith. You have the support of outstanding people who will get you through. Once improvements begin, they affect every part of your life.

Seeing a single nested Starling is a warning. Someone who has given you on-going promises not intend to fulfill them. People in your life know you to be hardworking, and like to ride your coattails. Cut ties to individuals who talk big but rarely deliver.

A wounded Starling in your dream represents your own “wounds.” Something hurt you profoundly, and you question a relationship as a result. Before leaping to conclusions here, ask yourself if you are being too sensitive or taking things out of context.

When the Starling in your dream lands on a rooftop, it means omeone you care about has finally found a solution to a vexing problem. The news of their recovery brings you great joy. Wait till you hear the details!

Should the Starling in your dream appear at your doorstep, prepare for guests. It’s an unexpected, but welcome, visit. The time together creates wonderful memories shared for years to come. When the Starling enters your home, you will meet a potential romantic interest, someone who intrigues.

Starling Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Family
  • Group Dynamics
  • Mimicry
  • Personal Gifts
  • Sacred Songs
  • Shapeshifting
  • Unity
  • Versatility

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