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Angelfish Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to get past old emotional wounds? Want more abundance and happiness in your life? Angelfish, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Angelfish helps you discover the healing power of forgiveness, all while showing you how to add a touch of color to everything you do. Delve deeply in Angelfish symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can uplift, inspire, and restore you.

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Angelfish Symbolism & Meaning

The lovely Angelfish swims in warm tropical waters surrounding the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Ocean, where they can stay close to coral reefs. From the front, the Angelfish looks thin, a shape accenting their feathery fins, and which helped give them their auspicious name. The Fish’s shape offers protection, so the Angelfish moves without effort among water plants, providing camouflage. Just as the Angels give humans safety, the Angelfish’s frame is one of nature’s safety mechanisms.

Unlike many Fish in the same family, Angelfish are not aggressive, and their colors fill our eyes with dazzling beauty. Their name alone gives this fish association with Angelic realms, a gentle reminder that we are never alone or without heavenly aid. Lightworkers tell us the Angelfish embodies unconditional love, forgiveness, our inner light, and moving forward after mistakes in our past. They are the promise of abundance and a happy life.

Experts believe the Angelfish is far more intelligent than you might think. In an aquarium environment, they recognize their owners. In nature, young Angelfish live together, increasing their safety while adults become more solitary. Once paired, the Angelfish is monogamous. If one partner dies, the other one may refuse to mate for the rest of their lifespan. Here, the Angelfish represents a deep devotion and fidelity.

Like many other sea creatures, the Angelfish symbolizes fertility. The female can produce up to one thousand eggs in one season. As the eggs hatch, mom and dad Angelfish prove their parenting skills by protecting their offspring, embodying good partnerships, and family responsibility.

Because of the variety of hues seen in Angelfish, some sensitives and healers feel they give us insights into healing with color, including the traditional significance of colors in the Chakra system. The more vivid the color of the Angelfish, the healthier it is. The same holds true with the clarity of colors in the human auric field.

You can consider the color and pattern of an Angelfish for greater insight into its meaning. A Black Lace Angelfish is all Stygian black. The Fish’s coloring is the pigment of night, the mysteries, and inner workings. The Blackspot Angelfish changes from female to male during times of necessity. If a school of Angelfish loses the key male guard, the largest female takes up the mantle and begins changing her appearance. When her inner transformation is complete, black stripes appear on the female’s exterior: This unique change makes the Blackspot Angelfish a distinctive emblem for people struggling with gender identity or for those who want to achieve a seamless connection between their masculine and feminine natures.

Gold Angelfish has no black markings. Gold has ties to the Sun, the Element of Fire, wealth, and leadership. Marbled Angelfish has spots of silver and black, denoting Yin and Yang, and overall balance; the same is true of the Half Black Angelfish, so named because it appears half black on the front and silver on the back. Platinum Angelfish is blue-white and iridescent, reflecting the Water Element, the Moon, the Spirit realm, and gentle empathy. Silver Angelfish has red, piercing eyes, which are the soul’s window and pathways to psychic senses. The silver color represents lunar energies.

Angelfish embody living in reciprocity with nature and the environment. Angelfish serve a vital purpose in the ocean; they eat parasites and dead tissues off other Fish’s scales, keeping them healthier-giving Angelfish correlations with purification and cleansing.

Angelfish Spirit Animal

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When Angelfish swims into your awareness as a Spirit Animal, it may be a message from your Guardian Angels who come to lift a weary soul. Your Guardians are telling you it’s time for regeneration. Angelfish’s bright colors break through the barriers of depression and stress and act as a salve.

Another message from the Angelfish Spirit Animal is to keep your eyes peeled. Angelfish have excellent vision, and right now, you need to focus. There is more going on with a person or situation than previously perceived. If you are in harm’s way, Angelfish Spirit guides you into the psychic reefs where you can disappear into safety until trouble passes. By following this Ally’s guidance, you can remain aware of what’s happening, figure out the root of the problems, and then swim back out for resolution.

Sometimes the Angelfish Spirit Animal cues you into emotions you may be ignoring or unaware of at the time. It could be your feelings or emotions that someone else projects. In either case, you can’t move forward from where you are until you resolve the pain, fear, or anger.

The Angelfish Spirit stresses becoming more insightful about your choices and how they impact the sacred self. Now is the time to move down the path of self-love and to honor your soul’s mission. Angelfish says, “Don’t do things just for expediency.”

Angelfish Totem Animal

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Individuals born with an Angelfish Totem Animal have courage in the face of unbeatable odds. Running away is foreign to you. Instead, you’ll change directions on a dime, keeping your wits about you and navigating life’s waters with ease. With the Angelfish Totem, you see life as a series of new adventures just waiting to happen, and you’re ready for them all.

If the Angelfish is your Birth Totem, you are imaginative and intuitive. You make people smile, in part because you refrain from getting sucked in by drama. Your Totem signifies having a big heart and giving nature. Your kindness and generosity attract people into your circle.

You may find yourself interested in careers in healthcare or any life avenue where you can see yourself helping others. You want your gift of time and effort to prove meaningful. Be aware; however, you are emotional and will need to remain attentive to your own needs. Don’t forget to give back some healing energy to yourself often.

Angelfish Power Animal

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Seek your inner Angelfish Power Animal when you are feeling down, distracted, and helpless. One message the Angelfish offers, its hope. There is a world of helpful Spirits around you: All you need do is ask for support.

Invoke your Angelfish Power Animal when there are a lot of causes you want to help with but realize you must choose. Meeting them all depletes the quality of your efforts, and no one wins. Let Angelfish’s perspective lead you to the best investment for your energy.

The Angelfish Power Animal comes in handy when problem-solving too. Fear is a powerful deterrent to success. Angelfish provides you with the courage to stick to your guns with confidence.

Angelfish Dreams

An Angelfish in your dreams can be a message from the Angelic realm. Watch the Fish’s movements. Make a mental note of any standout marking or the backdrop of the dream. Dream experts regard the color of the Angelfish in your dream as significant. Seeing a green one represents a need for self-forgiveness. You are finding fault in yourself at every turn, and often for no good reason.

A Red Angelfish means you need to deal with your anger. Ignoring how you feel won’t do you any good. Angelfish come to you in a dream urging you to release the negativity in a healthy way. The Blue Angelfish signals a time for sharing what you’ve learned in the role of a teacher. A Black Angelfish counsels seeking trusted help with a nagging question. White Angelfish is the Universe knocking at your awareness, while a Violet Angelfish predicts improvements in your psychic abilities.

Far Eastern Angelfish Symbolic Meanings

In Feng Shui, practitioners associate the Angelfish with union and fidelity because the Fish swim together. Sometimes called the “Immortal Couple,” Angelfish are auspicious for marriages, symbolizing harmony and joy. In sets of six, the image of Angelfish offers energy that brings smooth pathways in a couple’s journey. A collection of nine Angelfish represents permanence.

Angelfish Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Angels (and other Spirits)
  • Beauty
  • Camouflage
  • Color Healing
  • Emotions
  • Fidelity
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Navigation
  • Psychic Awareness