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Coral Symbolism & Meaning

Want to improve your sensitivity for others? Looking to align your Chakras? Coral as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Coral teaches you how to work with your natural energy wheels while getting you in touch with your compassionate nature. Delve deeply in Coral symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can enlighten, empower, and illuminate you.

Coral Table of Contents

At first, people thought Coral was a plant, so they nicknamed it the “Garden of the Sea”-such a beautiful and fitting appellation for a creature so splendid to the eye. Instead, Coral comprises a group of polyps that form colonies. As they slowly grow shells, it preserves the entire group and creates calcium carbonate skeletal structures, making up what we call Coral. You can see how Coral is a distinctive emblem for strength in numbers.

The creation of a Coral reef is not a quick process. Coral teaches patience. The colony may grow as little as a millimeter in a year. The result is one of nature’s most impressive sculptures with no two exactly alike. Likewise, you need to learn how to pace your spiritual growth in such a way you can internalize and apply it, creating inner beauty.

Throughout the world, sea-washed Coral remnants became amulets and talismans, often for protection. We see plentiful magical craftsmanship with the Egyptians who placed Coral in their tombs-so the soul would remain safe during their afterlife travels. The Gauls agreed with Coral’s warding properties, putting pieces on their helmets and weapons.

Greeks tell us Coral formed from the blood of Medusa, transforming something ugly into a treasure. Roman women wore Coral as a fertility charm. The Victorians used Coral as a safeguard from the evil eye. Therefore, Coral bears the energetic attributes of preservation, security, metamorphosis, and virility. Thanks to the diversity of colors in Coral growths, you can consider each separately for greater metaphysical value.

Black Coral reduces negativity, improves creativity, and promotes tranquility. Blue Coral improves communications and psychic awareness. Horn Coral can represent the Sacred Feminine. The color of gentle love: Pink Coral works in unison with the Heart Chakra improving your sensitivity and compassion toward loved ones.

White Coral is useful for cleansing your aura and staying connected to other realms. White Coral often improves various psychic skills like Clairolfaction and removes energetic blockages throughout your body. Finally, Red Coral has earned the nickname “Noble Coral” by traders because of its desirability. Seafarers trusted Red Coral for safe sailing and luck.

In India, Coral is one of the heavenly gems tied to their Astrological System. Buddhism tells us Red Coral trees grow in paradise. People experiencing depression will find Red Coral a great morale booster; this a stone of power, but with a strong sense of center and grounding. Coral opens the Base Chakra.

Coral Spirit Animal

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When Coral appears as a Spirit Animal, get ready for intense personal changes. It is time to put down some roots in reality so you can grow; every aspect of your life shifts from the mundane to the spiritual. Your spirit welcomes a healthy transition. Coral recognizes the thirst for knowledge and self-development in you. You have put time and effort into your quest, and now you have a Guide and Ally. Take a deep breath and let yourself internalize transformations as they come.

The Coral Spirit Animal appears to people moving into supportive positions. Perhaps you feel called to ministerial service or being a caregiver. You have the ability within for giving strength to whatever a person faces. Coral is hard, and so are you. You have a shell safeguarding you from absorbing too much of other’s negative vibrations.

In the ocean, Coral deliberately expands its environment, feeling no rush. “Have you been hurrying around while forgetting about the support for your own sacred space? Have you neglected setting up proper foundations for a project or goal? And what about your motivations?” Be honest with yourself.

Consider the reality you are creating. It doesn’t have to happen overnight. Coral Spirit Animal’s message for you is: “Slow, authentic, and steady effort results in tremendous beauty within and without.”

Coral, as a Spirit Animal, suggests your timing may be off somehow in a relationship, project, your job, or other situations. Ask yourself, “Is this the perfect moment?” Every action in our lives has a tempo resounding from within. Coral asks you to step back and reconnect with your rhythm and then make a move. New possibilities surround you every day; The key is choosing the right ones.

Coral Totem Animal

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Individuals with a Coral Totem Animal are hard as a rock, within and without. Their walls seem impenetrable, and no matter the storm surging around them, they stand firm. Nothing gets rushed. Nothing goes unplanned, and nothing happens without trusting in Universal guidance.

If Coral is your Birth Totem, you time things to a tee. You know the keys to manifesting just about anything in your wheelhouse. Your insight about upcoming major problems is eerily accurate. People around you know when you say “duck” you mean now.

There is no way anyone in your life, including trusted loved ones, can hurry your decisions. Friends and associates will try, but after a while, they take the hint. The power of patience and mindfulness are on your side.

The one caution that comes with having a Coral Totem Animal is being too self-reliant and rugged. You may not let yourself feel deeply during an important moment and process it. Such situations make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. Yet, you must allow your emotions to flow through like the cleansing waters of the sea.

Coral Power Animal

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Invoke your Coral Power Animal when you want to stand strong during one of the most challenging times of your life. Coral provides mettle, fortitude, perseverance, and constancy to see things through and find a sound solution.

Coral as a Power Animal can help you with your communication skills, particularly with groups where you feel awkward about taking part. There are ways of saying what you mean and having it understood. Coral guides the process.

Native American Coral Symbolic Meanings

Native Americans consider the oceans as the lifeblood of the Earth Mother. Things that live in the watery environment have a special place in the order of things. Tribal people made beads out of Coral, representing wealth. The Hopi wore Coral as part of the sacred Snake Dance. In Jewelry, Native Americans often pair Coral with Turquoise as a way of uniting Earth and Water. A Medicine Man might use Coral for aiding circulation and chaotic emotions.

Coral Dreams

Coral in your dreams can symbolize protection. Whatever you worry about or fear, you are safe. Coral also speaks of true beauty and your inner vision. Look with eyes that see all the possibilities for a happy, rewarding life.

Red Coral in your dream implies you may have a blood or circulatory problem which needs attending. A Black Coral reef in your dream represents learning to trust yourself and the Divine. Listen to the voice within. Stay connected to the Source. White or Pink Coral predicts your circle of friends is widening, but be careful about people who may have hidden intentions. A social event is on the horizon.

Seeing living Coral in the sea portends peace and prosperity along with a bit of fun! As a Creature tied to the Water Element, Coral in your dream can symbolize your emotional status. Look to other parts of the dream for greater clarity.

Far Eastern Coral Symbolic Meanings

In Hindu Astrology, Red Coral comes under the dominion of Mars. Chinese lore says Red Coral takes ten thousand years to grow. Because of its longevity, Coral embodies an understanding of Universal mysteries.

There is a story of a great flood in which the hero, Yu, harnesses the power of a Dragon and a Tortoise to quell the raging waters. In thanks, the God of the Yellow River offers an array of precious stones to Yu. Yu only chose three, one of which is Coral. Perhaps it is why during the Han Dynasty and the Nobles favor Coral as a sign of status and prosperity. Anything good enough for a hero is good enough for us!

Coral Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Community
  • Foundations
  • Luck
  • Patience
  • Protection
  • Rhythms
  • Steady Progress
  • Strength
  • Timing
  • Transformation