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Guppy Symbolism & Meaning

The Guppy embraces adaptability. While its native home was Barbados, Brazil, Trinidad, the Antilles and Venezuela, the fish happily swims in waters in nearly every country in the world, even somewhat brackish ones, save Antarctica. Despite the diversity, they prefer something more intimate-small streams where life isn’t quite so tumultuous. Here they gobble up mosquito larvae often carrying disease.

There’s no question the Guppy is a prolific colonizer. Two or three generations of Guppies are born annually, giving Guppy the nickname “Million Fish”. A female is ready for babies by 15 weeks of age on average, the male 7. At the time of birth, the little fry is perfectly independent. They smartly school together and develop tactics helping avoid predators as part of their natural behavior.

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Guppy Symbolism & Meaning

Guppy symbolism includes an awareness of necessities. When food is scarce, they reduce their reproductive cycle. Likewise, when food is abundant, babies abound. Their behavior insures, within reason, the new little fish will have plenty of food to grow and reach maturity for mating and survival.

In relationships, Guppy females rule the roost. The Sacred Feminine runs through their bodies, resulting in polyandry. Females mate with more than one male insuring success in at least one suitor. There are more benefits to the Guppy lifestyle, too. Females who mate with several males produce more offspring quickly. These offspring illustrate stronger behaviors after birth, such as how effectively they school.

For the female Guppy, variety is the spice of life and love. But out of all the fish in the sea, how do they choose? Well, one factor is color. They appear to love bright orange spots, which scientists believe indicates physical health, strength and fitness in the male. Metaphysically orange vibrates with the energy of attraction, stimulation, determination, and success.

The female Guppy observes males keenly looking for active courtship dancing and displays. Such displays don’t have to be toward her personally. They’ll watch males seeking other females. If they like what they see, they’ll wait until the time is right to land the desired fellow too. Once inseminated the female stores the sperm up to eight months, meaning she may give birth to a male’s children long after his demise.

Community serves an important purpose for Guppies. Foraging together means finding food more easily. They use less energy on hunting, leaving more for breeding. Unless edibles are scarce, Guppies aren’t aggressive among each other.

Guppy Spirit Animal

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When Guppy Spirit Animal appears in your life, you may realize a situation in which a group becomes your source of sustenance and support. You may feel a little uncertain at first, but the water is just fine!

Sometimes the Guppy Spirit warns of your propensity to jump without real provocation. It is a habit seen among Guppies in nature sometimes proving dangerous. While it is one means of getting from one proverbial stream to another, think before you leap.

One name given the Guppy is the Rainbow Fish. So, the Guppy Spirit Animal may speak to you of diversity in your home and in your life. The world is a bright, beautiful place. Don’t limit yourself to “black and white” images. While simple, and uncomplicated, it is a rather boring way to experience reality.

Finally, because of how fast the Guppy breeds, it may be an omen. You could be on the edge of prolific success, money, friends, or opportunities. Keep your eyes open and see what swims your way.

Guppy Totem Animal

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People with a Guppy Totem have strong Feminine overtones. As an archetype, think of a mature woman, comfortable in her skin who knows what she wants when she wants it (with no specific sexual inference intimated). Everyone has elements of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine within them. The person with a Guppy Totem exudes the latter.

If Guppy is your Birth Totem you are picky in relationships and aren’t really into monogamy. You seek specific partners for work and play. Some remain, friends, some may take on deeper roles in your life. But the one-and-only scenario makes little sense to you. Your heart is bigger than such constraints. Love is too.

One caution in your personality is you frequently find individuals giving attention to others more attractive than people on the periphery. Be careful of attachments. You wouldn’t purposefully hurt a relationship, but it can happen unwittingly if you don’t do your research.

Style-wise you love vibrant hues. Gray will never land in our closet unless it’s setting off a wild scarf or tie. Your approach to society is similar, leaning toward devil-may-care. Norms don’t interest you, results do. If you have to take an unconventional approach for what you want, even under the disapproving eye of a family member, you will.

In group settings, you like to mingle, especially if it’s over food. You’ll gravitate toward strong people who somehow present with superior attributes. Guppies appreciate quality, talent, and candor. People who sputter or pussyfoot around a point are aggravating.

Health wise, people with a Guppy totem are hardy. As long as you have enough to get by, you will survive. As a child, you matured quickly and became sexually active at a young age too. There’s not much up-ending a Guppy even when the waters get rough.

Guppy Power Animal

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Look to your Guppy Power Animal when seeking a stronger connection with the Goddess or feminine attributes. Guppy is not the nurturing female. It is rather a fierce force of nature-focused on making life fertile, be it symbolically or literally.

When you start feeling dull and drab, invoke your inner Guppy for spreading refreshed color into your life. Guppy Power Animal comes with a healthy portion of adaptation and independent spirit too.

The Guppy Power Animal is beneficial for couples wishing to start a family with the focus on several offspring.

Guppy Dreams

Guppy is a sweet fish. When it appears in your dream portends happiness and a sense you finally know the truth of an important matter.

If the Guppy in your dream swims in circles, something in your life is in a holding pattern out of necessity. Hang tight.

When a Guppy appears out of water in your dream, it alludes to the phrase, a fish out of water. Where do you feel disenfranchised or awkward?

Guppies jumping in your dream may imply you crave a different situation, a change of pace, or have a deep curiosity about something you know is there, but cannot see. There is a caution to this dream, though. The saying the grass is not always greener on the other side applies to water too.

Seeing a large group of Guppies represents positive outcomes, possibly great abundance.

A Guppy swimming solo warns of being exposed. Find a haven with like-minded people.

The color of the Guppy in your dream may hold meaning. Black ones imply transformation, while fish with many colors suggest similarly colorful associates arriving in your sphere.
Should the Guppies swim smoothly in sync, it symbolizes the importance of teamwork and appreciating people around you for their help and protection.

Guppy Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptability
  • Community
  • Discerning
  • Fertility
  • Forethought
  • Independence
  • Necessity
  • Observation
  • Sacred Feminine
  • Vibrancy

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