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Narwhal Symbolism & Meaning

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Narwhal Symbolism & Meaning

A massive resident of the Arctic, weighing some 3,000 pounds, the Narwhal’s distinction includes being called the Unicorn of the Sea. Narwhal males grow a tusk that protrudes outward like a horn 12-18 feet. Sometimes they have two horns, and females can grow one too, but rarely. That tusk represents instincts and pointed inspection.

Because of their connection with land Unicorns, some symbolic value crosses over including having a Divine presence and magical power. The Narwhal horn spirals counterclockwise, just as the mythic Unicorn. The Universe is full of spirals, and this direction takes us toward the unconscious realms. With the horn moving outward counter-clockwise it can vibrate with your will, intent, and fulfillment.

Despite their size, Narwhal is a peaceful creature. Males rarely fight using their horn and never use it for hunting prey. Marine Biologists haven’t nailed down exactly how the Narwhal uses this grand feature. Studies of the nerves in the tusk suggest it may be a way for the Narwhal to collect information, rather like a radio tower. From a metaphysical perspective, sensing environmental factors equates to Clairsentience.

When weather and migration require, the Narwhal can dive to 5,000 feet seeking food several times daily. They survive at that depth for upwards of 25 minutes. Such a steep immersion in water symbolises your own journey into the inner reaches of self.

During their submersed time, the male Narwhal continues communicating to others of his kind with various whistles, trumpeting, squeaking, and clicks. Those sounds emanate from near the blowhole. Each group seems to have distinctive sounds so they can recognize their own.

Socialization and community are among the Narwhal’s attributes. They move in groups averaging ten whales. Each group may have distinct purposes, like a nursery group with female Narwhals and their young who must receive mother’s milk for 20 months. That time allows mother Narwhal time to teach the calves basic skills.

Young adult males make up another group. During the summer months, some of these groups have a family reunion of sorts, gathering in congregations that can number 1,000 all in one spot. Can you imagine catering for this group?

Narwhal Spirit Animal

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When Narwhal Spirit Animal swims into your life, get ready for an impressive growth in your esoteric aptitudes, with a stress on empathy. Narwhal says, the magic is already in you, just let it out! The process of growth isn’t without some challenges. Your spiritual mission on this planet takes focus and effort. Follow Narwhal’s lead. It will stay with you until this cycle reaches a natural end.

Those wishing to learn the art of making and using magic wands, you couldn’t ask for a better Spirit Animal. The material foundation for the wand, the decorations, and your focus all play an integral role in the creation process. When you finish, bless it by lifting the wand high to the sky so a little Universal starlight and wonder fills it to overflowing. While the wand is but one tool that keeps you connected to higher and deeper realities, it’s one that helps get you beyond yourself when you get stuck.

A third aspect of the Narwhal Spirit Animal is learning to hone our senses both mundane and spiritual. Narwhal returns you to the inner compass that tells you where “true north” lies. Just pay attention, perceiving that direction every day. You also have a plethora of potential metaphysical methods for seeing, hearing, and feeling those things not experienced with normal awareness.

Narwhal Totem Animal

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People with a Narwhal Totem Animal have strong empathic abilities. If you don’t feel good, don’t lie. They’ll see right through you.

If Narwhal is your Birth Totem your ability to perceive, notice, and experience profoundly is a gift, but also a curse. Sometimes it gets overwhelming. In such moments you must have space. If you feel boxed in, you’ll shut down and become very unhappy and unproductive.

One of the greatest practices you can have in your life is seeking supportive people who respect your abilities and needs. Think of the group as your “pod,” your chosen family. Stay close and nurture that community. Your fantastic with that motherly touch, encouraging and guiding with wisdom.

Walking with the Narwhal Totem means having the potential for greatness. You can stay calm and cool, come up with creative ideas on a dime, and have a strong drive for seeing your dreams manifest. It doesn’t have to happen fast, though. You’re fine at a slower pace. You think on your feet in times of need and have a secret rebel within, but you keep all those aspects of self in careful balance with reality.

Sometimes individuals with a Narwhal Totem experience a busy brain. Thoughts spiral around in your mind and just won’t stop. The ideas are great if you could keep up with them. You begin over analyzing and getting frustrated. Meditation will help you with this right before bed. Learn to calm your thoughts and enjoy deep sleep.

Narwhal Power Animal

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Swim with your inner Narwhal Power Animal when seeking comprehension on complex matters-things that have deep, intricate layers. Narwhal energy helps you “dive in” searching each layer for the answers you need.

When you are uncertain if someone is being real with you, summon up your Narwhal Power Animal. This Guide and Teacher shows you how to poke holes right through any veneer. Apply your new insight to situations too, where you suspect skewed information.

Arctic Narwhal Symbolic Meanings

Among the Inuit, the Narwhal represents both physical and spiritual sustenance. The original coat of arms in the Northwest Territories includes two gold Narwhals protecting a compass rose, which points due north to the magnetic pole. The coat of arms for Nunavut, the most northern territory in Canada also features a Narwhal in a role of honor, holding up an emblem of sacred lands and special places.

Celtic Narwhal Symbolic Meanings

We can thank the Norse for giving us the word Narwhal, while it did not have a pleasant connotation. In Norse Narwhal came from two words translating as “corpse whale”. The designation likely happened because of the pale color of this whale, making them look like deceased sailors. The Vikings believed the Narwhal horn had magical healing powers.

Narwhal Dreams

If the Narwhal in your dream is breaching the water, it alerts you to important, unexpected messages coming your way. If the weather in this dream is turbulent, the information will be dramatic and unexpected (often from a family member).

A group of Narwhals swimming together represents teamwork. Whatever project you are undertaking, you cannot do this alone. Find the right people and have each excel at what they do best.
Should the Narwhal make sounds in your dream, this reflects the need for improved communication (either from others, or from yourself). If the Narwhal is you, keep your words clear and think about the kinds of things people hope to hear when they struggle. Overall, if handled sensitively, this miscommunication can have a peaceful resolution.

The sheer size of the Narwhal in any dreamscape speaks of situations that feel too big for you. There may be problems or goals that feel as large as the ocean. Narwhal appears as a reminder to use your wits and your wisdom here. There is an answer. Just put your thinking cap on.

When the Narwhal in your dream swims right toward you, ask yourself, “what is the point” of a situation. The Narwhal’s horn is like a dart, heading right toward a bulls’ eye. The key here is making sure YOUR focus is on target. Conversely, if the Narwhal is swimming away, you missed an opportunity.

Dreams featuring a white Narwhal speak of age. Narwhals get whiter the older they get. Consider if an elder in your family or community needs your support.

Narwhal Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Comprehension
  • Empathy
  • Family/Community
  • Heightened Senses
  • Introspection
  • Nourishment
  • Magic
  • Socialization
  • Truth
  • Wisdom