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Puffer Fish Symbolism & Meaning

Are you feeling intimidated or need to stand up to bullies? Do you wish you could enjoy life’s pleasures without feeling trod on by others? If you need help developing confidence and assertiveness without going to the extreme of false pride and bragging, Pufferfish may be the perfect helpmate for you.

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Puffer Fish Symbolism & Meaning

Pufferfish, also called Blowfish or Toadfish, has a very clever means of self-protection. Able to inflate their entire body with air or water, their puffed up appearance is more intimidating to predators. If you’ve ever wished you could be bigger or look stronger than you felt, you can relate to Pufferfish’s defenses.

But it’s not just the Pufferfish’s size that is blown up. This change in appearance also extends their thorns, making it clear that they are not a Fish to be messed with. The symbolism here relates to using your body language to show your boundaries and to let others know that there are consequences to stepping over the line.

Pufferfish reminds us to tap the inner well of courage when the need arises. Pufferfish can also remind us to keep our auras clear, strong and healthy. Yet Pufferfish also offers a warning about picking your battles. They aren’t aggressive and would just as soon not have to get all puffed up about things unless pushed to their limit.

Pufferfish brings lessons about our need to find fulfillment emotionally, mentally and spiritually so we don’t go to superficial levels to “puff” ourselves up. Projecting false pride and power because of deep insecurities is not the same as actually being brave and strong. Pufferfish can help you discern the difference.

It’s fine to want to puff up your chest and celebrate accomplishments. Yet Pufferfish also comes with an important warning. Too much pride can become toxic. Allegorically, Pufferfish is the proverbial Cat that ate the Canary (move over, Kitty!)

Pufferfish reminds us to keep our Egos in check. If your ego is becoming inflated, Pufferfish may have something to say about it. Pufferfish is symbolically associated with the ability to puff yourself up or overestimate your abilities or talents. Pufferfish may also be associated with having a grandiose view of yourself or the world around you.

Sure, all may be well in your world and you may have every right to rest on your laurels, but if others in your circle are still struggling, you may want to keep the bragging to a minimum. Pufferfish comes to you with important lessons about not getting too carried away.

Pufferfish also reminds you to enjoy life’s pleasures. Sex, hedonism, good food, you may become intoxicated by the joys in life and it is important to celebrate joy and pleasure in moderation. When Pufferfish is around, you may do well to guard against over-indulgence. At the same time, don’t be an acetic now. Save the restrictive diet for another time and enjoy the wonders and tastes life has to offer you.

The elements associated with Pufferfish are Air and Water. Thus, Pufferfish can help stoke your imagination, help your communication skills, broadening intuition, and healing deeper emotional wounds.

Puffer Fish Spirit Animal

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When Pufferfish Spirit Animal shows up in your life, it may be time to balance work and play. You may be called to enjoy the sensual pleasures you’ve been missing out on including food, fun and sex. Pufferfish may also come swimming into your life to encourage you to deal with regulating your emotions and to help you assert yourself.

You may need to stand up for yourself or to act assertively in your dealings with others. Perhaps you’ve become too passive or are shying away from difficult conversations. If you avoid the spotlight and prefer to melt into the background, Pufferfish may be trying to help you take greater pride in yourself and your accomplishments.

Pufferfish can also help you find the right balance between being boastful or bashful. If you’ve been too humble and shy about your gifts, Pufferfish can help you claim the recognition you deserve without getting too far into the realm of toxic pride.

Puffer Fish Totem Animal

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If Pufferfish is your Totem Animal, you may have important life lessons to work through involving understanding when to toot your own horn and when not to claim the spotlight. You may have a knack for making your voice heard and getting your message across, even if you have to project a prickly persona in order to do it.

You may have a hearty appetite for life’s pleasures but you also know that certain lines shouldn’t be crossed. If you feel others are pushing too close to your boundaries, you aren’t afraid to push back. You may have ongoing challenges and lessons related to confidence. How much is too much? How much is enough? Part of your path is figuring this out.

Yours is a path of moderation and discovering your talents. You may also have a gift for glamour. That’s not to say fashion, but glamour in the old sense of the word- the ability to mask your appearance and portray specific attributes through your outer image. You may be able to look tougher than you feel at times and this style of energetic shape-shifting comes in handy when you need to swim with fish who seem to be bigger, stronger or more successful than you. Appearances aren’t all they seem and this becomes evident to you.

Puffer Fish Power Animal

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If you need help striking a balance between too much indulgence and not enough, call on Pufferfish for inspiration. Pufferfish can also help you when you need to shift your appearance or image so that others know you mean business. If you’re being intimidated, bullied or intruded on by others, let Pufferfish inspire you to push back without going overboard to make your point.

Pufferfish Power Animal can guide you to make just the right moves so you’re leveraging your strength without overdoing it and applying too much pressure. If you need to go on the defensive and assertiveness is not your strong suit, Pufferfish Power Animal can help you grow into your own talent for confidence and self-defense.

Whether protecting your vulnerable emotions or becoming more comfortable getting your message across, let Pufferfish help you embody your inner strength so that others will learn not to take advantage or overstep your boundaries.

Puffer Fish Dreams

If you dream of Pufferfish, you may need to “blow up” something in your life by exaggerating or highlighting your strengths in some way. Pufferfish dreams may also be a harbinger of the need to protect yourself by pushing back against adversaries.

To dream of Pufferfish can also remind you that you need to explore life’s pleasures and not take life so seriously. If you’ve been too much on the defensive, Pufferfish dreams can remind you to enjoy what captivates and intoxicates you but to not go to extremes.

Pufferfish in dreams can indicate a need to use your defenses or at least to demonstrate your boundaries. Sometimes, seeing evidence that you won’t tolerate being intimidated is all you need. Like giving an ultimatum just to make a point, even if you don’t have to follow through and enforce it. If you dream of this prickly Fish, you may need to make a point or you may be going too far to get your message through.

This could be an important time for you to slow down and balance between confidence and humility. You may be going to extremes and boasting about goals you haven’t fully manifested yet. You may also run the risk of turning people off because your Ego or perspective about your achievements are overinflated.

Puffer Fish Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Bearing
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Fulfillment
  • Humility
  • Moderation

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