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Shrimp Symbolism & Meaning

Shrimps are a small-sized crustacean with a long body. It gets its name from a Middle English term meaning “pygmy.” So how do they differ from Prawns? Well, size does matter. While many use the terms Shrimp and Prawn interchangeably, Prawn are much larger. Symbolically, however, the energetic signatures for both are the same, with Prawn just bearing a little more oomph.

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Shrimp Symbolism & Meaning

Diversity is one keynote to discovering Shrimp meaning. There are over 2,000 species of Shrimp around the world living in coasts, estuaries, lakes, and some rivers. An average Shrimp measures between 1.5 and 3 inches, having a visible exoskeleton and antennae. Long antennae orient the Shrimp to its nearby surroundings while the short ones seek suitable prey. Here the exoskeleton speaks of natural protection and the antenna of keeping your psychic receivers sharp.

If Shrimp could have a motto, it might well be “color my world.” They come in many hues determined by what they eat. For example, Brown Shrimp have an iodine-rich diet to thank for their coloration, White Shrimp lie in low-salinity environments, Red Shrimp get brighter when they eat Krill, and Yellow Shrimp prefer biofilm and algae. By their feeding preferences, Shrimp Spirit reflects a simple truth. What you “internalize” often manifests outwardly. You are what you eat, figuratively and literally.

For swimming, Shrimp use little swimming paddles on the underside of their belly. To escape a threat, they flick them a certain way, so they move backward speedily. Peace-loving Shrimp like the Amano and Bamboo prefer to retreat over having a confrontation. Even slightly more aggressive Shrimp like Whisker Shrimp take to withdraw initially. All they are saying is give peace a chance!

The Shrimp’s eating behavior is complex. The Shrimp will dance as if to hypnotize a fish in their sight. Once close enough, the Shrimp feeds on it or cleans the fish’s scales for food. The latter is an example of mutualism in nature when two creatures benefit from each other. It’s a win-win. Shrimp also have a similar relationship with sea slugs and sea cucumbers. Where are the people or situations with which you can find this reciprocity?

Fertility is another cornerstone of Shrimp symbolism. The female lays between 1,500 eggs to 14,000 eggs at a time (yes, 14,000!). There is power in numbers since the tiny larvae are essential food sources for other water animals. Marine Biologists report Shrimp play a vital role in preserving the ecological balance in the sea.

Shrimp eyes have a unique ability. They can see polarized light, something rare in humans. They use the light for navigation, finding silver-colored prey, and keeping neatly away from predators. Seeing beyond the normal surface of things is a spiritual gift Shrimp Guides can help you hone.

Like many fish, Shrimp prefer swimming in schools. Within the school’s structure, communication takes place. The Shrimps snap and click, not only for socialization but to intimidate perceived threats from other marine life. Shrimp challenges: Snap to it!

Shrimp Spirit Animal

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Shrimp became a diminutive slang term in English. It means small in stature and comes across as a taunt. Your Shrimp Spirit Animal takes the derogatory name and gives it new meaning. You are facing an inadequacy in yourself.

Whatever the lack, Shrimp Spirit Animal comes to help you see things differently. Awareness is half the battle when making changes. When you KNOW the problem, Shrimp guides you toward a solution.

Socially, the Shrimp Spirit Animal says you need others, good people in your life for your mental and spiritual well-being. If you have been retreating or hiding, it’s time to come back out and get your communal groove back in order. So doing may require a minor shift in your perspective about mingling, but you will find rewards when you try.

For people who feel vulnerable, Shrimp Spirit Animal knows all too well what it’s like to be the “little guy.” But if you fill your mind and spirit with positive energy, you can seem ten feet tall. Expand your aura!

If you have been considering mentoring, counseling, or teaching of late, the Shrimp Spirit Animal is a positive sign. You are ready. You’ve gone through enough situations, grown strong, and obtained wisdom. Now it’s time for guiding other people who need a little assistance. Hope is a powerful healer and motivator.

In the “helping” phase of your life, Shrimp Spirit Animal reminds you-self-care remains very important. Don’t dry up your inner well. When it’s time to take a break, just swim away for a bit. You’ll bounce back with the energy you need going forward.

Shrimp Totem Animal

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People born with a Shrimp Totem Animal focus on the little things in life for happiness. Truthfully, they don’t see them as “small” at all, but as blessings and beauty making every day better. Their outlook makes them cheerful and upbeat even in the face of adversity.

If the Shrimp is your Birth Totem, you are a people person. Being around others comforts you and boosts your energy. Going too long without socialization leads to depression and anxiousness. You know when it’s time to get out of the house!

Shrimp Medicine manifests in you with confidence and courage. You will never allow others to belittle you or make you feel insignificant. You will either end the relationship or give them a piece of your mind (or both).

Throughout your life, you’ve had an inner knowing, and a drive to make choices for your authentic self. Your approach fills your spiritual life with vision and insight. You move past your fears most of the time and keep moving. Your gift in life is seeing how being part of something bigger than yourself improves the whole and provides adaptability.

Shrimp Power Animal

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Call on your inner Shrimp Power Animal when you’ve entered an unknown group and feel awkward. Shrimp bolsters confidence. The Shrimp Power Animal improves communication too.

Outside a group setting, invoke your Shrimp Power Animal for help with any acclimation. Perhaps you’re moving or getting a new job. Shrimp helps you modify your skills and ideas to fit brand new situations when they arise.

Shrimp Dreams

Seeing a Shrimp alone in your dream means you feel overlooked or underestimated in your current situation. While it’s tempting to hide, you need to stand out more. Use your natural problem-solving skills and shine!

Catching a Shrimp with your hands in the dream portends meeting an unusual, exciting strange. The person intrigues you, and the relationship could become something erotic. Afterward, the interaction creates greater sexual confidence.

Seeing a school of Shrimp in your dream has a variety of potential meanings. The first is a tidbit of pleasant news coming your way. Alternatively, it means you are fortunate to travel with good, dependable friends.

When the Shrimp dominates your dream, and you can see every part of its body, take care in deciding right now. Look at each aspect, no matter how small, before settling on a course of action.

A massive school of Shrimp filling the entire dreamscape predicts an extra source of money creating security. If you are already a businessperson, the financial boon will be substantial.

Shrimps jumping in your dream represents something special happening, bringing joy to all involved.

Far Eastern Shrimp Symbolic Meanings

The people of Japan associate the shape of a Shrimp’s body with the physical configuration of Elders, being slightly bent. Shrimp are a symbol of longevity and renewal.

In China, the word Shrimp sounds like the word laugh, specifically the laughter of children. As a result, Shrimp came to represent joy, improved fortune, and long life.

Shrimp Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Balance
  • Clairvoyance
  • Diversity
  • Group Dynamics
  • Internalization
  • Mutualism
  • Peace
  • Self Confidence
  • Socialization
  • Vibrancy