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Siamese Betta Fish Symbolism & Meaning

Betta Fish are the beauty kings and queens of the water (no prom required). Their flared fins and lustrous colors are a feast for the eyes. In Latin the proper name for the Betta, Betta splendens, the “splendens” means brilliant, shining, or bright, a designation giving them associations with the white light of awareness.

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Siamese Betta Fish Symbolism & Meaning

But all Betta’s loveliness hides a contrasting, aggressive nature. Bettas bear another title, Siamese fighting fish. For swimming a solitary path, Betta takes it very seriously. Even in the Malay term from which the term Betta came derives from a warrior tribe. So Betta Animal Helper has the Warrior archetype in their DNA.

In repeated interactions with humans, the Betta shows recognition. They respond to whistles, coming to the surface for the music. They are far smarter than the average fish.

Coupling among Betta is about the only time you will see two together living in peace. The male Betta creates a magical bubble nest at the surface of the water in order to woo a female. Once “engaged”, their romance is epic.

The Bettas’ coloration turns brighter than ever. Each partner stretches their fins, dancing around, and using their nose carefully to push each other into a suitable pose. The male turns the female over on her back and blankets her completely, like a dramatic dip in a waltz. Then he moves below her, waiting to accept her eggs.

Females deposit a few hundred eggs, letting them fall like rain toward the male. The process takes time, and Mr. Betta has no “waiting room” where he can pace. He has a vital job.

As the female releases her eggs, the male Betta catches the eggs gently by mouth and covers them in protective mucus. The male then takes the eggs to the nest, breathing them into the bubble, providing life. He repeats the process as many times as necessary to move all the eggs. Talk about having a supportive partner in birth!

The baby bubble often sticks to a plant or rock close to the surface of the water. Meanwhile, the male Betta ushers the female firmly out of his territory with little restraint. He will not allow her back. It is now Dad’s time to care for the young for two to three days until they can leave the nest. The male’s behavior gives him honorable associations with Fatherhood.

Courtship isn’t the only time a Betta’s hues change. If agitated, their “true colors” come out. At this point, fishes nearby are better off moving away quickly.

Multifarious colors in Betta fish offer you alternative symbolism and meanings. They appear In red, yellow, black, green, blue, marble, orange, copper, etc. So if the Betta Spirit comes to you in a specific color, there’s a reason. Look to the correspondences linked to each color for deeper meaning.

Siamese Betta Fish Spirit Animal

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When the Betta Spirit Animal swims into your awareness, it brings the message of choosing your battles carefully. Put down your ego for a moment. You may have the drive and willpower to fight, but hostility doesn’t solve everything. In fact, it can make matters worse. Ask yourself if it’s really worth your time and focus based on everything else in your life before armoring up.

The Betta Spirit Animal understands you have clashes waging within-between good and evil., anger or peace, hope or despair, love or loss. Your Animal Helper teaches life is rarely black and white. In between two dichotomies you can find a healthy balance or minimally think clearly about which direction you want to take.

Along the same lines, the Betta Splendens councils remembering every opinion or recounted experience has two sides. It is best you know both. So listen closely before determining who to trust or what action suits the situation. Don’t use unnecessary energy on things working themselves out perfectly well without your interference. Likewise, don’t sit on the sidelines when someone needs your help.

Your Betta Spirit Animal is strong and brave at times when you feel you cannot achieve either on your own. Everyone has moments when they feel pushed down and ineffective. The key here is how you respond to each such moment. They act as a refining forge for your spirit. With Siamese Fighting Fish, should you wish, your Spirit Animal will stick with you to the very end. Follow through? Betta Spirit Animal has your back.

For people struggling with the Masculine aspects of self, Betta comes in support. You can learn how to defend and nurture at the same time. These actions are not really different. Both come from a place of love. If you feel your “bubble’ is in danger, Betta strengthens your resolve to keep everyone safe physically and spiritually.

Siamese Betta Fish Totem Animal

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People born with a Betta Totem are very territorial and possessive. There are some items in their life they will never give up. Woe to the person who throws away a beloved sweatshirt or old baseball glove.

With Beta individuals, it is hard to get close when there’s a firm line in the sand. If “visitors” come unannounced, they greet the intrusion with disdain and often turn them away. Interacting with the Betta means honoring their rules. So long as others can accept what the Fighting Fish puts forward, they can begin moving closer into a relationship, but it will take time and a little “dancing” on their part.

If the Betta Fish is your Birth Totem you’ve experienced a fair amount of rivalry in your life. You almost worry when a day goes by without conflict. The struggles aren’t always big, like two friends wanting different dinners. In weightier matters, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose to the bigger fish, but the experience teaches you much. You really don’t go looking for a fight very often (and when you do, it’s usually the result of a foul mood)., but it’s easy to get on your bad side, which is why you prefer a career where you can work alone.

Swimming with the Betta Totem Animal gives you a strong connection to the Water Element, which houses emotions, insight, the subconscious self, and mysteries. You know there is far more to the world than meets the naked eye. You love your freedom and adapt easily to new situations provided you have your space. Betta’s water influence makes you smart and able to act on potential long before anyone notices it too. Water can soothe the nagging itch within you too.

Anyone who knows you see the Betta Totem’s Warrior within you. You will fight the good fight, never giving up your true self. Life’s currents come and go, but you remain resolute, distinct, and strong.

Siamese Betta Fish Power Animal

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Invoke your inner Siamese Fighting Fish Power Animal when you need ferocity. If you know you must fight, you’ll need an extra boost of energy to keep you focused and on point.

Call on your Betta Power when you feel the boundaries in your life aren’t being respected, especially in relationships. The Betta Power Animal will help you explain your “colors” so others understand the guidelines of living, working, and playing in your Circle.

Betta Fish as Thai Animal Symbol

Siamese Fighting Fish are native to Thailand in the Chao Phraya River, rice patties, and water canals. People regard the fish with nostalgia because their kingdom once bore the name Siam. In time, Siamese Fighting Fish became the National Aquatic Animal.

In art, the Betta presents similar to a carp, representing prosperity. Smaller Betta represents fertility. Some people create woven mobiles of the Fighting Fish for spice traders and for placing in the entry of a home for good fortune. Mothers often put a hanging image of the Betta above a baby’s bed for protection.

Siamese Betta Fish Dreams

If you see a Betta Fish near the surface of the water in your dream, it means something in your subconscious is emerging. You’re ready to confront the thoughts and feelings that you pushed down.

Two Betta Fish in the same area in your dream warns of conflict. If the Betta is blue, the issue is serious and possibly dangerous.

If you are with other people looking at a Betta Fish in the dream, it represents wanting the approval and support from colleagues.

Two Bettas in a standoff in your dream indicates it’s unlikely to resolve a heated issue right now. Take a breather.

When the Betta in your dream creates bubbles it portends fertility of a literal or figurative nature.

Siamese Betta Fish Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Aggression
  • Beauty
  • Color Magic
  • Courage
  • Defiance
  • Fatherhood
  • Individuality
  • Solitary Path
  • Warrior Energy
  • Willpower