Swordfish Symbolism & Meaning

Swordfish are highly predatory Fish. Also known as Broadbills, Swordfish has a long pointed bill, cutting through the nonsense swiftly. The “sword” of the Fish is double-edged and reminds us of how our thoughts, words, and actions have consequences that can harm or heal.

The “sword” on the Swordfish isn’t a spear, but a slashing tool. It will use it on prey, then race forward, catching lunch. Swordfish are among the fastest Fish in the sea, with Marlin just edging them out. When working with Swordfish as an Animal Helper, expect swift counsel requiring an expedient response.

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Swordfish Symbolism & Meaning

Native to temperate parts of the Pacific, Indian, and the Atlantic Ocean, Swordfish stick to swimming between water’s surface and about 1,800 miles beneath. Kissing cousins to Mackerel, Swordfish takes first place among thorny fishes measuring 14 feet long and weighing up to 1,200 pounds. No question about it: Swordfish Spirit is BIG, sharp, and pointed.

Scientists aren’t sure why, but Swordfish has a unique adaptive ability. They can adjust their body temperature, making it warmer than the surrounding water. Here, Swordfish acts as a role model-adjust to your situation, so you remain safe.

The eyes of a Swordfish are captivating. They are the size of tennis balls. Sailors say when a Swordfish fixes its orb on you, it is impossible to harm it. The superstition seems to have a counterpart in giving someone the “evil eye.”

If you study a Swordfish’s tail, you will see rings. Swordfish carries its history there for all the world to see. Each circle in the Fish’s tail is one year of life-one part of their story. They are solitary creatures giving other Swordfish thirty feet of headway. Swordfish Spirit has exceptional control over recognizing and honoring personal space.

The only time you see Swordfish closer together is for mating. Pairs form, the female releasing eggs, and the male releasing sperm into the water. The Female Swordfish is a powerful symbol of fertility, carrying between 1 million–29 million eggs. The volume of eggs improves the chances of fertilization and survival.

Swordfish Spirit Animal

Because of the watery dwelling for the Swordfish Spirit Animal, emotions intensify when it comes into your life. You can’t always push down what you feel. Obstacles and troubles wear at even the most stalwart soul. There is a happy ending once you face those feelings and release them, you can move on. Hey, it’s the Water Element. It’s OK to cry.

The Swordfish Spirit Animal sees the fear of change in your mind or heart. You worry over the future so much, you miss the present. Like the Swordfish, you are a loner. But now is the time-come out of your shell and see what IS, instead of what might be. Measure your pride carefully. Are you stubborn? Are you avoiding much-needed assistance? If your answer is yes, then it’s time for action.

Swordfish Spirit Animal is quick and sure. If you have ties to a person or group holding you back or causing harm, your Spirit Animal hands you it’s sword. Cut away negativity. Be free of it. Taking action is hard. You may have to have a lengthy discussion filled with explanations and countering all the rebuttals. But the Swordfish Spirit Animal says the experience will strengthen you and give you greater confidence.

Swordfish Spirit Animal may come as an escort if you have decided upon taking a solitary path in your spiritual travels. You can be within line-of-sight, know the surroundings for context, and still walk alone. Your choice is a highly personal matter and requires some adjustments. Hold tight to your convictions.

Swordfish Totem Animal

People with a Swordfish Totem Animal are a little quirky and have majestic auras. They dream big and live big. Swordfish-born are precise, smart, and method oriented. Plans matter, and coupled with a skeptical philosophy about “pie in the sky” propositions, Swordfish people usually come out ahead throughout their life.

If Swordfish is your Birth Animal, you prefer your own company. Your assurance means taking the reins of control in every situation. Some may see your leadership drive as arrogance, but it’s not true. Some people are “we” oriented. You are more “me” oriented, but not to the exclusion of people you love. Remember the two-edged sword. Balance permeates your thinking.

For being a loner, swimming with Swordfish means you like attention. If a room is loud and you’re trying to talk, your next step is making things quiet down. Your direct action may lead to some contention, but like water–you find a way.

When communicating, watch your delivery. Your words radiate with power. You shoot from the hip and prefer blunt truths. Not everyone can handle such a direct approach and may feel hurt by what you intended as a friendly suggestion.

Managing relationships challenges people in your circle. When you want to make a point, any concept of social rules goes out the window. Should such discussions result in a debate, all the better. Others see your cloistered tendencies as mysterious and alluring. You will have no trouble finding romantic options. Your restless nature may make settling down difficult unless you find a similarly adventurous soul.

Career-wise you strive for authority positions. Throughout your life, you cultivated specific skills, mindfully. You are highly capable in your chosen field. Details are your stock in trade. Prepare for success.

Swordfish Power Animal

Seek your inner Swordfish Power Animal when your confidence waivers. When you have to act quickly and precisely without hesitation, Swordfish makes an excellent helpmate. Take a deep breath, hold tight to Swordfish energy, and make your move.

Your Swordfish Power Animal is a Warrior Spirit. It will lend you its “sword” when you face a severe battle. The best warriors, like Swordfish, do not rush in but focus and strategize. Words and actions can cut as quickly as a blade, so you want to use the Swordfish mindfully in such situations.

Ancient Greek Swordfish Symbolic Meanings

Legends say Achilles traveled to Troy seeking revenge for the kidnapping of his wife, Helen. When Achilles met an unscrupulous fate in Paris, the Trojans rushed in to avenge him. Soldiers who refused to join the battle threw themselves into the ocean in grief over their fallen leader. Thetis, Achilles Mother, saw their sacrifice and took pity on the soldiers. She turned them into Fish and allowed them to keep their sword to use in their new form. Here we see a story alluding to the Warrior Spirit often connected with Swordfish.

Swordfish Dreams

Dreaming of a Swordfish shows you have learned how to separate your emotions from a subject at hand. You overcome feelings so you can see the truth. From your fresh perspective, you can offer honest answers or make far better choices.

Because of the Swordfish’s sword, a dream of the creature could reflect your relationship with the Sacred Divine and masculine sexuality. No matter your gender, all of us have some traditionally male attributes, making your dream complex. Look at what else is happening in the scenario. For example, should the Fish be pointing its sword at another, implies a momentary standoff with a father figure, but a battle can erupt. Or, if the Fish has its sword pointing upward, it’s time to open yourself to the All-Father, commune, and learn.

When the Swordfish moves through the dream imagery at top speed, it calls for expediency. You can no longer let a situation just “sit there”. Do what you can to fix it, or move on with no regrets. Continuing with the matter is an exercise in futility, weighing on your spirit.

Swordfish in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

The constellation of Dorado is a Swordfish (sometimes considered a Dolphin or Goldfish too). The Dorado Constellation has a gigantic Magellan Cloud. It first appeared on sky maps in the late 1500s, as the Guardian of the Pole (the South Ecliptic Pole near the Fish’s head). The name Dorado officially appeared in 1603, followed in 1627 with the title Xiphias, the Swordfish.

Swordfish Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Bravery
  • Change
  • Emotional Distance
  • Masculinity
  • Quickness
  • Severing Ties
  • Sexuality
  • Solitary Path
  • Warrior Energy
  • Word Power

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