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Centipede Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to maximize opportunities in life? Want to heal the Earth? Centipede, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Centipede teaches you how to increase your potential, all while showing you how to work with plants and embrace the Earth Element. Delve deeply in Centipede symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can educate, illuminate, and surprise you!

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Centipede Symbolism & Meaning

If you dislike “creepy crawlies,” you may find Centipedes a little unnerving. While called a Centipede, this creature can have far more than a hundred legs. Some are poisonous, but all prefer damp spaces, giving the Centipede Spirit ties to the Water Element. They move at astonishing speeds with no noise, thanks to the stability their legs provide. Centipedes are, without question, a strong and silent type!

Nature provides Centipedes with antennae, which sensitives associate with human perceptions and psychic awareness. Such intuitive insight proves interesting when you consider many Centipedes are blind, so the creature has no choice but to trust in the input its receivers provide: An outlook spiritual seeker can emulate.

There is a charming custom among Centipedes. When a male and female find each other, they touch antennae together. Afterward, the female leads the way to a mating space. The symbolism of having a strong spiritual connection in relationships is impossible to miss. How often have you met someone and “just know” something between you and them is right? That recognition is Centipede Medicine. In these situations, how long a person’s been in your life doesn’t matter. Perhaps they are brand new, or maybe they’ve been lingering on the periphery for some years. In either case, trust what your proverbial antennae tell you.

Centipede knows its environment well. Have you ever seen one when it’s been dry for days? It’s not common. But when the rains come, Centipede appears in the oddest of places replete with moisture. There’s no sign of how they got there. It’s as if they appear by magic. For the Centipede, however, pragmatics determine the location. The moisture is what they need for their overall well-being. So, Centipede Spirit challenges you with one question: “Do you know what environment best nurtures you?”

An interesting fact about some Centipedes is they can produce silk for capturing prey like a spider. Once entangled, Centipede’s front legs become claws, and their jaws do the rest of the work. The Centipedes’ bite is lethal for its lunch, so in Spirit Animal form, it warns you about what you say and how you say it. It may represent biting off too much or too little as well.

Some Sensitives feel Centipedes appear as a wake-up call to a psychic message or connection, often regarding a relationship. You may walk into a trap or some other danger. So, when Centipede appears in your home, stay alert.

“Centi” means “100.” So, taking a peek at the Numerology behind the number 100 can give you more insights into the meaning behind the appearance of Centipede Spirit. Overall, the number 100 has undertones of independence, potential, and determination. It embodies creative problem solving, new ideas, and a sense of self-sufficient comfort. Why? Because 100 breaks down into a “one” and two “zeros.” The number one represents leadership, standing tall and strong, and independence. Zero symbolizes infinity, wholeness, unlimited potential, and the Divine. Combining the powerful energies of one and zero together, Centipede Spirit crawls along alone when it so wishes, without fear. As Centipede Spirit moves, it generates possibilities and energy, helping keep you connected to the Source.

Centipede Spirit Animal

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Centipede is a fabulous Spirit Animal for anyone who struggles with their sense of self and appearances. Centipede Spirit is not pretty, but there is always an inner beauty. Centipede comes to you and says, “Let the true you shine.” There is no need to demean yourself. You are sacred, and you have a purpose. Centipede’s Wisdom encourages you to know as you recognize your vibrancy; you are becoming aware of the sacredness in others.

Sometimes the Centipede Spirit Animal comes to you urging a time of solitude. If your life has been chaotic and you find you can’t think straight, alone time is the perfect solution. You know it deep down, but Centipede is giving you a much-needed nudge.

Another message from the Centipede Spirit Animal has to do with how you manage your resources. Are you making sure everything in your environment supports wholeness? Make it the ultimate priority, not running after things you will never have in hand. Centipede reminds you that patience is a virtue. Watch for what is good, and right, pleasing, and possible rather than the pie in the sky dreams. Centipede is all about continuing forward movement using your higher senses as a guide.

Centipede Totem Animal

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Folks born with a Centipede Totem Animal are lucky. They seem to have a horseshoe in their back pocket when they need it. You will find such individuals positive, kind, yet firm and sometimes even fierce. These people don’t care if they’re somewhat disheveled. There are other more important things on which to focus, such as helping others in need or working toward Earth healing.

If Centipede is your Birth Totem, you’re not someone who can keep a budget tight. Even so, money always seems to appear when you most need it. You have a keen mind and lean toward being a perpetual student, if possible. The only problem here is sometimes you fill your brain to overflowing, and it becomes distracting.

In relationships, Centipede has no problem helping so long as it doesn’t become an ongoing crutch. You prefer to offer than receive requests. As time goes on, you want your friends and family to become self-reliant so you can focus your attention elsewhere, including self-actualization.

Centipede Power Animal

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Call on your inner Centipede Power Animal when you feel broken, battered, and defeated. Centipede acts as a Sacred Guide to your center of power so you can embrace it, and you can heal. Your transformation manifests even if the reason for your situation was self-created. There is no room for guilt and wallowing with Centipede. It’s time to dig deep, then move forward.

When you become engaged in any environmental cause, Centipede is a great Power Animal Ally. In particular, the Centipede improves your understanding of Plant Magic. In truth, any form of Earth-focused effort benefits from the support of Centipede energies.

Centipede Dreams

Seeing a Centipede in your night vision foretells of good luck in the face of competition or rivalry. The Centipede sometimes represents something hidden from you. Whatever it is, you only notice it under specific, emotional situations. Centipede warns you against avoiding confrontations or remaining naïve. The Centipede in your dreamscape might represent you, especially if you’re unwilling to face something like the consequences of your actions or words.

Centipedes are swift. One moving with ease in your dream means something is progressing, and your goals are within reach. These dreams often reflect on one’s career, education, or heartfelt projects. By contrast, if the Centipede ambles in the dream, things aren’t progressing as fast as you might wish. Sometimes the delay happens when you try to accomplish too much too quickly.

Seeing dead Centipedes in your dream symbolizes personal insecurity, negativity, cynicism, and distrust. You fear rejection and prefer to stay on the sidelines of life. In the process, you alienate yourself from people and situations which could inspire amazing personal transformation.

Far Eastern Centipede Symbolic Meanings

The Chinese see Centipede as the enemy of Snakes. Stories recount how a Centipede becomes a hero by saving a person when Snake attacks them. Sometimes the mere appearance of the Centipede warns of a Snake nearby. Reviewing Snake symbolism may provide more insight into the meaning behind Centipede Spirit’s presence in your life.

In Indonesia, there is an ancient belief that Centipede Pearls hold potent magic. Medicine Men say they pray and go into damp caves every two to three months looking for Centipedes measuring up to 16 inches. The Medicine Men chant, requesting the Centipedes’ spit out their pearl. If a Centipede gifts a pearl to a hopeful gatherer, it is a prized possession.

A Centipede Pearl is a substance formed within the Animal, which is fossilized mucus. The Giant Centipede places the bubble of mucus on top of its head or the tip of its tail. It crystallizes there and falls off after a while. Gamblers like to carry these for luck with risky bets. Bearing one acts as a charm for swift opportunities appearing to the owner.

Centipede Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Decisions
  • Luck
  • Movement
  • Psychic Awareness
  • Self-Respect
  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Water Element