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Mosquito Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to intensify a love affair? Want to understand dream messages? Mosquito, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Mosquito teaches you how to manage pesky relationship issues while showing you how to understand the symbolic language of dream imagery. Delve deeply in Mosquito symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can motivate, enlighten, and awaken you.

Mosquito Table of Contents

Mosquito Symbolism & Meaning

The bothersome and vexing Mosquito, at least that’s the image you’ll conjure in your mind when you think of the creature. Imagine just getting comfortable when a tiny buzzing reaches your ears. You know Mosquito is there and thereafter itchy, irritating bumps appear. Mosquito Spirit is one to put you on notice, making you ever-watchful for its presence.

Mosquito is tiny, but that doesn’t mean the insect can’t pack a wallop when it bites you. Mosquitoes have six legs. Six in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is the Lovers. The Lovers Card speaks of important decisions regarding relationships, but when Mosquito appears as an Animal Spirit, for some people it may indicate being “bitten by the love bug,” while for others, it might mean pesky issues arise which will require addressing before the relationship can deepen or thrive. For couples in long-term relationships, Mosquito may arrive when there’s a seven year itch, meaning the people in the pairing have gotten too comfortable in the relationship, even lackadaisical about keeping the romance alive. As your Animal Ally, Mosquito comes to put bug in someone’s ear, alerting them that potential problems are afoot.

Mosquitos have antenna too. They use them to receive and respond to vibrations in the surrounding air, similar to how you hear. The Mosquito also uses antennae for mating. They recognize the sound of potential mates. Spiritually, their ability to do so equates to Clairaudience, one of the four predominant psychic gifts.

Worthy of note is the fact that only the female Mosquito that bites you. Your blood sustains the female Mosquito so it can feed its young. Meanwhile, the male feeds on nectar. Both Mosquito genders will fly up to fourteen miles seeking a meal. They use their senses to detect body heat, a skill that’s akin to Clairsentience: The ability to sense vibrations in one’s environment.

The Mosquito has intimate ties to the Water Element because they hatch in water from eggs. Water equates to your emotions, the subconscious, fertility, inspiration, mysteries, and magic. As a Guide, Mosquito returns you to an organic examination of such matters. Questions arise like are you disturbed by someone or something, but trying to swat it away? Are you burying things you should overcome? Has your muse reached a stagnant state and needs refreshment?

Some scientists theorize dead particles in blood attracts and causes the Mosquito to bite; the behavior gives Mosquito associations with taking away the dead or what’s no longer useful in your life. In the process, the Mosquito Spirit certainly grabs your attention!

Mosquito Spirit Animal

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When Mosquito buzzes into your life as a Spirit Animal, it bears one of several messages. The first has to do with paying too much attention to trite, superficial matters. Use your energy in far better ways. Never release your will power when nagged incessantly. Stay true to your senses, put up your antennae, and follow Mosquito’s lead.

Next, the Mosquito Spirit Animal challenges you to look long and hard at the places where you spend a lot of time and the company you keep. Are they healthy or sucking you dry? Sometimes people don’t recognize when something is bothering them because they’ve been in a toxic environment so long it feels normal. Figure out what needs to change, make alterations, then take a real bite out of life’s joys again.

Third, your Mosquito Spirit Animal has a message about attention—what you receive, what you give out, what you desire, and what you block. Sometimes you want attention, but when you put your message out to the Universe, what you receive might differ from your hopes considerably. It can make you uneasy, like the Mosquito. The treatment you receive may get under your skin. Or, you might receive a lovely compliment, but brush it off (most people don’t take compliments well, so work on it). Then, too, there are the unspoken proclivities and inclinations you project in various ways. Others can interpret your body language and gestures far differently from your intent. So take your time in your actions and reactions, realizing that you too may misinterpret things.

Mosquito Totem Animal

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People born with a Mosquito Animal Totem are not always the most comfortable folks to be around. They will poke and pry about matters until they get an answer. If they feel you are obtuse, they’ll sting to get attention. Such an approach to life emanates not in meanness, but concerns. Sometimes the Mosquito Totem is a little too forward, no matter where their heart lies.

If Mosquito is your Birth Totem, you have defined boundaries in your own life. However, you don’t always remember to remain attentive to the limits set by others. You rush in with ideas or aid, and then things get mucky. Your friends and family understand your actions, but you should still work on it. Use those antennae.

Walking with Mosquito means you can see through the people who want something from you other than companionship. There are limits to your personal energy and resources, so you use your intuitive talents to decide who you allow in your close circle of friends. You are careful, giving full deliberation about who you want to invest in and where you want to be.

You enjoy being around people. The only caution you must take in social situations is Mosquito always seeks nourishment. Your drive can turn into opportunistic behaviors. Seek energy exchanges instead. Give, receive, repeat.

In private time you are a deep thinker with profound sentiments. Watch you don’t get yourself so tangled up in a quandary where everything seems out of whack. You live vibrantly, love deeply, feel intensely. As you know yourself and honor yourself, you’ll find the negative tendencies fade away.

Mosquito Power Animal

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Reach out to your inner Mosquito Power Animal when working with the Element of Water for inner emotional or soul searching. Some of what you find may sting a bit, but you’ll come out healthier for it.

Invoke your Mosquito Power Animal when your soul hungers, and your spirit is weary. The Mosquito will lead you to places where you can rest, refresh, and renew. The Mosquito knows how to draw energy into itself, and you need it right now.

Native American Mosquito Symbolic Meanings

The stories of Mosquito in Native American culture are not positive, mostly. In lore, because they bite and inflict injury, sometimes People view Mosquito as an evil-doer or Trickster. Other times, stories portray Mosquitoes as pests that avenge wrongdoing. The Haida Tribe has a Mosquito crest while the Creek Tribe has a Mosquito Dance in which the someone pricks the participants with pins, mimicking the Mosquito bite.

Mosquito Dreams

When you kill a Mosquito in a dream, it means you are taking action for self-protection. You can stop trying to leap over ridiculous obstacles and look for another option.
A Mosquito buzzing around you in the dream acts as a warning. Someone is using gossip to tear you down. They can lead to having resources drained in the fight.

Seeing a group of Mosquitoes in your dream means there is some interference in your life from a group. There’s drama involved, and you may feel you are putting out one fire after another. Do not give up.

Should the Mosquito in your dream move away from you, difficulties wane, and happiness follows. Mosquitoes flying in a circle around you in the dream represent a concern you have not put to rest. Something is biting at you in the back of your mind or proving an annoyance.

Aesop felt Mosquitoes in a dream represents negative human behaviors like envy, stubborn-bullheadedness, and being too needy. The question here is if the Mosquito is you, someone else, or a situation. Chasing after a Mosquito symbolizes running away from one thing, chasing after another, and neither option is right for you.

Being bitten by a Mosquito means someone you were kind to is now ciphering your energy and resources; It’s time to distance yourself from them. Sometimes the dream means you’ll take on Mosquito’s negative attributes by becoming more stubborn.

Far Eastern Mosquito Symbolism & Meanings

In Japan, Mosquitoes are reincarnations of deceased people. The individuals given an insect’s life were sinful in their past incarnation, so they become a plague to humans, just as they were in their prior life. So, Mosquito’s existence is something people see as a form of Karmic Retribution.

In China, there is a tremendous amount written about Mosquito in allegories. The insect represents unexceptionable people and slander. Some writings depict Mosquito as harmful.

Mosquito Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Alertness
  • Clairaudience
  • Details
  • Emotions
  • Perception
  • Persistence
  • Relationships
  • Triviality
  • Survival
  • Water Element