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Aardvark Symbolism & Meaning

Are you looking to uncover secrets? Want to understand your life’s purpose? Aardvark, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Aardvark teaches how to dig up hidden information all while showing you how to tap into your inner well of wisdom! Delve deeply in Aardvark symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can inspire, motivate, and enlighten you.

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Aardvark Symbolism & Meaning

The friendly Aardvark is a seasoned survivalist. Living in Africa, Aardvark uses its long and sticky tongue to feed on termites. You cannot help but wonder what Aardvark Spirit will tell you with its clever tongue! Other names for the Aardvark include “African Antbear” and “Cape Anteater,” so named after the Cape of Good Hope.

The word Aardvark means “Earth-Pig,” since they resemble a pig in some sense, but the creature also has similarities to other Animals. Like the Pig, Aardvark spends a lot of time dealing with the earth and soil, whether it’s digging for food or creating burrows for shelter. The Pig-Aardvark connection is in the shared Earth Element. As such, Aardvark comes to symbolize stability, grounding, and connections with the natural world.

Pig is not the only Animal the Aardvark resembles, though. It’s as if a celestial committee is responsible for assembling Aardvark with Rabbit ears and a Kangaroo’s tail-yet, Aardvark has no relationships with any of these creatures. The similarities it shares with Rabbit tie Aardvark to the concepts of sensitive hearing, particularly on a psychic level. It’s the similarity to that Kangaroo ties Aardvark to balance and self-preservation. Of interest is the fact that one of the closest living relatives to Aardvark is the Elephant, despite any appearance to the contrary. As such, Aardvark symbolizes ancient ancestral roots, surprising origins, and the formation of otherwise unlikely alliances.

In nature, the Aardvark keeps on the move and prefers a solitary existence. They will tolerate small groups, but it’s not a preference. It is only after reproducing they form pairs with the Mother Aardvark caring for its cub after birth. The child remains with her for about a year, then moves along into adult life. So, family life is slightly loose compared to Animals who mate for life; its preference for isolation and mating habits make Aardvark symbolize speedy development and independence.

Aardvarks are more active by night. Their nose “knows.” They can sniff out dinner with ease, making up for poor eyesight. But when they dig up some 50,000 insects a night, they close their nostrils to protect them from inhaling the dust. Their claws suit the task well since they have a shape like a garden spade. When Aardvark Spirit is around, you can be sure to sniff out or dig up some figurative dirt out of necessity.

When Aardvark’s teeth wear down, they regrow, so the creature symbolizes renewal and regeneration. During the day, the creature lounges underground to escape the South African heat, even though they have a thick protective skin. Being powerful diggers, they create burrows in under 20 minutes with upward of seven to ten entrances for ease of escaping predators. When the Aardvark abandons the space, other Animals in need of shelter, like Wild Dogs, move in without issue; a creator of safe havens for other creatures is one of the key roles Aardvark plays in the African ecosystem.

Aardvark Spirit Animal

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You can expect an uptick in your feisty energy when the Aardvark Spirit Animal comes to call. You’re ready to be courageous and fight for a heartfelt cause. The mystical creature also gives you a tougher skin to withstand the onslaught of any undeserved criticism. When Aardvark steps into your life, it may be time to seek sanctuary from external chaos.

Because it digs into the soil and spends much time there, Aardvark may come to you as a Spirit Animal when you need grounding or a greater connection with the Earth Element. Aardvark says, “It’s time to put down some roots. Settle into a burrow and commune with Mother Earth.”

Aardvark is also a fortunate Spirit Animal. Watch for bits of serendipity and enjoy them. Follow your spiritual “nose” toward opportunities. Use Aardvark’s psychic sense to know what is good or bad for your overall wellness. The Aardvark Spirit Animal will tell you when it’s safe to move forward. You may find your ability to predict calamity sharpens.

Walking with Aardvark means you may become more nocturnal. It’s the best time to meditate or commune with the Spirit Animal. Energy levels rise, chasing away any hesitation or timidity. You’ll feel more comfortable about an idea and ready to pursue it. Aardvark understands you need something meaningful to stay connected to your spiritual quest. Don’t waste time on insubstantial, empty tasks.

Aardvark Totem Animal

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Those with the Aardvark Totem are deep thinkers. Nothing is superficial about the Aardvark person’s ideas or actions, and it shows. Aardvark Totem people know what matters most, and they reflect on the people and situations they interact with before making any moves.

With an Aardvark Birth Totem, you’re a night owl. The darkness makes you feel energized and ready for whatever life offers. The penchant for darkness doesn’t mean a lot of social business, however. You like solitude, silence, and require consistent opportunities to experience both. In private moments, you refill your inner well while determining personal needs and goals.

Your self-reliance means long-term relationships aren’t your thing. An excellent short-term, fun, and passionate interaction suits you fine. Then, you’re ready to move on to something fresh and suspenseful.

Having the Aardvark Totem means you’re a natural administrator. Business endeavors thrive under your watchful eye. You’re not afraid to move ahead full force into a project in which you believe, and it gives you tremendous satisfaction. Your drive also holds true for your spiritual progression. The esoteric fascinates you. While you keep your curiosity in balance with interests in the material world, the metaphysical will always play some role in your daily affairs.

Aardvark Power Animal

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Invoke Aardvark as a Power Animal when searching for the truth. If something doesn’t “smell” right, it isn’t. Don’t fear to dig out the minutiae and get a real sense of things. The information you gain resolves many unanswered questions.

Aardvark, as a Power Animal, can offer fearlessness to people who don’t like confrontation or who overthink things. When you face a powerful moment in your life that’s more than you can handle, seek Aardvark for the courage to proceed anyway. You can also call on Aardvark’s ability to sniff out information, so you know how people receive the messages you share.

Finally, the Aardvark Power Animal is self-reliant. While you care about friends and family, sometimes you want to go it alone and think things through. The Aardvark Spirit’s vibration is perfect for supporting you when you crave private time.

African Aardvark Symbolic Meanings

Aardvark’s trek into the African Sahara began when the Ark landed in the mountains of Ararat. It took several thousand years, but Aardvarks grew and thrived in the environment. There are a group of magicians in the Hausa tribe who believe discovered parts of the Aardvark make for perfect charms and amulets. Local legend claims wearing such a token allows the wearer to pass through walls and, if so desired, to even observe a young lady without the family’s knowledge.

Aardvark Dreams

Aardvark’s appearance in dreams is a powerful message to get more in touch with your thoughts and true feelings. There is a problem rattling you, but the answer is already in your heart. Note that the closer an Aardvark is to you in the dreamscape, the closer a goal or wish becomes.

If the Aardvark is digging in your dream, it represents something for which you yearn and must likewise dig deep. Aardvark asks, “What will feed your body, mind, and soul?” If the Aardvark is fierce in the digging, you will earn from honest efforts. Sometimes Aardvark represents an Ancestor Spirit or some ancient wisdom which will enliven your spirit.

When the Aardvark eats, it’s an excellent omen of happy occasions. Worries disappear. Two Aardvarks in your dream predicts love or partnership, but your dream also suggests taking the relationship slowly. An Aardvark on the prowl by night points to an opportunity you’re seeking. The resulting success will not come by luck, but because of self-reliance.

Aardvark Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Clairolfaction
  • Clairalience
  • Earth Element
  • Impervious
  • Luck
  • Nocturnal Energies
  • Self-Reliance
  • Solitude
  • Strength
  • Survival