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Need to improve your social connections? Want to reap the rewards for your hard efforts? Gerbil, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Gerbil teaches you how to boost your confidence and seize every opportunity coming your way! Delve deeply into Gerbil symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit can support, bolster, and motivate you!

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Gerbil Symbolism & Meaning

Long ago, Europeans called Gerbils by the rather unflattering name, “Desert Rat.” And while they are Rodents, there are differences between Rats and Gerbils. Gerbils live longer than Rats. They also love to tunnel, whereas Rats prefer climbing. Gerbils bounce; you’ll find them leaping, jumping about as if displaying childlike joy. Even with the differences between Rats and Gerbils, the symbolism for the two creatures often overlap, giving both Animal Allies associations with friendliness, inventiveness, and confidence.

Gerbils began life in the plains of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, enjoying the sandy environment. They use the abundant sand for bathing by rolling around in it, removing debris and giving a distinct shine to their coat; this makes them an emblem of cleanliness but also reveals their close ties to Mother Earth.

In Mongolia, the scientific name for Gerbil means “Small-clawed Warrior.” While Gerbil may be modest, it has some tricks up its figurative sleeves. For one, Gerbil escapes danger in a surprising way; it fools predators by shedding its tail. Here, Gerbil demonstrates cunning in the art of self-preservation. Gerbil burrows into the sand by using sharp claws when in danger, often squealing or thumping its back legs to warn of a nearby threat. The creature then disappears from the predator’s view. It may not seem expressive of the warrior mentality to run and hide, but Gerbil knows the value of a hasty retreat when the odds overwhelm.

The sand-covered hiding-holes serves a secondary function; they become parts of an extensive underground tunnel network where the Gerbil can breed in safety. If trouble lurks, Gerbil waits until it passes, gathering food and water when it feels safe. Such behavior causes Gerbil to symbolize strategic effort, planning, and patience.

Gerbil’s meaning includes balance because of their physical build. The tail of the Gerbil is about the same length as its body. Its build gives the creature the ability to stand on its hind legs with assurance.

Gerbils love being in pairs or groups. Depression results if the creature is alone for too long, and Gerbil languishes while often refusing food. The connection between two or more Gerbils is strong, showing similar affection to bonded pairs among other animals. They lean towards monogamy, recognize others within the clan by distinct scents, and use vocalizations like grunts and clicking for communication. Gerbil Spirit is not a loner by any means. They often go out together when curiosity strikes, while remaining quiet in their investigations.

Besides their sense of community, Gerbils love to play. Wrestling seems a preferred sport, followed by ritual grooming. There is no ill-will when Gerbil tussle either; it serves to teach younger Gerbils how to defend themselves while giving elder Gerbils a way of establishing and maintaining dominance without harm. Gerbil’s behavior shares the lesson of being a good sport after earning rewards.

Gerbils are a symbol of fertility and abundance, which is an association they earn because of their mating behaviors. As soon as the female gives birth, they mate again. The female Gerbil releases pheromones showing her intent-the reason for Gerbil’s feverish intimacy and rapid reproduction. Cysts, toxins, nutritional lacks, and disease often creates infertility in female Gerbils, so they work hard to maintain their extended family while they can. Here, the lesson Gerbil shares relate to timing things with perfection, seizing opportunities, and making the most of every moment.

Gerbil Spirit Animal

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When Gerbil is your Spirit Animal, it’s time to take a measure of the small things in life that make you happy. Many people strive to fill their lives with big-ticket items they think will make them happy and forget to acknowledge the little comforts in life. Gerbil arrives with the lesson of living each day with gratitude.

Another reason Gerbil shows up as a Spirit Animal is as a reminder to put some focus on your social life. If you’ve been hanging back, remaining a wallflower, or not jumping in social opportunities even when it’s tempting, Gerbil’s simple message is: “Get out there and have some fun!”

Socialization also applies to your family. Gerbil urges you to ask yourself, “Have you been keeping in close touch with everyone?” If not, your Animal Ally arrives to encourage you to reach out; Gerbil’s counsel is to reestablish connections and not let the distance or time apart dissolve the emotional closeness you share.

Gerbil’s directive about relationships includes people who may not be blood relations, but your bond with them is just as close. With any clan or tribe, strong communication and mutual acknowledgment create beautiful interactions. Within such structures, everyone has a sense of place and purpose, which is a huge blessing.

As a Spirit Animal, Gerbil may arrive to remind you of your power. Don’t give it away and avoid spending time on efforts going nowhere. You are strong and have the Gerbil’s Warrior Spirit with you. Gerbil urges you to remain confident whatever is going on in your life.

Gerbil Totem Animal

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Individuals born with a Gerbil Totem Animal have people around them much of the time. Whether a child or an adult, you crave the companionship of others. Social interaction feeds the Gerbil person’s soul and contributes to their growth.

If you were born with a Gerbil Totem, you have a healthy love and sex life, but you are far more inhibited than the Gerbil. You love a good chase with a mate. But, once you find a suitable love, separation is unthinkable. In a romantic pairing, you are adamant about having a partner who is honest and faithful.

On the outside, you present soft and fuzzy like the Gerbil, and rather tame. On the inside, something far different exists. While you are not fond of confrontation, you will attack and defend what’s yours when the need arises. If someone is threatening your relationship, you won’t hesitate to fight back.

Having the Gerbil Totem means you have a lighthearted approach to life and a unique charm. A good joke, sunny days, and the company of friends is all it takes for your fulfillment. Simplicity is your motto.

Gerbil Power Animal

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Invoke Gerbil as a Power Animal when you feel out of place in a new group of people. You might think you have two left feet or may fear stammering over your words, but Gerbil eases the discomfort. Your Animal Ally says, “Trust in who you are and put your best foot forward with confidence.”

Your Gerbil Power Animal can also help when you feel all eyes are on you. If you’re feeling trapped, and it’s time to slip away without notice, Gerbil is the ideal creature to call on for aid. Like Gerbil, a creature that can notice the perfect escape hatch when necessary, you are cunning enough to put a “Plan B” into action if the need arises.

Gerbil Dreams

Seeing Gerbil in a dream sometimes represents a lot of energy. If you see the creature moving back and forth, it implies things are in motion, or you’ll be doing a lot of physical running back and forth dealing with mundane responsibilities. Sometimes, it means you haven’t found a strong focus for your efforts and energies in your waking life.

Two Gerbils in a dream symbolizes a delightful relationship. If you have been looking for a long-term romance, you will find someone who satisfies you and who you trust with everything. For those already in a relationship, this dream signals everything between the two of you is on solid ground.

A Baby Gerbil in your dream implies someone in your life is immature and not ready for complex emotional interactions. Tussling Gerbils aren’t a good sign. Either you are fighting with yourself over a decision, or you will disagree with someone else. Playful Gerbils are a good omen, hinting at merriment is on the horizon.

Gerbil Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Balance
  • Cleanliness
  • Curiosity
  • Fertility
  • Friendliness
  • Inventiveness
  • Playfulness
  • Socialization
  • Survival
  • Warrior Spirit