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Gopher Symbolism & Meaning

Need help discovering the truth? Want to make most of the future? Gopher, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Gopher teaches you how to dig deep into an issue to uncover all the facts while encouraging you to prepare for emerging opportunities! Delve deeply into Gopher symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can motivate, uplift, and inspire you!

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Gopher Symbolism & Meaning

Gopher lives in loose social colonies beneath the soil, each of which has a personal space allowing for privacy. Being a creature spending much of its time underground, Gopher has symbolic ties to life’s secrets, the history of the Earth, and the Divine Feminine. The connection becomes even more transparent in their vegetarian lifestyle, honoring living things by sticking to bulbs, berries, nuts, roots, and grass. Their colonies have tunnels and intersections that help keep everyone safe, despite not spending a lot of time together. The tunnel’s intricate designs afford Gopher the additional meaning of adept networking skills.

Within their subterranean haven, Gophers communicate with each other through whistles, clicks, and even ultrasonic sounds for family members. Here, the creature symbolizes communication and individuality. The animal also represents how important it is to find your unique voice.

In the woods, prairies, mountains, or coastal areas where Gophers live, they are nature’s master diggers, with perfect physical attributes for the work. They have small ears, no real neck, short legs, and use broad front claws and teeth for moving soil and expanding their territory. The main areas of excavation are about 18 inches down, while nesting chambers are as far as six feet underground. So, when Gopher appears a Spirit Animal Guide, the creature urges you to consider what it is you are trying to “dig up and discover” or “bury and hide.” Gopher is a tenacious trailblazer for getting at the truth wherever it lies.

Because they spend so much time in the dark, the Gopher’s eyesight is poor. It’s a good thing the creature can feel vibrations in the ground, warning them of potential trouble. The creature’s ability to sense the subtle and not-so-subtle energetic or vibrational changes in its environment gives Gopher some ties to clairsentience (clear-feeling), clairvoyance (clear-seeing), and all psychic abilities by extension.

Gophers are notorious hoarders. As they forage, they stuff their cheeks full of food. They transport precious caches into the Earth, saving them for a rainy day. Here, the “rainy day” is winter because Gophers do not hibernate. Planning and preparing is part of Gopher’s nature, so as the creature dashes into your life, it encourages you to do the same.

During the spring mating season, Gophers become a little more cordial to each other until they mate. Males and females share the nesting chamber. Females have one litter a year in most environments, with five to six pups per litter, and there’s no coddling of young Gophers. They are out of the nest at about 40 days after they are born. Here, Gopher is an Animal Ally serving as the embodiment of superior intelligence, adaptation, survival, and independence.

Gopher Spirit Animal

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Gopher, as a Spirit Animal, appears to alert you to a period where you’ll want to remain aware of life’s vibrations while you sharpen your intuitive abilities. As your perception grows, you can use it for empowering your choices and recognizing peoples’ intentions.

As a Spirit Animal, Gopher has close ties to the Earth Element. So, the creature emerges when you should consider if you are well-grounded. Likewise, the same Animal Ally appears when it’s time to reflect on the seeds your planting and what you’re trying to bring to fruition. Gopher offers you aid as you try to find the answers to the not-so-simple questions relating to your life’s direction.

The Gopher’s presence in your life may relate to how you network, and with whom. The creature cautions you to be careful, purposeful, and mindful of the connections you make. When examining the background of others requires a bit of digging for the truth, Gopher supports you in your efforts.

For individuals whose life brimming with emerging complications, Gopher, as a Spirit Animal, allows some clever maneuvers. Wisdom abounds in your connection with the Source of All, and all your life experiences. Gopher arrives with the message now is the time to heighten your awareness; the creature says, “Pay attention so you can sense opportunities leading to simple solutions.”

Gopher Totem Animal

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People born with a Gopher Totem Animal are attuned to psychic vibrations with ease. They know the world is far more than what one can see with the eyes alone. Such individuals have powerful intuition, and they go with their gut when making decisions of import.

If Gopher is your Birth Totem, you have a habit of getting to the truth, even the matters people try to hide. Some folks in your social circle may find your insight intrusive. But, your ability to sense things is part of your natural makeup. On the upside, your friends know your counsel about pending decisions is spot-on accurate.

Having the Gopher Birth Totem means you are loyal, generous, and upbeat. With Gopher as a Totem, you enjoy keeping your work-home-interests in balance. You often seem to have good luck, but it’s more about your ability to recognize when to act and when to wait. Gopher people have firm boundaries and make them clear. You show equal respect for the boundaries of others.
With Gopher as your Totem Animal, your home is your temple, and you want it to be a sanctuary for all who enter. You’re always ready for guests, whether or not invited, with a well-stocked pantry, a warm welcome, and a hot meal. Your compassionate spirit is also at-the-ready to nourish the heart and mind of those most in need.

One of your fascinations focuses on how the entire circle of energy works: Life to death, death to rebirth, and flower to seed. Such a worthy quest is one you share with all humans since the dawn of time. As you find a glimmer of personal truth, it builds confidence and courage within you.

Gopher Power Animal

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Invoke Gopher as a Power Animal when your life has lost harmony, resulting in anxiety and stress. Gopher Spirit brings you back to the Earth for grounding and rooting. When you are creating a cornerstone from which to bring order back, the creature supports you in rediscovering your sense of serenity.

As a Power Animal, Gopher is an excellent helpmate when you get a project at work that seems overwhelming. Gopher Medicine means honest efforts that others meet with enthusiastic support. Gopher’s help means receiving the recognition you are deserving of and the rewards of work well-done.

The Gopher Power Animal can help keep you alert to when you feel as if things are changing but don’t have a clear bead on the matter. Gopher knows its surroundings and gives you a heads up when the ground shifts, or the creature senses a change in energetic vibrations. It will help you avoid dangers, unearth hidden information, discern the root of a matter, and point out emerging opportunities.

Native American Gopher Symbolic Meaning

Because the Earth is their dwelling space, Native Americans consider Gophers as messengers from the underworld. Gopher Spirit might presage death, or come as a healer for sickness. Sometimes the creature appears as a wise advisor. Tribes having Gopher as a Clan Animal include the Hopi and Pueblo.

Gopher Dreams

In a dream, seeing Gopher digging in and out of different areas symbolizes a variety of options you have coming your way. Each choice touches on the other, so you have to be careful in making the best call.

If Gopher hiding in its tunnels foretells of a period where you feel vulnerable. Your dream is telling you to consider whether to keep a low profile in social situations. If you catch the Gopher in your dreams, you are about to discover something which eludes; the matter is important in your mind and heart.

When the Gopher pops its head out of a ground hole, it represents a personal awakening where subconscious or buried information emerges into your consciousness. A Gopher nibbling at your garden warns of a deal going bad. The dream is a warning to take caution in all business deals. It’s also a time to remain careful when considering contracts.

Gopher Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Alertness
  • Discoveries
  • Earth Element
  • Grounding
  • Healing
  • Networking
  • Psychic Awareness
  • Rebirth
  • Safety
  • Unearthing Truth