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Mole Symbolism & Meaning

Interested in learning the holistic arts? Want to separate fact from fiction? Mole, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Mole teaches you how to connect with and use psychic senses while showing you how to dig into a situation for more insight! Delve deeply into Mole symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit can enlighten, support, and awaken you!

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Mole Symbolism & Meaning

While Moles are tiny and blind, but their long nose provides them with a distinct sense of smell, so they still can get around with ease. Mole loves living beneath the warm, comforting soil, safe deep within the Earth Mother’s belly where it feels and senses its way around the underground environment. Such perceptions are vital factors in the Mole’s survival, and it’s an essential part of your Animal Helper’s symbolism and meaning.

Homeowners often perceive Moles as pests who disrupt gardens and lawns. Despite human frustration, Moles have been part of folk medicine and magic for eons. Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist, wrote of Moles in his treatise “Natruralis Historia.” , and how Magi held the creature in high regard for its supernatural properties. Moles had a place in divination, healing arts, and disease transference.

Moles have polydactyl paws on their front legs, with what equates to two thumbs and four digits on each paw, perhaps alluding to giving “two thumbs up” or “being all thumbs.” In numerology, two embodies the energies of survival, partnership, and resiliency while the number six carries the vibrations of love, agreement, and the primal nature of man.

Moles exist all over the world and on every continent but for South America and Antarctica. However, Moles avoid mountainous areas or any region where the soil is acidic. Wherever they go, the Moles use their forepaws for creating intricate tunnels serving as a network of underground highways. Sometimes a Molehill serves as “a legacy home” for the creatures, which houses the Animal for several generations. The habitats and structures Moles live in gives the creature symbolic ties to adaptability, family lineage, and connects the Animal to the Earth Element. The critter’s avoidance of acidic soil is akin to avoiding conflict or toxic situations and relationships.

Molehills host organized tunnels leading into chambers. Every chamber has a specific purpose, as a Molehill will often contain a birthing chamber, sleeping space, and a place for food storage. A single mole can occupy over two acres unless its mating season. Moles prefer being alone, though. The Mole’s underground home is where the creature spends most its time. So, the shelter signifies safety, solitude, and efficient living.

When you see an excess of Molehills, you can expect foul weather ahead. Mole is a Weather Prophet, having symbolic ties to divination because the creatures digging behaviors are signs of the weather to come. If there’s been a frost and you see a Mole tossing up the soil, you can expect a thaw within the next two days. If you notice Mole tossing up a lot more dirt than usual, it foretells of rain, with the critter tunneling deeper into the dirt to avoid the excess waterfall.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, some people believed a Mole could be a witch’s familiar and do the witch’s bidding. When witchcraft became illegal in England in the mid-1500s, working with Moles that acted as familiar spirits became a charge against men and women alike, with such charges imposed upon women far more often than men. Some documentation from witch trials at the time reveals repeated references to Moles; take the example, the case of Joan Willimot, one Witch of three in Belvoir, England. Joan stood accused of consorting with a spirit in the likeness of Mole. She defended herself by saying she only used her Mole Spirit (Moldewarp) and other familiars in acts involving white magic. Locals saw Joan as more of a cunning woman than a witch—it likely saved her life. So, Mole earns ties to the esoteric arts, white magic, and healing.

Mole Spirit Animal

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When the Mole Spirit Animal digs into your awareness, it often comes with messages about faith and trust. Remember, Mole moves around with very little sense of light. The Animal must rely on other senses and things not seen by the naked eye. Mole Spirit counsels believing in your intuition and trusting your higher senses. You have many ways of seeing the world if you open your mind and spirit to the energies and vibrations surrounding you.

Suppose your instincts are doubly important with people who seem trustworthy, but something is digging at your awareness; that’s when your Mole Spirit Animal guides you in finding the truth. On the flip side, perhaps you are being too judgmental and not seeing someone for who they are. Mole Medicine helps you unravel complex situations.

Mole Spirit Animal speaks to your soul. If you have struggled with your beliefs, the Mole Spirit encourages you to turn inward and search yourself once more. Go somewhere dark, quiet, and listen to the wisdom that emerges from the silence. There is a message from the Divine waiting for you.

If you have been feeling curious about a person or situation, Mole Spirit encourages you to act. Marsupials are highly inquisitive. Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back. Mole can be your adventure guide.

Mole Totem Animal

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People born with a Mole Totem Animal are very tactile and keen listeners. Textures and sounds fill their world with richness. Such individuals are often adept psychometrists because they trust the first flash of instinct when they handle an object or touch something. Such individuals thrive at any career involving their hands or two good ears.

If your Birth Totem is the Mole, you love a good mystery. Searching out buried treasure in a remote location would be your idea of a grand vacation, perhaps in sandy environments. Afterward, you revel in your findings. Sometimes treasures find you, where you just happen to discover the odd old coin on a walkway or a dropped twenty-dollar bill in the middle of an empty parking lot; Both events of which are examples of the luck associated with Mole’s Magic.

Because of the Mole Totem’s Earth Energies, you have a strong sensitivity to the underworld where other-world creatures like Dwarves dwell. You may find you can tune into ghost activities and hauntings with little effort. You may even find you can tap into psychically-recorded events that have happened on a specific piece of land, and you may have a particular knack for water scrying.

Walking with the Mole Totem means you are a person of deep abiding faith. Spirituality acts as a core and an anchor where you find peace, foundations, and nourishment. There is no need for anyone to validate your convictions, which are profound, personal, and resonate throughout your aura. What people don’t always realize about you is your devotion didn’t appear overnight. You spent years questioning while sorting out doubts, beliefs, and what you know you can prove with facts or science.

Many folks with Mole Medicine find they’re adept at future-telling. When glimpses of hidden matters reveal themselves, you always approach it with caution and respect. You realize what you see is but a shadow, a pattern of what’s possible. Understanding your psychic skills as an innate gift, so you share what you sense and feel with others as a way of contributing to the betterment of the world.

Mole Power Animal

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Call on Mole as a Power Animal when beginning studies in the herbal arts, working with roots, and understanding sacred stone and healing crystal vibrations. Mother Earth is Mole’s domain. Your Animal Ally will guide you into deep awareness of all the Earth’s gifts.

Consider invoking your Mole Power Animal if you’d like to heighten your sense of touch or become a more active listener. Through touch and careful understanding, your intimate relationships and friendships thrive. As a better listener, you also allow yourself access to more information that you can use to make more concrete decisions.

Stretching your attentiveness is well within your Mole Power Animal’s ability. It’s not always easy to focus, but Mole’s entire existence depends on it. So, meditate with Mole; listen to the guidance you get to heighten your senses and trust the psychic signals you receive.

Native American Mole Symbolic Meanings

Among the tribes of Northern California, a Mole digging near your home portends severe illness, even death. The Pueblo Tribe has a more positive outlook, though, because the considering Mole a Medicine Animal that Guards the Cardinal Directions. Moles’ color is black, and they oversee agriculture, hunting, and the land’s health. Tribes with Mole Clans include the Pueblo in New Mexico and Creek.

Mole Dreams

Seeing a Mole speeding out of its hole represents reckless actions. It may also imply someone running from their most recent mischievous acts. But when a Mole appears to look at you in your dream, it’s a sign to persist in your efforts even though you feel somewhat uninformed.

Moles scurrying around in their tunnels indicate you feel lost or confused because of unavoidable circumstances. It will help if you put things in order before taking further action. When the Mole in your dream ducks into one of its holes in your dream narrative, it symbolizes avoidance, hiding, or secrets. While you are stealthy, retreating isn’t your best decision right now. If you have spent too much time in figurative darkness, come back out and join life anew.

When you join a Mole in its den in your dream, you have gained the trust of someone special in your waking life; develop and foster the relationship. If the Mole digs in your yard, something is amiss at home. You are not getting the truth of a matter. It may take some time, but your dream suggests it’s important to root out the problem before it becomes a bigger issue than you can handle.

Mole Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Earth Element
  • Magic
  • Luck
  • Ancestry
  • Psychic Senses
  • Weather Prophet
  • Energy Vibrations
  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Persistence
  • Organization & Efficiency