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Serval Symbolism & Meaning

The slender, muscular body of the Serval creates a graceful motion throughout its rainforest home. Weighing a slight 10 pounds, the Serval has striking greenish eyes, large ears, yellow-gold coat with striking black stripes, and a black-tipped tail. Combined with the Serval’s legs being the longest compared to its overall size and you have a Kitty who stands out, having grace and elegance as two attributes.

Servals prefer a Solitary Path avoiding social interaction but for mating. Each has a home territory measuring between 4 and 12 miles. They mark their region with saliva. While other animals may not recognize the Serval’s line in the sand, other Servals know the scent means–enter with caution, if at all. Having a well-known and traveled territory gives Serval a keen sense of where to locate their meals, find safety, and create a sleeping space. The Cat represents a sense of independence, self-reliance, and self-interest for the sake of survival.

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Serval Symbolism & Meaning

When agonized, Serval illustrates the effective use of body language before entering direct combat. Their head moves vertically, the hair on their tail raises, they bare their teeth and yowl. The behavior seems to be enough for avoiding actual combat. Here Serval reminds you of the power of your own body for projecting specific messages without saying one word.

The makeup of a Serval’s ears provides them with excellent hearing. The ears can rotate a full 180 degrees independently from one another. Talk about radar! In human terms, its hearing ability translates to the psychic skill of Clairaudience. Better still, Serval’s have good vision. It’s hard to surprise them. And when the rains come, as they often do, the Serval’s long legs keep them well above the muddy ground. Your Animal Ally knows how to avoid “muddy” situations.

While living on the ground, Serval has connections to the Water Element. Living in Africa, this creature seeks wetlands and savannas with lush grass and reeds. The thickets create excellent protection for the Serval.

In a Serval family unit, the most extended relationships are between mother and cub. During gestation, the Serval prepares a secluded area for her young, often in abandoned burrows left by porcupines. Birth comes in winter in Botswana. Afterward, the female Serval brings suitable food to her den. In a few months, she will take her young on the hunt, teaching them techniques.

The mother Serval watches over her cubs for a full year before letting them leave home. Some children linger (like the kid in the cellar, content with familiarity). Mom stops the dillydallying in the bud, forcing the youth out by two years of age when they are sexually mature. Overall, she is an excellent example of tough-love mothering.

Serval Spirit Animal

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When Serval arrives as a Spirit Animal in your life, it may offer to teach you effective use of your physical nature in all your interactions and understanding the signals you get from others. You can convey a lot by a slight grimace vs. a smile, for example. Think of body language as “listening” with your eyes.

The knowledge of body language goes further. People often project their true intentions in their stance, hand placement, and eye movements. Having such a skill provided by your Serval Spirit Animal helps you navigate uncertain situations where you need answers.

Another intent in the Serval Spirit Animal’s presence is focusing on the mother-child relationship. Both “mother” and “child” here can be literal or figurative. For example, when you give birth to an idea, how are you nurturing it? Or if you are about to become a parent, Serval can work with you on skills where you feel wanting.

If you are shy and needy by nature, the Serval Spirit Animal comes to the rescue. It’s time to learn self-trust. Leaning too heavily on others for accolades can turn into resentment. It is not arrogant or overly prideful to say, “Hey, I’m ok alone”. Assert your freedom as an independent agent.

Serval Totem Animal

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People born with a Serval Totem Animal have eyes in the back of their heads, and ears picking up on the littlest whisper. Don’t try hiding secrets from them. They’ll know when you’re twisting details and call you on the carpet for it.

If Serval is your Birth Totem, honesty is your fiercest trait. You put everything out there, even when trying to ease the impact of what you’re sharing. Hypocrisy irritates you to no end, and you will not tolerate it in friends or family.

When tangled situations arise, you always see the matter from several points of view and try to understand each. You crave harmony and want to help create peace between parties. In the process, you may put yourself forward too much, disregarding your own needs. Watch the altruistic behavior in yourself. Too often, you dive into a situation without thinking about what is happening with you—self-love matters.

Being wholly autonomous, you enjoy a career where you can work alone. When you find your niche, you succeed with very little help. Your capability is inspiring to others once they see the outcome of your efforts. In such moments, people get a glimpse of who you are in your heart and soul.

Serval Power Animal

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Seek your inner Serval Power Animal when you know you have to divulge the absolute truth, but hesitate to do so. Serval eases your reluctance, knowing people need sound information on which they can base their decisions. Your Power Animal guides in finding the right words for delivering your message.

Another matter well suited to your Serval Power Animal is offering opinions and understanding opinions effectively. Sometimes it seems like a group or person speaks a different language than you. Finding common ground for expressing viewpoints seems complicated at best, impossible at worst. There is always a path to a peaceful accord. You may not agree, but the awkward, angry barrier goes away.

Serval as an Egyptian Animal Symbol

Since Tutankhamun ruled in Egypt, Serval held a place of honor. Landowners and people in positions of authority idolized them. At the same time, Mafdet, a Goddess with a Serval aspect (based on artistic renditions), held sway. Depicted as a cat with pointed ears, yellow-tan fur, and spots, the resemblance is undeniable. She is the Goddess who protects against venomous bites, metes out swift judgment, and offers fair justice.

Serval as an African Animal Symbol

Since Africa is the Servals’ native space, you can look here for insights into the cat’s symbolism and meaning. Serval’s renowned traits include being a successful hunter, better than all other African predators except for wild dogs. Their observed stealth and patience promoted them to a level of respect among the tribes.

Legends here tell us Serval got its beautiful coat because of kindness shown to the Puff Adder. A Serval ran across a very sick Puff Adder who pleaded for aid. All the other animals feared to approach. Serval agreed to help Puff Adder so long as it would not bite him. It took a long time to nurse Adder back to health, but once whole, Adder asked what he could to in return. Serval always wished for a beautiful coat, not the plain tawny one it bore. So, Adder bit Serval, just a little. It made Serval a little sick, but his fur started turning to gold with black spots, making the Serval handsome and happy. Since then, the Serval has always had a glorious coat, and never bothers the Puff Adder out of respect.

Serval Dreams

Seeing two or more Servals together in your dream represents personal power. You can withstand individuals with whom you’d prefer not to associate because you have a strong sense of self.

If the Servals in your dream are hunting together, it is highly unusual. There is a need for cooperation in your life, even with people who are outside your usual circle. Look at the common goal, complete the task, and then go your separate ways.

When the Serval in your dream appears out from a concealed location, it means you must reveal yourself to people. Don’t withdraw, don’t hide who you are from anyone; express yourself fully. You will find it helps bring a few people into your space you can trust-perhaps even romance!

Should the Serval’s ears move in your dream, pay close attention! Listen to details. Something important evades you. So keep your senses tuned-in and turned up.

Serval Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Agility
  • Beauty
  • Composure
  • Expressiveness
  • Feminine/Goddess Energy
  • Grace
  • Honesty
  • Independence
  • Resoluteness
  • Self-Trust