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Slow Loris Symbolism & Meaning

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Slow Loris Symbolism & Meaning

The Slow Loris’ environment extends from Northeast India to the south of Java, and many exotic stops in between. The Loris loves the nightlife among the rain forest ceiling and bamboo groves. Thanks to having more vertebrae compared to other primates, the Slow Loris exhibits one of its keynote traits-flexibility-while living among the trees. They are wholly arboreal.

Why the name Slow Loris? They come by it honestly. The creature’s metabolism is slow for a mammal (40%), akin to a Sloth. As a result, the Slow Loris sees no need for engaging life quickly, drifting deliberately from branch to branch as they climb. You might think their moderate pace makes them more vulnerable, but their movement is silent and can remain motionless for camouflage. By the way, Lorises have an advantage from their metabolic rate. They can eat food poisonous to other animals.

A notable feature on the Slow Loris is their large, penetrating eyes, seeming to look right through you. Thanks to a reflective layer, Lorises can see well in the dark, albeit in monochrome but for some shades of blue and green. For a passer-by, the sheet in the Slow Loris’ eye looks eerie because of reflected light. All you see are two golden specks saying, “I can see you!”

Physically Slow Loris has some appealing attributes. Their powerful hands help them manipulate through branches. They can hold tight for hours at a time without discomfort. The Loris’ nose has moist skin, acting as a sensory organ, and their under-tongue becomes a toothbrush for removing debris and hair from their mouth. Slow Loris’ themes include keeping your grip, nose things out, and take care of what comes into (and out of) your mouth!

The social structure among Lorises is a bit of a mystery. They forage by night alone and sleep during the day, sometimes in the company of others. The Slow Loris has distinct, sometimes overlapping territories. There appears to be no matriarchy here-the males rule aggressively, representative of strong male influences.
The male Loris uses scent for making their spaces clear, combined with vocalizations sounding like a growl or hiss. If they’re in an amenable mood, they have a more friendly call. Females use high-pitch whistling for letting a male know they’re ready to mate, and all Lorises can use a single high tone for contacting others. While not as complicated as some animals, their communications serve the intended purpose. After all, one needs not to be wordy all the time; sometimes, less is more.

In Indonesia, there is a sweet name for the Lorises translating as Shy One. If you approach a Loris, they may cover their face, move behind a tree, or transfer themselves to a better hiding place. In Malayo-Polynesian, their name is Wind Monkey alluding to their nearly undetectable escape. Both abilities give the Slow Loris the meanings of sly demureness and obfuscation.

And while the Slow Loris has cuteness on its side, it is among the most venomous creatures in the world. It will lick its young and personal hair using the toxin for protection. For some, the anaphylactic shock results in death. The Loris is not an Animal Guide with whom to trifle.

Slow Loris Spirit Animal

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An obvious statement from the Slow Loris Spirit Animal is, “slow down; you move too fast!” Considering the hectic nature of our world, Loris offers good advice. You don’t always need to be rushing. When you do, you miss little, sweet things making life so much more vibrant.

The toxicity associated with the Slow Loris Spirit Animal has two sides. One is the surrounding toxicity and the other lies within. All of us end up in nasty situations now and again. The determining factor is how you respond. It is best to move away knowingly and willingly before people take advantage. As for the ills within, humans have a long history with good and evil. Slow Loris reminds you there is always a choice.

For people who feel over-exposed, the Slow Loris Spirit Animal offers you the peace nightfall provides. You can sit in silent contemplation with darkness as your cloak. Take your time to figure out what is right.

And what of your flexibility? Slow Loris Spirit Animal challenges: are you ready to stretch to the next branch in your life? You can remain where you are safe for now, but you won’t make progress either.

A Slow Loris Spirit Animal offers you discernment. Things are not always black and white. There are shades in between the two extremes. Discover each shade, and you’ll get to the truth.

Slow Loris Totem Animal

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Individuals with the Slow Loris Totem Animal are rare. They are inward by nature, philosophical, mindful, and not social. Their deep-thinking nature provides concrete morals and ideals by which they stand firmly. A Slow Loris Totem brings out quirky humor and unconventional ideas share with a small circle of friends or family.

If Slow Loris is your Birth Totem, you have a vivid imagination, expressed in a variety of ways in your life. It is not your style to jump into anything without extended deliberation. You are very good at moving in and out of shadows when situations present the need for it. Slow and steady wins hands down in your world.

You will socialize from time to time, but are the quiet one of the bunch. You dislike people who use way too many words for a simple concept. Distilled ideas are your forte.

It is nearly impossible for people to sneak up on you, but boy, can you give them a start! Your introverted nature doesn’t allow for a lot of these “got ya” moments, but when you choose, it’s an aspect of your sense of humor. Your eating style is gradual snacking. You want a crunch here, a bit of salt there, and sweets for good measure.

Besides being quiet, you Loris Totem Animal means you can see what others do not. There is a supernatural element to the world of which you are wholly aware. You can see a spirit, even ones hiding in the din, and know their intent. While not a skill you can readily teach, it comes in handy for recognizing influences on your life and the lives of people around you.

Slow Loris Power Animal

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When you realize you are over-exposed, call on your Slow Loris Power Animal. Your Loris Animal Helper shows you how to move, or stand still in unnoticeable ways. Slow Loris ensures no one will see you unless you so choose.

Another useful application for your Slow Loris Power Animal is when you feel you’re losing your grip when you need to hold on for dear life. Slow Loris has the natural power you require. Loris will teach you meditative means to your goal.

Slow Loris as a Southeast Asia Animal Symbol

In Southeast Asia, myths imply the Slow Loris is heaven’s gatekeeper. It watches over each soul in the afterlife. It has impressive magical powers for warding off evil and healing. People say the Slow Loris can see ghosts all the time, making for an unhappy life.

Slow Loris Dreams

Seeing a Loris moving through the treetops in typical slow-motion means you’re stressed about life moving too quickly. You should slow down and scrutinize things.

If the Slow Loris is looking at you in the dream, you’re vulnerable. You’re out in the open for all to see, emotionally or spiritually. Take a step back.

When a Slow Loris tries to bite you in your dream, beware. There is a toxic person or situation in your life, threatening harm even though everything looks just fine, even welcoming.

Should the Slow Loris in your dream show off its aerial expertise, it encourages you to be more flexible. Just swing with it!

The glowing eyes of a Slow Loris peering out from the darkness reveals hidden things, not visible in typical situations. There may be a Spirit or Ancestor trying to communicate with you.

Should the Slow Loris in your dream appear hissing, someone has stepped over a boundary with you. Correct them quickly, or they’ll continue imposing.

Slow Loris Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Camouflage
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Male Energy
  • Nocturnal Senses
  • Pacing
  • Second Sight
  • Strength
  • Toxicity
  • Vulnerability