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Wildebeest Symbolism & Meaning

Looking to tighten family bonds? Want to make a big move as smoothly as possible? Wildebeest, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Wildebeest helps you draw closer to those in your circle while teaching you how to handle life’s major transitions with grace! Delve deeply in Wildebeest symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can support, inspire, and illuminate you.

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Wildebeest Symbolism & Meaning

The Wildebeest got its name because of the visual, menacing impact it has on an initial encounter with the creature. An enormous head, sharp horns, tousled mane, and pointed beard come together, delivering an intimidating profile to the Wildebeest and beholders. Their physical characteristics do well for keeping many predators away, but it’s a ruse. When faced with an enemy, Wildebeests prefer running to rumbling, giving them associations with passivism and clever evasion.

Living only in Eastern Africa from Namibia to Kenya, Wildebeest prefers the Savannah and plains. Their annual migration in May or June occurs in large numbers, while the large group of Wildebeests searches for dry land. During their migration, Zebras and Gazelles join in the trek, lending strength in numbers. Here, Wildebeests represent travel, adventure, continuous movement, and finding safety and strength by working within the larger community.

The sheer size of each Wildebeest group reduces predation. A side bonus is that Wildebeests keeps local Lions away from Giraffe calves. All the creatures cooperate, going for as long as it takes to avoid the rainy season. Talk about dedication and focus!

There are two types of Wildebeest, black and blue. The Blue Wildebeest looks much like its ancient ancestors, weighing between 260 and 600 pounds. They measure four feet long and have black stripes on their back and shoulders. Despite their girth, Wildebeest can run up to 50 mph. In looking at their coat, you can see a silver-blue sheen. Blue symbolizes faith, sincerity, keen-mindedness, trust, and wisdom.

By comparison, the Black Wildebeest, sometimes called the “White-tailed Gnu,” looks sleek. It weighs, on average, 290 pounds. Black is the color of authority, formality, and aggression. The trait of aggression shows up in spades should anything encroach on their territory spanning about one square mile. Wildebeest has no intention of letting strangers into its home!

Communication among Wildebeest comprises loud vocalizations. You can hear the bellow of a male Wildebeest over a mile away! They also use body language and smell to communicate. Perhaps the aroma wafting in the air explains why the Roman historian, Claudius, described the Wildebeest as having “devastating breath.” Malodorous or not, Wildebeest stands as the epitome of effective communication, especially over long distances.

At home, the female Wildebeest lives with its young calves, staying well within the male’s territory. In small groups, there are always more females who seem to like areas with less male influence. Here, the female Wildebeest symbolizes feminism, focus on the Feminine Divine, and Yin Energies.

The ancient Greeks thought Wildebeest was a cross between a Buffalo and a Boar. Stories suggest Wildebeest did something terrible in the past, so the Gods cursed the creature, causing the Animal to look downward. If they look up, lore suggests the Wildebeest’s gaze can turn you to stone. Pliny the Elder had a far more scientific insight for why the creatures seem to gaze downward. The Wildebeest’s stature comes from adaptation. Here, Wildebeest symbolizes maintaining a sharp focus, and the notion of“keeping one’s nose to the grindstone.” The Wildebeest’s gaze also gives the Animal close ties to the Earth Element and the symbolism of grounding.

Wildebeest Spirit Animal


The Wildebeest Spirit Animal arrives in your thoughts when it’s time to strengthen your family bonds. The creature encourages you to spend quality time with the people you love. When considering a practical approach for achieving greater unity, also remain aware you have a family of choice, whose essence brings joy and harmony.

Sometimes the Wildebeest Spirit Animal speaks to you when you’re involved in a situation or relationship and instead of fighting, it’s time to consider a retreat. Not all battles are worth the time and energy. You cannot win them all. Part of Wildebeest’s Medicine involves using your inner wisdom to pick your battles.

If it’s time for you to move, be it for a season or permanent relocation, the Wildebeest Animal Spirit comes to offer help. Transitions are part of your path toward fulfilling your soul’s mission in this incarnation. Take up your gear, put on comfortable shoes, and move toward your future with Wildebeest Energy supporting you throughout your migration.
Should it seem like something in your current plans may cause peril, Wildebeest prepares you for it. Endurance is the Wildebeest’s middle name. Your Animal Ally reminds you that you don’t have to be an island. So many people have trouble reaching out and asking for help. Remember, Wildebeest always travels in numbers. There is no shame in having needs.

Wildebeest Totem Animal

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People with a Wildebeest Totem Animal exhibit an intense presence that fills the air. While sometimes seeming awkward, make no mistake about it, people with Wildebeest Totems project a powerful presence. In conversations with a Wildebeest Person, you often have to remind them how loud they’re being.

If you are born with a Wildebeest Totem Animal, you enjoy parties and social gatherings. Once you arrive, you dash to find your favorite finger foods. There is nothing better than a yummy snack soon followed up with some good conversation with close friends.

Throughout your life, you’ll always answer opportunity’s knock, ensuring your success. You wouldn’t mind living in a communal situation, especially if it means going somewhere exotic. Within, you have a clock attuned to the cycles of the Earth. You use your awareness of the powerful seasonal changes to augment annual and cyclical tasks.

Walking with Wildebeest means you are a creature of instinct. You have goals but must trust your gut for guidance. Sometimes you’re tempted to put your hand into too many proverbial pots. Make a list of priorities and stick to it.

Your friends respect you for your bravery. You inspire courage in others and endeavor to get people working together for a greater good. You can look across a gathering of individuals and know who would be suitable for specific tasks.

Each of your senses brings something exciting to each moment. You know how to poise yourself, so you convey messages without saying one word. The performing arts are attractive to People with Wildebeest as a Totem Animal because creative pursuits allow them to make the best use of their natural artistic gifts.

Wildebeest Power Animal

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Invoke Wildebeest as a Power Animal when making amends with one or more family members. Staying silent will not help. You need to speak honestly and then improve your ties. If the matter affects other family members, let them help coordinate an intervention.

When you want help with decisions about a move, seek Wildebeest as a Power Animal. Wildebeest helps you keep a close focus on what will make you happiest. You can rely on the creature’s energetic influence to make the move a smooth transition from beginning to end.

African Wildebeest Symbolic Meanings

Africans stories depict Wildebeest as a creature of wisdom. Some blessings for newborn babies include its name. There is a popular prayer requesting that a child grow tall like the Giraffe, mighty as a Buffalo, and judicious like the Wildebeest.

Wildebeest Dreams

Seeing a Wildebeest dashing in your dream warns of danger. Something from your past threatens to disrupt your present. Do not hold on to bitterness and negativity, as banishing those vibrations clears the path.

If the Wildebeest in your dream is grazing, you are living your bliss. You have found the freedom you need and can create a sacred space in which you thrive. If there are several Wildebeests together, you will soon have an unexpected visit from family or friends.

An ambling Wildebeest in your dream, roaming from one spot to another, is an omen. Some changes are afoot. Take things at a cautious pace. The business in your life may cause a lack of attention and poor judgment.

Wildebeest in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

On some star charts, the male Wildebeest steps in for Taurus. You can find the Female Wildebeest by looking at Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion. Among the Zulu, they call the star Spica the “Wildebeest Star.”

Wildebeest Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptation
  • Blissful Living
  • Cooperation
  • Dedication
  • Energetic
  • Endurance
  • Evasion
  • Focus
  • Passivity
  • Transformation